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Final Fantaxy X

Author: Stormforce
Rating: R for violence and language
Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or FFX. So please don't sue me, all I have is 20 cents, and pocket lent.

The group was preparing for battle as the airship flew toward the destination Sin was last spotted. Tara would glance over at Willow every few minutes then look away smiling. Willow along with Faith and Giles were sharpening their weapons. Buffy was getting the ingredients ready for her mixes, Anya was meditating, and Xander was resting up for the battle. Joyce turned and looked the group over, and smiled.

"So, this is it, huh?" Joyce said as Willow stood up.

"Yu Yevon is hiding somewhere inside Sin, and we're gonna find him." Willow said sheathing her sword.

"That sounds pretty simple."

"Isn't that the way you like it?" Willow smirked.

"You got that right."

"Mom! I'm countin' on ya!"

Right, don't worry. I've got you covered!" Joyce said and activated the Hymn. "How's that?"


"A singing ship in the sky." Anya mused

"I hope everyone got the message." Xander said standing, then jumped when Dawn shouted.

"Sin!" Dawn was watching Sin for any signs of attack.

"We're going in!" Willow shouted.

"Hey! How we gonna get inside?"

"How else, Xander? The easy way."

"That figures." Buffy said rolling her eyes.

"Well what're we waiting on? Let's go!" Anya said and ran out the door with the others following. Willow was stopped when Joyce cleared her throat.

"How do you plan on getting inside?"

"If we can't get through the mouth, we'll rip open a new one!" Willow said smirking "You with me?"

Joyce laughed "Yeah! Now that's what I call a plan."

Dawn stood up from her seat "Sudran! E ghuf frys du ima!" (Mother! I know what to use!)

Joyce watched Dawn point to a small yellow button and a smile crossed her face. "Yes, of course!"

"Of course!" Willow said when she too understood what Dawn was pointing at.

"All right! We'll just give Sin a new blowhole! And all you got to do is jump!"


"Willow, I won't tell you to be careful... But do your worst."

"You got it!" Willow said and turned to leave and stopped when Dawn ran over to her.

"Fyed!" She said and cleared her throat ", uh...guard?"

"Don't worry, I will." Willow nodded with a smile and patted Dawn's shoulder before leaving to catch up with the others.

They ran out on to the outside deck when the platform stopped.

I can hear the song!" Buffy shouted excitedly

"Yes, I can hear the Hymn, too." Anya said as they heard thousands upon thousands of other voices join in.

"They listened to us!" Buffy said jumping up and down happily.

"And guess what." Willow said glancing at everyone and then looking right at Tara "We won't let them down!" Willow reached into her overalls and pulled out Tara's recording sphere "Tara? You don't need this anymore, right?" Tara gasped and searched her skirt franticly as Willow threw the sphere overboard; Tara smiled and shook her head. The airship began shaking causing the group to fall to their knees.

"That's not good, ya?" Xander said as he stood up and looked around and his eyes went wide. Sin was floating to the airships side as energy gathered around his mouth. Sin opened his huge mouth sucking the energy in and then shot out eight huge balls. The group fell to the ship deck as the energy balls flew through the air at a tremendous speed, cutting the land and water in the shape of a half circle. Rising they looked around, the ocean water was frozen in place for a split second before rushing down. As the water came together it rose into the air fifty-foot high. Willow grabbed Tara and fell on top of her as the water rushed over the airship. Getting up and pulling Tara with her Willow looked toward Sin with a glare.

"Damn you, old man!" she shouted angrily.

"Hey!" Joyce said over the intercom "I saw something shine at the base of Sin's arm! I think it might be a weak spot!" she was cut off when the ship shook again.

"Cruud!" (Shoot!) Dawn's voice said in the background.

"Fryd? Fryd?" (What? What?) Joyce asked worriedly.

"Sin's bimmehk ic!" (Sin's pulling us!) Dawn said trying to pull the ship away from Sin.

"Oh Shit!" Buffy shouted with wide-eyes "Sin's pulling us toward him!"

