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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

After the fight against Darkside, the group fell through a portal and ended up in nothing but dark emptiness. Tara rushed over to Willow, as Faith hurried over to Buffy, "Are you okay?" Tara asked as she cast a healing spell on the two girls, and heard them groan.

"Wha..." Willow sat up shaking her head to clear the haze away, "What happened?"

Buffy sat up and squeezed her eyes shut, "Oh...that hurt."

As the two girls stood with the help of their lovers, D'Hoffryn floated just above them, and raised his hands above his head, "Behold the endless abyss!" he shouted, startling the group, "Within lies the heart of all worlds: Kingdom Hearts!" The man pointed to a thirty-five foot tall white door with golden trim around the edges, "Look as hard as you are able. You'll not find even the smallest glimmer of light. From those dark depths are all hearts born. Even yours."

The ground disappeared as the World of Chaos appeared, and everyone found themselves falling in the darkness, "Darkness conquers all worlds!" D'Hoffryn shouted as his manically laugh echoed.

"Don't give up!" The twins shouted as they began floating, "Remember, your hearts are of light!"

As the twins spoke, the others found they had stopped falling, and were now floating, "Let's get him!" Faith let out a battle cry, and used her anger to fly toward D'Hoffryn.

D'Hoffryn laughed as the group headed towards him, "Come to fight me, have you?" he asked, and smirked, "Well, I shall make it more interesting." he said and split into six different shapes of himself, and pointed to Donald and Goofy, "You have no place in this fight!" as he spoke a cage trapped the two guys inside, and they could only watch as the girls took on a D'Hoffryn shape each.

Willow flew toward one shape, and spun around, her body began spinning at a incredible rate as she thrust her Keyblade out. With her spinning, the Keyblade connected with the D'Hoffryn shape too many times to count, before the redhead slowed and allowed herself to fall under the man. Ten foot under D'Hoffryn; Willow whirled around and let fly a Flare spell. The spell hit the man's midsection, knocking him back and causing him to glare at the redhead. The sound of his sword begin pulled from the sheath alerted Willow that he now had a weapon. At the same time, the other D'Hoffryn shapes pulled their swords from the sheaths.

D'Hoffryn wasted no time waiting, he flew down and met Willow half way. Their blades clanging together as they fought. The redhead grit her teeth as D'Hoffryn's blade sliced into her left arm, she growled and thrust her blade, hard, into his chest.

The twins had literally shoved their D'Hoffryn shapes together, their backs were touching, and had started pound on them with their blades. Neither girl really used magic unless needed, they were more into weapon, and hand to hand combat. The shapes pulled out their swords, and began blocking the strikes, and lashed out with their own attacks -sending the twins on the defensive. Willow's twin blocked a downward strike, then just barely blocked a strike aimed for her neck, but she had no time to block kick to her face. The twin felt her nose break and quickly put a hand on her face in pain as her eyes began to water. The next thing she felt was a sword being pushed into her shoulder, and cried out as the blade was ripped away. Using her senses, she ducked under a swing, spun around her opponent, and brought her blade up -slicing into his back, before she thrust the blade forward, and hit his heart.

Buffy's twin misjudged a swing, and felt the blade cut into her cheek just as she was kicked in her stomach -doubling her over. The blonde gasped as another kick hit the back of her head, and sent her falling downward into the darkness. With a loud and very angry growl Buffy's twin turned, and flew toward the D'Hoffryn shape, and punched him in the stomach, before she brought her blade down, severing his head. She watched as the shape disappeared.

Tara had began her battle by casting a Flare spell that was quickly followed by an Ultima spell. Even though she was more of a spell user, Tara quickly flew forward with her blade ready. The shape was ready for her attack, and smirked as he allowed the blonde to close in before spinning around in a roundhouse kick. The kick sent Tara whirling around as blood seeped from a now open wound on top of her head. Okay, using a weapon wasn't her strong point, so she used magic. The shape was knocked back by a flurry of Flare, Blizzard, Holy and one last Ultima spell. The blonde hoped that did the trick, she was weakening, and fast.

Faith had met the shape head on, her blade connecting, and re-connecting with the D'Hoffryn shape time after time. He was pushed back, and just had a little time to throw a ball of black energy toward the young woman. Faith was knocked back, but not far. She once more flew at the shape, and saw him unsheathing his sword. Their blades clanged together, sparks lighting up along the sliding blades, and illuminating each person's face. The dark haired girl brought her knee up, knocking the air from the shape's lungs, and kicked him in the face. The shape grunted from the impact, and faster than Faith could see; the shape straightened, and brought his fist up in an uppercut. Faith was knocked back, and felt another punch to her mouth, a punch that busted both her upper and bottom lip open. She growled, kicked out, nailing the shape in the stomach, and grabbed his head. Snap! Faith broke his neck.

Buffy's fight only lasted a few minutes, after she was hit by an energy ball of darkness, she smirked, giggled like a maniac, and flew forward at him as quickly as she could. "Hi!" she said meeting the D'Hoffryn shape, and pointed behind him. He looked. Buffy shook her head, it worked, she then grabbed the waist of his pants, and threw a mix inside. "See ya!" she quickly freefell away. The explosion that occurred sent everyone sailing backwards through the air, but the shape was gone.

