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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Tara was standing beside Willow in a dark room the only light was in the center surrounding Mythe, as she looked up through a skylight. Raising her hand she pointed to the stars shining brightly in the night sky, glancing up both girls saw two of the stars blink twice, before they were gone. Squeezing Willow's hand Tara looked over worriedly before giving her attention to her mother.

"The doors were opened..."

"Doors?" Willow asked confused

"Yes, and those worlds have been destroyed, now."

"What can we do about it?" Tara asked as Mythe smiled.

"You must lock the doors, before they are opened. Can you do that?"

"Doors? Locks? How're we to know what to look for? I mean there have to millions of doors on these worlds, which ones are we suppose to lock?" Willow asked getting more and more confused as time passed.

"You will know when you see it. Now, I must be going, but remember, you girls hold the mightiest weapon of all. Don't forget." Mythe said as she shimmered and vanished.

Tara was jolted awake when Willow jumped in her seat, speaking about doors, and locks. Yawning Tara looked around and saw Buffy shaking as she looked out the windshield of the ship. Slowly rising to her feet, Tara pulled Willow up with her, when she saw a black portal swallow a bright star. Mickey looked to the floor sadly as the portal disappeared.

"What was that?" Faith asked standing beside Buffy.

"Another world has been destroyed. We must hurry, Lady Buffy, hit the yellow button and the ship will take us through a warp field, and to Traverse Town. There I will take my other ship and investigate, while you meet up with the others."

Tara nodded as the ship entered the warp field and vanished from that side of space.

[Meanwhile in Traverse Town]

Donald and Goofy had just arrived and were walking up a set of stairs, when Goofy pointed into the sky as he poked Donald in the shoulder.

"Look! A star's goin' out!"

"We'd better hurry, or all the stars will be destroyed!" Donald said as they reached the top of the stairs and saw a double door at the end. "Where would that key be?"

"Ya know, maybe we ought to go find Clay." Goofy said and watched Pluto run off the way they'd came from. "Uh, Donald. Ya know, I betcha that..."

"Aw, what do you know, you big palooka?" Donald said opening the doors and stepping through into another section of the town.

Pluto ran to the front of an item shop and barked happily as he jumped on Mickey. Willow and Buffy were laughing as Tara shook her head. Faith was smirking as she watched a two-foot tall moogle walk around near the front gates.

"Tara? Where's your costume? Maybe you could get a date!" Buffy said causing her and Willow to laugh harder.

"I will get the both of you for laughing at me. It may not be right now, but it will be soon." Tara said in a calm voice, causing the girls to immediately stop laughing.

"We were only teasing!" Willow said knowing that Tara was serious.

"Lady Tara, I must leave now, when you meet them, could you please tell Donald and Goofy I took Pluto with me?"


"Thanks. I bid you farewell, for now. Come on boy." Mickey said leading Pluto toward the gates.

The girls watched the gates close before taking in the First District of the town. There was a café and weapon shop to their right, a boarded up store to their left, and a small shop behind them. Faith jerked her head toward the shop asking if they wanted to go in. Tara nodded and opened the door, only to hear a familiar voice from behind the counter.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

The girls stood in the doorway, stunned, as the man looked them over before shrugging his shoulders.

"You girls all right?"

"Yeah...we, uh, we're fine. You just look a lot like someone we know." Willow said still staring at the older man. "If ya don't mind my asking, what's your name?"

"Rupert Giles. But it seems like everyone only wants to call me Giles."

"Mr. Giles, do you know someone either named Donald or Goofy?" Tara asked, watching the older man think for a moment.

"No, but there have been many new people stopping by lately, maybe I haven't met them yet."

"Okay, thanks. I guess we'd better start looking." Buffy smiled and opened the door.

"Sure, but if you need any help, just let me know, okay?"

"We will, and thank you." Tara bowed.

Faith was looking through the boards, peering into the shop and saw only darkness. Turning she followed the others up the stairs and through the doors at the end. The girls stopped when a man fell to the ground in front of them, his body was shaking as he screamed.

A black mist surrounded his body, as his heart was taken from his body. The man convulsed as he floated into the air, and changed into a three-foot tall creature wearing a helmet.

Tara's shield and Keyblade appeared in her hands, glancing to her right she saw the others holding their own Keyblade. The creature jumped forward bringing its' clawed hand down across Tara's shield, and was smacked in the head when Tara swung her staff down. Willow followed up with a single swing of her sword knocking the creature back, and in the path of Faith's sword. The creature disappeared, with a 'pop' leaving behind a vial of Potion.

"Maybe we should go ask Giles about this. He might know what these things are." Buffy said backing up toward the doors.

"You're right." Tara nodded being pulled back by Willow -who was keeping on guard.

When the girls entered the shop Giles' head popped up from behind the counter, before he stood up placing a chest on the seat behind him.

"Did you find them?"

"No, but do you know anything about strange shadow-like creatures?" Faith asked leaning against the doorframe.

"I've never seen one, but I've heard a few people talking about them. I've heard that they are very dangerous. That's all. Oh! You might want to speak with Clay; I think she'd know what you're talking about. Either way, take another look around town for your friends."

"Thanks." Willow said and stepped outside with the others following, and stopped when she heard a very familiar voice from her left.

"They'll come at you out of nowhere."