"Come one! Get back inside the ship!" Joyce said.

"Duu myda! Rana ra lusac!" (Too late! Here he comes!) Dawn shouted still fighting the controls.

Willow cast Haste on Anya as Xander hit the shining spot on Sin's arm. Anya began casting Flare spells; Buffy threw a Fire Storm mix at the arm, as Faith hit it with her spear. Giles tossed Willow into the air allowing her to thrust her sword in the shining spot. Dawn pulled the airship back as a ten-foot long metal prong was released on each side of the ship. The prongs began to glow then shot a huge amount of electricity at Sin. The right arm fell off as the ship circled around to the other side and shot the left arm, causing it to fall off.

"Woohoo! Where next?" Joyce shouted excitedly into the intercom.

"Ed ec ujan." (It is over) Dawn said in the background.

"Fryd? Fa ryja uhmo pakih!" (What? We have only begun!)

"Pid dra syeh kih, ec pnugah!" (But the main gun is broken!)

"Dr-Dryd lyhhud pa!" (Th-That cannot be!)

"Shit! The main gun's busted!" Buffy said and kicked an imaginary rock.

"All right, get back inside! It's time to think of something else." Joyce said defeated.

"No way! We're gonna go in! Every blitzer knows: when you got the ball, you gotta score!" Willow shouted.

Faith turned to Willow and twirled her spear "On my honor as a Dragon!" she said and jumped off the ship and on to Sin's head.

"Hey!" Willow giggled, "Star players first!" she said and jumped with the others following.

A blue pod opened up revealing a Sinspawn much like they fought in Kilika. Willow wasted no time in cutting the tentacles off, as Xander threw his ball blinding the fiend. Giles swung his sword cutting the fiends' mid-section open, allowing Faith to thrust her spear into its heart as Anya cast a single Flare spell. The fiend disappeared as Buffy threw a Potato Masher and a Burning Soul mix at Sin causing him to shake his head. The group jumped back on to the airship and watched as Sin fell from the sky, the people below watched in horror as Sin fell. Sin hit the ground causing everything for five miles away to shake; he slid fifty foot before coming to a stop beside the Bevelle temple.

"E tuh'd pameaja ed!" (I don't believe it!) Dawn said watching the dust fly into the air covering Sin's body.

"Pameaja ed! Drao'ja tuha ed! Ed ec rybbahehk!" (Believe it! They've done it! It is happening!) Joyce said with a smile as the group walked into the control room.

"Buffy! Aqlammahd zup!" (Buffy! Excellent job!) Dawn shouted and gave her a hug.

"Sin will come back." Tara said quietly

"I know, Tara." Willow said as she kissed Tara. "Don't worry."

"What? You're kidding me!" Joyce said unbelieving.

"No, it's not a joke. We have to beat the guy inside Sin." Willow said and watched Tara walk out the door.

"The Crusaders would be out of a job if it was this easy, ya?"

"But it has weakened, Xander. That I'm sure of." Anya said drinking an Either.

"Yeah! We're winning!" Buffy said happily, and readied more mixes.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do with the main gun." Joyce said then turned to Willow "What's wrong with my niece? Is she okay?"

"I'll go check on her." Willow said and ran through the door. Knocking on Tara's bedroom door she opened it and found the room empty. Checking her room Willow also found that one empty, sighing she walked up the stairs and rode the platform up. When the door rose up she saw Tara standing on the outside deck looking over Bevelle.

"Tara? You okay?" Willow asked wrapping her arms around Tara's waist and resting her chin on her shoulder.

"I'm fine...I was just wondering if Sir Ira was in pain."

"I'm sure he isn't...Sin is an armor, so I don't think he can feel a thing." Willow said and kissed Tara's neck. "Let's just end it quickly. The Fayth said they would help us, right?"

"It bothers me, the way he said that."


"It's just...they've been fighting alongside us this who time, right? And now they're saying they'll help?"

"I guess so..." Willow trailed off in a whisper.