The defeated shapes disappeared one by one, and merged together once more. D'Hoffryn smirked as the girls took deep breaths, and slouched down, everyone but Buffy was tired from their fights, "You cannot defeat me!" He laughed, "I am much stronger than you'll ever be!" Darkness radiated from his body as any, and all wounds his shapes sustained from the battles, healed.

The twins glared up at him, "I'll kill you, even if it kills me, I WILL kill you!" Willow's twin growled out.

"You won't ever take over Kingdom Hearts!" Buffy's twin shouted as she leaned into Willow's twin.

"The Keyblades alone cannot seal the door to darkness." D'Hoffryn turned to the Kingdom Hearts door, "Kingdom Hearts! Fill me with the power of darkness." The double doors began opening slowly, and dark smoke poured out, "Supreme darkness..."

Willow found they were now standing on a newly appeared ground, and stood on shaky legs, "You're wrong!" she shouted as the others straightened up, and Donald and Goofy were released from the cage.

"I know," Tara took her wife's hand, "We know, without a doubt, Kingdom Hearts is light!" The blonde shouted as a small stream of blood continued to roll down the side of her face -from her head wound.

D'Hoffryn laughed, that is until light began pouring out of the doorway, and illuminated him, "Light!? But why?!" he shouted and screamed in pain as he disappeared.

The doors were partially open as the group hurried over, "Come on!" Faith began pushing against the right door and was joined by Buffy and Goofy. Donald joined Willow and Tara at the left door, and began pushing with all their might. Goofy, for a moment, stopped and stared inside, "Stop staring and keep pushing!" Donald shouted at his friend.

"Look!" Goofy pointed through the door, his eyes wide. Hundreds of shadows began rising from the dark, "The Heartless?!" Both Goofy and Donald shouted in surprise. Maybe this door did lead to the darkness.

"Hurry!" Buffy shouted and pushed against the door.

Willow felt her legs give and sagged against the door, "I can't..."

The twins looked at one another and nodded, "Don't give up." Willow's twin said as she and Buffy's twin stepped through the door.

Buffy's twin smiled, "All of us together can do it!" she said and grasped the door from the inside, just as Willow's twin had done with the right door.

The doors very slowly began to close, even with the pushing from the outside, and pulling from the inside, it was not enough. "It's hopeless!" Donald quacked angrily. But then something happened, the Heartless began disappearing, they were being eliminated one by one. There was a bright light shining, "Your Majesty!" Donald and Goofy shouted happily.

Mickey stood on a rock in the center of the disappearing Heartless, holding his own Keyblade, "Girls, let's close this door for good!"

"Come on! Close it quick!" Donald said and began pushing anew.

"But..." Buffy trailed off staring at the mouse and twins.

"Don't worry." Mickey said, "There will always be a door to the light."

Goofy placed a hand on Tara's shoulder, and one on Willow's, "Girls, you can trust King Mickey."

The twins glanced back, "Now! They're coming!" They shouted and spun around, killing several close Heartless.

"Girls, Donald, Goofy... Thank you." Mickey said, his voice was happy, and yet it was sad, as if he would not see his friends for a long time to come. The mouse brought his blade down on a Heartless solider as it closed in on him.

The doors were closing on their own now, the twins turned around and gave the group a sad smile, "Take care of them for us." Willow's twin said and raced toward the king.

Buffy's twin nodded, "Tell them we love them, and that we will return." she, like Willow's twin, raced toward the king as the doors closed, and locked.

The world shook so hard that everyone was knocked off their feet as the earth began to rise up, creating mountains. With one last look at the door, only to find it gone, everyone hurriedly jumped over a widening gap in the earth. No one knew how, -but at that moment no one cared- how a set of stairs came to be in front of them. Everyone ran upwards as rocks of all sizes crashed down behind them, sometimes just missing them by a few inches. At the top they could see the door they had come through slowly closing, and with no time to think about it, they jumped through, and were teleported back to the ship.

"Hello?" The voice of Princess Tara could be heard over the speaker.

Buffy jumped into the pilot's seat, and gunned the engine, heading away from the planet, "Yeah, we're here..." she trailed off.

A sigh could be heard, "How's my Willow? How's Buffy?" Buffy felt tears stinging her eyes, "They...they..."

Tara stepped over and took the mic away from the Al Bhed, "They stayed with the Kingdom Hearts."

"They stayed...?" Princess Faith asked with a tremor in her voice, and the sound of someone hitting the floor was heard, "Tare!"

That was it, static invaded the speaker as a huge explosion occurred, and everyone was knocked around the ship. Sparks began appearing on the control console in front of Buffy as an alarm sounded and red lights flashed. World after world had started to form, and take shape all around them, and if they were near one when it reappeared, they would be trapped in the earth. Buffy shivered, she had no intension of being killed as a world formed around the ship. Only a mile away the Al Bhed saw a newly formed world, and sighed, they could wait there until things settled down. The controls began sticking, "Damn it!" Buffy shouted, "Gotta land!" she said and accelerated the ship towards the new planet.

