Final Fantaxy X-4

Author: Stormforce
Rating: Pretty much PG-13 - R depending on the language and fighting.
Pairing: W/T, B/F
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything other than the new game systems.
Disclaimer 2: The quotes on the shirts aren't mine either. They come from the Simpsons... But the Bomb Technician quote comes from one of my shirts.

Thinking of you, wherever you are.

We pray for our sorrows to end,
and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows:
Starting a new journey may not be hard,
or maybe it has already begun.

There are many worlds:
But they share the same sky-
One sky, one destiny.

Willow stood on a set of crossroads, overlooking the ocean. The sun began to set, turning the sky a reddish orange, and then the sky went completely dark. Willow stared, to her it looked as if the ocean had pulled the sun into the water, swallowing it whole. A light breeze blew her red hair back over her shoulders, and brought the scent of rain. Thick, black storm clouds floated overhead, and within a few seconds the breeze turned into a howling wind that pushed against the redhead's body, almost knocking her down to the ground. Then it stopped. The storm clouds dispersed, and all was calm once more.

"A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up, yours and mine." Willow whispered as the breeze once more gently touched her face.

Tara sat on Besaid beach and watched as the small waves lapped against the sand and rocks to her left. A small seashell at her feet was caught in the water, and was washed away within seconds.

Willow, Tara, Buffy and Faith ran down the beach, laughing, and dived into the warm ocean water. The sound of their laughter echoed over the island as they splashed one another.

The four girls were now standing atop the waterfalls overlooking the village, and watched as the sun set. The late afternoon turning to early evening, then to night as the stars shown brightly in the sky. Willow glanced around, and saw Buffy disappear, followed by Faith, and finally Tara. The redhead spun around and saw that the whole island was disappearing from under her feet, turning to her left, she ran, and jumped from the cliff. Willow landed on a platform leading to Hollow Bastion, next to Tara, Buffy, Faith, Donald and Goofy. As one the group jumped on to the other platforms, defeating Heartless shadows as they continue onward.

The group entered the Grand Hall of Hollow Bastion, and all but Willow and Buffy disappeared. They turned around to see their twins holding out their hands to them as a wave rose up behind them. The huge wave crashed down on the four girls, and at once they appeared on Besaid. Willow and Buffy chased after their twins as another wave rose up and crashed down, and they found themselves back in the Grand Hall.

Four blades clashed together, Willow and her twin's blades, and Buffy and her twin's blade. Bright golden sparks flew into the air as the sound of metal scraping against metal filled the room. Willow jumped back as her twin quickly spun around, and brought her blade down where the redhead's feet would have been. Buffy pushed against her twin's blade with all her strength, and kicked her right leg out, knocking her twin back as her foot connected with the other's stomach. The Al Bhed ducked and slid to the side as her twin thrust her blade out.

Willow and Buffy jumped into the air, and spun around as they brought their Keyblades down. The twins leapt into the air at the same moment the Keyblades connected with them, and landed next to the entrance to the Dark Depths. Pieces of clothing melted away as the twins changed shape, and merged together, revealing D'Hoffryn. Growling, both Willow and Buffy leaped into the air, and slammed their blades down at D'Hoffryn's feet.

The door to Kingdom Hearts opened, and light poured out; D'Hoffryn quickly brought his right arm up to shield his eyes from the light.

The ex-dark twins smiled and made a promise to the group as the Kingdom Hearts door closed.

Willow's twin stood beside Buffy's on the shore of a beach as each held their lover close. The day began turning to night as the twins watched their lovers disappear from their arms. Seconds later, Princess Tara and Princess Faith were standing alone on the same beach, each watching the ocean, and wishing their lovers were back in their arms.

In a plain white room a young girl with blonde hair sat at a small table with a sketching pad in front of her, she was currently drawing a spiraling staircase. The stairs became real just as Willow, Tara, Buffy, Faith, Goofy and Donald appeared. The group ran up the stairs, fighting the appearing Heartless as they go, Willow and Buffy slicing with their blades; Tara, Faith and Donald casting magic, and Goofy knocking them off with his shield. Blue smoke began to rise from the stairs, and Willow could just make out two figures wearing black cloaks, and another, taller figure wearing a red overcoat, and had his face wrapped. The man in red turned to face the on-coming group, showing he allowed only one eye hole in the cloth wrap -and just like that, he and the two figures were gone.

