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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

It had only taken everyone a few minutes to board the airship and prepared for battle as they flew toward Omega Island. Buffy had added a few things in the airship after Dawn had found a newer faster ship to play with, Buffy liked to say.

The storage closet under the stairs was cleaned out, and was now used as the weapons storage. Three new and very different Blitzballs were strapped down on the top shelf.

The first one had red and white stripes covered in metal studs, with two six-inch long spikes on either side of the ball. The second one was black with blue leather studded stripes covering most of the ball, and the last ball was black, with a wide red stripe down the middle, a yellow circle was painted on either side, and sharp ten-inch long curved spikes stood up from the red stripe-this was the ball Xander carefully picked up.

Willow wouldn't fight with any other sword besides the one Xander had given her-knowing that with her magic she didn't need another weapon, and began sharpening her sword. Faith had her Spirit Lance and was sharpening it; Anya picked up a small Cactuar doll, nodded and sat down. Buffy had her daggers strapped to each leg, and the skull and crossbones sword in its sheath around her waist.

When the group stared out the front window stunned, Omega Island was glowing a brighter purple, as the large fiends lined the beach. The fiends roared as the ship passed overhead, heading for the center of the island.

A large temple had rose out of the ground and stood proudly as the purple glow began to get brighter, Buffy swung her ship around and sat it down at the side of the temple. She stood from the pilots seat and hurried over to the weapons closet, gathering items for her mixes. Once her pouch was full the group hurried toward the cargo door, feeling the ship rock with the thunderous steps of the fiends.

Stepping outside prepared for battle the group looked around confused. The fiends were in a circle around the temple and ship, not moving, only watching them closely. Willow turned when she heard the temple door open, and frowned gripping her sword as Trema stepped out. He smiled at the group before turning and entering the temple once more, leaving the door open.

"Looks like we're expected." Faith said keeping an eye on the fiends as the group moved toward the temple door.

"Stay on guard. We don't know what's in there." Willow said glancing inside at the empty chamber.

There was nothing special about the room, no statues, no carvings, noting. Only tall stone pillars lined the room, there were four doors, two at the far end, and one on each side of the room. When everyone was inside the door slammed shut causing the group to jump, Xander turned and tried the handle, finding the door locked.

"No good, we're locked in."

"Doesn't matter, I'm not leaving here without what we came for." Willow said getting nods all around.

"So? Where to?" Buffy asked glancing around the room, and stopped as she thought of something. "Hey, Will, isn't this the place from your visions? Wasn't we killed here?"

"This is something like the room we were in, but there's no alter. But if this is the place then we'd all better be careful-" Willow was cut off when a baby's cry echoed from the right, and Tara's scream from the left.

"My baby!" Anya shouted running toward the right with Xander right behind her.

"Dammit! Faith, go with them!" Willow said as she and Buffy hurried toward the left.

Anya cast a Flare spell breaking the door open and rushing into the dimly lit corridor with Xander and Faith right behind her. Mythe's cry echoed and reechoed as it bounced off the empty corridor's walls, confusing everyone as to where it was coming from. Three corridor's were on their left, two on the right, and the on they were standing in led into the dark.

Grabbing a torch from the wall Anya lit it bringing more light into the dimness, and looked one way to the other. Another cry bounced off the walls causing Anya to turn to the left, and was stopped when Faith placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Wait." Faith said and closed her eyes, and waited. The cry came again as Faith's eyes snapped open; she pointed to the third left corridor. "There!"

Halfway down the corridor they came to a complete stop as a green scaly fiend stepped out from an offshoot to their left. It was hunched over seeing as it was at least three-feet taller than the ceiling, the foot long claws on its hands scrapped against the floor as it moved, making a high-pitched noise.

Being in no mood to be stopped, Anya cast a Demi spell, followed by a Flare spell knocking the fiend back and allowing Faith to hurry and behead it. She shivered as she remembered the description of the fiend, when Willow had told them of her dream.

Xander opened the door in the offshoot and peered inside, and grinned, the only thing he saw was Mythe laying on a small alter. Before Faith could stop either of the two parents they rushed inside, Faith was following when everything went dark, and she fell to the floor.