The ship entered the atmosphere, and shook as the ground became visible, and only shook worse as they approached. "Hang on! This won't be a smooth landing!" Buffy struggled with the controls, and finally got the landing gear down in time. Everyone was knocked from their seats, and landed on the floor as the ship touched down, and came to a halt.

"Well, that was fun." Willow said sarcastically as she rose from the floor, and helped her wife up, "I wonder what damage was done?"

Buffy rubbed her head, "First, how 'bout getting healed?"

"Sure." Tara had started to cast the healing spells, but was stopped.

"Wait, I'll do it." Donald said and winked, he knew she was tired, "Curaga." the duck whispered, and cast the healing spell over the girls.

With their wounds healed everyone stayed on guard as the ship's side door opened, and there was nothing. Only the very green grass, trees, birds, butterflies, and blue sky greeted them as they stepped outside in the fresh air. The Al Bhed girl sighed as she walked around the ship, checking it over. Needed a new paint job that was for sure, she could also see wires sticking out of a small panel under the ship, and further down, more wires -she had a huge job to do.

Faith glanced around for a moment and stared at the forest off to the right of the ship, "You mind if I go hunting?"

"No, if that's what you want," Tara smiled, "you could bring back something to eat."

Faith nodded, "I can also hear a waterfall nearby, does someone want to fish, and get some drinking water?"

"I'll fish." Donald said and used his staff to magic up a fishing pole.

Willow grinned, "Hey, get me a pole too, been a while since I've fished." she said and watched as a pole appeared in front of her, "We'll also get the water. Goofy, Tare, you should stay here with Buffy. We still don't know what's on this world." The redhead kissed Tara's lips, and off she went with Donald to fish.

"I'll be back." Faith kissed Buffy and ran off into the forest.

Buffy sighed as she looked at the ship, "Well, I guess I'll get to work," she turned to Tara and Goofy, "wanna help?" The two nodded, gathered some tools, and slid under the ship.

Two hours later...

Willow and Donald whistled a happy tune as they entered the clearing where the ship was, fishing poles held in their right hands, and ten rainbow trout apiece in their left hands. Just as the two were sitting down; Faith walked out of the clearing holding three rabbits and a couple of pheasant. Buffy and Tara eyed their lovers catch and shook their heads, "We ain't cleaning all that!" The Al Bhed shook her head.

Donald laughed, "Don't worry, Goofy and myself will handle the cleaning, you girls need a bath." he said and pointed back the way he and Willow came from, "You can swim and bathe back there, it's safe, and while y'all get cleaned up, me an' Goofy'll clean these, and cook ‘em."

"What about the both of you?" Tara asked, she knew they really needed a bath too.

Goofy gently shoved the girls toward the waterfall area, "We'll bathe after we eat, now go on, you girls relax, and by the time you get back, everything'll be done."

As the girls ran off to bathe, and the guys gathered wood for the fire, and cleaned the fish, rabbits and pheasant, no one saw the purplish black portal open. The dog stepped out of the portal, sat down and scratched behind his left ear, and finally laid down to take a short nap.

The swim or bath, which ever a person wanted to call it, didn't last long due to growling bellies. It was pretty much a wash, let your body dry, and go. But by the time the girls returned to the ship, Donald and Goofy had everything cooked, and laid out on plates.

"This is good." Buffy sighed, it had been a long time since she and the others had a real meal that was cooked by hand, and not by the ship. She tore into the meal like a rabid animal -actually, they all did.

"Well," Donald looked up from his fish, "what do we do now?"

Tara held up her hand, "First, what are we going to do with the leftovers?"

"Don't worry 'bout that." Goofy grinned and held up a plastic bowl, "See, Donald and King Mickey made these. They keep everything fresh for more than a year."

"Cool!" Buffy looked over the bowl.

Willow sat her plate down and stretched, "Well, to answer your question, we've gotta find the twins, and Mickey." she gave a sad smile, "They stayed in the darkness so the doors would have time to close."

"But, uh, where do we start lookin' for that there door to the light?" Goofy asked, causing everyone, even Buffy who'd just gave the bowl to Donald, to look at the ground, clueless.


"Huh?" The group looked up, "Pluto?!" Goofy blinked. After his nap, Pluto had smelled the food cooking and had followed his nose, and there he was. The dog was holding something in his mouth, too, "Gawrsh, that's the king's seal!"

Faith blinked as she stood, followed by everyone else, "Hey, have you seen King Mickey?" she asked and saw Pluto turn and start running. He may have been hungry, but he wanted to play too, food could wait.

"C'mon!" Tara shouted and laughed as she and the others took off after the dog. The adventure wasn't over yet, no, they still had three people to find... Well, two people and a mouse. Even though all knew it would be a long one, no one really cared as long as they were together, and at least having a little fun.

"Remember girls... You are the one who will open the door to the light." A soft voice said as the group began catching up to Pluto.


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