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Author: Stormforce
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

No one moved. No one spoke. All were staring at the serious looking mouse standing in the doorway at six in the morning. Tara lowered her head, and squeezed her eyes closed, before looking back up. Nope, still there. Begin bold Xander stepped forward grabbed Anya's hand and pulled her away from the door. Faith had thought it was amusing at first -then she saw him, and was now thinking she was losing it. Both Willow and Buffy were clinging together like the other was a lifeline -scared of a little, well not so little mouse.

The not-so-little mouse stood in the doorway, knowing he should have had Mythe and the others warn the girls before just showing up like this. He sighed closing his eyes and shook his head, before once again looking at the young women, one young man, and one unconscious woman.

"I'm sorry, I should introduce myself." The mouse bowed. "My name is Mickey Mouse."

"Umm...p-please c-come in." Tara stuttered wide-eyed.

"Thank you." Mickey said stepping into the hut and closing the door. "Wouldn't do for other people to see me. Might scare them." He laughed.

"Yeah." Faith drawled out. "You said you needed help, right? Did uh, someone turn you into a mouse?" she asked carefully.

"Oh no, I am a mouse, but I come from...why don't we wake Lady Anya then I'll explain."

"Sure." Xander said handing Mythe to Tara before leaning down and whispering something in Anya's ear. Whatever it was the -girls thought- it worked, Anya shot up looking at Xander with a wide smile.

"I'm holding you to that." She said standing and stared at Mickey. "So, it wasn't a dream?"

"No, 'fraid not." Faith said handing her Mythe, and prying Buffy and Willow apart. Buffy clung to her as Willow latched on to Tara.

"May we sit?" Mickey asked glancing at the group. "This may take a while to explain."

"Sure." Tara nodded motioning toward the chairs and couch.

"Thank you." Mickey smiled and waited until the others had sat down, before he sat in a recliner across from Tara.

Now that Willow saw no reason to be afraid of the big mouse she began to relax watching as he twirled the mages staff in his hands.

"Okay, so whatcha need help with?" Buffy asked still a little on the uncomfortable side, but was quickly becoming comfortable as Faith gently rubbed her back.

"I am the king of a beautiful kingdom, and with my wife Minnie by my side we keep our kingdom peaceful. My kingdom rules over many a star. These stars are worlds, worlds with other living beings on them, and some are quite different from you and me. But the stars, the worlds have began blinking out -they are begin destroyed, and if it's not stopped it will happen to your world also."

"Why is it happening?" Willow asked.

"I'm not sure. But I do know if I do not have your help everything will be destroyed. I've seen your fighting skills, and know you have the power. I contacted Lady Mythe, and the ones you call the Fayth, they agreed to allow me to ask for help. I know this is sudden, but, all our worlds needs your help. Only you four young women have the power. It would have been six, but seeing as Lady Anya and Sir Xander has a child their power was passed onto her. Your power is the Key"

"Where will we be going? And what is this power?" Tara asked slightly confused.

"Before I left my kingdom, I left a message with friends to leave for Traverse Town. I would like you to meet them there, and in doing so you will meet up with several others...I'm sure you'll understand a lot more after speaking with them. The power I speak of is this." Mickey said as a bright light surrounded the girls, and four key shaped swords appeared.

"Whoa!" Xander said with wide eyes looking at each sword.

Willow gently took the sword in front of her and looked it over. It had two circles on the hilt to protect her hand from getting hit; the blade itself was dark blue with a light blue hilt. At the tip of the blade was a sharp circle, with a glowing blue ball in the middle. The sword glowed once and the name came to Willow like she'd known it all along 'Spellbinder'.

Before taking the sword in front of her Tara first glanced at Mickey and saw him nod. Wrapping her fingers around the silver hilt, the name 'Lady Luck' popped into her mind. The sword was dark silver, and had a light silver heart at the end of the blade, and a red heart angling down right under the silver heart.