"Get the others." Trema said causing two large unsent men to nod.

Just as Anya was about to pick up Mythe an unsent soldier appeared in front of her with a sword held in a fighting position. Xander hit the unsent with his blitzball knocking him back, and into the alter, as Anya punched him in the face. Two more unsent appeared in the room casting a Flare spell on Xander knocking him into the wall, and unconscious.

Anya screamed when she was sent flying back and skidded to a spot next to Xander. Standing she cast a Firaga spell followed by a Thundaga spell causing the unsent to vanish. As she checked on Xander she didn't notice Yuki appear behind her until it was too late, Yuki raised her gun, and hit the back of Anya's head. Smirking Yuki turned and ordered three more unsent to take them away, as she picked the baby up- handing her to Trema and vanished.

[Other side of the temple...]

The dimly lit corridor caused Buffy to shiver and hope they didn't run into those un-kill-able skeletons like before. Willow was just ahead of her carrying a torch, lighting the way as they came to a T intersection. Glancing to the right caused Willow's eyes to widen and shake her head, grabbing Buffy's hand she took off to the left. Buffy stifled a scream when she looked over her shoulder, and saw seven large green fiends right behind them.

Reaching into her pouch, Buffy pulled out a vial labeled Winter Storm and threw it. The fiends shrugged off the mix and began running faster causing Buffy to scream.

"Will! Hurry! Right behind us!" Buffy shouted as she passed Willow and began to pull her along.

"Shouldn't have pissed them off!" Willow shouted as a claw just missed her back.

"Sorry!" Buffy said as the rounded a corner leading to an open door and ran inside slamming the door shut behind them. Buffy fell forward unconscious and slid to the floor as Willow turned and was hit with the butt of a rifle and fell beside Buffy.

"Lord Omega will be pleased." Ranger smirked as Trema appeared with Faith, Anya, and Xander at his feet, holding the baby in his arms.

"Yes, he will. Now lets get these mortals chained up, and ready for the ritual."

"Yes, master Trema." Yuki said picking Willow's unconscious body up.

Willow groaned from the throbbing pain in her head as she opened her eyes, and saw the tip of her shoes were barely touching the floor. Her arms were raised above her head -wrists in chains hanging from the ceiling. When she glanced around she found everything just as the visions showed.

Buffy was chained to the wall, Tara was chained to an alter, and she was hanging from the ceiling. Only difference was Faith, Xander, and Anya was also chained to the walls, all still unconscious.

"Ah, I see you are the first to awake." A voice said from her right.

Turning to look she saw the one that'd taken Tara and a man from her visions. "You must be Omega, right?" Willow asked narrowing her eyes.

"That is Lord Omega to you mortal!" Trema took two steps forward and slapped Willow, causing her to twist around.

"Now, now, Trema. She doesn't know how to act in front of someone as great as I."

"What do you want?" Faith asked struggling against her chains.

Willow looked around and found everyone had awoke and was staring at the two unsent, and felt her anger rise. Tara was covered in blood, whether it was own or not Willow couldn't tell, Buffy had streaks of blood on her face, but no wounds -so Willow thought it must be from getting knocked out. Faith only had a small trail of blood on the side of her face, Xander and Anya didn't look too worse for wear, considering they didn't have any blood on them, only dust.

"Where's my baby!?" Anya shouted as her hands glowed black.

"Your baby is fine...for now." Trema said, as the baby appeared in his hands, asleep.

"As for what I want," Omega said stepping forward, "that is freedom, and only a Summoner, a Summoner's lover, and guardian can give this to me. Well their blood can give it to me, and I also need the blood of new life."

"Meaning?" Xander asked eyeing the unsent.

"Meaning, I need the blood of a baby. That is where your child will help me."

"No! You can't!"

"I can black mage, and I will."

"Lord Omega, the time grows near."

"Thank you Trema, begin the ritual."

Trema nodded. "Yes My Lord."