A white hall began to form around the group as two figures in black cloaks appeared, each man smirked as Willow and Buffy found themselves alone. One man held a scythe, and ran toward Willow; the other held a sword and ran toward Buffy. Nodding together, both girls leaped forward, ready for the fight.

Keyblade met scythe, Keyblade met sword. The clanging sound of metal meeting metal echoed as the girls fought with the cloaked men.

Willow's twin leaped backwards and away from a large energy blast thrown by D'Hoffryn, just as her feet touched the ground she shot forward at lightning speed. Buffy's twin jumped into the air, avoiding another blast from D'Hoffryn, and spun around, bringing her right leg out, and landed a kick to his head.

Willow and her twin faced off, just as Buffy and her twin were doing at the same moment. The twins snarled as they raced forward, blades held over their heads, and connected with their opponent's blades.

The four girls, Willow and Buffy and their twins stood facing off against D'Hoffryn and a black cloaked man. The two blondes ran forward, and crossed paths, their blades cutting an X in the cloaked man's chest as they leapt over him. Willow and her twin danced around D'Hoffryn, exchanging blow after blow. The two redheads each landed a blow, knocking the man to the ground, and used his shoulders to jump off of, and into the air. Willow and her twin threw their blades at D'Hoffryn; the enemy raised his own blade, blocking their weapons.

Goofy, Donald, Willow, Tara, Faith, and Buffy continued to run up the spiraling stairs that seemed to never end. At the top, Mickey, and the twins began running down to meet them. Willow continued to run as the group met with the others, and she burst through a door, only to see the young blonde girl. The girl continued to draw a capsule enveloping Willow, and within seconds it happened. It looked like an open flower rising up out of the floor, with silver white leaves under the open flower. As it rose; the four glass petals closed, capturing Willow. The redhead beat her fists against the glass as a helpless look crossed her face -realizing it was no use- at the same time as the girl looked down with sad blue eyes.

Her eyes felt heavy, and Willow began to fall backwards as her eyes closed, her body sailed across the ocean toward Besaid Island. The young girl sadly closed her sketchbook. On the cover was a sleeping group. Willow and Tara lay side by side next to Buffy and Faith, and Donald and Goofy.

At the same time a young woman with red hair was falling though the water, and as she woke up she landed, hard, on the ground. Standing up, she looked around warily, and saw nothing but darkness. Taking a step forward light shot out from under her feet, and she covered her face as hundreds of birds flew out of the bright light, revealing a platform with large pictures of Willow and the others on it. The girl watched as the birds flew away, and disappeared into the darkness.

At a dark ocean beach a cloaked person sits on a large rock, and turned their head toward another rock in time to see another person step out of it. The person on the rock turned their head back toward the beach, and waited until the other was standing next to them.

"You have arrived." The person on the rock spoke with a female's voice, "I've been to see her, you know, she looks a lot like you."

The second cloaked figure, another female, cocked her cloaked head to the right, "Who are you?"

"I'm what's left." the other says but stops, "Or maybe, I'm all there ever was."

Shaking her head; the second girl sighed, "I meant your name."

With a snort the sitting woman stood, "My name is of no importance." she turned toward the second, "What about you? Do you remember your true name?"

"My true name is..." As the girl spoke Willow's memories flashed though her head. Where had those come from? Those memories weren't hers, but if not hers, then whose were they? She had no idea who those people were in the memories she'd just seen.

Willow laid on Besaid beach with her eyes closed, the day had been warm, so warm in fact that she and the others decided to go for a swim. Now the redhead was waiting for her wife and friends. "Will!"

"Whoa!" Willow was startled as she opened her eyes, it took a few seconds for her vision to clear, and when it did, Willow jumped as she realized she was face to face with Buffy, "Hey, don't do that!" the redhead chuckled.

Tara and Buffy laughed as they watched their lovers run down the beach, and back toward the dock. Willow began to slow, "Giving up already?" Faith asked with a smirk as she turned around and began running backwards.

"No way!" Willow laughed, and sped up, passing by Faith, and reaching the dock only seconds before the dark haired girl.

"This world has been connected." A deep voice spoke.

