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Final Fantaxy X

Author: Stormforce
Rating: R for violence and language
Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or FFX. So please don't sue me, all I have is 20 cents, and pocket lent.

Dawn set the airship down just inside of Sin's mouth and hit the 'Stand By' switch. Faith and Giles walked down the ramp on alert, with their weapons raised. Anya and Xander followed behind Willow and Tara, and Buffy came out last tightening the strap on her glove. Willow ran forward glancing around. "Dad! Where are you?" she hollered out unsheathing her sword.

"We must go to him." Giles said stepping beside her.

"Then that's what we'll do! Let me take front!" Willow said and took the lead.

"Good luck to us all." Tara said holding her rod in a ready position.

The inside of Sin was dark, fog was rising up and over the barely visible walkway, the only thing the group could really see was the brightly glowing Yevon signs. There were round rings circling the walkway where each sign was, they could also hear running water in the distance. Willow jumped back when she ran into a warm, and very hard body. She could just make out a huge Behemoth, with white fur on its head and face. It rose up on its hind legs and let out a roar that shook the walkway, on instinct Willow swung her sword catching the Behemoth's large thigh. To be safe Anya infused Xander's blitzball with a Flare spell before he threw it, the ball hit the fiends' neck releasing the spell. The spell tore its neck open leaving its head hanging to the right. Faith swung her spear finishing severing the head. Continuing on they came to a small set of stairs, Willow nodded to the group and walked up. When she reached the top her eyes widened as she gripped her sword tightly, causing her knuckles to turn white from the pressure.

"You!" Willow shouted as the group topped the stairs.

Faith bared her teeth and glared. "Fucking hell!"

"Glory! I thought we killed you!" Buffy said getting into a fighting stance.

"Don't you ever give up?" Willow said stepping in front of Tara.

"Sin has chosen me!" Glory said raising her hands above her head "I'm now a part of Sin! I am one with Sin, forever! I am immortal!" she said laughing.

"You're nuts! Sin just absorbed you!" Willow said gritting her teeth.

Glory laughed, "I will learn to control it, from within. I now have all the time in the world! Since you were gracious enough to dispose of Yunalesca, the only means of destroying Sin is gone... Forever!" she said and rose into the air floating back an in-between four huge golden circles. "Now nothing can stop us!"

"We will!" Willow said and watched as Glory merged with the four circles.

Each circle turned once revealing four smaller different colored circles, red at the top, blue on the left side, white on the right side, and yellow at the bottom. Tara cast a Protect spell on the group then summoned Carbuncle to cast Reflect. Willow ran at Glory and jumped into the air bringing her sword down and to the side, slicing Glory's chest open. When she landed Glory cast a Thundaga spell, the spell bounced off the Reflect shield hitting her, Glory screamed in outrage and cast Dispel. Willow’s Protect and Reflect shields shattered, and she was thrown back ten-foot as a Thundaga spell hit her full force. Buffy threw a Rolling Thunder mix, and a Blaster Mine mix hitting Glory in her mid-section. Tara infused Xander's blitzball with a Holy spell then ran over to Willow, who was struggling to rise. Tara healed her before turning to watch Xander hit Glory on the head releasing the Holy spell and his own Triple Foul attack. The Triple Foul poisoned, blinded, and confused Glory, as the Holy spell ripped the side of her face open. Giles glowed as he jumped into the air releasing his Tornado attack; Glory flew into the air and was dropped to the ground. Anima rose from the portal in the ground, and unleashed Oblivion, the chains holding her arms snapped. The group watched as Anima grabbed Glory and threw her into the air, Anima hit Glory several times as a portal opened and swallowed Glory before exploding. Tara dismissed the Aeon as Glory fell to the ground on her knees.


"Now! Tara send her!" Xander said still in a fighting stance.

"Right!" Tara said as she walked over to Glory and began the sending.

Glory looked up, "So you will be the one to send me, after all. But even after I'm gone, Spira's sorrow will prevail." she said and fell back disappearing into souls that rose into the air.

"Don't worry, Sin will be right behind you." Willow said watching the souls float up and disappear.

"This must be the way, ya?" Xander said pointing to three steps and a door to their right.

"Well what're we waiting for? Let's go!" Willow said running to the door.

A bluish gray octopus like fiend slithered in front of the group, and turned toward them causing the group to take a step back. It had fifteen short tentacles, six glowing red eyes on top of its head, and four red eyes at the bottom of its mouth. It’s had several dozen spikes sticking up all over its head, a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth, with green slime dripping to the floor. The slime burned a hole in the floor as smoke rose into the air.


