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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The ship's alarm beeped as the sun rose over the planet below signaling the start of a new day for the world. A low sleepy quack could be heard in the other rooms as Donald walked down the hallway toward the ship's control room. The door whooshed open allowing the duck to enter and approach one of the panels, with a yawn he pressed a glowing purple button and sat down. A small blue and green screen flickered to life with a blinking red dot over Neverland. "What's this?" Donald asked himself and touched the blinking dot, bringing up another screen.

There are reports of a tall Heartless Phantom residing in the area, anyone who comes into contact with this creature dies within a few minutes. If you see the Phantom take caution, do not approach, or attack. Get away as quickly as possible, and report it. We are currently trying to find a way to dispel this creature, and are working as quickly as possible.

"Great." Donald sighed and stood, it looked like Neverland needed help, and they were the only ones that could help get rid of the Heartless. The duck hit another button, causing an alarm to blare inside the rooms, and wake the others. Donald sat down and waited, knowing the girls would be along any moment to either yell, or find out what all the fuss was about. The door opened and in stepped Clay's group, followed by the princesses and their lovers, then Willow and Tara. Only a few seconds passed until Buffy and Faith walked in with Goofy following behind, yawning.

"What's up Donnie?" Buffy number two asked through a yawn as she plopped down on the seat next to the duck.

"Neverland needs help. There have been reports of a Heartless Phantom running around, and it's been killing people."

"Great, do you know how's it's been doing that?" Clay asked as she too sat down, "Has it been casting a spell, or just murdering by hand?"

Donald shrugged, "All the report said was that anyone who come into contact with it died, so I'm going to say it's a spell the Phantom is using...unless if touching it transfers some kind of poison."

"No, we have a spell that will kill the enemies within a few minutes, whether they are person or monster...that is unless they are immune to it." Faith number two said glancing around.

"Doom." Clay nodded and frowned, "That is one dangerous spell, not very hard to get rid of once you know it's been cast, but sometimes you don't know until the last second, and then it's too late."

"Well, at least we have those revive spells." Buffy number two said mentally naming what spells she had."

"Won't need them." Buffy spoke with a grin causing the others besides the Spira group to quirk their eyebrows.

Willow number two cocked her head to the left, "Why not? If that thing casts Doom on someone they will die, and the Revive spells will bring them back." The twin didn't understand it, why would Buffy say something like that?

"She's right," Faith smirked, and winked at Willow's twin, "We have armor that is Doom-proof."

"Huh?" Faith number two blinked, "When and how did you do that?"

"Armor? How'd you make armor proofed against Doom?" Clay asked also wanting to know how they did it, "I mean all we can do is junction a hundred spells to our Guardian Forces to become immune to it, but proofing armor?"

Buffy scratched her head, "Junction? Spells? A hundred? What in hellfire are you talking about?"

"Okay, you've seen the GF's, what we do is something like Tara did with the Aeon's. We merge with the Guardians -but they can be switched between other people- anyway, what we do is draw magic from certain areas, and all monsters and people carry spells too, so we can draw magic from them. Then take those spells and junction them to a section of our GF, doing that makes us immune to what ever spell we want. Junction any spell to a section in defense and we're immune. It's the same with offence, you can junction, say, a Firaga spell and it will automatically make your attacks flame out. Know what I mean?"

"Umm...I think so." Willow blinked and then nodded at Clay, "Yeah, I get it. So what your saying is that you can be immune to any spell you junction in defense, and can make your attacks come with what ever spell you junction to offence."

"Right." Faith number two smiled, "But there's also a down side to it. You've got to be very careful when you junction offensive spells to your attacks. There are some monsters that can be healed by certain attacks."

Faith nodded at her twin, "Yeah, there are some fiends like that in Spira. So we know what you're talking about."

"Okay, now that you know about our junction, tell us how you proof armor, please." Willow number two spoke and began thinking they would make a lot of Gil when this was over by selling proofed armor.

Being that Buffy was the one who knew the most about proofing armor the others nodded to her, and with a smile the Al Bhed rubbed her hands together. "Okay, first off you need a certain item, usually the fiends would drop the item you need. Anyway, what you do is take said item, and forge it into the armor...or in your case, just forge magic into the armor."

"And how would we do that?" Clay asked, wondering just how you would forge a spell into armor without breaking said armor.

"Easy." Buffy smirked, "All you have to do is concentrate on the spell you want to proof against, and send it into the armor, no forging necessary. Here I'll show you how." She held out her hand, "Let me see your arm guard." she said to her twin and took the small green and red armor. "Okay, what spell you want proofed against?"

"Well, I would like to be Doom-proof...but can you add more than just that?"

Buffy nodded, "You sure can, actually this armor can be proofed against five different spells...I'll start with the Doom-proofing." The Al Bhed pulled out three vials of liquid causing the others to stare, "This is called Farplane Wind and it will proof this armor against Doom, and Death." she said as she began pouring the liquid on the armor, everyone besides her group stared as the liquid was absorbed into the metal. After the three vials were gone Buffy smiled, "There ya go. Doom and Death-proofed. Now what else?"

"Well, since there are only three left that I can choose from..."

Buffy shook her head at her twin, "Nope, you still have four to choose. When you proof against Doom it will knock the spell out, and it's the same with Death, the Farplane Wind also knocks that one out as well, so it's two spells for one."

"Okay, cool, how about Poison?"

"Sure." Buffy nodded and pulled out 4 small fangs, "These can come from any fiend or monster that causes poison from biting." she said and placed the fangs on the armor, as her hand began to glow red and a strong Fire spell erupted, melting the fangs into the armor. "Okay now what other three do you want?"

