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Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Willow was still a little on the dizzy side as Buffy sat her down and began dancing around with the other Willow. Seeing Tara, Willow rushed over and latched on to her, as she left several kisses all over Tara's face, and finally kissing her lips passionately. Faith laughed quietly as Buffy stared at her twin stunned.

"I'm a...gorilla like person!" Buffy shouted as her twin approached, and looked her over.

"Me Buffy...You Buffy..." She said cocking her head to the right looking confused.

"Yes, me Buffy...I mean: Yes, I'm a Buffy too." Buffy said watching her twin look at Faith.

While Buffy was trying to keep her twin away from Faith, twin Willow was looking over her twin in confusion.

"You Willow, me Willow..."

"Yeah, I'm just one of the many Willows out there." She said and saw her twin staring at Tara. "No, no. My Tara. Not yours."

"Tara!" Willow's twin said and latched on to Tara as Willow fumed.

"I said: My Tara! Hands off!" Willow said pulling her twin away from a giggling Tara.

"Tarzan!" Both Willow and Buffy shouted and ran forward, as a young man appeared wearing only a loincloth.

"Willow! Buffy!" Tarzan grinned before the three began speaking what the girls figured was gorilla language.

"Oh, hello." A voice said causing the group to turn, and Tarzan to run over happily.


"Hello, Tarzan" Jane said smiling and looked closely at the girls, "Wow, you girls look exactly like my friends." She stared at Tara and Faith, before glancing at Willow and Buffy. "And they', how is this possible?"

"Long story." Tara sighed and watched as Willow's twin suddenly rushed over to Tara's twin, that had just stepped outside. Buffy soon followed as she ran over to Faith's twin -who was wearing a pink dress- causing the girls to stare.

"Tara!" Willow's twin shouted latching on to Tara's twin for a long hug. "My Tara!" she said looking at Willow and grinning.

"Faith!" Buffy's twin shouted taking Faith's twins' hand.

Faith shook her head and glanced at Buffy, who was trying not to laugh. "Don't you dare say anything." she said hearing a few giggles.

"Well, I can see you're not related to Tarzan...which is wonderful. Are you here to study the gorillas?"

"This bunch of circus clowns? They're not much use for hunting gorillas." A tall dark haired man said holding a large rifle.

"Mr. Clayton, we're studying them, not hunting them. This is research." Jane said causing Clayton to snort and walk off."

"Please, make yourselves at home." Tara's twin smiled.

"Yes, the more the merrier." Faith's twin said brightly, as Buffy began to laugh.

The girls sat down on a bench with their twins and Jane, and watched Willow, Buffy and Tarzan goof around.

"What's up with them?" Buffy finally asked.

"Well, they were raised in the jungle by the gorillas. And let me tell you, communicating with them still isn't easy, but they're learning." Tara's twin said watching Willow climb a tree, with the other two chasing after her.

The girls watched a few moments before Willow turned back toward the other girls. "How have you been communicating? I mean it must be hard if they don't understand english, right?"

Jane nodded. "Well, we show them slides and tell them what it is. Then we run through the slides again, and see if they remember."

"Willow is the quicker's like she's a genius, but having been raised out here it'll take a little more time." Tara's twin said and grinned as Willow jumped from the tree and landed behind her, before snuggling up in her lap. She began gently running her hand up and down Willow's back, causing her to grin sleepily.

"So why are you here?" Faith's twin asked, as Buffy's twin laid her head down in Faith's lap.

"We're looking for a woman named Alice, and a...mouse. I know it sounds weird, but just look at Donald and Goofy." Tara said nodding motioning toward the guys.

Clayton had been listening from behind one of the trees, and smirked. "That just leaves one place for anyone to be." He said stepping from behind the tree. "We've been in this jungle for quite some time, and have yet to meet the two you speak of. And I'd wager they're with the gorillas. And these three refuse to take us to them."

"Oh please." Faith's twin rolled her eyes. "Buffy isn't hiding anything."

Tara's twin nodded. "And neither is Willow."

"I agree. They wouldn't do that." Jane said

"Then take us there!" Clayton said to Willow, and then Buffy, before looking at Tarzan. "Take us to the gorillas. Go-ril-las."

Willow looked to Buffy and Tarzan and cocked her head to the right, searching her brother and sisters eyes, before lowering hers as Tarzan nodded.

"Girls? Tarzan? Are you sure?" Jane asked watching the three nod in unison.

"Tarzan, Buffy, Willow, go see Kerchak." Tarzan nodded.

"Kerchak?" Tara's twin asked playing with twin Willow's hair.

Clayton nodded. "He must be the leader. Perfect. I'll go as an escort, after all, the jungle is a dangerous place." he said with a mischievous smile.

The group along with Tarzan, and the twin Willow, and Buffy in the lead left the campsite with Clayton following. Twin Willow ran ahead of her brother and sister, to a dark entrance leading deeper into the jungle, and turned smiling. Tarzan and twin Buffy raced forward as their sister fell to the ground with Sabor on her back, ready to bit into her neck.

Willow acted quickly, and cast a low-level Thunder spell, knocking the leopard off her twin. The group watched as the brother and sisters attacked the leopard with all the strength they had.