Mythe, Shelia, Ira, and Giles were watching the scene with a growing sense of dread as Omega picked up a dagger, and slowly made his way toward Buffy. The Fayth were standing in a circle chanting as several different colored lights surrounded their bodies.

By the souls of the Fayth
Let us help those in need
By our power combined
Let our power unite

The circle of Fayth disappeared from the Farplane, leaving the ground cracked where they were once standing. Carbuncle nodded her head toward Death Dragon and clasped hands.

We call upon the power of the Fayth
Souls of the good hear our cry
Let us pass into Spira
To aide in battle

Both Carbuncle and Death Dragon vanished in a swirl of pink and black energy, as Mythe, Giles, Shelia, and Ira joined hands.

Souls of former Summoners
Souls of former Guardians
Hear our plea
Lend your power
And aid us in battle

The small group vanished from the Farplane knowing they had to time everything just right for the plan to work.

[Ritual Chamber]

[Buffy's Mind]

"Hello guardian."

<Wha? Who's there? And why are you in my head?>

"You know me as Valefor, and I am here to help."

<Uh...okay, I guess?>

Omega stepped back from Buffy as her body began glowing light blue, and her eyes glowed orange. The chains snapped allowing her to stand and sneer at the unsent.

[Tara's Mind]

"Hello Tara."


"Yes, I am here to help. Do not worry."

<I trust you>

Trema stepped back from Tara as her body glowed dark gray, and her eyes turned yellow. The alter exploded as Tara rose into the air looking down upon her would be killers. Omega could feel the power pouring from the guardians and cried out in rage.

Xander's body began glowing bright yellow as his eyes glowed green.

[Xander's Mind]

"Hello guardian"

<Huh? Who's there, ya?>

"Ixion. We are here to help."

<Yeah? Okay, just don't go and fry me, ya?> Xander heard a deep chuckle.

[Anya's Mind]

"Hello Anya, do not worry we are here to help."

<And just who are you?>


Anya broke her chains as her body and eyes glowed black. The chains holding Faith froze and crumbled as her body and eyes glowed dark blue.

[Faith's Mind]

<I know I didn't do that.>

"You are correct, I did it."

And just who the hell are you?>

"Straight to the point, eh? Either way, I'm Shiva. And we are here to help in your battle."

<Good, we need all the help we can get>

Turning Omega was thrown against the wall as Willow smirked, her body and eyes glowing bright red.

[Willow's Mind]

<Hey! Who's in here with me?>

"Ifrit. We Fayth are here to lend our strength, fiery one."

<Cool, just don't cook me; I would like to see Tara again.>

"Do not worry you will be fine."

"Hello again, Omega." Tara said with Bahamut's voice overlapping hers.

"You know you're not allowed out of you prison." Willow said with a deep growl holding a flaming sword in her right hand.

"B-but how? You-you're dead!"

"No, you are wrong." Xander said calmly stepping forward, as a ball of electricity appeared in his hand.

"You're the one that is dead!" Faith shouted lunging toward Omega, as a spear made of ice appeared in her hands.

Omega rolled to the side avoiding Faith's ice spear, and ripping a chain from the wall. Turning he swung the chain around his head, and threw it toward Faith, only to watch as it was knocked from the air by a energy blast from Buffy. Omega glowed blackish red as a sword appeared in his hand, and blocked a downward slash from Willow's flaming sword.

Trema was thrown across the room as a Demi and Holy spell exploded at his chest, and slammed into the wall. Standing he saw Tara and Anya advancing toward him, as they floated through the air. Yuki ran into the room only to be knocked outside and into Ranger, as Buffy threw a Firestorm mix, followed by an energy blast. Xander threw a ball of electricity hitting Omega in the head, before he was thrown into the wall as Omega cast a Flare spell.

Carbuncle appeared with Death Dragon by her side, and cast a Reflect spell on the group as Death Dragon used a Cure spell on Xander. The Blizzaga spell bounced off the pink shield and back toward Trema, causing him to jump to the right to avoid his spell. A dark gray rod appeared next to Tara and flew forward hitting Trema in the shoulder, and impaling him to the wall.