Faith had immediately taken the floating sword from the air, as the name 'Oathkeeper' was whispered in her mind. The blade was light silver -almost white- with a turquoise and gold colored crown shaped tip. Faith smiled at the lightness of the blade, and accepted it.

Buffy reached out and took the sword from the air as the name 'Divine Rose' came to her. The sword had a black blade and golden hilt, with a beautiful red rose at the tip of the blade. Examining the blade Buffy could see small thorns all along the length of the blade, and smiled.

"So these are our weapons?" Faith asked placing the sword at her side.

"Yes, those weapons are called 'Keyblade', and they are very powerful. With them I am sure you will have no trouble in destroying your enemies.

"But what about our own weapons, and magic?" Tara asked still not comfortable with using swords as a weapon.

"You may use your own weapons if you like, but please keep the Keyblade with you at all times."

"Okay, whatever you say." Willow said holding her new weapon.

Will you help?" Mickey finally asked making eye contact with each girl with a hopeful look on his face.

Tara first looked at Willow, then to Buffy, and finally Faith, seeing the same concern in their eyes that she had she nodded.

"Yes, we will help, but how are we supposed to get to Traverse Town?"

"Yeah!" Willow nodded. "Especially if it's in another world."

"You have a something called an airship, correct?" He asked and received a nod from the girls. "Well, we have something called a Gummi Ship. It's almost the same thing, but it can travel through space, and get you to the other worlds."

Buffy's smile was so bright it could have lit up all of Spira for a year. "A space ship!? Cool! When can I see it?!"

Mickey laughed, "As soon as you are ready."

"Sweet! Faith hurry, lets get our things, now!" Buffy said running out of the hut toward her and Faith's.

"Well, King Mickey, I hope you know she's going to want to work on this ship of yours, and perhaps make it faster." Faith sighed standing up.

"It is fine. There are blueprints she can use to make newer, faster, and sturdier Gummi's. All she'll need is the parts."

"Well I'd better get ready before she starts yelling that I'm too slow." Faith said walking out the front door, and leaving Willow and Tara to get ready.

An hour later everyone had their weapons, and items ready and waited as Buffy left Anya a letter to give Joyce, and followed Mickey to a small clearing behind the two huts. Mickey closed his eyes for a moment, as his staff began to glow and a portal open in front of him. Turning he smiled at the girls and nodded.

"This leads to the Gummi ship. Please follow me." He said stepping through the portal.

Buffy jumped through excited about getting her hands on another ship -a space ship she thought with glee. Faith followed shaking her head and sighed as the portal swallowed her, Willow waited a few seconds before taking Tara's hand, and stepped through the portal.

When the girls opened their eyes they found themselves standing in the middle of the ships bridge -the ships very large bridge. Computer consoles lined the right side of the bridge, a large video screen was on the left side -with reports scrolling up, and a large sphere was in the middle of the room -showing several different stars. From what the girls could see out the only window on the left they ship was painted purple with 'Star Kingdom' painted on the wings in a glittery red.

Buffy was running from one side to the other looking at the screen, then the computers, and finally stopping at the pilots seat. Mickey stood to the side and nodded to her and smiled as she excitedly hopped into the seat, and grabbing the control wheel.

"I love this ship!" Buffy said giggling.

"Just don't crash into any worlds and kill us, okay?" Willow asked smirking, but was secretly tense -knowing how Buffy flew any airship. Sitting down in a plush comfortable chair Willow pulled Tara into her lap, and watched as Mickey explained the controls to Buffy.

[Meanwhile at King Mickey's Castle]

A larger than average duck wearing a blue robe with a cone shaped hat was walking down the large hallway approaching a set of fifty-foot tall doors. This duck is known as Donald, the king's adviser and mage. A smaller door opened at the bottom allowing him to pass freely into the king's throne room.

"Good morning, Your Majesty. It's nice to see you this morn-What!" Donald shouted seeing an empty throne, as a light brown down with black ears poked his head around from behind the throne -holding a letter in his mouth. "Pluto? What have you got?" The duck asked taking the letter with the king's seal on the front. Donald slowly read and then re-read the letter, before jumping into the air quacking like mad and rushing out of the throne room in a fit of craziness.

