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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

The group had walked down the path taking their time, and just resting, and enjoying their short break from fighting the Heartless. Now all they had to do was find the Keyhole and seal it before the Heartless did show up, and try to destroy the beautiful world they were in. As the group walked over a wooden bridge they saw a garden on either side of the path, and Pooh and Piglet near a tree with a door in the trunk.

"Look!" Piglet said as he ran up to the group, "Rabbit's house c-came back! But it looks like Rabbit isn't home." The young pig lowered his head, "Pooh's been calling and calling, but the house says no one's there."

The girls looked at one another before glacing at Donald and Goofy, a house that says no one's home? That didn't sound right to any of them, and even Donald and Goofy thought it was odd. "Nobody, have you seen Rabbit?" The group heard the yellow bear ask, and was surprised to hear a reply.

"No! No Rabbit here! There's no one here!" They heard the 'house' answer.

"Uh-huh." Faith snorted, and approached the door.

"I don't think that was the tree." Goofy said as Faith opened the door, and stepped inside with the others behind her.

"Hello, Rabbit!" Pooh smiled and sat down at the small table.

Rabbit jumped and turned, "Why, P-Pooh. What a pleasant surprise... Nice to see you, too, Piglet. And..." Rabbit stared at the group, "Are they new friends?" he asked and turned back to the bear, "I'm sorry, Pooh, but, I'm all out of honey at the moment."

"What's that?" Buffy pointed to the rafters where a honey pot sat, and reached up taking it down before she handed it to Rabbit.

"H-Honey?" Rabbit looked from the honey to Buffy, "How did that get up there?" he mumbled and turned toward the bear, "Would you like some, Pooh? Don't feel that you have to, of course." he said hoping to save the honey.

"Oh, thank you, Rabbit." Pooh said taking the honey pot, "I would like just a small smackeral. I'm quite hungry." the bear began eating the honey, and causing the large rabbit to sigh.

"Um, Pooh Bear... You're not eating the whole pot, are you?" he sighed once more, "Once you start, there's no stopping you, is there..." Rabbit lowered his head, it seemed like he was going to have to make a trip to the tree, and hopefully get some honey and not get stung.

Sometime while Pooh was eating the honey, Donald and Goofy had went back outside to look around, and make sure there were no Heartless anywhere near, and heard the girls follow five minutes later. Glancing around after her stomach growled, Buffy leaned down, and pulled a tomato from the vine, and cleaned it on her shorts before taking a bite. She nearly fell over in shock when she heard Piglet shout for help, and ran back inside the house.

The other's had followed her inside, and saw Pooh stuck inside a hole, that they thought was being used for a window. "Oh, help and bother. I'm stuck again." Pooh struggled a little, "I've come through this hole before, it must've shrunk."

Willow ran outside, and around the tree to where Pooh's head was sticking out, "Are you, umm, you okay?"

"How will I eat honey if I'm stuck here?" The bear looked up at Willow, "When it's lunch time, perhaps you could bring me a honey jar." he said and saw the redhead smile. He thought the smile said she was agreeing, but Willow was more or less thinking of a honey covered Tara.

"No! No honey 'til you're unstuck!" Rabbit's voice startled Willow out of her fantasy of Tara covered in honey, and her licking it off.

"Well? How will we get him out?" Tara asked as she and the other's walked around the tree, and saw Willow smirking at her. Tara knew she was thinking about something, and the why she was staring at her with that smirk, she knew it had to be something that should only be done in their bedroom. What made her think about that at a time like this?

"If Pooh doesn't slim down, my house will stay plugged up forever!" Rabbit shouted jerking Tara from her thoughts, "If there were something we could do... Wait! I know! A bit of carrot top juice will do the trick! I have a carrot patch on the other side of the stream, the juice is just the ticket to slimming down a Pooh!" Rabbit said and frowned he heard something, and the something sounded very much like a Tigger. "Oh, no!"

Tigger came bouncing around the tree and bounced up, and landed on Willow, making her fall to the ground in a daze. "Hey there! Name's Tigger! T-I-double-guh-RR. That spells Tigger!" he said and looked down at the dazed redhead, "Well, now! I don't think I've ever seen you before!"