Willow blocked Omega's sword from taking her head off, as Faith slashed his chest with her spear. Omega jumped back, with Willow following and bringing her sword down and across his face. A ball of electricity hit Omega in the face, causing him to scream in pain, and in rage, as Xander caught the ball. Ranger had slipped past Buffy as she fought with Yuki, and saw Omega fall. Holding his hand up palm facing forward ice shards flew forward hitting Faith in the back, and protruding out her chest.

Faith looked down at her chest and smirked as the ice shards fell to the ground, and the wounds healed.

Willow turned casting a Flare spell on the unsent, and sent him flying into Yuki as Buffy hit her with a Rolling Thunder mix, followed by a Firaga spell. The mix and spell hit both Yuki and Ranger as he hit her, and fell to the ground. Trema cried out as Anya cast another Flare spell combined with Tara's Holy.

"That is enough!" Omega screamed, first glowing red, and then black. "You all will die here!" he growled as his body began to grow bigger and breaking through the ceiling.

Trema, Yuki, and Ranger screamed, as they were absorbed into Omega's body. His green and black body was seventy-foot tall, and forty-foot wide. He crouched down on legs the size of three oak trees put together, with arms stretching out fifty-foot, and fifteen-foot long claws on his hands and feet.

"This is his true form!" Mythe shouted as she appeared with the others by her side.

"Now is the time to end it!" Giles shouted clasping hands with Ira and Sheila, with Mythe in the middle.

"Now we split!" Tara shouted, as Bahamut appeared standing beside her.

Everyone staggered and felt weak, as the Fayth split from their body's to stand next to them.

"Now what?" Willow asked as the Fayth made a circle with her and the others in the middle.

"We wait" Bahamut said watching as Omega was bound in place by an invisible force.

"For what?" Faith asked confused. "Look, we don't have our weapons we can't fight without them."

"Here." Shiva said, as Xander's blitzball, Willow's sword, and Faith's spear appeared floating in front of them. "Also, Tara, here is your Summoner's Rod."

"We can't hold him much longer!" A new but old voice called out. "Hurry!"

Turning Willow nearly dropped her sword. "What the hell!"

"I think I'm seeing things." Buffy said rubbing her eyes trying to dispel the figure. "Nope still there."

The invisible force had appeared causing the girls to gasp. Tsuki was just one of a thousand different men and women holding Omega in place. Lenne was standing beside Mythe with thousands of Summoners surrounding them. The group watched as more and more Fayth began to appear all around them and Omega, and all glowing different colors.

"What is this?" Anya asked. "And where's my baby?"

"Your baby is fine. As for what this is, we, Mythe and Giles called upon the other Fayth, Summoners, and Guardians to aide in battle." Valefor said as she and the other Fayth began glowing.

"Shit! How many Fayth were there?" Faith asked knowing there were more Fayth than Summoners and Guardians put together.

"Remember the Summoning? The dream of the Fayth." Willow said in understanding.

"Now!" Mythe and Lenne, as energy flowed from their bodies and the others into the Fayth, from the Fayth and into Tara, Willow, Buffy, Faith, Xander and Anya.

Buffy fell to her knees as the power took over her orange glowing body, her eyes snapped open showing green glowing eyes. She stood and looked around seeing the others in the same state and knew what to do. Holding her hands up, pointing toward Omega she grit her teeth against the pain and waited. As if in a trance the others followed her lead.

"By the power of Summoners long since dead, I will destroy thee!" Tara said as a ball of energy formed in the palms of her hands.

"By the power of Guardians long since dead, I will destroy thee!" Willow, Faith, Buffy, Xander, and Anya spoke in unison.

"By the power granted to us by the Fayth, it shall be done!" The group shouted as the energy grew and formed together, creating a ball of energy bigger than Omega.

The ball of energy shot through the air engulfing Omega, as he screamed and was torn apart. Once the unsent was gone the black clouds covering the sky dispersed allowing the bright morning sun to shine down on the island. Omega's fiends screamed as they disappeared, leaving the island quite and once again safe.