Name: Great Malboro
HP: 64,000
MP: 1

One of the tentacles stretched out grabbing at the closest person to it, who happened to be Xander. Willow cut the tentacle off as it wrapped around Xander's leg, and ducked under another as the fiend swung at her. Anya cast a Firaga spell, and followed it up with a Flare spell, as Buffy threw a Fire Storm mix. Giles dodged a slime-drenched tentacle and swung his sword cutting off four of the spikes on the fiends' head. Willow swung her sword slicing off two of the six top eyes, as Faith brought her spear down on a tentacle. The Malboro closed its mouth and growled, "Watch out!" Faith shouted and dodged out of the way, with the others scattering just as the fiend opened its mouth. It spit out a foul blackish purple cloud that floated toward the group, as it fell over and disappeared into souls.

“Don’t breath it! We gotta move!” Faith shouted picking Buffy up and carrying her around the cloud. Giles grabbed Willow with his right arm, and Tara with his left as he ran by. Xander grabbed a screaming Anya and followed the others.

When Giles caught up with Faith she'd stopped in front of a huge floating tower. Sitting Willow and Tara down her examined it, and stepped back when Xander run up beside him. Xander sat Anya down and got hit on the head as Anya glared at him. "I can walk or run on my own, you know." Anya said turning from Xander and looking up at the tower. "And how're we going to get in there?"

"Unless someone here grows wings...we ain't gettin up there."

"Well, Buffy, I don't plan on growing wings." Willow said walking forward. She looked down when she heard a clicking sound. Before she knew it she was flying threw the air and landed on her back, as the tower came down and smashed into the floor. "Damn!" she said sitting up.

Giles helped her to stand, "Well, now we know how to get in." he said before walking over and touching a glowing glyph, opening an invisible door.

When everyone was through the door it slammed shut, as they were pushed to the floor and pulled up into the air being teleported to another section. When Willow opened her eyes she saw the dark and dead city Zanarkand, the only light was from red glowing energy in a deep chasm all around the platform. Willow heard Tara gasp, and followed her line of sight to see a man with his back turned to them. Willow glared realizing who is was, and walked forward, stopping where the small walkway ended to a large circle.

"You're late, Giles." Ira said before turning around.

Giles walked forward and stood beside Willow. "I know, I'm sorry."

"Hey there." Ira said looking at Willow.


"You actually got taller, but you're all bones! You eating right?" Ira said then looked to the ground, “You've really grown, ya know." he said sadly.

"Yeah, but you're still bigger."

"Well," Ira chuckled. "I am Sin, you know."

"Th-That's not funny."

"Well, then...what I know. Let's end this."



"I hate you." Willow said with her voice breaking.

Ira lowered his head, "I know, I know. know what you have to do, right?"


"I can't hear the Hymn so well anymore. Soon I'll be Sin. Completely. But I'm glad you're here now. Just one thing... When it starts, I won't be myself anymore. I won't be able to hold back... I'm sorry."

"That's enough!" Willow shouted frustrated then lowered her head sadly "Let's finish this...okay?"

"You're right." Ira said and stepped into the center of the floor. Well, then... Let's go!" he said touching his wrists together, as a bright white light glowed in his chest. Lights shoot out of his body and fly out toward the darkened Zanarkand, lighting it up. Ira takes a forced step back, then another getting close to the edge the last thing he sees is Willow running toward him, with her hand stretched out screaming "No!" He disappeared into the pure red energy, as a Y shaped rock floated over the city. Willow jumped back as a large furry-clawed hand slapped down in front of her. When Ira rose out of the energy some of his black fur was on fire. Two horns curved around to the sides of his head, and his eyes were glowing red with anger.

He reached for Willow as she jumped back drawing her sword, "Hit me with all you got... Dad! I promise it'll be quick!" she said pointing her sword at him. Willow glowed with blue energy and ran toward Ira slicing his arms and torso three times before jumping back, and out of the way of a Flare spell. Giles and Faith followed Willow's lead swinging at the arms and torso, as Xander threw a Holy infused ball at Ira's head. The group was thrown back when a bright light appeared and exploded in front of them. Looking up they saw a huge ten-foot sword hilt sticking out of Ira's chest, and watched as he pulled out a thirty-foot long sword.

Ira swung the sword at the group knocking Anya and Xander back, Willow and Faith jumped over it as Giles, Tara, and Buffy ducked. Anya stood with red eyes, and cast seven Flare spells in a row hitting his head each time. Buffy was throwing Burning Soul, Cluster Bomb, Electro Shock, and Potato Masher mixes. Faith had her hands together as four five-foot tall blocks of ice fell down on Ira's head shattering on impact. The sword came down and stuck into the floor as Ira leaned on it, as he exploded into souls. When the souls disappeared Ira was standing in the center holding his chest and fell to his knees. Willow ran over and wrapped her arms around him, and laid him on the floor as she starts to cry.

"You're cryin'... Don't cry, everything will be fine, I promise you."

"I hate you, dad." Willow said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Save it for later."

"Right" Willow said wiping her face with her hand. "We have a job to do, don't we?"

"That's right. You are my baby girl, after all."

