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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

When the group stepped inside Merlin's house the saw they magician silently working with different colored liquids. Merlin smiled at the group as they approached the Fairy Godmother, and watched Tara hand the stone to her before going back to his work. The Godmother studied the stone for a moment, and nodded as she waved her wand in the air.

Willow once again caught Tara as she stumbled, and heard her giggle, "What is this one?"

"He says he's the great dragon Mushu." Tara giggled again, "He also says that enemies will run when they see him."

"Cool, a dragon." Faith grinned, "I hope he won't be too big when you call him."

The Godmother giggled, "You will not have to worry about that. Mushu is, well, he is small for a dragon." she smiled, and her eyes lit up when she saw Willow's pouch glowing, "I see you've found the key to the book."


"In your pouch, dear. That is the page to that book you brought here, and it will open for you now. Just take the page and place it in the book, and the door to a new world will open."

Willow shrugged, and took the page from her pouch, as she opened the old book, and put it in as the first page. The book glowed bright yellow, and engulfed the group, shrinking them down and pulling them inside the book.

The group appeared in a large meadow with a log, and a yellow bear in the center of the area. Tara heard the bear talking to himself as they approached, "Hi there. What' wrong?"

The bear looked up, "Nothing, just thinking."

"Oh." Tara sat down next to him.

"I was just thinking of how to say goodbye to Pooh." The bear said then tapped his head.

"Pooh?" Willow asked as she sat on the ground in front of Tara.

"Yes?" The bear asked looking at the redhead.

"Wait a second." Buffy cocked her head to the right, "You're Pooh?"

"Yes, I'm Winnie the Pooh. Pooh for short. Who are you?" He asked glancing around the group.

"I'm Buffy, this is Faith, Tara, Willow, Donald, and Goofy."

"Oh. Hello, everyone. Have you come to say goodbye to Pooh, too?"

Faith shook her head, "No, why would we do that?"

"We've only just met." Tara smiled.

"Everyone else went away." Pooh lowered his head.

No one in the group liked the sound of that, it could only mean one thing, and that was the Heartless had been there. But if the Heartless had been there, then why wasn't this world destroyed? "What do you mean?" Donald asked getting straight to the point.

"Well, we all lived here in the Hundred Acre Wood, and we'd take walks together, or play Pooh sticks... And every day, I'd eat some honey. Just one small smackeral would taste very good right now. But now everyone's gone. All my friends, and my favorite Hunny Tree too. They must have gone away while I was napping, I think..." Pooh hopped off the log, "So, who knows? Maybe I shall end up going away somewhere as well. But I wonder, how do I say goodbye to myself?"

No one said a word. It was just odd that someone would want to say goodbye to themselves, and heard a growl.

"Oh, my tumbly is getting rumbly." Pooh said and walked off leaving the group to watch.

"Maybe we should, umm... follow him." Tara said rising, "We don't know if there is Heartless around, or not."

"Yeah," Faith agreed, "And besides, he doesn't look like a fighter."

"I'm not sure he could fight his way out of a paper sack." Buffy giggled, and got a glare from both Tara and Faith. "What?"

"You shouldn't say things like that. It's not nice." Tara said, and glared at Willow when she heard the redhead stiffle a laugh, "Will."

"What? I didn't say a thing." Willow said, and hurried forward with Buffy following. As soon as they were far enough away, both girls let out their giggles, and ran faster when they saw Tara and Faith nearing them.

The group followed the little yellow bear to his house, and followed him inside after having a look around outside. Tara, and Buffy stiffled a giggle when they stepped inside Pooh's house; Pooh was holding a honey jar with his left hand, and he right hand stuck inside. The bear pulled his hand out, and licked the honey off before he raised the jar up.

"Oh, bother. There's no more honey left." Pooh stood and slowly walked toward the door, "If only the Hunny Tree would visit... Then I could eat my fill."

