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Final Fantaxy X-2

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don"t own either series.
Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I"ll rate it "R" for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin"
Notes: <Anything in these are thoughts>
When you read Tobli's words imagine you're listening to a tape being sped up. He talks just like that... he's funny to listen to. ^_^

Dawn sat the airship down a few feet from a Shopuff, and waited for the girls to exit before taking off. Mizu had told them the sphere was close to the river, and said to start on the south side. Entering the path they saw a small caravan setting up, with a three-foot tall man with a beak running around.

"It's nice out here."

"What?" Buffy asked turning toward Tara

"The people are enjoying's very peaceful."

"Sure is. A lot of people are traveling these days, trying to learn more about Spira."

"And it's all thanks to you, Tara." Willow smiled and kissed her.

"I had nothing to do with it."

"Go on, give yourself a pat on the back!" Buffy giggled and pat Tara on her back along with Willow.

"Everyone helped! It wasn't just me."

"But it was you that fought beside us, summoned, and sent the Aeons, fiends, and Sin... So, you did most of the work, all we did was guard you along the way." Willow grinned as the short man sped walked toward them.

"On this spot, I'll be sponsoring an extraordinary show! Do, do come! Oh, and I'm Tobli. Yup-yup! It will be splendid indeed! Mark my words! People here and there, and merriment everywhere!"

<Holy Bahamut! He talks faster than I can!> Willow thought staring at the little man

"Hey, that sounds like fun! We'll be seein' you then!" Buffy said and tried to leave.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I have a favor to ask of you!"

"Sorry, but we're sphere hunters." Willow said and tried to walk away.

"Oh, come on. Let's hear him out." Tara said as Tobli smiled.

"Here's the thing, you see. My able assistant hasn't come back. From Luca, of course. Where else? He went to get our supplies, which are vitally, crucially important! For the show, you see."

"And you want us to go check on him, right?" Buffy sighed.

"Yes, yes, quite right, quite right!"

"And why are you asking us?" Willow asked cocking her head to the right.

"Because," Tobli smiled "You are sphere hunters and sphere hunters hunt spheres!" he said and took out a white sphere.

"Well that settles that!" Buffy said eyeing the sphere.

"Right, right! It's yours if you return my assistant safely back to safety. I'm thinking he must be over in the general vicinity of Djose Temple. Oh, and he's a Hypello."

Half way to Djose Temple Willow was knocked to the ground as a canine fiend jumped out of the bushes, and hit her back. Rolling over she saw in dissolve into souls as a bullet hit it between the eyes. Buffy jumped over a Thunder Flan just missing the lightning bolt behind her. Willow rose and cast a Watera spell on the fiend, as Tara dodged a lizard fiend. The lizard fiend stopped for a moment and ran as a Chimera came running from the bushes.

The fiend hit Tara causing her to fly back into a tree, as it cast a Thunder spell on Buffy. Willow back-flipped missing its fire breath, and ran forward slicing off its snake tail. Roaring in pain the fiend swung at her, she ducked and rolled under it's giant paw. Buffy threw a Sunburst mix the explosion lit up the area, and blinded the fiend. Tara rose from the ground and fired a Demi infused bullet into its' chest. The spell expanded around the fiend, and then shrunk squashing the fiend within a shell of dark energy.

With no one seriously hurt from the fight, they continued down the path and saw the Hypello Tobli was talking about. He was standing in front of a chocobo drawn cart, and backed into a tight spot with three men surrounding him.

"Oh, I am trubbable!" The Hypello said as the men advanced.

Tara fired four rounds at the men's feet, stopping them from advancing further. "Now, do you really want to screw with us?" Buffy asked when they'd turned around. "I mean really! A woman with guns, another with a badass sword, and me with very, very sharp knives." After hearing that the men turned tail and ran off.

"You Tobli's assistant?" Willow asked approaching the Hypello

"Yesh. Are yoo friends of the chief?"

"We sure are. You just sit back and let the Gullwings escort you back to Tobli." Buffy said and turned to lead the way.

"Thank yoo!"

"Not a problem." Tara smiled at the Hypello and followed Buffy, with Willow walking behind the cart.

Any thieves coming from the front took one look at Buffy twirling her knives, and Tara holding her pistols, ran like the wind. The ones trying to get at the cart from the back only had to see Willow drawing her sword with a glare, before thinking twice and running the other way.

