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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin'
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

One month later on Besaid Island...

Willow was sitting outside leaning against a large tree in the shade, resting from her morning sparing. After the battle in Bikanel, she had taken Mythe's advice and told Tara and the others about the visions and dreams. After getting everything out in the open, Faith had moved back into her hut, and Buffy moved in with her. Both said, after what had been happening they weren't going to brush them off. Now as she sat in the shade she giggled when Faith flipped Buffy over her shoulder, and smiled when Tara lay her head down in her lap.

"Hey baby, how goes the advice giving?" Willow asked running her fingers through Tara's hair.

"Okay, I guess, but I really wish they wouldn't come to me."

"Hey, at least it's not like before." Buffy giggled as she limped over, and sat down beside Willow.

Faith grinned and sat down next to Buffy. "Yeah, last time you weren't getting time alone. Now look, we can hear you two screaming at night."

"Not as bad as both of you!" Tara shot back as she blushed bright red.

"Keep tellin' yourself that." Buffy smirked as Willow groaned.

"Whatever." Tara said sitting up and burying her face in Willow's shoulder, as Faith and Buffy laughed.

The laughter came to a sudden stop when a shadow passed over the island. Looking up into the sky the four girls could see black clouds covering the sun, and stood as the wind howled. Hurrying down the path that led to the village, they met up with Xander and Anya and ran toward the temple grounds. Other villagers joined them as they reached the side of the temple and the outlook.

Looking out over the ocean everyone watched as the islands further down were swept into darkness, as the clouds reached them. A panic swept through the villagers, no one, not even the oldest man of the island, had ever seen anything like it. Nothing but black inky darkness could be seen, even the ocean couldn't be seen when Willow looked over the ledge.

"What the hell is going on?" Faith asked narrowing her eyes.

"Don't know, but can someone light a torch?" Buffy asked from Faith's right.

"Here." Anya said casting a low level Fire spell lighting two torches.

One after another the villagers lit a torch and hurried back to their huts, hoping for the best. Tara watched them go before turning toward the others.

"I don't like this."

"Neither do I." Anya said holding Mythe closer to her chest, as the wind began blowing faster.

"This is bad, ya?" Xander said and shivered as the wind turned cold. "Is it me, or is it getting colder?"

Buffy shook her head as she, too, shivered. "No, it's friggin' cold!" she said with her teeth chattering together.

"Come on, let's get inside." Willow said taking Tara's hand. "Maybe it'll blow over."

Nodding in agreement everyone hurried back to their huts. If they had stayed a minute longer they would have seen one of the islands begin glowing purple against the darkness.

[Somewhere in a dark cavern]

The old man was standing beside a pool of water watching a scene as his face broke out into a wide grin, showing a row of pointy, and very sharp teeth. Turning he looked over the group of unsent before turning to the priest.

"Trema, it is time." He spoke causing Trema to straighten up and nod before stepping out of the room.

Trema walked down a long dark corridor and stepped in a large thirty-foot round room. There were only three things in the room, besides the unsent himself. A six-foot long and two-foot wide alter was on his left, a set of chains hung from the wall to his right, and a set of chains hung from the ceiling in front of him. He checked the alter chains, pulling on them, and finding them securely set into the stone.

Another unsent entered the room and handed him three black stone bowls and a sharp dagger. Taking the items he laid them on the alter, and proceeded to light four candles. Two black candles at the head of the alter, and two red candles on the foot. The candle flames rose to the ceiling, and created a flaming circle around the room. Nodding to himself, Trema left the room.

"My Lord?" An unsent female solider stepped forward, and bowed. "Who is to be going?"

"Yuki, you are to pick four of your best fighters, and take them with you to Besaid. I want you to protect Trema, and make sure he brings back what is needed."

"Yes, My Lord." The female solider said before leaving the room.

"Ranger step forward." The man said as a six-foot tall dark haired man stepped in front of him. "Take three of my best fiends with you, and strike unholy terror upon Besaid Village."

"Yes, My Lord." The man bowed and left the room.

"Preparations are complete, My Lord." Trema said as he stepped into the room.

"Good, now go with Yuki and bring me the Summoner and child!"

"Yes, Lord Omega, it will be done!"

[On the Farplane]

A scream of rage echoed across the Farplane and large rock flew into the lake as Mythe turned around with a red face making Shelia take a step back, and close her eyes. <My little Willow, I hope you're ready for a fight>

"That bastard!"

"Mythe, calm down." Shiva said staring into the lake.

"Calm down! How can I? That bastard is after Tara! And you know he needs more than just her!"