"Who's there?" Willow peered into the darkness, knowing she couldn't see a thing.

"Tied to the darkness..."

Willow glanced around again, "You understand nothing." the voice spoke.

A door opened out of thin air right behind the figures, it startled the girl into spinning around. And for just a moment, she relaxed, only to step back as a howling wind picked up in speed; the girl reached out to the cloaked figure as she was blown back -and through the door.

Sunlight shown through a window, and right into the sleeping face of a young redhead. The young girl squeezed her bright green eyes and with a groan, she sat up, and looked around the room. "Another dream about her...them..." the girl stood and quickly dressed. "Looks like a beautiful day." she said to no one as she opened her window overlooking Twilight Town, and watched as a small train passed by.

Turning from the window, the girl quickly dressed in a pair of baggy, camouflaged jeans, and a baggy black shirt with lettering on it. The girl laughed as she read the shirt for what seemed like the thousandth time.

'Bomb Technician
If you see me running,
Try to keep up.'

Quickly finding her black work boots, and tying them, the girl grabbed her skateboard and ran down the stairs, and out the front door. The wheels of her board hit the ground as she jumped into the air, and rolled down the hill -towards the usual meeting place where her friends would be waiting.

The young girl jumped off the board, and flipped it into the air, where she caught it before entering the meeting place. The meeting place was a large room at the back of an alley, a room which she and her friends had cleaned up, and placed boxes, crates, and even an old couch to sit on. The young woman nodded to her friends as she plopped down on the couch, and began thinking over her dream. What was it? Who were those people, and why was she dreaming about them? What did it all mean?

"Doesn't that just tick you off?" Garnet, also known as Dagger to her friends, said as she pushed a strand of coal black hair behind her ear. A silver chain hung from her hip, slapping at the crate as she swung her legs back and forth. Looking down, she sighed and brushed off a piece of lint from the lettering on her shirt.

'Remember, you can always find East by staring directly at the sun.'

"Sure does." Quistis said nodding her head, and causing her light blonde hair to brush her shoulders, "That's just wrong." Like the others, she had some odd quote on the front of her pink shirt.

'Relax? I can't relax! Nor can I yield, relent, or... Only two synonyms? Oh my God, I'm losing my perspicacity! Aaaaa!'

Selphie a very light brown haired girl shook her fist, "Seifer's gone too far this time!" The three friends look over to the last of the group, "Max, don't you think so?" Selphie cocked an eyebrow as she crossed her arms over the quote on her blue shirt.

'How is education supposed to make me feel smarter? Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain.'

Max blinked, but nodded and watched Garnet jump off the crate she was sitting on. "I mean, it's true that things have been stolen all over town, and I for one think we've got a score to settle with Seifer and his lackeys." The girl sighed, "If he wants to believe we did it, let him, but that's not what bugs me. What really bugs me is that he's going around town tellin' everyone that WE did it! That we're thieves!" she shook her fist and growled, "Now cause of him, the whole town and their mothers are treating us like the friggin' Klepto Club! Have you ever been this ticked off before in your life!? Cause I haven't! Now, what are we gonna do about it?"

Selphie, not knowing what to say, looked over at Max, and only saw the girl shrug, "Well..." Max began and saw that Garnet and Quistis were looking at her, "We could find the real thieves, that would set the record straight."

"Hey!" Quistis shouted, "That sounds like fun."

"What about Seifer?"

Max stood and grinned at Garnet, "First we gotta clear our names. Once we find the real thieves, everyone will get off our backs, and then we can settle the score with Seifer." she said and chuckled at hearing Garnet's low growl.

"Oh no!" Quistis' surprised shout caught the others attention, "They're gone!" she said again holding up a camera. "Our ---- are gone!" the blonde looked confused as she put a hand to her throat, "What?"

Garnet blinked, "All our ----, gone? Huh?" she touched her throat, "what the hell!?"

"Huh? You can't say ----? Why not?" Selphie mimicked the others by touching her throat, why couldn't she say it?

"But you do understand what I'm saying, right? Our ---- are gone!"

Max shook her head, "They were stolen, and not just the ----, but the word ----! They stole it too!"

"What the hell kind of thief is that? One who can steal a word too!" Garnet cried out, slightly afraid.