"Hello, Tigger." Pooh spoke from the hole, "You've just bounced on one of my new friends, that's Willow." Tigger bounced over and examined the bear.

"Hey, Pooh! Say, you're lookin' mighty uncomfy today. Is that some new exercise? Why, bouncin' around is a lot more fun." Tigger bounced up and down.

After Tigger had bounced off of Willow, Tara had kneeled down to help her up, and heard "Tara covered in honey." mumbled and smirked, So that's what she was thinking about. "Later, sweetie." she said as she helped Willow to stand.

"W-Why do you bounce around so much, Tigger?" Willow asked rubbing her head, and wishing he had bounced on someone else, that hurt!

"Why?" Tigger asked shocked as to why this girl was asking him that. " 'Cause bouncin' is what Tiggers do best! Now, I'll be bouncin' over here." Tigger bounced off toward Rabbit's garden.

"No! Tigger, wait!" Rabbit shouted as Tigger bounced by him.

"What's wrong?" Willow asked tapping Rabbit on the shoulder.

Rabbit turned around, and sighed, "Tigger's bouncing will ruin my vetetables!" Rabbit looked over his shoulder, at least Tigger wasn't exactly too close to the garden, "And if we don't give Pooh some carrot top juice, he'll be stuck forever!" Willow jumped when Rabbit grabbed her arm, "Please help me! Keep Tigger away from my carrots!"

"Well, what do you think?" Willow glanced as the others and saw them shrug, "Lotta help you are." she grumbled, "Okay, I'll help you."

"This is quite a fix." Owl said as he perched on a tree branch, "But I have just the solution." Willow gave the owl her full attention, "If Tigger bounces on a carrot twice, it'll be buried, you must protect the carrots at all costs. But, you've also got an easy job, there are only fifteen carrots here. All you have to do is stand over them, and let Tigger bounce off your sword."

Willow nodded, and raced toward the carrot patch just as Tigger bounced over the fence, watching where he was bouncing Willow used her Sonic Blade to blur, and protect the carrot in his path. Willow lifted her blade over her head just as she moved over the carrot, and reflected Tigger's bounce. That was one, and only fourteen to go. Willow back flipped to the next carrot, and reflected Tigger once again, and had to blur to the third.

By the fourth carrot Willow had to use the Sonic Blade to reach most of the others, seeing as how Tigger would bounce high, and land ten-foot away. She protected the fifth, sixth, and seventh carrots, and missed the eighth and ninth. All of ten minutes later Tigger stopped, and smiled.

"Say, you kept up pretty good there, Willow, especially for a non-Tigger! Come to my bouncin' spot, and we can have another go!" He said and bounced off toward the path.

"Thank you so much!" Rabbit shook Willow's hand, and hurried to the carrot patch, "Now I'd better make that juice. Please wait inside the house."

"You all right, sweetie?" Tara asked when Willow rubbed her head.

"Yeah, just that last bounce Tigger made caused my blade to hit the top of my head."

"Aww, poor baby." Tara giggled, and kissed Willow's head, "That better?"

"Actually, it would be a lot better if you could kiss me here." Willow pointed to her lips, and smiled when Tara leaned down.

"Better?" Tara whispered leaning back just a fraction.

Willow nodded, "Yeah."

Donald sighed and was glad to see Rabbit enter the house, "What a day!" Rabbit sat down at the small table, "I gave Pooh the carrot top juice, now all we have to do is push him out."

Faith shrugged, put her foot on Pooh's little round bottom, "Just a little--" Rabbit stopped when he heard a crash, and raced toward the now empty hole and looked through it. Pooh had landed in a pile of honey pots, and had one over his head, "First my vegetable patch and now this!" Rabbit ran out of the house, and toward Pooh.

"Oh, bother. Where am I?" Pooh asked turning his head, "It's ever so dark in here... Well, it isn't so bad, I suppose. There is plenty of honey."

Buffy shoved Faith toward Rabbit, who was at that moment trying to get the honey pot off Pooh's head, "You're the one that pushed too hard, now help him get the pot off the bear's head."