Buffy number two looked at the ceiling as she began thinking, "Well, how about proofing against being petrified, zombie, and silence?"

"Okay, that's easy." Buffy smirked, "Petrify." she whispered calling up a Stone spell over the armor, and turning it into stone, "Fire." she whispered once more as the fire spell rolled over the armor, and merged the stone spell into the armor. She then took out five Echo Screen and 7 Holy Water vials and poured them over the armor. "There ya go, oh, wait a minute." she pulled the armor back with a grin, and poured another two vials of something else on the armor, "Now it's all that you wanted plus Confuse-proof." she handed the armor back to her twin. "Anyone else?"

For the next two hours Buffy, with the help of Faith and Willow, proofed everyone's armor against any status effect they wanted, and redid their own and Tara's. After finishing the armor, Willow got an idea and pulled Buffy to the side for a couple of minutes. The redhead outlined her idea causing Buffy to nod and grin before she grabbed one of her daggers, knowing if something happened, she could always replace it. "Go for it." she said placing the dagger on the floor as the others watched. Willow gave a nod, and cast four Blizzaga spells before casting the Fire spell to merge them into the weapon. "Okay, lets see if your idea works." Buffy said picking the dagger up and getting into a defensive stance.

"Blizzard!" Willow shouted, causing the others to stare wide eyed as her spell flew toward the Al Bhed. Buffy quickly brought up her dagger and yelped in satisfied glee. The spell had been absorbed into the blade, and had healed the Al Bhed.

"Sweet, Will! I thought we could only do that with the armor!"

"Try attacking me, we don't want it to backfire and become a weapon with the ability to heal the enemy with ice."

Buffy nodded and lunged forward, her small blade meeting Willow's sword, and clanging together with sparks flying. Both girls jumped back with a smile, "Seems it didn't turn into an Icestrike weapon."

"Nope, you have to cast fifteen regular Blizzard spells for that." Willow smirked, and turned around, "Who wants their armor to absorb the four main spells, and in turn heal you?" All hands raised at that question, "Alright, bring them over here and set them on the floor."

As Willow cast the spells on the weapons Willow number three walked over to Faith, "Hey, what did she mean by an Icestrike weapon and what exactly is that called?" the ex-dark twin asked nodding toward Willow as the others surrounded the Dragon Warrior and waited.

"What Will is doing is making an eater weapon. There are Ice-eater, Fire-eater, Water-eater, and Lightning-eater. As the names say, they absorb a certain spell and then heals you. As for the strike weapons, we found that when a weapon is attacked by a certain spell so many times, it absorbs it and turns the weapon into one with the ability of the spell...but also, we can charge our weapons with magic too, and it really helps on enemies."

"How so?" Buffy number three asked leaning against the wall, "And can we do that too?"

Tara nodded, "Yeah, you can, actually anyone with the ability to cast magic, can charge a weapon for a single attack. What they're doing, and what Faith said a moment ago, is turning the weapon into something with a little more attack. The four main spells are Fire, Blizzard, Water, and Thunder. So when a weapon is hit with one of those spells a certain number of times it will automatically become a Strike weapon. Icestrike, has the Blizzard ability, Firestrike has Fire, Lightningstrike has Thunder, and Waterstrike has Water."

Clay watched Willow for a moment before turning back to her twin, "Won't that, you know, also cause trouble?" she asked raising her left eyebrow, "I mean what if the enemy you're fighting is either immune to it or it can be healed by that certain spell?"

"That's where you need to be careful, but if they're immune to it then you're still hurting them with your regular attack." Faith spoke, "Actually on the Heartless they would be useful, but on those giant friggin' enemies they send after us, well, some of them can be healed by magic...but it has to be the right spell. However, even if we meet one that can be healed by one of the strike weapons, we've all got a second one ready, or we can just cast spells and not attack."

The princesses glanced at one another and nodded, "We've something that might be useful in those fights." Princess Tara said causing the others to give her their attention, "It is called Immune Break, and Reflect Healing."

"What're those?" Buffy blinked, "And can we learn them? They sound like something we could use."

Princess Faith nodded, "Yes, you can learn them, we were going to give them to you as a gift. As for what they do, Immune Break breaks the barrier around the enemy, and then they can be hurt by the spell. Reflect Healing is very useful, when cast, any and all healing on the enemy will bounce back and heal one of us."

"Even if you are using one of those strike weapons, and find that it will heal the enemy, the healing will still bounce back and heal one of us." Princess Tara smiled.

Willow had finished turning the weapons into spell eaters, and handed them back to their owners, "How long does it take to learn those spells you were talking about?" she asked handing Clay her Gunblade.

"That depends on the one learning. Those who are just beginners will learn it in two to three days, an intermediate caster will learn in a day and a half, and an adept will learn in a day. I know it sounds like a long time to learn a spell, but those two spells are very useful to have."

Willow nodded glancing around, there were no beginners among them, and the only intermediate casters were Buffy and Faith, everyone else were adept in casting magic. "Well, once we leave Neverland we can start learning, that is only if you want to begin then, if not, then I'm sure we can wait."

"Then is fine." Princess Tara smiled, "The sooner you learn those spells the better, we do not know what is waiting for us down the road."

The group nodded at the princess as the ship came to a stop, checking their weapons, armor and pouches the group headed toward the glowing yellow teleport light, and was gone in the blink of an eye. Once the light died down the group glanced around and found themselves on the empty deck of Captain Hook's ship, "Anyone here?" Faith called out only to have her voice bounce back at her in an echo, "That answers that." she said and saw Peter Pan flying toward them.

"You're back." He landed in front of the group, "That's good there's something strange going on."

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