Selphie glanced around, "Its time for some recon!" she said and hurried toward the door, with the others behind her.

Max had started to follow, but her vision blurred for a moment, and the world spun around as her eyes closed and she hit the floor, unconscious.

"Her heart is returning." A deep voice said in the darkness, "Doubtless she'll awaken very soon, as will the others."

Max opened her eyes, and slowly stood; dusting herself off she looked around, "Huh? What happened?"

"Come on, Max!" Selphie waved her right hand from the doorway.

"Yeah." Max nodded, and followed. How long had she been unconscious? Couldn't have been that long. What was going on?

"Over here!" Quistis called, motioning the two girls over to the Armor Shop, "Let's get this investigation underway."

The storekeeper, a young man with silver hair shook his head, "Yo, Max. I never thought you'd go and do such a rotten thing."

Max and her friends sighed, "Look, we didn't steal anything, okay?" Max growled out, "That damn Seifer is the one lying about it."

"I'd like to believe you, but who else would steal that stuff?"

"What stuff?" Garnet asked.

The shopkeeper shook his head, "As if you didn't know." he then shrugged, "I'm not gonna tell you, go ask Chase at the accessory shop, he'll tell ya."

The four girls turned and crossed the road, and stepped up to the window of a small mushroom shaped store, "Hi girls, please don't let me down, you used to be my favorite customers." The owner said sadly.

"We ain't thieves!"

"Okay..." The man trailed off.

"It's no fun having everyone thinking we did it, you know." Max leaned against the wall and kicked at a rock.

The gray haired owner looked away, ashamed, everyone just assumed it was Max from what had been stolen, "Hey, you're gonna have to find a way to clear your name.... You know, the woman at the candy shop is pretty disappointed too."

The girls nodded, and once more crossed the street, heading for the candy shop. The older woman with dark forest green hair watched the girls, "We're not thieves." Selphie said as she picked up a chocolate train, and tossed the money on the counter before leaning against the wall.

"Have you seen my cat?" The woman asked, her grey eyes staring at Max. She just knew it wasn't these children that had gone around stealing things.

"Er..." Max stepped back and pointed to the awning above the window, "I'll get him." she said and hopped on the counter. "Come on boy, down you come." she picked the half grown cat up, and sat him on the counter once she was safely on the ground.

"Thank you, Max."

Garnet grabbed a candy bar, and tossed the money on the counter, "Keep the change." she glanced around the small area as she opened the candy, "Did they steal anything from you?"

"Oh, my, yes, they did. Something important."

"We didn't do it!" Quistis cried out as she grabbed for half of Selphie's chocolate train, only to have the other girl gently shove her away.

"You want one, get it yourself!" Selphie half growled, everyone knew not to come between her and chocolate.

The woman nodded, "I believe you, dear."

Max gave the woman a sweet smile, "Thanks for that, ma'am." she said and paid for a hand-full of root beer kegs, "So what did they take from you?" Max popped a keg into her mouth, watching Quistis pay for her own chocolate train.

"My -----. My precious -----"

The four girls glanced at one another and sighed, "This isn't your average thief, no thief could steal the word too!" Garnet bit into her candy bar.

"You girls be careful." The older woman spoke as she watched the four walk away.

As the girls walked up the small hill leading to an intersection, Selphie stopped, "You think Seifer would tell us anything?"

"Well, we should talk to him and see. C'mon, to the sandlot!" Max chuckled as she sprinted off, leaving the others behind.

The small group cut through an alleyway and hurried down another small slope. They saw Seifer's lackeys standing beside the tournament ring. Fujin, the only girl of the group was talking with Raijin, her brother, and Vivi. Raijin, also known as Rai, was just a little over six foot tall, making him an inch taller than Seifer. Vivi, was small, he stood only three and a half foot tall, and wore a long blue coat and a cone shaped hat. The small guy noticed the girls and stopped talking. "Thieves." Fujin said crossing her arms. The way she talked would have annoyed anyone who didn't know her, or knew about her voice. Since birth, Fujin couldn't talk, but after training with her brother, she could speak in short clipped sentences -but most of the time, only said one word.

"That was low, ya know." Rai said shaking his head. And that was one thing that did annoy the group, Raijin always added the "Ya know" at the end of every sentence.

Vivi adjusted his hat, but said nothing.