Tired and worn out from the fighting and the energy drain the girls and Xander fell to their knees, leaning against one another for support. Willow glanced around the group and saw that the other Fayth, Guardians and Summoners were still there, smiling at them before they vanished.

"Okay, if I'm not dead, and on the Farplane, I'm going to sleep for a week!"

"You're not dead, Willow, but you bloody well could have been." Giles said relived to see the group alive.

"What's that mean?" Xander asked around a yawn.

"The energy flow could have killed you." Ira said watching Willow's face turn red, and backed up a step. "Atleast that's what Bahamut said!"

"It could have killed us?" Willow calmly asked standing and looking at Bahamut.

"Yes." The boy nodded and took off running with Willow chasing after him waving her sword around.

"I thought she was tired?" Anya said before shooting to he feet. "My baby! Where is she!?"

"Calm down, here she is." Mythe said as the baby appeared in her arms. "She's beautiful. And I am honored that you named her after me." she said handing Anya the baby and turned to Tara. "And when am I going to see any grandchildren running around?"

Tara blushed looking from her mother to Willow -who was still chasing Bahamut- and to the ground. "Uh...W-well,, umm ready?" Tara said just as Bahamut run up to them.

"Thank you for your help, it was good seeing you again, but I must go!" He said glancing over his shoulder to see Willow closing in on him. "Goodbye!"

"Where'd that little creep go?" Willow asked as the Fayth laughed.

"You scared him off." Ira said and chuckled, as Shelia embraced her daughter.

"Willow, I know I taught you better than to scare poor little boys."

"But mom!" Willow whined suddenly feeling like a child herself.

"Willow," Mythe smiled sweetly, "My daughter will not give me a straight answer, and I was hoping you would."

"Sure, what is it?" Willow spoke not noticing Tara franticly shake her head and wave her hands in front of her face.

"When am I going to see any grandchildren running around?"

"Yes, I would like to see a grandchild or two or three." Shelia said smiling as Willow blushed.

"Wha? Huh? Kids? How many!?" Willow glanced from Mythe, to Sheila, finally letting her eyes set on Tara.

Mythe and Shelia laughed watching two flustered girls look everywhere but them. "Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer, huh Mythe?"

"I guess so."

"Ah, leave the poor girls alone, they'll have three or four kids when they're ready." Ira laughed seeing Willow's eyes go wide.

"We must be going." Valefor said smiling at the group before she and the Fayth vanished.

"Yes, I want you kids to get home and rest." Giles grinned and disappeared.

"Thank you for taking care of my daughter." Mythe said as she embraced each of the girls and Xander before pulling Willow and Tara into an embrace. "As for the two of you, get some rest and don't keep Faith and Buffy up at night." She teased kissing each girl on the forehead.

Shelia and Ira hugged Willow before stepping over to Tara. "Keep her in line. We know how she can be." Shelia smiled as she and Ira disappeared.

The group glanced around the clearing and was surprised to see no damage to the island from the fiends, temple, or the energy. Buffy did see her airship and screamed when she spotted a long scratch on side.

"My baby! What happened?" Buffy shouted running toward the ship. "Poor baby, don't worry mommy will give you a new paint job after resting."

"I think she cares more for the ship than she does me." Faith said watching Buffy leave a small kiss on the ship, and sighed. "I really do."

"Don't worry Faith, she'll be yours again especially if you help her paint the ship." Xander grinned.

"Paint that thing? It'll take forever! Plus, she gets all bossy when she does anything inside or out."

"Come on! Lets get home and rest! My baby needs some new paint!" Buffy shouted lowering the cargo door and running inside.

"Well, she had me at 'lets get home'." Anya said holding Mythe close to her as she and Xander headed toward the ship, with Faith following.

"Whatcha say, baby? Wanna go home?" Willow asked cupping Tara's face and leaving a sweet kiss on her lips.

"Sounds good. Let's go home." Tara smiled walking toward the airship hand in hand with Willow.

As the cargo door closed no one saw the black portal open in the middle of the clearing, and a three-foot tall mouse with a crown on his head step out. The mouse watched the airship fly off toward Besaid Island and nodded his head with a smile, before stepping through the portal and disappearing.

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