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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

Once again Willow woke up with a pounding head, but this time she wasn't alone; Buffy groaned and squeezed her eyes tightly. The two things that caught their attention was one: They were alive, and two: The burning from the poison had been stopped.

But something else crossed their minds just a quick, who had healed them? The others had been unconscious when they had been poisoned, and most likely wouldn't have know they'd been poisoned.

Willow reached up, sliding her hand across her chest where the wound had been, and like it always was with magic, she didn't feel a scar. So with the poison cured, and the wound healed, she felt better even the pounding in her head was slowing. "Sweetie?" A smile crossed Willow's face when she heard Tara's voice, and sat up.

"How are you feeling?" Tara asked cupping her cheek, and left a soft kiss on her lips.

"A lot better now." Willow turned and saw Faith kissing Buffy, "How about Buff?"

"She's fine." Faith smirked and helped her lover to stand. "When she kisses me like that, I know she's fine."

"What happened?" Buffy asked blushing.

As Tara and Faith told the girls what had happened, Donald and Goofy searched through Captain Hook's room -hoping to find anything about the Heartless' plans- but found nothing more than Hook's journal. Donald flipped through it, and quickly replaced back on the desk, as his feathers turned red.

Goofy had been watching and was courious as to why Donald had nearly threw the book down, and started to ask, but saw Donald shake his head, "Trust me, the things written in there was worse than that night on the ship!"

"Oh." Goofy nodded thinking back to the night they hadn't gotten any sleep.

"Are you guys ready to leave?" Tara asked, but kept her eyes on Willow, making sure she was completely healed.

With the nods she recieved, Tara led the others toward the door, and stepped outside, and came face to face with Captain Hook. Willow pulled Tara back, and stepped in front of her as she gripped her blade. Buffy had reached into her pouch, and grabbed a mix ready to throw it at a moments notice, and could see Faith slowly reaching for her blade. Tara and Donald was readying a magic spell, as Goofy raised his shield.

"Quite a couple of codfish, those girls -running off with their lover's without even saying goodbye." Hook spoke waving his hand in the air.

"Where? Tell us, where did they go?" Tara demanded clenching her white glowing fist, as the Holy spell she was holding grew more powerful.

"To the ruins of Hollow Bastion, where Maleficent resides." Hook said, and then smirked, "But you won't be going there."

"And why the hellfire not?" Buffy glared pulling a Rolling Thunder mix from her pouch.

Hook raise his hooked hand up with a lantern hanging from it, and laughed, "Are you going to leave your little pixie friend behind?"

"No..." Willow shook her head, and let her Keyblade disappear, as the group was surrounded by Heartless shadows, soldiers, and flying soldiers.

"Hand over the Keyblades, and I'll spare your lives." Hook smirked, "Be glad I'm merciful, unlike the Heartless. So, which will it be? The Keyblades, or the plank?"

"You'll never get the Keyblades!" Donald shouted.

Hook stepped forward, and stopped as the ticking of a clock began getting closer, he glanced into the water and jumped, "It's him! The crocodile that took me hand! Oh, Smee!" Hook shouted hiding behind the shorter man, "He's after me other hand! I can't stay here!" The captain glared at the smiling crocodile, "Go away!" he screamed near panic before turning back to Mr. Smee, "Oh, I can't stand the sight of him! Smee, you take care of them!"

The group watched in shock as the captain bolted toward his cabin, and slammed the door shut, before they glanced at one another. "Okay, that was odd." Buffy shook her head and let a giggle escape.

"You're tellin' me." Faith grinned.

"Enough of that." Mr. Smee spoke and ordered the Heartless to push the group toward the plank.

The crocodile was half out of the water as the Heartless pushed Willow toward the end, where she could see the crocodile open his mouth. Willow sighed, after she and the others had let the Keyblades disappear, and refused to give them up she wondered if they could take them by surprise.

Right now, she only had two thoughts running through her mind. One was should she quickly turn, and cast a low-level spell, and risk hitting the others? Or should she jump, and be eaten by that ticking crocodile?

To be truthful to herself, Willow didn't like the first seeing as how she didn't want to hit anyone with the spell. And jumping into the mouth of the crocodile and being a snack was even less likeable. "Willow, fly!" Peter whispered so only she could hear, "Just believe, and you can do it!"

Willow closed her eyes, and heard the others scream when she jumped. The crocodile opened his mouth wider, just as Willow fell closer, and was surprised when his meal flew into the air, she cast a weak Thunder spell as she flew over the group -startling the Heartless and making them scatter. Peter dashed into the open, and grabbed the lantern with Tinker Bell, and released her.

"Thanks, Peter." Willow grinned as she landed beside Tara, and was crushed between three women.

"Don't mention it." Peter grinned, "I wouldn't leave you and Tink behind." he said and saw Mr. Smee running away.

"Air, need air!" Willow gasped and sucked in a breath when the girls let her go, and soon found herself being crushed again -this time by Donald and Goofy.

"Here come the Heartless." Faith said, and concentrated on her Keyblade, and felt all four blades appear.

"You're all goin' down!" Buffy smirked and jumped over two shadows, and threw a Firestorm mix on them, as she twisted in mid-air, striking a flying soldier.

Faith back flipped away from two soldiers, and cast a Blizzaga spell as she landed, and lunged forward striking the frozen Heartless, and watched them shatter. Goofy used his shield to knock a shadow away from Tara as she concentrated on a Holy spell, and let it fly. Three flying soldiers, and two shadows were caught in the spell, and disappeared. Donald cast a Thundaga spell on the last two shadows, and saw Willow bring her blade down on the last soldier.