"Oh yeah?" Quistis growled out, "what the hell was that? Couldn't she have come up with something better?

"Nice comeback there, blondie." Seifer said as he walked up.

"What'd you say?!" The blonde growled, she hated it when anyone called her blondie.

The six foot tall young man turned around and grinned as he crossed his arms, and leaned against the wall, "You can give us back the ---- now."

"Yeah, you're the only ones who'd take it, ya know?" Raijin agreed with his leader.

"That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers." Seifer smirked, then his face grew hard, "So what did you do? Burn it?" he shook his head and chuckled, "Ha, not that we need some ------ to prove that you're losers."

"Replay!" Fujin smirked as she stepped into a fighting stance.

Seifer laughed, "Now you're talking!" the group of four readied to fight, just as the four girls readied themselves, "I guess if you were to get down on your knees and beg, maybe I'd let it slide."

Max stared at the person she most hated at the moment, and clenched her fists, but moved closer to the thugs, and heard them laugh at her. The leader crossed his arms and watched as the young woman moved to kneel, but was eyeing a small metal, foam covered sword just behind him. "Max!" Garnet shouted in surprise, not believing her eyes.

Just as the gang's eyes turned to Garnet, Max shot forward, rolled past Seifer, and grabbed the sword before turning to face him. She jumped back as the young man grabbed his own sword and swung at her. Bringing her weapon up, Max blocked an attack, ducked down, spun around, and kicked Seifer's feet out from under him. The young man growled between clenched teeth as he quickly stood, and only had time to block the onslaught of attacks. "Come on, quit playing around and fight!" he said jumping back.

Max lunged forward, barely dodging the foam covered blade, and quickly smacked Seifer on the back of his head, knocking him to the ground. As the young man slid across the ground, Rai and Fujin stepped in front of him, "Seifer's not feelin' so hot, ya know!'

"Tournament decides." Fujin said nodding toward a poster for the Struggle tournament.

As Rai and Fujin carry Seifer off, Quistis pulled out her camera, and checked for film, before giving the thumbs up. She started to snap the picture -and the camera was snatched out of her hands. An odd looking white creature, that almost looked like a person, jumped away, and floated through the air as it held the camera. "What the hell was that?!" The blonde shouted, staring at the thing as it headed toward Market Street.

"The thief!" Garnet pointed, and ran after the quickly disappearing thing.

The four girls hurried up the path and down the street in the next section of the town, and lost track of it. Deciding to split up, Max headed toward a crack in the wall that led to the woods, peering in she saw the thief floating past the trees, and quickly followed it. The dark woods were just a little spooky, but Max wanted to get the camera back, and hopefully get the missing items back as well.

There was a small well-worn path leading through the trees, Max shivered as she followed, visions dancing in her head that anything could be in the darkness of the woods.

The creature landed on the ground near a small clearing, and took three foot long strides up the path, it's legs extending like they were made of rubber. As it continued up the path it began dancing around the trees, almost as if it wanted Max to catch up, and once she was near it would begin taking those long strides again, and hurried off to the front of an old mansion.

As the young woman cautiously approached the creature, words were spoken in her head, "We have come for you, my liege." the voice said as the creature swayed from side to side. The then word 'Dusk' came to mind. Was that what these were called, Dusk? She really didn't know, and truth be told, she really didn't want to find out.

"Huh?" Max, keeping her guard up, glanced around, but saw no one. The sound of a zipper invaded her ears, looking back at the creature, she saw that the mouth was unzipping, and stumbled back as the creature attacked her. Using the foam covered sword she swung at it, but it was no use, the sword did no damage at all. As she breathed hard from dodging the sharp looking claws of the creature, rings began circling her arm and hand -and she watched the sword turn into a Keyblade. "What...what is this thing?" she asked herself, and looked back at the creature, "You're mine now!"

Max lunged forward, spinning around in a tight circle, and brought the Keyblade down on the creature's head. The creature swayed for a moment, and vanished, leaving behind a pile of pictures, and Quistis' camera. The Keyblade vanished along with the creature; Max shrugged, and picked up the pictures. With a grin she turned and hurried back to meet with the others. The young redhead couldn't contain the smile on her face as she entered the group's meeting place, and lay the pictures on the table.