Willow was afraid if she cast any sort of spell it would hit one of their twins, or Tarzan. Willow looked at Faith and nodded, just before both girls unsheathed their blades and ran forward, twin Buffy fell to the ground with a wound across her stomach, as they attacked.

Twin Willow jumped back to avoid the leopards claws, and ran to her sister -picking her up and carrying her toward Tara. Tarzan jumped on the giant cats' back and rolled to the left allowing both Willow and Faith to hit the cat with their blades. Sabor bit into Tarzans' hand and ran after he was released.

Tara had healed both twin Willow and Buffy, and walked over to Tarzan and cast a healing spell on his bloody hand, and nodded as he smiled. Tarzan spoke to twin Willow and Buffy in gorilla before taking off on the path, with the group trying to follow.

"No. Tarzan safe."

"Huh?" Faith said confused looking at twin Buffy.

"Tarzan see safe." Twin Willow said glancing from the path to Tara and Willow.

Both girls nodded in understanding. "Tarzan went to see if the path is safe." Willow said getting a nod from her twin and Buffy's.

Five minutes later Tarzan came swinging back and landed in front of the group. "Sabor gone." he said and continued leading the group deeper into the jungle, with his sisters by his side.

After climbing over several fallen trees, and walking up a steep hill the group was lead to a small area with vines all over the place, and no more path. Glancing around the girls looked confused, just before their jaws hit the ground as Tarzan and the twin Willow and Buffy began swinging from vine to vine.

"Umm...we have to swing?" Faith asked watching as the three landed on the far side and began jumping up and down.

"I'll climb, thank you." Clayton said and began climbing down the cliff.

"I'm with him." Donald said still angry with everyone, and followed Clayton.

"What do you think?" Goofy asked taking a hold of a vine, and looking at the girls.

Willow looked to Buffy and shrugged. "If my twin can do it, I'm sure I can." Willow said grabbing a vine, taking a deep breath and began swinging.

"Oh why the hell not?" Buffy spoke and followed Willow.

Goofy followed Buffy, with Tara and Faith following him. Faith almost lost her grip when she began laughing at Buffy -who had somehow became tangled in the vines, and was now turned upside-down. Willow had nearly made it to the other side, but missed the next vine and was now holding on to two of them -and not knowing how to get swinging again.

Tara, Faith, and Goofy made it to the other side in time to watch twin Willow helping Willow, and twin Buffy helping Buffy. With the girls on their backs they swung their way back to the group and laughed as they sat the girls down.

"Why couldn't they have done that in the first place?" Buffy asked unhappily.

"Probably wanted to make fools out of us, that's why." Willow grumbled causing Tara to giggle, and follow the others, no one waiting on either Clayton or Donald.

At the end of the path was when twin Willow and Buffy held their hands up, and followed Tarzan to a large male gorilla and a smaller female gorilla.

"Kerchak, please listen to us. We know the nesting grounds are secret, but we trust them." Tarzan said to the male gorilla.

"We want to help them." Buffy said bowing her head.

"They need us." Willow said also bowing her head.

Faith looked at the girls and shook her head. "Did you get any of that?"

"Nope." Buffy said, as Willow and Tara shook their heads.

"Please, Kerchak." Tarzan said and watched as the gorilla looked upwards.

"Kerchak?" Willow and Buffy asked confused, and lowered their heads as both Kerchak and the female gorilla walked away.

"He seemed kinda distracted by something." Willow said glancing at the others.

"I think he was looking toward that house up there." Tara said pointing to the tree house.

"That's where I landed, and met gorilla Buffy." Willow said causing Buffy to sigh. "Can you take us to the tree house?" she asked when twin Buffy and Willow joined them with Tarzan following.

The girls looked at each other before looking at Tarzan, and turned back toward the group nodding. The group followed the three down another path, leading toward the tree house, and wondering what was happening.

Donald was beyond just angry, he was pissed. First they had gotten teleported to this backwater planet, met more twins, and was expected to swing from a vine.

Yeah right, ducks don't swing from vines, he thought, as he'd followed Clayton down the cliff, and watched the hunter follow a small gorilla up to a house atop of a large tree. Wondering what he was up to Donald decided to follow, and was now surprised to see the hunter raise his rifle.

Looking into the run-down house Donald saw the young gorilla playing with a small earth globe. Donald's eyes went wide and jumped in front of Clayton quacking like mad, causing the hunter to fire the rifle just missing the gorilla by an inch. The young gorilla ran by Donald and ran to Kerchak -who'd just made it to the tree house, followed by the others.

"What's the big idea!" Donald shouted glaring at the hunter.

"Wait, Kerchak. Please!" Tarzan shouted in gorilla lowering his head as the two gorilla's left.

Twin Willow and Buffy were circling Clayton ready to attack at a moments notice. Willow drew her keyblade with a growl and brought it face level with the hunter.

"Try to kill the gorillas again, and you'll personally meet the tip of my sword. Got it?"

"But you don't understand! I was only trying to... Ah! A snake slithered by, you see. I saved that poor gorilla's life."

Tarzan shook his head and ran off toward the path with Willow and Buffy's twins following, but not before glaring at Clayton.

"Seems like they don't believe you. And you know what, neither do I." Faith said and left with Goofy and Donald following.

"Remember what I said. 'Cause I won't tell you again." Willow said and smirked as Buffy flipped him off, and Tara gave him a glare -before the three girls followed the others leaving him last.

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