Running outside and into the castle's garden Donald saw Goofy laying on the ground snoring away as if nothing were wrong. Even Donald's quacking didn't wake him as the duck approached.

"Wake up, Goofy! This is serious!" Donald screamed getting no reply other than more snoring, and began quacking angrily as he cast a Thunder spell.

Goofy jumped up rubbing his head before spotting the angry duck. "G'morning Donald."

"We've got a problem, Goofy! But you can't tell anyone..."

"Queen Minnie?"

"Not even the queen." Donald said shaking his head.


"No! It's top secret!" Donald shouted.

Goofy looked past Donald and smiled. "G'morning ladies."

"What!?" Donald's eyes widened as he turned around and saw Minnie and Daisy standing behind him. Daisy narrowed her eyes and 'hmmed' looking at Donald as he laughs scratching his head.

"What is this about, Donald?" Daisy asked as Donald led them back into the throne room.

"This." Donald said handing Minnie the letter.


Sorry I had to rush off without sayin' goodbye, but there's big trouble brewin'. Not sure why, but the stars have been blinkin' out, one by one. And that means disaster can't be far behind. I hate to leave you all but I've gotta check into it, I'm also hoping to get help from some very important people. They have the "Key" -the "Key" to our survival. So I need you and Goofy to meet them, and stick with them. Got it? We need them or we're all doomed! So go to Traverse Town and find Clay. She'll point you in the right direction.


Would ya apologize to Minnie for me? Thanks, pal.

"Oh, dear!" Daisy exclaimed as a worried looked crossed her face. "What could this mean?"

Minnie nodded once. "It means we just have to trust Mickey."

"Gawrsh, I hope he's all right." Goofy said bowing his head.

"Don't worry, Your Highness. We'll find the king and meet with these people."

"Thank you, both of you." Minnie said smiling at Donald and then to Goofy.

Donald bowed, before he looked up at his wife. "Daisy, can you take care of-"

"Of course, Donald, leave everything to me. But promise me you both will be careful."

"Oh, I'm sending him to chronicle your travels." Minnie said pointing to a small green cricket in a black suit.

The cricket jumped up and down waving at Donald, and smiled. "Cricket's the name. Jiminy Cricket, at your service." He said and jumped onto Donald's shoulder.

"We await your safe return." Daisy said kissing Donald's cheek. "Please help the king."

Both Minnie and Daisy bow as Goofy salutes from beside Minnie. Donald grabs Goofy's arm and pulls him along. "You're coming, too!"

Donald leads the way down the hall, and stops in front of a tall bookcase, reaching up he pulls a light fixture down. The bookcase slides to the right revealing a secret passage with a set of stairs leading down.

"Gawrsh, Jiminy, your world is gone, too?"

"It was terrible, Goofy. We were scattered, and as far as I can see, I'm the only one who made it to this castle." Jiminy said hopping onto Goofy's shoulder.


"Right, I gotcha. While we're in the other worlds, we can't let on where we're from. We've gotta protect the world border."

"Order!" Donald quacked loudly.

"Right. World order." Goofy agreed, as they reached the end of the stairs and entered a large circular room with giant machines working. There were several different colored ships sitting all around the room, and all were different sizes. Donald noticed that two of the king's ships were missing, and began wondering why it was two instead of just one.

"Hello up there?" Donald said into a speaker looking up at a small glass room. "Donald Duck to launch crew, anytime you're ready."

"Roger!" A high-pitched voice said over the intercom as a small brown chipmunk waved from the booth. "Dale, pull the lever."

"Gotcha, Chip!" Dale said jumping on a green lever pushing it down.

Two arms lowered from the ceiling, one grabbed the back of Goofy's shirt, and the other grabbed the bottom of Donald's, turning him upside down. The arms carried them to the top and dropped the guys in a small red Gummi, before returning to their position.

"Blast off!" Donald said as the ship was dropped into a portal and disappeared.

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