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Food For Thought

Author: Onyxsundrops
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters, they belong to Joss and M.E.

"I'm telling you it's real," Xander insisted for the second time.

He and the rest of the gang were standing a little beyond the entrance to a large fence that circled around small tents and other attractions. Upon arrival, they had learned that not only was the circus in town, but that the carnival had joined them. The two together created a mixture of freaky displays and other fun activities.

"Honey, help me out here," Xander looked for support, but received a slurred response. His girlfriend was in the process of picking out a hardened piece of cotton candy from her teeth and wasn't paying much attention to her boyfriend.

"Is it still there?" Anya opened her mouth wide, asking the closest person, Tara, to peek inside.

The blonde frowned, hesitantly looking in, "Um... yes," she spotted the dark blue chunk. Tara watched the other blonde dig deeper before huffing in defeat.

"Could you get it out for me?" Anya beared her teeth again.

"There is no way in hell my girlfriend is sticking her finger in your mouth," Willow protested, stepping back and pulling Tara with her.

"Oh, that's right, you're the only one who can have fun with her fingers," Anya snorted, emitting a blush from Tara and a scowl from Willow.

"Uh hello, does anyone believe me?" Xander pointed back toward the object of his argument.

"Xander, its fake okay," Faith jumped back in with her opinion.

"Guys, we're not going to spend the entire night fighting over this," Buffy moved from in between the two. "Watch and learn kiddies." She kicked the clown in its shin.

They all watched as the bells on its head jingled and the large smile on its painted face never wavered as it remained stock-still.

"See," Buffy smiled in triumph, her back toward the decorated clown.

"Ha, told you," Faith didn't bother masking the childishness in her voice.

Xander looked behind her, "Okay, then why did the eyes just move," he inched back fearfully. Tara, noticing the same, shifted closer to Willow.

"Oh for crying out loud," Anya threw her hands up and marched over to face the tall clown. Preparing to hit the clown once again, this time across the face, her hand froze when the large dark eyes turned her way.

"Eeek," she literally squealed and pushed her cotton candy into the clown's face on instinct. The clown grumbled something inaudible, but Anya was not close enough to hear it. The blonde was halfway down the dirt path before any of the others knew what happened.

Willow looked at her girlfriend, the same idea in their minds as they saw Anya running for the hills. Their eyes focused back on the clown who had left his statue-like position and was now glaring down at the remaining people. Hastily, the redhead grabbed her partner's hand and they took off behind Anya.

The clown muttered again, his porcelain face stained with cotton candy. Having been kicked in the leg countless times in the past twenty-four hours, by several bad children, he wasn't about to allow a couple of teenagers do the same.

The dark colors shadowing his eyes added to the creep-factor, and prompted the clueless trio into action. Clouds of dust followed them as they took off, leaving the clown to follow slowly, his floppy shoes weighing him down.

"Get back here," he called behind the rapidly disappearing people. When it was clear that he wouldn't catch them, he stopped, wheezing slightly. "Damn kids," he muttered before turning back.

"I told you, I told you," Xander breathed deeply once the gang regrouped. "Oh man, I can already feel the nightmares coming on. Dark sewers and whispering clowns," he shuddered.

"Brains, brains," he continued, "oh wait, that's a different movie," he grinned childishly when the girls looked at him a little strangely.

"Okay, so um, maybe we should stick together for a while," Willow nervously looked around the group, relieved when they nodded in agreement.

"Ooh, 'mirror maze'," Anya piped in excitedly, the clown completely forgotten. She pointed to a small set-up behind the group. "Let's do that baby," Tara's excitement also rose as she ran her thumb over Willow's hand. She had always wanted to visit an attraction like the 'mirror maze' since she was a child, and getting to see herself make-out with Willow from all sides, was just a very, very good bonus.

"I guess it's settled then," Faith chuckled.

"But what about the monkeys?" Buffy frowned, "I wanted to see the monkeys."

"Monkeys shumonkeys," Anya batted her hand, "you'll see the monkeys later. Better yet, I'm sure you'll see one in the mirror." She smiled, happy with herself.

"Hey," Buffy pouted, puffing her cheeks out, which actually made her resemble a monkey.