Turning Willow's jaw hit the ground, as the others gaped. Standing in a group next to the shop were four young women. The one that had spoke was leaning against the shop's wall; she was wearing a black leather jacket with a strip of white fur around the collar, tight black pants, and boots. A pendant of a lion's head hung around her neck. Except for the darker blond hair, she was the spitting image of Tara.

The one next to her held the girls' hand was wearing a pair of tight black shorts, and a light blue sleeveless shirt that hung to her knees. The shirt was only buttoned to cover her breasts, but allowed her chest and stomach to show, she was also wearing a pair of black lace up boots. This girl was Willow's mirror image.

The third girl was wearing a black pantsuit with gold trim and silver buttons; her black boots gleamed in the light, giving the appearance of having just been shined. There was a gold pendant of a pair of nunchakus around her neck. This girl is Buffy's mirror image.

The final girl was wearing a black vest over a tight black shirt; she had on a pair of black knee cut shorts, and wore tennis shoes. She had a pair of black studded fingerless gloves covering her hands, and a tattoo of a silver sea serpent with the name 'Leviathan' under it was on her forearm. This girl was Faith's mirror image.

"Who are you?" Willow asked finally finding her voice, but still staring at her other self and the other Tara.

"They'll keep coming after you, as long as you continue to wield the Keyblade." The other Tara said straightening up. "But why? Why would the powers of the Keyblade choose little girls like you?"

"Hey! What the fuck is that suppose to mean?" Faith shouted angrily.

"Nevermind. Now, let me see your Keyblades."

Willow shook her head as the others got into a fighting stance. "I don't think so." Willow said gripping the Keyblade. "There's no way you're getting this!"

"All right then, have it your way." The other Faith said smirking.

The other Buffy also smirked. "We'll just have to take 'em from you!" she said pulling out a pair of nunchakus and twirling them around.

Buffy jumped back as her twin swung her weapon around just missing her head. Raising the Divine Rose, Buffy blocked another fast blow from the nunchakus, and twisted around to stand behind her twin.

Bending at the knees and spinning Buffy knocked her twin on the ground, only to be kicked in the face, as the other flipped up. She only had time to avoid one blow from the others foot, and stumbled into the path of the on coming nunchakus, and was knocked unconscious.

Willow had blocked the blow of a very sharp circler blade the other Willow had shot from a band on her wrist. The blade rebounded back to the other Willow, who caught it in the band and aimed again. She didn't have time to fire it off, since Willow's blade was making a beeline for her neck.

She fell back to avoid the hit, and kicked up hitting Willow under her chin, and knocking her back two steps. The other Willow ran forward jumping into the air and hit Willow in the chest with both feet -knocking her into a light-pole and unconscious.

When Faith saw no weapon on her look-a-like she thought it would be an easy win, but didn't know the other girl was a master in martial arts. But found out when she had to avoid a roundhouse kick and a reverse roundhouse kick, and was stomp kicked down a set of stairs to the right.

Standing Faith blocked a middle punch, only to have her hand trapped in the others grip. Turning the other Faith quickly stepped behind her, bring her arm up and twisting it painfully. Faith felt her twins arm wrap around her neck and squeeze, the last thing Faith saw before unconsciousness took over, was Tara's twin attacking Tara.

A long silver blade with a revolver between the blade and the pistol grip hilt came down just missing Tara's face. Tara jumped back pulling the Lady Luck Keyblade and blocking another strike from her twin. Turning her body Tara kicked her twin in the shin, causing her to hop around on one foot for a moment before striking.

Ducking to avoid the blow and possibly getting beheaded, Tara rolled behind her twin, and kicked her in the back as she rose. She didn't see Buffy sneak up behind her, and was knocked unconscious as Buffy brought her nunchakus down.

"Sorry, but how was you suppose to not exactly kill her with that weapon of yours?" Buffy asked as Tara sheathed her sword.

"Is my baby losing it?" Willow asked only to have Tara to slap her on the ass.

"Losing it huh? You weren't saying that last night...or should I say screaming it." Tara smirked as Willow blushed.

"Too much info!" Buffy said covering her ears.

"Be quiet B! I wanna hear this!" Faith said picking up her twin and her Keyblade.

"Anyway. I was going easy on her. I'm starting to think things are worse than we might have thought." Tara said picking up her twin and her Keyblade. "A lot worse."

"Yeah, no shit!" Faith agreed watching the others pick up their twins and Keyblade. "Especially now that we have four Keyblade holders."

The four girls approached the doors to the second district and waited as Giles opened them and nodded. When the girls entered they saw Donald and Goofy slowly looking around in the town square below. Tara turned and took Buffy from Buffy -weird thought- Tara shook her head.

"Go get them, please." Tara said and walked toward a comfortable looking Inn with Willow and Faith following.

Sighing Buffy jumped over the railing and landed quietly near a fountain, she grinned as she approached.

"Gawrsh, there's nobody here. Sure is spooky!" Goofy said not noticing Buffy quietly approaching from behind.

"Aw, phooey! I'm not scared." Donald said only to jump into the air quacking, and grabbed on to Goofy when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Excuse me, but did the king send you?" Buffy asked through her giggles.

"Yes." Donald said as Goofy nodded.

"Please, follow me to the inn." Buffy said and led the way back to the inn.

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