"Oh ho ho, you returned!" Tobli said happily when he saw the girls escorting the Hypello and cart.

"Thanks to these ladies."

"Yup-yup! Of course, you've been most helpful! With this, the show is just a step away from smashing success! Here, as promised." He handed the sphere over to Tara, and smiled. Oh! Please take this with you, too!" he handed Willow a Circlet, and Buffy a Grid. "It's such a good fuzzy feeling, meeting reliable people persons such as yourselves! Yessiree!"

"You're very welcome!" Tara giggled.

"Just remember, it was the Gullwings that helped you out!" Buffy said and shook Tobli's hand, before they headed toward the shoopuf. "Hey let's check out Guadosalam!" Buffy ran off and boarded the shoopuf, all the while smiling like a maniac.

Crossing the river brought back the memories of the fight, and Willow laughed shaking her head. "You know Buffy, you gave Xander quite a scare that day."

"Huh? About what?"

"Stealing Tara, and holding her in that giant machina."

"Oh, well, I would think he got revenge! You both beat the hell outta me."

"Xander wasn't the only one scared, I know you were, too." Tara grinned.

"Well, yeah! Why wouldn't I be? I had already fallen in love with you." Willow said as they got off the shoopuf.

Walking down the path to Guadosalam the girls dispatched three Chimera fiends, four canine fiends, and three Wasp fiends. Buffy stopped dead still causing Willow to run into her back, Willow started to ask what was wrong, when a hand covered her mouth. Glancing at Tara she saw a frightened look on her face, following her line of site Willow's eyes went wide.

Slowly moving toward the trees she saw a fifteen-foot tall, gray and white shell covered fiend, with spikes covering the shell and head. Quietly casting a Scan spell, Willow shook her head, the fiend was immune to all status effects, and magic hardly damaged it. And she knew even with sharp weapons and Tara's guns, it wouldn't hurt it. They watched as it disappeared into the trees, and made a run for the Guadosalam entrance.

They sighed in relief as they made it into Guadosalam without having to fight the fiend, and looked around. The Guado city hadn't changed at all, and still had Guado walking around. But after what Glory had done they mostly stayed to themselves. Willow gripped her sword when she saw Amy running over, and gaped when she pulled Tara into a hug.

"Lady Tara! It's good to see you again!" Amy said and grabbed Willow, then Buffy. "What brings you here?"

"Well, we just wanted to see the city again. How are thing's here?"

"Everything's great! Although most of the Dragon clan hate us... but you really can't blame them, not after what Lady Glory did." Amy lowered her head.

"That wasn't your fault." Willow said seriously "That was all her doing."

"Thank you. The only problem now, is the Farplane."

"What's wrong with it?" Tara asked confused.

"We don't's like the Farplane is falling apart from the inside out. If it isn't stopped I'm afraid it'll take Guadosalam with it."

"That's strange. I wonder what's happening." Buffy said and glanced to the entrance to the Farplane.

"No one is allowed in, until we find out... So, what is the High Summoner doing now?"

"I'm a sphere hunter, along with Willow and Buffy."

"That's great. Oh! Congratulations on your wedding!"

"Thank you." Tara said as Willow smiled.

"I would like you to have this." Amy pulled a sphere out of her pocket and handed it to Willow. "It's no use to us."

"Score!" Buffy shouted happily "Two spheres at once!" she then glanced over at Glory's home when she heard shouting.

"I wish that Leblanc had never moved in!" Amy said glaring at the fighting men. "If you'll excuse me, Lady Tara, I must go put a stop to the fighting."

"So, this is where Leblanc lives." Willow said thinking.

"No! We are not going to crash in there, no telling what she's done to the place!" Tara said knowing exactly what Willow was thinking.

"Aw, come on, Tara!" Buffy said grinning like a shark.

"No, now let's get going before they see us." Tara started toward the Thunder Plains entrance with Willow behind her; Buffy took one last look at Leblanc's place before following.

"I can't believe I camped out in this damn place for a week!" Buffy said when they reached the Plains.

"Well, you're not scared of lightning anymore, are you?" Willow asked before laughing.

"No, but it wasn't fun. And Dawn teased the hell outta me when I got back."

"Wasn't Faith with you?" Tara smirked


"Then I'm saying you really wasn't paying attention to the thunder and lightning."


Willow laughed harder as the airship passed overhead, and landed in front of them.

"Guys! Shinra has some news, you need to get back now!" Mizu said over the receiver.

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