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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"So how about we take a trip to the beach this weekend," Willow suggested, her hand swinging with Tara's, "just me and you. How about it?" They inched closer to the front of the line.

"Yeah," Tara smiled, kissing the redhead's cheek, "and we can have a little picnic too." The blonde squeezed her partner's hand, already giddy about the event.

"Next," a voice prompted them to step up onto the metal platform. An older man opened the gate for them, ushering them into their seat before locking it. "Enjoy the ride," he gave them a friendly smile and flipped the switch to elevate them.

The loose swinging seat lurched backward as it drew closer to the top. When the small bench rocked again, Tara looked fearfully over the edge. It wasn't that she was afraid of heights, it was the falling part that worried her. The blonde's eyes held excitement and vulnerability, but a smile graced her face when she felt a comforting hand squeeze her thigh.

"Are you sure you don't want to get off?" Willow asked, finding Tara's fear slightly adorable, "I can wave down. Just say the word."

"No, it's okay," Tara bit her lip, silently reassuring herself, but the rocking was getting to her. "What if we tip over?" She glanced over again at the tiny heads below.

"We won't, baby," the redhead smile, trying to think of ways to soothe her partner. Once they reached the peak of the Ferris wheel, Tara had begun to nibble on her lip even more. She caught bright eyes staring at her and blushed under the concern she saw there.

"I'm a big baby, aren't I?" Tara asked, taking Willow's hand so that their interlocked fingers rested on her lap.

"Of course not. It's totally understandable, well with the chance of plunging headfirst into-." Wide eyes quickly stopped her rambling. "Just relax, it'll be all right," Willow hastily rubbed her partner's hand with both of her palms.

"Anything I can do?" The redhead asked, hopeful. Tara seemed to ponder the question before a wicked smile lit up her face.

"Well..." she drew the word out, flushing as she paused.

"Well?" Willow urged her on.

"Midair snuggles?" With a lopsided smile, Tara added, "And maybe something extra?" She reddened even more when she realized what she was hinting at.

"Tara!" Willow feigned shock when each seat was filled and the ride began. She smiled, thinking back to a conversation she had several days ago with her girlfriend.

The redhead looked around, seeing that the other riders were lost in their own worlds as the wheel rotated. "Are you cold?" She had been carrying her jacket the majority of the night and now took the opportunity to spread it out over her and Tara's lap. When Tara smiled in appreciation, Willow leaned in, nuzzling the blonde's neck.

"I love you," she kissed the crook between Tara's jaw and throat. Becoming bolder, her hand released the blonde's and she gently rubbed her palm against her girlfriend's leg.

"I love you too," Tara murmured, feeling the heat of Willow's touch. Her breath hitched when ardent fingers brushed the top crease of her thigh. An 'oh' was suddenly formed by her lips when Willow's tongue peeked out against her earlobe and the redhead kneaded harder.

"Willow, we can't," she breathed deeply through her nose.

"And why can't we? Hmm?" Willow smiled, inching her hand over toward the center. "You said you wanted to be more daring."

"That's not what I meant," Tara hesitated, briefly closing her eyes. "I-I meant, like kissing and stuff."

"Well, I'll be kissing you too," Willow teased.

"The ride's almost over," Tara continued weakly as she unconsciously shifted, which caused her legs to open a little.

"Then we'll ride again... and again," the redhead whispered, "...and again. Until your little heart's content... or my fingers cramp up." Willow giggled against a blushing neck.

Tara also chuckled and shook her head at her lover's persistence. "So I'm supposed to just sit here while you...," she gasped, the night air filling her lungs and drowning the groan. Willow's eager hand had drifted under the jean material without the blonde noticing. Sneaky fingers had also released the metal button and were in the process of lowering the zipper.

"Well, not just sit there," Willow's knuckles traced over cotton. "I'm sure there'll be a little squirming, and maybe some sweating," she nipped at a full lip, her eyes still cautious of their surroundings. Whenever they drew closer to the ground, the redhead would only pause for a brief second until they were out of sight again.

Working an arm around Tara's waist, Willow grazed over the blonde's breast. "Willow, you're not actually going to do this, are you?" Tara's eyes darted around nervously, her body betraying her as she felt herself grow wetter in anticipation.

Feeling extremely bold, Willow nodded, rubbing over cotton until soapy cream rose to the surface. She took a moment to lick the digit, savoring the sweet contrast of arousal and fear. Knowing that Tara would stop her if she became uncomfortable, she teased her way back onto the warm surface.

"How does it feel?" The redhead used two fingers to push further down the valley between Tara's legs. Her probing fingertips were met with more liquid as she dipped underneath the cotton, stretching the fabric to the side.

"Willow," Tara strained, desperate to open herself wider for her girlfriend. "Please." One word and she felt Willow circle her outer lips twice before sliding inside.

A gush of stickiness coated Willow's hand as she slowly pushed deeper until her middle knuckles rested against the slick folds of Tara's core.

Unexpectedly, the ride slowed and then stopped. Her fingers stuck within Tara's pulsating wetness, Willow gazed dazedly as they neared the platform. Tara, on the verge of climax, struggled against moving, afraid she'd release in front of the strangers waiting in the line.

"Willow," the word was half moan, half warning.

"It's okay baby," the redhead unwrapped her arm from behind her girlfriend and pulled two tickets from her pocket. Although it was somewhat of a struggle, she managed to hand the operator the tickets.

"We're going to ride again." Blushing, she smiled at him. Her hand firmly locked between Tara's legs, she heard the blonde's heavy breathing. "Actually, we... we'll be riding two more times," Willow said, reaching for two more pink tickets.

The man frowned, but shrugged and took the tickets without a word. The couple's seat jolted upward, allowing more riders to get on. The movement pushed Willow's snug fingers to the back of Tara's sensitive walls and the blonde nearly bit a hole in her lip.

Out of sight once again, Willow continued pumping, however, she could only reach so far from her position and chose to remove her hand all together. Tara gasped, then pouted, but never had the chance to complain as she felt the hand slide under her panties again. This time, Willow took the top approach, which gave her more access to the span of Tara's mound. She twisted wet fingers in soft curls as her mouth sought the blonde's lips.

Tara kissed her lover passionately, uncaring of her surroundings. With a numb hand, she reached over, cupping Willow's breast under the jacket. Willow moaned under the pressure and curved her fingers, causing them to bump against Tara's clit.

"W-Willow, I need to-," Tara whispered, rocking her hips forward, the seat rocking with them.

"What baby?" Willow squeezed the hardened flesh between two fingers, "What do you need?" She teased the top with the pad of her fingertip.

"I'm going to come," the blonde managed to squeak out. Willow looked up, watching as they reached the top of the wheel. Aware that Tara's cries would mingle with the other screams penetrating the night, she pressed in, rubbing the underside of the blonde's clit. Time seemed to freeze when Tara's greedy center exploded, her eyes glued to the stars as she came.

Willow held the shivering blonde until she calmed, her smile matching Tara's. "You," Tara paused when another tremor ran through her. "You are so going to get it," she grinned, already thinking up a plan.

Willow smiled innocently, her eyes widening but she remained silent, too aroused to speak. Unfortunately, she wasn't going to have time to 'get it' as the wheel made its way around the last time.

"There are still some rides we haven't tried," Tara whispered, her eyes seeing through the heated vibes coming from her partner. Willow gulped, walking unsteadily alongside Tara as they exited the Ferris wheel.

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