"Well that was easy." Faith grinned and turned toward Hook's cabin, "Now, what about him?"

"Watch." Peter smirked, and approached the door with the others behind him. "Stand to the side." he said and knocked on the door.

"Is that you, Smee?" Hook asked through the door, "Did you finish them off?"

Peter cleared his throat, "Aye, Captain." he said in Mr. Smee's voice, "They walked the plank, every last one of them."

Captain Hook rushed out of the door, and stopped, he didn't see Smee anywhere. Peter quietly stepped behind him, and poked the captain on the ass when his dagger, and jumped back when Hook turned, "P-Peter Pa-blast you!"

"You ready to make a splash, you codfish?" Peter asked grinning, "Now it's your turn to walk to the plank!"

"I think not." Hook said unsheathing his sword, and quickly swiped at Peter, as more Heartless appeared.

Donald ran forward casting a Firaga spell and throwing two flying soldiers back, as Goofy spun around killing a shadow. Tara jumped back, and to the right as she cast a Holy spell, and stumbled forward when a shadow raked its claws down her back. Willow growled, and quickly cut the shadow in half, as she cast a Cura spell on Tara, and cast a Thundaga spell on another shadow.

A Flare spell killed off two more soldiers, and three shadows, as Buffy flipped over using a flying soldier to kick higher into the air, and threw a Waterfall mix. Faith blocked the metal claws of two flying soldiers, and kicked one of them away, as she quickly spun around and brought her blade down on the other. Willow flipped backwards, and kicked anothr flying soldier into the air, and swung her sword up to meet it as it fell through the air.

Peter was meeting each of Captain Hook's sword swings with his dagger, and pushing forward with all his strength. Hook stumbled back, and fell into the water. With the Heartless gone, the group looked over the side of the ship, and saw Hook shaking his fist at Peter. He stopped and looked around when he heard the 'Tick Tock' sound, and saw the crocodile swimming toward him. Hook let out a strangled cry, and hurriedly swam away with the crocodile hot on his tail.

Buffy glanced at the ship's deck, and leaned down, "Cool, we got ourselves another report." she grinned, and then giggled when she heard Hook screamed for the crocodile to get away from him.

"Thanks for your help." Peter stuck his hand out, and shook the group's hands; Buffy stumbled for a moment when she clasped hands with him.

"Whoa! Sweet!"

"What?" Faith asked holding her steady.

"I have a new ability. Ars Arcanum... what ever that is. Guess I'll have to use it to see, huh?"

"It'll come in handy, and here, I found this little red stone. It seems to have a strange power, so, you can have it." Peter handed the stone to Willow. "Hope it's useful for you." he said and saw Tinker Bell flying toward him. "What's wrong, Tink?"

The little fairy pointed to a large clock tower, and began speaking. "There's something at the clock tower?"

The group glanced at one another and nodded, "Hey, Peter, can you take us there?" Faith asked glancing between him and the fairy.

"We think we know what's there." Tara smiled, and could only hope they were right.

Peter shrugged, "Sure, come on."

Peter jumped into the air, and watched the group follow his lead, and began flying after him as he and Tinker Bell led them toward the giant clock. Tara's blade began glowing as they approached the clock, and saw a giant Keyhole appeared, her blade rose into the air, and shot a beam into the center, sealing the heart of the world. Donald flew forward to catch the little gummi piece that fell from the hole, and nodded.


Maleficent watched as the dark twins appeared, and narrowed her eyes, "It was reckless to bring them here without at least using a vessel." She said and stepped forward, "Remember, relying too heavily on the dark powers could cost you your hearts."

A loud growling, and a crash could be heard echoing in the room, "What was that?" Buffy asked turning toward the noise.

"Nothing but a castaway. Though his world perished, his heart did not. When we took the princess from his castle, he apparently followed her here through sheer force of will."

"Well isn't that nice." Buffy rolled her eyes, and let a sigh escape. She knew they'd probably have to deal with whoever it was.

Maleficent watched the girls, and smiled her best 'Trust Me" smile, "But fear not. No harm will come to you. He is no match for your power."

"Our power?" Willow looked up, crossing her arms.

"Yes, the untapped power that lies within you both." the witch spoke and placed a hand on each girls' shoulder, "Now, it's time for that power to be awakened, and for you both to realize your full potential."

The dark twins glowed a dark, almost black, purple, and felt the power unleashed within their bodies, and saw their cloths change to a dark blue, and black bodysuit.

Back with the others....

"Peter, are you really going back to Neverland?" Wendy asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Afraid so. But we can see each other any time, as long as you don't forget about Neverland, that is." Peter grinned, and held the girl's hand.

Donald began laughing when he saw Tinker Bell cross her arms, "Oh, boy. She's gettin' steamed again." Peter shook his head, "Do me a favor. Look after her for me, will ya?"

"What?" Willow stared at him before glancing at the angry fairy, and thinking she really didn't need a pissed off pixie flying around the ship.

"Go on, Tink." Peter nodded, and watched as Tinker Bell landed on Tara's shoulder, and disappeared.

Willow held on to Tara and shook her head, "Another summon. Well at least it's not as bad as the Aeons were, huh?'' she grinned and nodded to Peter before she and the others teleported back to the ship.

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