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Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don"t own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I"ll rate it "R" for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin"
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>

Running through the door to the bridge Shinra led them over to a map screen, and showed them the islands surrounding Besaid.

"Remember the island you crashed on?" Shinra pointed to an island "It's called Omega Island, and that is where the one they called Omega is sealed."

"Okay, that's nice to know... but tell me just who was this guy?" Willow asked putting her arm around Tara

"Omega was also known as the Master. He was a priest of Yevon, but was cast out and sealed because of what he did."

"And just what did he do?" Buffy asked getting a bad feeling.

Sighing Shinra sat down "He began to rebel against Yevon, and gathered other men and women like him. He would issue orders telling his followers to capture any Yevonites. Following the orders his followers brought to him all the men, women, and children of Yevon. He would then... kill them and drink their blood, and feast on their bodies."

"Ewww! Now that's what I call disturbing!" Buffy said shivering.

"Yes, but the Yevonites caught and imprisoned him and his followers on that island you crashed on. The fiends you saw there were his most trusted followers, and the skeletons that attacked you in the under ground were his servants. You were lucky, if you'd ventured further down you would have never made it back out."

"How far are we talking?"

"He is imprisoned deep within the earth... possibly ten, maybe twenty stories down."

"Do you know what he looked like?" Tara asked trying to get the pictures of the fiends out of her head.

"No, and unless we find a sphere with him on it, we'll never know."

"Well, it looks like more sphere hunting, huh?" Buffy said looking at the map. "Maybe it'll be on that sphere in Zanarkand."

"So, what did those glyphs mean? Why were they there?" Willow asked confused. "I mean if he wants out so bad, why put the glyphs there to scare people off?"

"Good question. I think the Yevon priests were the ones who placed the glyphs... but why? If they were the ones who did in fact place them, why not just put up warning glyphs?

"I almost forgot! We have two more spheres, can you analyze them?" Tara handed him the spheres trying not to think about what she'd just heard.

"Yeah, give me a moment." Shinra took the spheres to the consol placing them in the slots he ran them through the computer. "Okay, you can watch them now."

[Sphere One]

An image of the Bevelle courtroom appeared showing a Glory grabbing the Summoner, and jumping down into the underground.

"Get her!" The priest shouted as guards chased after the two women.

"She must not escape! Or she will tell our secrets!" The woman shouted pacing back and forth.

"Do not worry, she will not escape. And who would believe her? We are of Yevon, and she is an outcast." The second priest said with an evil grin.

"Yes, but I still say we leave her in the underground, and let the fiends take care of her... besides I would think they are very hungry about now." The first priest said, and nodded to one of the guards as the image disappeared.

[End of Sphere One]

"I really don't like this!" Willow said watching the image disappear. "What is Glory doing there, and taking another Summoner, no less?"

"I'm with Will on this... I mean damn, just what was Glory up to before we came along?"

"Buffy, this sphere is a thousand years old!"

"So? What are you saying?"

Shinra sighed shaking his head and played the other sphere.

[Sphere Two]

Zanarkand of a thousand years ago appeared showing a concert. A dark blond was singing, as the crowd cheered, and a man's voice could be heard.

"She has the voice of an angel! Only if I were younger... but she has a girlfriend." The man sighed, "Oh, well they are made for each other." He said as the image disappeared.

[End of Sphere Two]

Willow was listening closely to the voice "I know I've heard that voice! But I can't remember where!"

"Well, that sphere is a thousand years old... maybe you met the man in your time?"

"I don't think so...but maybe."

"Hate to interrupt but something's going on in Macalania. You wanna check it out?" Mizu said as she turned in her seat.

"We still have to dive at the Zanarkand Ruins...but yeah it's on our way." Tara said as the ship took off.

Dawn landed the airship down in the area where Giles had showed Willow Ira's sphere, and waited for them to return. Mizu was watching her consol for more sphere waves, as Shinra studied the spheres more closely.

Tara looked around at the once beautiful blue woods and sighed. Since Shiva had been sent to the Farplane the woods began to die. They ran into a bird like man playing a harp.

"The woods will soon be no more." He said as he turned and left playing on his harp.

After watching him go they followed his path and ran into another spirit of the woods. The spirit was playing a drum strapped on his stomach. "The end had come faster than I thought. What can we do? I'll be there in two shakes!" he said and disappeared.

A female woods spirit was standing several yards away playing a flute. "Oh me, oh my, what did you say? Don't move an inch! I'm on my way!" She said and was gone leaving three very confused girls behind. Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head Willow began walking toward the small Al Bhed shop near Macalania Lake.

When they emerged from the woods they saw three Al Bhed standing five foot from the door, and holding guns. One of the Al Bhed men walked forward lowering his gun, and began to shout.

"O'aka, kad ouin ycc uid rana!" (O'aka, get your ass out here!)

"Frana ec ra?" The second man said as a woman stepped toward the shop door. (Where is he?)

"Lusa uid! Nacicdyhla ec videma!" (Come out! Resistance is futile!) The woman shouted and didn't see O'aka run out of the woods. Tara ran over to him looking worried.

"What's going on?"

"Shhh! Do O'aka a favor and pretend ye never saw him!" O'aka said and ran back into the woods with the girls following.

"Oh, come on, O'aka! We ain't gonna say anything!" Buffy shouted not seeing the merchant.

"I would have to say: he sure can run fast!" Willow said and saw a path over the trees "Hey, if we follow the path we'll catch up with him!"

Following Willow they ran along a clear blue path leading over the treetops. Willow flipped over a golden smooth bird like fiend, as she cast a Firaga spell on it. Tara shot it twice and Buffy finished it off with a well-placed stab to the heart, and continued running.

Reaching a split in the path they saw O'aka running toward the campsite, and followed him. Catching their breath they stepped into the campsite and found a Guado man standing to the side, and saw him smile.

"My, I'm getting a lot of visitors today."

"Huh?" Willow asked and looked around not seeing anyone else besides them.

"Oh! I wasn't supposed to say that!" He said and watched as Buffy stepped forward. "I was supposed to say: Don't step over there."

"O'aka! I know you're in here! Come out, we just wanna talk!" she said as a piece of bark hit her head. Looking up she saw O'aka standing on a tree branch trying to hide. He sighed and jumped down from the branch.

"Ye don't give up, do ye?"

"No I don't! Now what's going on?"

"I bought the shop from Miss Jenny, but after the temple sunk to the bottom of the lake the business sunk with it. And now I'm in debt to her for a lot of money, and she's in no mood for excuses."

"Why didn't you just move?" Tara asked leaning against a tree.

"The shop is all I ever wanted, and I wasn't about to give it up. But now I have to hide until I get the money to pay off my ye think I could stay on ye ship?"

"I don't know..." Willow trailed off glancing at Buffy then to Tara.

"I'll sell to ye at a discount!"

"Okay, you can come aboard the ship." Tara said making him jump happily.

"Thank ye!"

"Dawn, set the ship down in the Calm Lands and wait, we'll meet you there." Buffy said as she and the others left the campsite, and said goodbye to the Guado.

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