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Final Fantaxy X-3

Author: Stormforce
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

On the way to the upper level the group had to destroy the Heartless shadows, and flying soldiers that tried to stop them. After reaching a dead end the group backtracked before they remembered the grates, and looked up, instead of a grate there was a trap door.

Peter flew up and opened the door quietly, and lowered the rope ladder for the others. Once inside the room, the group glanced around seeing a large cherry desk at the back of the room, and a large bed.

"Must be Hook's room." Tara said and noticed two doors. One lead to the outer deck, and the other just had to lead to Wendy. Willow pushed the door open, jumping inside quickly with her blade ready, and scared the Heartless shadows away from the two sleeping twins.

Almost as if their energy was felt the dark twins appeared, "What the hell are you doing here?" Willow's twin glared, and picked Tara's twin up.

"What do you think!" Willow growled, "If we hadn't come in when we did, those Heartless would have hurt them!"

"You should know better than to leave your lovers alone in a place like this!" Faith glared at the dark twins.

"The Heartless wouldn't have hurt them. Now, see ya." Willow's twin grinned.

"We've got a little surprise for you." Buffy's twin smirked picking Faith's twin up.

"No! Wait!" Faith shouted as the twins disappeared, and glanced around the candlelit room.

"Surprise? What surprise?" Buffy asked the snapped her mouth shut.

There was something in the room with them, but they couldn't see it. All they could hear was something that sounded like long fingernails scratching on wood. Willow whipped her head around, and stared into the dark corner at the back of the room, she didn't know what it was, but it had caught her attention when it moved.

"Peter, get in to that room, and get Wendy outta here." Willow kept her eyes on the dark corner, and saw Peter Pan nod out of the coner of her eye.

"Not now, Tink! I've got to get Wendy off this ship." Peter said as the little fairy circled his head when he entered the room, and found an unconscious Wendy laying on the floor. He quickly, but gently picked her up and hurried out the door. "After I get her to a safe place, I'll be back."

"Okay." Faith nodded, but kept her eyes on the dark ceiling.

"What's in here?" Tara turned glancing at each corner, and up at the ceiling, and even the floor where the darkness touched.

Something moved across the floor quick as lightning, it looked like shadow, but a shadow of what? The Heartless shadows were small, this thing was bigger, and not to mention quicker. A loud thump caused the girls to turn, and see Donald sliding down the wall unconscious.

Another thump, and Goofy was unconscious. The girls unsheathed their blades and turned back, stretching their sences out, trying to figure out what was in the room with them.

"What the--" Faith started but was cut off as she hit the wall, and slid next to the guys, not moving.

Buffy started toward her, but felt herself being held back. "No!" Willow shook her head, "She'll be fine. Whatever is doing this it isn't touching them after they're knocked out." seeing Buffy's nod, Willow turned back toward the dark corner, and felt it.

Two different energies, both full of hate, and both ready to kill. Willow quickly turned and caught site of the dark figure, and wasn't fast enough to warn Tara, and could only watch as she was thrown into the wall.

"Will! What the hell are these things?!" Buffy choked out as she was lifted off the ground, by her shadow.

Willow spun around, and brought her sword down, causing the shadow to release Buffy, and sink back into the floor. "I think this was the surprise our twins were talking about." Willow said, and blocked a blow from a dark blade from her own shadow.

Buffy twisted around blocking the dark blade of her shadow, and kicking the shadow in the stomach, knocking it back, and into Willow's blade as she brought it down. Willow spun around kicking the shadow in the back, and knocked it forward. The shadow turned and swung its sword around, making a high-pitched clang as it hit Willow's blade.

Willow's shadow jumped into the air with its' blade over its head, and swung down; Buffy raised her own sword blocking it strike, and she could see sparks fly as the blades met. The shadow pulled back, and thrust the blade forward, only to have it knocked when Buffy's blade met it.

Buffy once again met the downward arc of the blade as it came down at her head. Her hand glowed light blue as a Blizzaga spell shot forward, freezing the shadow in place, and allowing Buffy to back away.

A Flare spell exploded around Buffy's shadow knocking it back, and into the other shadow. Ice shards exploded outward as the ice was broken, and freed the shadow trapped inside. Willow grabbed Buffy's outstretched hands, and was swung around in a half-circle, her feet knocking both shadows back. When she landed; Willow spun Buffy around in the same manor, and smirked when the shadows hit the back wall.