"I know, you have to remember we Aeons helped in sealing him on that island. But for now we can't do a damn thing to help, except to hopefully warn the girls in time."

"Shiva is correct." Ifrit said approaching with Valefor, and Ixion by his side.

"Once they're asleep we will call upon them." Valefor said embracing the one time Summoner.

"This sucks!" Carbuncle said as she approached with Bahamut by her side. "We're as bad off as before! We barely had enough power to hold Tsuki and help Willow!"

"Yes, but we didn't have enough power to stop her from using us, after we'd helped them either." Shiva said as a chill ran down her spine at the thought of Tsuki controlling her. <I'm the ice Aeon, why am I getting chills?> Shiva thought before shaking her head.

"Just be glad we STILL have power." Ifrit said glancing at each Aeon.

"You're right." Anima said from behind approaching with Giles and Ira. "Our power to help could have been taken when Tara sent us."

Bahamut closed his eyes as he hovered in the air with his legs crossed. "Omega must be stopped."

The others nodded, knowing if Omega got what he wanted, the people of Spira were doomed, as was Spira itself.

"What are you proposing we do?" Giles asked hoping it wasn't what he was thinking.

"Kou?" Mythe asked worriedly.

Bahamut opened his dark brown eyes and looked everyone in the group. "We take their bodies for ourselves."

"WHAT!" Mythe screamed.

"As I thought." Giles sighed lowering his head.

"You can't! It could kill them!"

"It is a chance we must take, Mythe. None of them are strong enough to defeat Omega by themselves."

"How're you gonna do this?" Ira asked narrowing his eyes.

"Easy, once they're in Omega's hands, we take over."

"Just how do you take over? And what happens to them?" Sheila asked worriedly.

"We step into their bodies, and gain control over them. As for what happens to each consciousness depends, on how well they can handle the extra energy flowing through their body. All of the girls, and the boy are somehow adept in magic. Tara, Willow, and Anya are adept black, white, or gray mages. Faith has her Fiend Skills in magic. Xander has his special ability in casting magic on his blitzball. And although she doesn't know it, Buffy's mixes have a small amount of magic in them. Although it is risky it's the only thing I can think of."

"But what if their bodies can't handle the extra energy?" Giles asked knowing full well what would happen.

Sighing Bahamut looked to the ground. "The extra energy flowing through their bodies, will cause death if they cannot handle it."

"I won't allow this!" Mythe, Ira, and Sheila shouted.

"It is either that or let them die by Omega's hands! Look, they can't destroy Omega without our help, and if they die in doing so, Omega will destroy Spira and everything in it! What do you want?"

"Calm down, Kou." Shiva said looking at the boy. "If it is done correctly they will be fine. All we have to do it keep our energy steady."

"It is our only chance." Bahamut whispered softly. "Please."

Mythe, Shelia, and Ira reluctantly nodded.

<We must hurry. Time is growing short.> Ixion thought sadly watching the tears run down Mythe's cheeks, and sighed as he glanced around the group. "Who will be going?"

"I get dibs on Willow." Ifrit said getting confused stares from the group. "What?"

"Want to be a woman, do we Taiki?" Valefor asked breaking the tension, and getting a small giggle from everyone.

"No!" Ifrit shouted blushing to the roots of his bright red hair. "She's just like me, fiery, that's why."

"Right. You're calling her cause she's a redhead." Shiva smirked.

"Oh shut up." Ifrit growled.

"Kou, who're you taking?"

The boy looked up into Shiva's blue eyes and smiled. "Tara."

"Why my daughter?"

"Because she is the most powerful out of all, just like you. I know her body can withstand my energy."

"That leaves Faith, Buffy, Xander, and Anya. Who's taking them?" Carbuncle asked glancing around the group.

"Anya can hold my dark power, she is the one I'll take." Anima said watching Besaid.

"I'll take Buffy." Valefor said before smirking. "She needs to learn a bit of real magic."

Ixion stepped forward. "I get the boy. I'm sure my lighting energies will make his ball stronger."

"And Faith is mine." Shiva said nodding to the group.

[Besaid later that night]

A few minutes after the girls had entered their hut, rain began pouring down, hard and fast, before it turned to ice. Willow stared out the window worriedly knowing what was happening wasn't natural. Besaid was an island, an island that stayed warm year round. But now it was beginning to feel like Gagazet with the cold wind howling, and the rain turning to ice. It wasn't natural, and she didn't like it one damn bit.