"My camera!" Quistis grabbed her camera and hugged Max, "Thank you!"

"What's this?" Garnet picked up one of the photos.

Max took a look at it and saw she was with the armor shop owner, "Oh, I was his first customer after he took the shop over, so we took a picture together."

"It's a really nice photo." Selphie said, then her eyes went wide, "Oh!"

"Hey, you just said 'photo'!" Garnet laughed, then looked up at Max, "Tell us about the thief."

"Not much to say, the pictures were just lying there." Max said keeping her eyes on the pictures, what could she tell them besides that? Not like she could say, 'Oh, hey, a sword appeared in my hand after the thief's mouth unzipped, and then it disappeared after I hit it with said sword.' Yeah, that would go over real well, they would think she's nuts!

"How are we gonna prove we weren't the ones who took 'em?" Quistis asked and heard Garnet chuckle, "What?"

"You're with the candy store owner's girl!" Garnet chuckled as she picked the picture up, and showed it to the others.

Selphie smiled, "You look happy."

"Do not!" Max shook her head, she did not want to be teased about that now. She and that girl were just friends, that was it.

Selphie looked at each and every picture laying on the table, "Hey, anybody else notice that all the stolen pictures are of Max?"

"Oh, so that's why everyone thought it was us." Quistis nodded.

"Wait a minute." Garnet blinked as she looked at her friends, "You mean to tell me Seifer didn't go around accusing us after all?"

Max didn't care about Seifer at that moment, she was confused over the pictures, "Are they really all of me?"

"Yeah." Selphie held the pictures up, "See?"

"Every single one." Quistis said looking the pictures over, "Wouldn't it be weird if the thief wanted to steal the real Max, or something?"

"C'mon, get serious." Garnet smirked, "Why would anyone wanna steal a bonehead like Max?"

"Oh, gee, thanks." Max shook her head and joined her friends in laughing as the station bell rang out.

The four girls stepped outside and watched as a train passed by them on the overhead tracks, and heard the bell rung once more, "See y'all tomorrow." Selphie said pulling Quistis after her. Garnet soon left, and hurried home, leaving Max to head to her home by herself. The young redhead looked up, and held out her hand to block the sun from her eyes, "Where am I?" she heard a voice inside her head.

"Who's there?" Max asked as she narrowed her eyes, who the hell was inside her head now?

"Who are you?" The voice asked, "I'm Willow."

Max quirked her eyebrows, "I'm Max." she said and grabbed her head in pain and stumbled toward her house.

Static appeared...

"Restoration at 12%" A computerized voice spoke as a man in a red cloak sat at a computer desk in front of several different screens. There were ten screens in front of the man, and another eight to his side. The screens all lit up, showing different things. The swooshing sound of a portal opening filled the room, and two people wearing black cloaks stepped inside the room.

"Organization miscreants..." The red cloaked man said as he stared at one of the screens, "They've found us."

The blacked cloaked persons sat down beside the man, "But why would the Nobodies steal photographs?" The one on the right asked in a very female voice.

"Diz?" the second one questioned, again this one had a young woman's voice.

Diz, the red cloaked man, turned to the girls, "It's nothing more than data to them. The fools could never tell the difference." His deep voice rumbled as anger welled inside his body, "We are running out of time. Naminé must make haste."

The memories flashed before her closed eyes; Max had made it back to her house, only to fall unconscious on her bed, and now the memories invaded her mind -memories that weren't hers.

Willow and the others stepping out of Giles' shop in Traverse Town, only to be confronted by Clay and their twins. "They will come at you out of nowhere, as long as you continue to wield the Keyblade." Clay's voice rang out.

The girls meeting Donald and Goofy after the fight with the Heartless, "Name's Goofy."

"Donald Duck."

"The Heartless have great fear of the Keyblade." Clay said as she and her group stepped up to the girls and two guys.

Fighting Jafar in the Cave of Wonders, then the locking of the Agrabah keyhole. Finding Jasmine gone, and going on the search, once more, for a missing princess.

Max opened her eyes and groaned as she sat up, "A key...blade?" she questioned and looked out the window. Was that what had appeared in her hand the day before? And keyhole, what was so special about a keyhole? The young redhead didn't know the answers to the questions, and could only hope that she would understand in time.

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