Willow stood as Ira sat up "You know... for the first time, I'm have you as my father."


"Sir Ira... I should." Tara said stepping forward with her rod raised.

"No, Tara!" Ira said standing, "There's no time!" he said as a black and red blob of energy sped toward them.

"You stay away!" Willow shouted angrily.

"Tara, you know what to do. The Aeons." Ira said as the Bahamut Fayth appeared behind the group.

"We Aeons!"

"Call them!"

"Call us!" The Fayth said as he and Ira disappeared.

"Yes." Tara nodded.

"Here it comes!" Anya shouted as the blob of energy flew toward the giant sword and hit the hilt exploding.

Everything went white as the group was thrown to the ground, when the lights died down they were on a huge replica of Ira's sword. Willow rose up and looked around, and saw nothing but swirling fog all around the sword. Tara was standing at the front watching the energy blob known as Yu Yevon.

"Tara! Call the Aeons!" Willow shouted as everyone rose to their feet. Tara nodded and began calling the Aeons one by one, with the same thing happening to each Aeon she called. Yu Yevon would fall from the sky hitting the Aeon in the back and merge with it, turning the Aeon's bodies gray. Just as he would merge the group would attack, taking down each Aeon with no problems. With the final Aeon out of the way, the energy surrounding Yu Yevon dissipated showing an oval body with five legs on each side.

"Everyone! This is... the last time we fight together, okay?" Willow said walking forward as the others turned and looked at her.

"What?" Xander asked confused.

"What are you talking about!?" Anya asked just as confused as Xander.

Tara was looking into Willow's eyes puzzled; Willow gave her a sad smile before walking toward Yu Yevon.

"I'm saying goodbye!"

"You can't!" Buffy said to Willow's back with a sad look.

"I know it's selfish...but this is my story!" Willow shouted and struck Yu Yevon cutting off one of his right legs.

Giles ran forward swinging his sword slicing Yu Yevon across the middle, and moved to the left as Faith moved in hitting Yu Yevon in a downward slice. Xander threw a Holy infused ball at him; as Tara cast her own Holy spell, and Anya cast three Flare spells. Buffy threw an Abaddon Flame mix, and a Potato Masher mix. The spells and mixes hit at the same time ripping Yu Yevon open, he floated up and in-between two half rocks. The rocks trapped him and came together with a loud bang, as they began to slowly fall apart and disappear and Yu Yevon with them.

The people of Besaid Island were watching as Sin floated in the air, and began clapping and cheering when they saw Sin go completely limp. Captain Drusilla saluted, with Darla, William, and Riley following, in Bevelle the crowds were screaming happily, then everyone across Spira covered their eyes, as the bottom half of Sin's body exploded in a bright orange light. The light spread across Spira showing everyone that the Summoner Tara and her guardians had succeeded.

In the Fayth's chamber the statues slowly began turning to stone and losing their power. The Bahamut Fayth was floating over his statue, and smiled as he began to disappear. Tara was sending Ira's soul to the Farplane, and stopped when she saw the souls surround Giles.

"Don't stop." Giles said and walked forward.

"But I..." Tara said sadly.

"It's all right." Giles said and grinned at the others he stopped beside Willow and nodded before walking on. "It's been long enough." He stepped in the middle of the circle. "This is your world now." He said and disappeared. Tara finished the sending just before they were teleported back to the aipship's outside deck. Sin's head is still floating in the sky with the Aeon's circling around it. Tara began her sending again, and watched as her Aeon's disappeared.

At the Caverns of Darkness on Mt. Gagazet the Fayth turned to stone, and the huge spiraling water tower slowly floated to the ground, and turned into a bubble of water. The water turned into smaller bubbles showing thousands of people in them. A bubble at the bottom floated up showing Willow inside.

Back on the airship Willow watched as Sin's head exploded, and looked down at her hands only to see that she was beginning to disappear. She looked up and saw Tara watching her, and smiled sadly before putting her hands on her hips.

"Tara, I have to go." Willow said as the others were looking at her with wide eyes.

"No!" Tara shakes her head.

"I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand." Willow said and began walking toward the edge of the ship. "Goodbye!"

"H-Hey!" Xander called out.

"We'll see you again..." Buffy trailed off sadly, and saw Tara run after Willow.

"Tara!" Faith screamed out causing Willow to turn and open her arms, only to have Tara pass right through her body and fall to the deck. Souls slowly rose into the air around Willow and passed up through the ship beside Tara as she stood.

"I love you." Tara said looking out into the sky as Willow turned around.

Tara closed her eyes and smiled when Willow wrapped her transparent arms around her neck and leaned down. "I love you, too." Willow said, and closed her eyes as she stepped through Tara. Willow ran toward the ship's edge crying and jumped off. She floated through the air, and into the Farplane passing a smiling Mythe, Giles grinned and nodded as she passed him. She smiled and slapped Ira's hand when she landed.

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