Buffy landed, smirked, and then nodded to Willow as her right hand glowed yellow, and her left glowed blue; Willow's right hand was glowing red, and her left began glowing light blue. Buffy thrust her left hand out toward the shadows, and watched as a Waterga spell soaked them, and then thrust her right hand out casting a Thundaga spell. The shadows shook as the electricity shot through their bodies, and began smoking as it slowed.

Willow held her right hand out letting the Firaga spell cover the shadows, and waited until it died down before holding her left hand up, and casting a Blizzaga spell to freeze them in place. As if one was reading the others mind, both Willow and Buffy's hands began glowing dark red as they thrust both of their hands out. The ice around the shadows fell and melted as four Flare spells exploded around them.

With the last of their strength; the shadows raced forward bringing their swords down, and across Willow and Buffy's chests before they disappeared. Buffy staggered back a step before falling to the ground, grabbing the painful wound, and had to grit her teeth to keep from crying out in pain.

"Poison." Willow gasp as she fell to the floor next to Buffy, and could feel the new poison burning through her veins before she fell unconscious.

"New...kind...poison..." Buffy whispered, before she, too, fell unconscious.

No one was concsious when the bright light filled the entire room, and several cloaked figuers appeared near the back. One stood guard as the others kneeled down next to one of the unconscious group.

"Donald is going to have a nasty headache when he wakes." the figure kneeling beside the duck spoke, as they smoothed the feathers back in place and cast a healing spell.

"The same can be said about Goofy." another figure said as they cast a healing spell on him and rose to watch the others, and pulled the cloak back. The figure was a young woman with long dark hair, and wearing a blue and yellow dress. She watched the other figure next to Donald, pull the cloak back revealing long blonde hair, and could see the silver gown she wore.

"Tara is fine." Another young blonde woman spoke as she rose, and dusted off her blue dress.

"So is Faith." Another young girl with blonde hair said, as she, too, rose to watch the other with Willow and Buffy. "How are they?"

"Both have the Dragon Poison running through their veins. I am glad we got here in time." A young woman with brown hair, and a yellow dress said as two coaked figures appeared.

"Faith, Tara, is something wrong?" The guard asked turning toward the two women.

"No, Jasmine, everything is fine." Faith's twin smiled and kneeled beside Buffy, pressing her hand to the wound.

"We only came to help." Tara's twin kneeled pressing her hand to Willow's wound.

The others in the room watched as both girls' hands blowed with a warm white light, and could see the Dragon Poison being taken from their bodies. They then watched as the wounds began healing as a Curaga spell was cast on both girls.

"That should do it." Faith's twin said standing and grinned when she saw Faith staring back at her. "Are you feeling better?"

"Uh, yeah."

"I am glad to hear it."

"Hear what?" Tara asked rubbing the side of her head, "Oh! It's you." she said when she saw the twins.

"Nice to see you, too." Tara's twin shook her head.

"Sorry, but I wasn't expecting to see you here...and not in my dreams... Wait a minute! How are you here?"

"Yeah! Did they finally wake you up?" Faith cocked her head to the right.

The twins shook their heads, "No," Tara's twin said, "each of us has enough energy to appear where you have been."

"But why?" Tara asked confused as to why they were there.

Faith's twin glanced down at Willow and Buffy, "Because of them. They needed help."

"After you were knocked unconscious by the shadows, your lover's fought them, and became poisoned." The young woman in the blue and yellow dress said softly.

"If it weren't for them, they wouldn't have made it." Jasmine said stepping beside the twins.

"Jasmine? You're here too?"

The princess nodded, "Yes, but like them, I too can appear with the energy I have left."

"Then, we must thank you."

"No need." The twins smiled at Tara, "We wanted to help." Tara's twin said as she and the others began glowing.

"Remember this though," Faith's twin spoke as the group of young women became transparent, "They will be put through much worse as you continue your journey."

The girls watched the group of women disappear, and hurried over to Willow and Buffy. Both girls were still unconscious, but that didn't matter, what mattered was getting them awake, and getting off that ship.

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