"Am I going to have to get between you two?" Xander stepped forward, his mouth and mind thinking and meaning two different things.

"Can it Harris," Anya swatted her boyfriend, "I can handle Curious Buffy."

Buffy's jaw tightened, but before she could fire back, her girlfriend had taken her hand. "Let it go," Faith lightly squeezed the hand within hers, "she's just trying to get a rise outta you."

The blonde nodded, kissed her partner and shot a final glare toward Anya. Willow and Tara had already made it to the entrance of the tent, waiting as the others caught up.

"Anya, please don't make Buffy mad," Xander began, "we're here to have fun, not shout mean words." They followed behind the two couples.

"Sweetie, that was just pillow-talk," Anya snorted, "besides, you know that we always play like that. She's not mad at me," she yelled ahead, "isn't that right, Buffy?"

Buffy looked back, shaking her head but smiling too. Although Anya could work a nerve, the girl brought a certain zest to the group.

Inside the maze, black-lights shined purple, illuminating the whites in the glassy room. The maze was divided by several tunnels, some of which led to dead ends and others leading to large rooms.

"First one to the end, gets a piece of cheese," Buffy giggled as she and Faith dashed down one of the openings. The other two groups split up, each taking their own routes.

Tara had deliberately slowed her pace as she and Willow disappeared further down the maze. They had yet to see any other people passing through, and it was clear to the blonde that they were alone.

"You know," she stopped and leaned against the mirror, giving Willow a suggestive look, "I've always wondered what it would be like to watch myself." She quirked an eyebrow, hoping not to sound too arrogant as she pulled the beautiful redhead into her.

"Ooh, kinky," Willow grinned, "we'll definitely have to try that one day." She pressed her lips to fuller ones, melting into her lover. Tara mumbled in agreement under the weight of the redhead's mouth.

Lips overlapped, biting softly and pulling as tongues peaked through. The pink tips lashed and hands began to roam, rumpling clothing and searching over curves. Tara's eyes closed as fingers laced with the strands of her hair, she pressed in deeper, her tongue seeking entrance once again. Happy to comply, Willow sucked the slippery muscle and gently scraped her teeth back as her own tongue soothed the blonde's tastebuds.

Small moans escaped the thin openings between their interlocked mouths. Blue orbs slowly blinked open, growing wide as they became more focused.

"Eep," the blonde's lips pulled back with a smack.

"What?" Willow frowned and cupped Tara's face with her hands.

"T-The mirror just looked a-at me," Tara stammered nervously, still staring behind Willow.

"You mean you looked into the mirror," the redhead followed her girlfriend's eyes, but didn't see anything unusual staring back.

"No, I mean a big brown, glassy eyeball just looked at me," Tara explained. They watched the mirror but nothing happened.

"I don't see anything," Willow poked her finger into the glass, then turned back to her girlfriend.

"What is this, the psycho circus?" Tara frowned. "There!" She nearly shouted, pointing back to the mirror. Willow's head whipped back, but saw nothing.

"Maybe we should catch up with the others." Willow suggested, suddenly a little freaked. Tara nodded, stealing glances back at the mirror as she and Willow continued down the tunnel.

Anya laughed until tears literally fell from her eyes, "Hehe, that was fun," she slid the small slot back so that the other side was hidden from view.

They had stumbled upon the back passage of the maze and once finding the little door built into the mirror, Anya insisted on playing around. However, she never expected to find two of her friends making-out in the tunnel.

"Too bad there wasn't a place to speak from," Anya spoke more to herself. Shrugging, she pulled Xander along, who smiled goofily and followed.

Faith and Buffy were munching on cheeseburgers when the gang finally reassembled on the other end of the maze. For fear of sounding crazy, both Willow and Tara agreed to not mention the eyeball incident.

Tara glanced over to Anya who was looking at her, and the blonde frowned, a sense of familiarity brushing the back of her mind. Waving it off, she turned back to her girlfriend. "Where to next?" Tara asked, waiting for suggestions.

"Let's go ride the rides," Faith smiled when she heard the riders screaming from the top of the large machines.

"I told you they would have a Ferris wheel," Anya muttered. Willow rolled her eyes at the comment, but smiled secretly. She couldn't wait to get Tara twenty feet in the air.

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