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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The gummi ship hovered over Hercules' world as the group appeared inside the bridge, Willow holding Tara in her arms, and the others helping to hold each other up. The redhead staggered toward the stairs, "We all need to get cleaned up and healed." she spoke without turned and limped out the door and down the hall toward her and Tara's bedroom, "C'mon guys, get in here." she lay Tara on the bed and brushed a stray hair from the blonde's face, "What in hellfire happened, Tara?" she whispered as she sat on the bed and grimaced from the pain all over her body.

"Ouch! Shit!" Faith number two groaned as she touched the gash on her forehead and slumped to the floor, "What the fuck was that?!" she asked staring at Tara then to Willow, they'd found that teleporting had helped their hearing some, and didn't have to shout, "Will, you know what she did?"

Willow shook her head as Clay handed her two wet cloths, "Here, clean the blood off your face and hers." she said handing out more cloths to the group before sliding down the wall and resting on the floor, "Look, what ever it was that she did, did the trick in getting rid of that Titan...and that Sephiroth guy...but I want to know how she did it!"

"You and me both!" Donald said as he began casting low level healing spells, and hoping that someone who felt better would cast a stronger one. He didn't have to wait long cause as soon as his spell worked on the princesses they cast Curaga spells on the group, healing everyone including the sleeping Tara. "Willow, she's your wife, what happened?"

Willow shrugged and turned her attention to the group but kept a hold of Tara's hand, "I really don't know... but what I can tell you is that I could feel my magic being drained and somehow merging with Tara's white magic." she sighed rolling her neck from the right to the left, "I was worried, Tara can't handle black magic...and her drawing it from me and using it could have killed her."

"But it didn't." The group looked at the blonde as she sat up.

"Tara!" Willow pulled her wife into a hug, "I don't want you doing that again!"

The blonde narrowed her eyes, Don't tell me what to do Willow!" she growled causing Willow to pull back and blink. That wasn't like Tara, snapping like that at anyone, especially her? What was going on?

"I was just worried is all."

Tara shook her head to clear it, "I'm sorry Will, I guess I'm just a little tired..."

Willow nodded, but it just didn't seem right, Tara had been tired before and had never snapped like that, "Umm...okay, so uh...what happened back there?"

"Yeah, Tara you need to tell us all you know." Clay spoke as she finished wiping the blood from her face, "I need a shower." she grumbled feeling the drying blood in her hair.

Faith chuckled, "We all need one...preferably with our lovers in the shower with us." she smirked at Buffy who blushed but nodded quickly, and groaned from the pain in her head.

"Not that I'm complaining...but those curing spells need work! My head still hurts!"

"My double is right!" Buffy number two said massaging her pounding head with her eyes tightly shut, "I feel like I've been run over by a herd of Chocobos!"

Willow number two giggled, just before a full blown laugh escaped her lips as she leaned on Clay, "Ouch! That friggin' hurts! Don't make me laugh!" she giggled out holding her hurting head.

"What the hell are you laughing for?!" Buffy number two growled and then groaned as a sharp pain shot though her head, "I really meant that's how I feel!"

"Will?" Clay asked her lover as she calmed down, "Why are you laughing?"

The second redhead straightened up still lightly giggling and shrugged, "Its just when she said a herd of Chocobos ran over her...I got this picture of them actually running over her and leaving behind small little foot prints on her face."

"That is not funny!" Buffy two said grinning, "Those damn feet hurt if they step on you!"

Faith number two nodded, "Yeah, and she should know."

"I know, I'm sorry Buff, I didn't mean to make fun at your pain." The redhead stifled another giggle.

Buffy two shrugged with a smile, "S'ok don't worry about, and besides, it was actually pretty funny once you get that picture in your head."

The others had watched the going's on and shrugged, what ever, right now they need information, and that information could only come from one of them. "Tara, would you please tell us what happened?" the princess Faith asked as she sat down on the floor un-princess like, and waited for the blonde to begin speaking.

