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Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

The ship approached the new world carefully -seeing as even in space the Heartless found a way to attack. Buffy had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid the Heartless' missiles, and had swung the ship around firing her own missiles. The space had lit up like the sun was rising, as the ships exploded.

Now as they orbited the the new world Goofy and Donald were in a heated argument -soon joined by Willow. Buffy groaned and rolled her eyes, Faith was trying not to laugh, and Tara sighed shaking her head.

"Maybe King Mickey's down there." Goofy said staring out the windshield.

"No way! The King wouldn't be on some backwater planet like that! Let's move on!" Donald shouted hopping up and down like a deranged ape.

"Now you wait a minute, duck!" Willow said angrily. "Alice might be down there! And besides, the Heartless are there!"

"Forget it!" Donald shouted back. "We're on an important mission!"

"Yes we are! And finding Alice is part of this mission!" Willow said narrowing her eyes and glaring at Donald.

"Ah, phooey! You don't know what you're talking about!"

At this point in all the shouting Buffy was shoved out of the pilots seat, and landed on her butt on the floor.

"Hey! You little midget, I'm the pilot! Now move!" Buffy shouted pushing Donald out of the seat and grabbing the controls.

"Not any more your not!" Donald said, also grabbing a hold of the controls and pulling the stick towards him.

The arguing between Willow and Donald was fine, but now that it was Buffy and Donald -it was bad. Especially since both were holding the controls and fighting over them.

"We're leaving!" Donald shouted.

"No we'll check it out first!" Buffy shouted back, as she pulled the stick towards her.

"You know, maybe you shouldn't-" Goofy started only to be cut off.

"Shut up!" Donald quacked not listening.

"Don't tell him to shut up, you feathered freak!" Willow shouted and was thrown to the side of the bridge.

With Buffy and Donald fighting over the controls the poor ship didn't know which way to go, and ended up spinning around -barrel rolling toward the very world they were fighting over. At this point the teleporter also went nuts, and teleported Willow out of the ship, and into the air.

With both the ship and the teleporter out of control Willow was split up from the others -as she soon found out when she crashed through a roof of an old house. This house was built atop of a giant tree overlooking a thick jungle, and the ocean. After landing on the first floor of the house, Willow sat up rubbing her head, and looked around.

The room she'd landed in was covered in dust, there were several crates covered with cloth near the back of the room, and the stairs leading to the second floor were broken.

"Oww! That smarts... Tara? Guys?" Willow asked standing, and found she was the only one in the room. She quickly turned to her left when she heard a low but soft growl, looking up to the second-floor balcony she gripped her keyblade. A large leopard was watching her, and fast as lightning it pounced.

Willow rolled to the side unsheathing her blade and blocking the leopards' claws, and back flipped. Remembering what Cloud had given her, she glowed red for a moment and quicker than the leopard had been, she blurred and sliced the leopard wounding it. She jumped back only to blur again and hit the leopard's shoulder. The large cat growled and swiped and cut Willow's thigh open, and was thrown back as she cast a Flare spell.

The cat was knocked through the boarded up door, and was knocked further away as another person hit it. Willow watched as the cat ran off, before looking at the figure and stopped, and just stared. The figure was clearly a woman, seeing as she was only covered by a small piece of cloth across her breasts, and waist.

"By Shiva!" Willow said stunned.

[With the others]

The others had been teleported to another section of the jungle, and now Tara, Faith and Goofy were having to listen to Buffy and Donald grip at each other. After Donald had shouted at him, Goofy was keeping his distance.

"Look at what you did!" Donald shouted at Buffy -who was giving Donald a glare that would have killed lesser men...or ducks seeing as that's what Donald is.

"What I did!? I don't think so, this is your doing!" Buffy shouted back, causing the birds to flee from their nests.

Having gotten sick of the bickering Tara and Faith stepped between the angry duck, and a very pissed off Al Bhed girl.

"Shut it! Both of you!" Faith growled glaring at them.

"We don't have the time for this shit!" Tara shouted surprising Buffy and Donald into silence. "We gotta find Will!" Giving one last glace at the now silent duo, Tara approached a path leading into the darkened jungle, and suddenly found herself on the ground -staring at the open maw of a large leopard.

Buffy had been the first to react and to her surprise cast a Thunder spell, knocking the leopard off Tara and into a tree. Faith rushed over and helped Tara to stand, checking her over for wounds -sighing when she found none. Just like with Willow a blur knocked the leopard into the jungle and watched as the leopard ran off in defeat.

The female figure turned causing the group to stare for just a moment, before Faith and Buffy burst out laughing. Again this woman was dressed just like the one that'd helped Willow.

"By the Fayth!" Tara said as the woman smiled.

[With Willow]

Willow was still staring at the woman as she approached, walking like a gorilla. As soon as the young woman reached her, she stood and stared into Willow's eyes and smiled.

"Sabor, danger." The girl said and looked over her shoulder, before looking back at Willow.

"Um...thank you..."

"Buffy, me Buffy."

"Buffy. I'm uh...Willow."


<Well shit...she didn't understand that, now what? Oh! Maybe if I...> Willow thought and smiled.

"Willow, me Willow."

"Willow" Buffy nodded and smiled.

"What is this place?" Willow asked looking around.

"Tarzan, Buffy, Willow, home!"

"Umm....okaaay." Willow said raising an eyebrow. "Have you seen anyone wandering around?"

"Hmm?" Buffy cocked her head to the side.

Willow sighed. "Friends..."


"Right, my friends! And my Tara! Have you seen them?"

"Friends here." Buffy said excitedly.


Buffy nodded and suddenly sounded like a gorilla before she spoke again. "Friends here."

"Can you show me?"

"Buffy go. Willow go."

"Okay let's go!" Willow said as Buffy picked her up and jumped down the vines leading into the jungle.

[Meanwhile with the others...]

"W-Willow?" Tara asked slightly stunned as Willow's twin bounced up and down happily.

"Me, Willow." She said grabbing Tara around her waist lifting her up, and carrying her away over her shoulder, with the others following closely behind.

<Oh, damn. First it was the pet Willow I really wanted to have my way I have a gorilla like Willow carrying me, and it's turning me on! I've really gotta get Will alone, and soon! I wonder where she's taking me? Oh! No! She can't be taking me back to...> The angel part of her mind thought.

<Yeah like that would be a bad thing?> This was the little devil part of her mind said, causing the little angel to gasp.

<Yes! It would! We have our Willow!>

<So? This is her twin, they are the same...well except for this one being more gorilla like, but so what?>

<Shut up! I can't think about this now.>

<Oh, but look at those stong legs, imagine what they would feel like wrapped around us as we kiss her senceless!>

<Will you shut up, evil side of me!> Tara finally said stopping the little angel and devil sides of her mind to be quiet for just a moment.

<Is that an insult? 'Cause I am your more evil side, and you should be thankful that I'm trying to remind you that we haven't touched Willow in a while or even had our way with her.>

<Just shut up...I really need some alone time with Will, now!> Tara groaned in her mind.

<Yes we do!> Both angel and devil shouted back, before they went silent.

While Tara was fighting with the more evil side of her mind the gorilla Willow had entered a small cleared section, that had been set up for camp. The other slowed to a stop just as gorilla Buffy -carrying Willow over her shoulder landed in front of gorilla Willow and smiled.

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