As Faith helped Rabbit, Goofy stared off into the distance, and saw a tall tree sitting on a small hill, and pointed, "Hey, there's a swing, let's go have fun!" Goofy chuckled and ran off with Donald quacking behind him.

"Sounds like the duck is mad." Willow laughed, "Come on, let's follow and make sure they don't get into any trouble." she said pulling Tara after her, and saw the other's following. Trouble wasn't what they found thought, it was a beautiful grass-covered hilltop with a small neck-deep stream, with a bridge leading to the other side. On top of the small hill was a large tree with a rope and board swing gently swaying in the breeze.

Piglet and Pooh came into the area with Rabbit following behind, and stopped on the bridge where Piglet pointed toward the bend in the stream, "Look, something is floating this way."

"I think you're right, Piglet. What could it be?" Pooh asked not seeing the girls gripping their blades, nor Donald readying a spell, and Goofy lifting his shield. The thing in the water floated closer; Tara giggled as she and the others let their guard down. It was nothing more than a small raft with a sad looking donkey on it. "Why, it looks like Eeyore!" Pooh waved, "Hello, Eeyore, if it is you."

"Hello, Pooh." Eeyore stared up with his sad eyes, "Yes, it's me. Could you pull me out? That is, if it's not too much trouble." the donkey looked down at the raft, "Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to."

"Well? Go get him." Faith said shoving Buffy over the bridge, who was quickly followed by Willow; the redhead glared up at her smirking lover and shook her head.

"Come on, Will." Buffy dived as best as she could in the neck-deep water, and swam to the raft, with Willow following. Willow took the right side, and Buffy the left, and swam to the bank where the donkey slowly walked onto the land.

"Thank you. You know, floating along out thre, it seemed like something was missing..." Eeyore said in that sad voice of his, "And something's still missing."

Piglet gasped, "Why, Eeyore's tail is gone!" He shouted, "Is that what's missing?"

"Let's see..." Eeyore turned his head to look at the spot where his tail should have been, and nodded, "Yep, lost it again. Wonder where it went this time, it's not much of a tail, though I'm sort of attached to it. But I don't know why anybody'd look for it. Probably won't find it anyway..."

"We'll look for it, and we'll find it." Tara smiled, "All of us could look for it."

"Lost something?" Owl asked flying overhead, and landed on the bridge railing. "Searching from a high place is the quickest way to find it."

"Owl, can you fly up high and help us find Eeyore's tail?" Goofy asked as the others began looking around in the tall grass to the right.

"Sorry, but my eyes aren't what they used to be." Owl shook his head, and smiled, "Too much reading, you know. But I can offer good advice! Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to. See that swing up there? Take Pooh there. You're a bit too big for the swing, but Pooh should fit nicely. I'll tell you more when you get there." he lifted off the bridge, and settled on a tree brance.

Goofy grabbed Pooh and headed up the hill where he asked Pooh to sit in the swing, "Okay."

"Here's what to do. I want you to push the swing and keep pushing; Pooh will go higher and higher, and he'll be able to see from high up. Does that sound like it will help you?"

"Sure does." Goofy chuckled, and began pushing the swing, gentle at first but soon became more firm. Pooh was having fun, he was being pushed on the swing, and looking for Eeyore's tail at the same time, but his fun was about to come to an end. A bird's feather slowly floated through the air, and just barely touched Goofy's nose, causing him to sneeze, and push the swing too hard.

Pooh Bear was sent flying through the air, and landed on Eeyore's makeshift house, made out of small twigs. Tara hurried over to help the bear stand and saw a small gray tail, and held it up, "Hm? That looks familiar..." Eeyore said staring at his tail.

"Here." Tara walked behind Eeyore and knelt down pinning the tail back on the donkey's bottom.

"How's it looking?" Pooh asked as Tara stood.

"There we go." Tara smiled as Eeyore swung his tail.

"It's not much of a tail, but it's mine. Thanks, everyone." The donkey smiled, and followed the group toward another section of the Hundred Acre Wood.

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