"Wait! Sin is reborn when Yu Yevon merges with an Aeon, right? So if I summon an Aeon, Yu Yevon will join with it." Tara turned in Willow's arms and laid her head on her shoulder "But it'll be small at first, won't it?"

"Yeah... Hey, that might be the way to beat it without the Final Summoning."

"I don't know...what if... What if Yu Yevon jumps again?"

"Then we'll just have to take it down again! We'll fight him until there's no place left for him to run!"

"You know, I never thought that it would come down to this."

"Yeah, I know. But you know, the Fayth are tired of this whole thing, too. We should let them rest." <And letting them rest means letting go of the only person I've ever fallen in love with>

"What did he mean...he said it was pointless to keep dreaming. The dream will disappear, he said. And what is it that Yu Yevon is summoning from within Sin?"

"The dream of the Fayth."

Tara pulled back and looked into Willow's eyes "You won't...go away, will you?"

<Yes I will, but I can't tell you now...not now.> Willow thought before Buffy's voice came over the intercom.

"Hey, guys! Look! Something's happening to Sin!"

Willow released Tara as she turned back toward Bevelle; they watched as Sin spread four white wings and slowly flew up and settled down on the Bevelle tower. Willow took Tara's hand as they ran back inside the airship and to the control room.

"Ira...He's waiting for you." Giles said as the girls walked into the room.

"Yeah, and it's a fight he's gonna get."

"Well, the main gun is still busted." Joyce said with a frown "I'm sorry, but we can't give any cover fire."

"Don't worry, okay?" Willow grinned, "Just take us in, and we'll do the rest." she said getting nods from the others.

“Yeah, mom. Like Will, said we’ll take care of Sin, no problem.”

"All right, you got it." She told them then turned "Dawn, take us up to the mouth! And no mistakes, or you'll be grounded till you're eighty!"

" Me...take you there. No, uh...problem...ya?" Dawn said in broken english as she pulled the ship up and eased it forward toward Sin.

The group waited until Dawn gave them the signal for them to head up to the outer deck, nodding to Buffy the young girl smiled "Go!"

"Let's blitz!" Willow shouted pumping her fist in the air.

Faith laid her hand on her shoulder, "I just wanted to say that you... you're a great friend." she said and smiled warmly at her before walking out the door, and leaving a very stunned Willow behind. Tara giggled as she walked out the door holding on to Willow's hand.

"Willow, Tara, are you both ready to finish this...for good?" Giles asked as the platform rose.

"Yes, Sir Giles. I am."

"Yeah, I'm ready."

"Good." Giles nodded as they stepped outside, and saw Sin facing the airship with his spike raised.

"Here we go!" Joyce said over the intercom as the ship moved in.

"Yeah! I'm coming for you... Dad!" Willow shouted unsheathing her sword and pointing it at Sin.

With Sin to far out at the moment for physical attacks, Willow cast Haste on Anya. Tara cast a Holy spell on Sin. The spell surrounded Sin and exploded; Anya's Flare spell was cast right after the explosion. Both spells were cast a second time simultaneously causing Sin to shake his head and move forward. Xander threw his ball infused with a Flare spell hitting the top of Sin's head. Buffy threw a Burning Soul mix, followed by an Abaddon Flame mix, and a Potato Masher mix. Sin moved forward again, this time close enough for physical attacks. Willow, Giles, and Faith all attacked at the same time, Giles brought his sword down cutting open Sin's head, Willow, and Faith thrust their weapon's in two of Sin's ten eyes, causing him to roar. Tara cast another holy spell, the group watched as it exploded and Sin went limp with his mouth open, but stayed floating in the sky. A bright white light shot out of his mouth before turning to a bluish purple.

The airship slowly entered through the mouth, and Buffy gasped when she saw an image being to form. The group watched as Glory's image appeared and laughed as the airship passed through her left eye, causing transparent flames to surround them. When the flames disappeared the group turned and looked into the sky, and found everything was calm.

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