The group watched the bear close the door and sighed, looks like they were going to have more walking to do. When they stepped outside, all six in the group jumped at the sound of a voice, "Let me guess," the startled group look up at a tree branch, and saw a large owl staring down at them, "You'd like to know what happens next, right?"

"Umm, well, that would be nice." Willow said confused, and not knowing if she should just ask what was going to happen next, or just leave it alone.

The Owl shook his head, "I would like to tell you, but I can't. I have not read that far ahead."

"Okay, that's fine." Donald nodded and pulled Goofy toward the path they'd followed.

Halfway down the path Willow stopped, and stared to her left, "I wonder how big that Hunny Tree is?"

The others turned and shrugged, "Why?" Faith asked, "You wanna get the bear some honey?" she laughed and saw Willow shake her head.

"That's not it," Willow pointed to her left, "But that is, do you see it?"

Off in the distance the group could see a large fifty-foot tall tree standing proud, and could barely make out little holes in up and down the trunk. "Let's find out." Goofy said and started toward the tree with the others behind him. The thump of their footsteps was the only thing that could be heard, besides the breeze moving the leaves.

"Hello, i-is anyone there?" A small frightened voice asked from inside of an old log, and a young piglet slowly walked out into the light, "Wh-Wh-What am I to do? I'm all alone. Pooh? Where are you? It's me, Piglet." Hearing the groups steps, Piglet turned, and gasped before he ran behing the Hunny Tree to hide.

"Stay here." Tara whispered, and hurried toward the tree, and quietly walked behind it, where she saw Piglet peek around the trunk. Tara slowly walked over, and tapped his shoulder.

"Oh dear!" The young pig jumped and turned, "I was j-just... N-Never mind. I'm sorry!"

Oh, he stutters. How cute. Tara thought and kneeled down to Piglet's level, "Don't be scared. You're looking for Pooh, right?"

"You know Pooh?" Piglet asked happily, "Oh, y-you see, I-I have something for him... I have to take it to Pooh right away!" he said, and heard Winnie The Pooh walking up the path, and hurried to meet the bear. "Oh, Pooh!"

"Oh, I believe I smell a delicious something-a something like honey!" Pooh said to himself, and saw Piglet running toward him, "Hello, Piglet. How have you been?"

"I-I'm so glad to see you. I thought you' gone away, oh, I brought wh-what you asked for." Piglet said and made a floating balloon for the bear.

"Thank you, Piglet. Now I can finally have some honey."

"Really? B-But how?"

The bear and pig approached the tree, and looked up, "I shall hold on to the balloon, and fly like a been up the Hunny Tree, see."

"But, won't the bees be angry?"

"Hmm... Oh!"

While the two friends had been talking the group had leaned against the tree, and watched. Buffy glanced up as a thought crossed her mind, "What's wrong, Pooh?"

"If you could only chase away those bees, I'm quite certain I could get a small morsel of honey. Would you help me get some honey?" Pooh asked looking up at Buffy, with a hopeful face.

"Yeah, sure I can do that." Buffy nodded and smiled as the Owl from before perched on a low branch.

"Oh, hello there, Owl." Pooh spoke as he tied the balloon string around his waist.

"Good day, Pooh. What are you doing?" Owl asked then shook his head. "Using a balloon to get some honey? What a splendid idea!"

"Yep, and I'm helping." Buffy said jumping up on to the branch across from Owl.

The balloon lifted the bear up to the first hollow, as Buffy watched for any sign of bees, and saw the fly from the large beehive above her. She cast a low-level Fire spell and saw the bees fly off when it exploded in front of them, and hopped up to the next branch as Pooh rose into the air.

This went on for fifteen minutes; Pooh rising up to the next hollow, and Buffy scaring the bees off with low-level Fire spells. At the very top after Buffy had scared the bees away; Pooh climed into the hollow, and was happily eating the waist deep honey.

"That was yummy in my tummy, but there's room for a bit more." Buffy heard Pooh say, and giggled as she cast a Float spell and lowered herself to the ground.

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