Tara for her part had been thinking about it while the others were talking about Chocobos and still didn't really have a clue as to what really happened. Maybe if she told the others what she had felt happen, maybe, just maybe they could help her figure it out. For one thing it was starting to scare her, what if she done that again, and she killed someone close to her? The princess' voice shook her from her thoughts, "I really don't know what to tell you, but I can try." she said and sat up with Willow's help as the redhead slid in behind her, "Well, I'll start at the beginning...The fog had began to clear, and I saw everyone on the ground, or in the stands with pools of blood all around them, and the blood spatter on the ground everywhere I looked." Tara paused for a moment, shaking the images from her mind before starting once more.

"Then I heard that guy Sephiroth laughing and something broke inside of me...I shouldn't say broke, it was more like something slipped through a barrier. Anyone, at first would have thought something broke to cause me to be that strong, but I can tell you it was only a slip. I could feel the power making me stronger but it was also painful...I could feel black magic from somewhere, but I don't know where it was coming from, and it was merging with my white magic. Then I don't remember anything...I guess I blacked out, and what ever it was took over."

Willow stared at her wife a moment, wondering if she should tell her, and then sighed, "Tara, love, the black magic you felt was mine."

"What do you mean? I mean I heard you saying something about your magic and me, but were you sending your magic though our link?" Tara asked confused, if that is what it was then didn't Willow know it could have killed her? "Will, that could have killed me."

"No!" Willow said in surprise and with a shake of her head, "I wasn't doing anything but trying to stop were the one draining me of my magic."

"What?! But how?" Tara pulled away from her wife and lowered her head, "By the Faith! I could have killed you!"

"You didn't! And besides you didn't know...or wasn't totally conscious of it...I mean you couldn't have been, right? If you had been you would have stopped it, and not continued to pull the magic from me."

"She's right, Tara, don't blame yourself." Princess Tara spoke and rose from the floor, "What happened was not your fault." she lay her hand on Tara's head and closed her eyes, "I can feel a strong power within you just waiting to get out. However I can also feel darkness within that power, you need to be very careful and controlling of your power and not let it control you."

"That is what happened before," Princess Faith said and rose from her spot on the floor, her eyes looking straight at the wall, "This power is for the use of good, but it has been tainted by the darkness, you need to be careful when and where you use it." she said her eyes never leaving the wall.

"Question?" Willow number three raised her hand looking from her lover to princess Faith, "How do you two know that?"

Princess Tara turned toward her lover with the same look in here eyes as princess Faith, "The ones Tara has merged with has the taint on them even though they are of the light. The darkness touched them as their worlds were destroyed, and when their power merge with that of Tara's the darkness on them also did." she and princess Faith spoke as one and fell to the floor unconscious.



Both shouts came from the two ex-dark twins as the girls fell to the floor, "What the hell was that?" Faith number two asked watching the princesses lovers gently raise their heads, and put them in their laps.

Willow stared at the two princesses and felt something stir within her, "They are correct, Tara must control her power and not let it control her." She said still staring at the princesses, "If she does not then all is lost."

"What do you mean?" Clay asked getting the feeling it wasn't Willow who was speaking, but someone else though her.

The redhead turned her head toward Clay, "If she cannot control the power and force the darkness out then she will turn dark, just like they did." she nodded to her and Buffy's twin, "But this time the darkness will have someone who already holds a Keyblade, and will destroy all worlds including Spira."

Tara, Faith, and Buffy gaped at her in stunned silence, none of them knew what to say, what could they say? Faith and Buffy knew they couldn't order Tara not to fight, that would just cause the ex-summoner to rebel against their orders, even if they asked nicely, and fight anyway. Tara on the other hand knew she wouldn't quit fighting, and would learn to control her powers herself, and not allow anything within her to drain her wife's black magic. What else could she do? She had to control it, and in doing so force the darkness out and let the white magic take over, "Will, sweetie, is that you or someone else?"

The redhead smiled, "No one could pull anything over on you for very long could they?" she asked and stood, making sure that Tara could sit up on her own, "As for your question, it's someone else, my darling daughter."

"Mother?" Tara blinked.

"Yes," Willow nodded, "I'm using Willow to speak for me, you must be very careful daughter, for if the darkness wins all is lost." she said sadly, "I wanted to give you some advise, when you use your power, clear everything out and do not allow your concentration to be broken. In doing this you will force the darkness out, and your true strength will show through."

Tara nodded with a deep breath, "Will this work?"