Now it was six in the evening and looking out the window proved to be difficult, the window had four inches of ice stuck to it. Turing from the window, Willow sighed, and sighed again when she saw her breath. Rubbing her arms she walked back to the couch and sat down letting Tara cover her with the warm blanket, and snuggled against her.

"I think we need a fireplace." Willow whispered shivering making Tara giggle.

"Why? Once this is over we won't need it."

"But...what if it happens again? I'm freezing my ass off! I don't wanna go through this again." Willow almost whined.

"Hmm. Your ass feels fine to me." Tara giggled giving Willow's butt a good squeeze. "Anyway, I know how we can keep warm."

"Ooh, do tell."

"Like this." Tara whispered leaning up and pressing her lips to Willow's. "Whatcha think?" she asked pulling back, and giggled when she was picked up and carried into the bedroom.

"I think it's a good idea." Willow said gently laying Tara on the bed before capturing her lips in a very arousing kiss.

[Besaid Village]

Ten dark figures appeared standing in the Summoners Circle in the middle of the village, seven of them smirked glancing around in the darkness. Being unsent had its advantages especially in total darkness they could see the small huts clear as if it were daylight. That and not being able to feel the bone chilling wind.

"Ranger, once we're on the path leading to the Summoner, attack the village and make them scream." Yuki said to the smirking man. "You four are with us." She continued turning to her fighters.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Let's go." Trema said leading them down the path.

When the six unsent disappeared beyond his line of vision, Ranger turned toward the two gray and black fiends, and one red, purple, and green fiend.

"Attack!" he shouted giving the three fiends free rein of the village. The largest fiend glowed red a brief moment before flames shot out of it's mouth, hitting two of the small huts. The two smaller ones roared as they ripped the roof off another hut, causing the man and woman inside to scream in terror.

Xander rushed outside only to be knocked back ten-foot as a large foot with two-foot long claws slammed down just inches from him. The fiend roared as a Thundaga spell hit it dead center as Anya stepped outside and threw Xander's ball. The ball bounced off the giant fiend and rebounded toward Xander, grinning he jumped into the air, caught the ball, and threw it hitting the fiend's head.

The younger villagers were helping the older men and women, and children toward the temple, trying to avoid the fiends as best as they could. With the flames from the huts lighting up the small village, Anya saw a small girl fall to the ground holding her leg. Her eyes went wide when she saw one of the smaller fiends closing in on the child, and hurriedly cast another Thundaga spell. The force of the spell knocked the fiend back several feet, allowing the child's mother to carry her away.

Xander cast his Triple Foul spell on the ball trying to blind, poison, and confuse the large fiend, and cursed when it shrugged the spell off. Catching the ball he tried the same spell on the smaller fiends and grinned as the spells took effect. Neither Xander nor Anya saw Ranger step inside their hut.

Willow had just buckled her overalls when the front door was ripped off its hinges, and four men rushed in. Grabbing her sword Willow ran into the living room and blocked the path to the bedroom.

"Who the hell are you?"

"All you need to know is we will be taking the Summoner with us." Trema said stepping into the room.

"The hell you will!" Willow shouted rushing the four guards, and knocking one of them into Trema and shoving them outside. Turning she blocked the downward swing of one the three left, and kicked a second into the wall. She didn't see the third until it was too late, and was thrown outside knocking Faith and Buffy down.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Faith shouted as two unsent came out of the hut ready to attack.

"They're trying to take Tara!" Willow growled blocking another blow, kicking the unsent in his knees, turning in a circle, and effectively severing his head. The unsent man burst into souls and disappeared as Tara screamed. "Take care of them!" Willow shouted running back into the hut, only to see Yuki holding Tara with Trema by her side.

"Lord Omega will be please." Trema said as all three disappeared.


"Will! Hurry! The village!" Buffy's shouted as Willow ran outside.

Following the others to the village Willow ran into Faith when she stopped in front of her. The village was a totally destroyed. The huts were either burned to the ground, or burning, others had been torn down when the fiends had stepped on them, or through them.

"They took Tara!" Willow shouted angrily bypassing a stunned Faith. Anya could be heard screaming from beside her and Xander's destroyed hut. "We have to go after her!" she said running toward Anya, who was being held in Xander's arms.

"Those fucking fiends took my baby!" Anya screamed as her body glowed a deep dark purple.

"Mythe too?"

"What do you mean 'too'?" Xander asked wiping his tear-stained face.

"They've got Tara!"

"We've gotta get 'em back!" Buffy said as the wind died down. "But we don't know who took them."

"I know. The man that took Tara said it was Omega."

"You mean we gotta go back to that friggin' island?"


"Then let's go, ya?" Xander said picking his blitzball up.

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