"Yes, if and only if you do not become so angry that you cannot think correctly."

"Okay, I will stay calm and concentrate to keep the darkness at bay."

"My lady?" Buffy stood, "How long will the darkness stay with Tara? Is there any other way to get rid of it?"

Willow turned, and shook her head, "No my niece, Tara has to over come the darkness on her own, and I know she will, don't you have faith in her?"

Buffy smirked, "I've always had faith in my cousin, I knew she would be the one to defeat Sin...even though I didn't want her to, and I know now that she can do anything she damn well pleases."

"Good, just remember to have faith in my daughter, and things will be fine."

"I have a question," Clay spoke, "Why was Tara drawing magic from Willow? Was it because of their link, or was it something else?"

"That is a good question... You see, there is darkness in Tara, but from merging with the summons, but, there was not enough darkness to overpower her white magic. The darkness found her link with Willow, and used it to pull her black magic into Tara, hoping to overrun the white magic, and turn Tara toward the path of darkness. As you can see it did not work, but if done long enough it eventually will. That is where my earlier advise comes in, don't lose concentration, and do not become overly angry." she turned and set her eyes on the ex-summoner, "Please remember my advise, daughter."

"I will."

"Good." she nodded, "Now I must go, and don't worry about Willow, she has heard everything we've said. Goodbye, and do take care." Willow stumbled forward, catching herself on the bed and shook her head, "Wow, now that's a rush!"

"That was interesting." Willow number two said blinking, "So, question, your true strength? What'd she mean by that?"

"What she meant was that what Tara did down on Hercules world will be stronger, or at the very least not so dangerous to everyone, including Willow and herself." Donald spoke and stood up along with Goofy, "That was not her true power, the spell she invoked down there was a mix of Willow's black magic and her own white could say for just a moment she became a gray mage. However, once she rids herself of the darkness, her true spell will come forth, and only her white magic will be powering the spell."

The entire group blinked, "Just how friggin' powerful are you?" Buffy number three asked staring at Tara from the floor, "I mean damn, if you have more power than what we just saw, then I can say me and Will were lucky."

"How so?" Faith asked glancing at the third Buffy and Willow.

"How so, she asks." Willow number three shook her head, "Just think of it this way, if something would have triggered that spell while fighting with you guys, then neither me nor Buf would be here."

"She's right, you know." Tara sighed rubbing her temples, "If that would have happened before they were cleansed of the darkness, then the same thing would have happened to them that happened to Sephiroth."

No one spoke, they all knew it was true, and all knew that if the ex-dark twins would have triggered the spell and Tara did the same thing...then what would have Tara thought about herself then? Would she had automatically turned dark when she realized what she'd done, or would it have taken longer? Actually at that moment, no one really wanted to dwell on it.

"I do believe we all need some rest." Donald said glancing around the room and effectively ending the silence, "We have no idea what's ahead of us, so we need the rest." he exited the room with Goofy following behind him.

"G'night girls." Goofy said as he closed the door.

"Well, they have the right idea." Faith number two stood up pulling her lover with her, "And I have to agree."

Clay nodded, "Do you need any help with them?" she asked motioning to the princesses.

"Nah, we can get them to our rooms." Willow number three shook her head, "All I really wanna know is who was speaking through them."

"Minnie and Daisy." Willow said turning toward her twin, "They were trying to help and since they know the girls, it was easy for them to contact the princesses and ask to speak through them."

"Umm...okay." Buffy number three sighed, she'd never get used to that if it were done too much, "Good night." she said and followed the third redhead out the door with Clay and her group right behind.

"Night all." Willow number two waved, and pulled Clay toward their room.

"See ya in the morning." Faith spoke kissing Tara's forehead, "Hope you feel better."

Buffy rushed over and kissed her cousin's cheek, "Yeah for sure, cuz!" she giggled as she hugged Tara, "Love ya Tare."

"Love you too, Buffy, you too Faith."

Faith nodded with a smile, "I love you too Tara. Night."

"Night guys." Willow closed the door after Buffy and Faith, and turned, "Well, wanna shower with me?" she waggled her eyebrows getting a giggle and a nod, "Let's go!"

"Lead the way oh great warrior woman." Tara laughed as Willow gently pulled her toward the bathroom.

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