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Final Fantaxy X

Author: Stormforce
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or FFX. So please don't sue me, all I have is 20 cents, and pocket lent.

Willow groans in pain and slowly opens her eyes, looking around she doesn't see anything other then the ruins sticking up from the water. Sighing she stands up "Giles? Anyone there? Heeey." Not getting an answer she takes a closer look at her surroundings. Water all around her, a little walkway to the right, and off in the distance she can see a dark shadow. <Looks like a building. Well I need to find out where I'm at's a walking I go, atleast I still have my sword.>

Willow walks over to the narrow walkway and looks at it, finding nothing out of the ordinary she continues. Reaching a slight incline the ground starts to rumble causing the walkway to break and fall away, Willow falls into the water below. Breaking the surface of the water she turns around in a circle, she can see dark shapes swimming toward her. One of the shapes flies out of the water, watching it Willow get a good look at it.

"Well great more least they're fish monsters and not frog monsters." She says and takes a deep breath.


Name: Sahagin
HP: 100
MP: 5

Grabbing her sword she ducks under the water to meet the enemies, killing the first one was easy. The second one put up a fight swiping at her with a clawed fin causing Willow to swim back to avoid it. Not seeing the third till it was right beside her, she didn't have time to avoid the hit, a clawed fin cut into her right leg. Willow brought her sword up and across cutting the monsters head off. She looked back to the last one waiting for it to make a move, but it saw something before she did and swam off. <Chicken> She thought. Then she noticed something out of the corner of her eye, and turned toward it. It was huge and it wasn't a fish <ok now I know why the fish left...and I think I just became a chicken also.> The new opponent was atleast twelve foot high and seven or eight foot across. Its arms had hard armour on them; the stomach was more like a cage with its ribs being the bars, and the four light brown tentacles were as big as an oak tree.


Name: Geosgaeno
HP: 32,767
MP: 128

<It doesn't have eyes. Yay maybe it'll swim on by.> It stopped and turned and swiped at Willow. <Well crap. > She swam back the forward to attack; her sword hit its ribs and made a dull clang also shaking Willow. <Damn that thing is hard as a rock I gotta get out of here.> The monster swung again barely missing Willow's head; she turned and swam only to have the monster chase after her. <What the hell? It doesn't have eyes so how can it be following me? My wound! It can smell the blood. Great just abso-freaking-lutely great. Hey there's a doorway cool maybe I won't get eaten today, swim, swim, swim faster Willow we don't want that thing getting us now do we?> As she closed in on the safety of the door the monster started sucking the water towards it. The water in front of Willow was flowing past her trying to pull her with it. Looking over her shoulder she saw it sucking debris in leaves, limbs, rocks, a frog. <Wait! Frog! I am NOT getting stuck inside that thing with a frog.> Putting an extra burst of speed into swimming she got through the doorway just before the monster slammed into it.

I had made it out of the frying pan... and into the freezer. I thought I was going to die in this place, but somehow luck was with me.

Climbing out of the water she looks around and blows in her hands. Willow grumbles and walks into a room. The room is circler with broken pillars scattered on the floor, but the floor in the middle is clear, looking up she can see that it has a balcony, to the left, right, and front are doors.

"No time like the present. Hopefully I can find something for a fire."

Walking over to the middle door she tries to open it, not seeing a handle she shrugs her shoulders, and decides to leave it for later. The right door is ajar, pushing it open and looking in she see's a small desk, she smiles and walks over to it. On top of the desk are a couple pieces of flint she puts them in her pocket and breaks the desk legs off, and carries them back to the other room. Placing them on the floor, she continues to the left door. "Now all I need is something to start it with."

Opening the last door she finds a set of stairs drawing her sword just in case she takes each step slowly. Reaching the top and not finding anything waiting to eat her, she relaxes a bit, looking around she spots a bunch of dried flowers, and smiles. "Yes, now I can get a fire going."

Starting the fire took little effort and soon it was chasing the cold away.

"Now all I need is something to eat, then I would feel a whole lot better."

Willow sat beside the fire with her arms around her legs she used her knees as a pillow. The warmth of the fire caused her to doze off and dream.


Willow was standing in her house with Giles standing beside the door looking at her sternly.

"And just what do you want, Giles?"

"You made a bad call. The Abes lost the game because of you."

"You came here just to say THAT?" Willow sighs. "Is that the only reason you came, or does the all knowing Giles have something else to say? Maybe put me down some more?"

"It's been ten years...I thought you'd be crying." Giles says with a small frown. "Or don't you care?"

"Who me? Cry? I don't think so man. As for, no I don't care. He never did anything for me, but PUT ME DOWN!" Willow screams the last part.

Suddenly a hooded figure appears standing beside Willow.

"You cried." The figure says and disappears as Giles walks out the door leaving Willow to herself.

End Dream

Willow raises her head to see the fire starting to go out.

"No, please don't go out. Just hold on I'll get more wood." Willow speaks and starts to go to the room with the desk, when a noise gets her attention. Looking up she sees a dark shadow running on the side of the balcony. When it reaches the light she gets a good look at it.


Name: Klikk
HP: 1500
MP: 5

About half her height, gray in color, each of it's four legs come to a sharp point at the tip. And a long sharp tail. It jumps down and lands in front of her, Willow grabs her sword and blocks just when the monster slashes at her. The high pitch clang echoed through the room as Willow swings her sword and hits the thing on the head. Stunned the Klikk stops for a moment, giving Willow enough time to hit it again. Shaking its head it takes a step forward only to be hit with a shockwave of an explosion. Looking over Willow sees that there is now a door where there wasn't one before, and 4 people standing in the opening. She could make out three men and one girl, all wearing tight fitting diving suites. Willow sighed in relief... help was here.

The girl walked over to Willow and took a fighting stance at the sight of the monster.

"You on my side?" Willow asked.

Getting no reply Willow just shrugs her shoulders and turns back to fight. Jumping toward the monster Willow slashes and jumps back just as her feet touch the ground. The girl takes something out of a small pack on her side and throws it at the monster. Willow has just enough time to duck behind a fallen pillar before it explodes, blowing the monster into several pieces. When it's quite again, Willow slowly raises her head to see that the three men had joined the girl. Walking over to the small group she smiles, the girl takes off her goggles.

"Damn that was close." Willow says looking at what was left of the thing that attacked her. "Thanks for the help." She then screams when one of the men grabbed her by the hair, and held her. "Hey you bastard let go of me!"

"Yht fryd tu fa ryja rana?" The man holding Willow spoke. (And what do we have here?)

"Y fiend! Eh risyh teckieca!" The second one said. (A fiend! In human disguise!)

"Drah fa sicd gemm ed. Nekrd?" The third man said holding a knife to Willows neck. (Then we must kill it. Right?)

"Fyed! Fryd ev cra EC risyh? Fa't pa gemmanc." Spoke the girl as she grabbed the knife. (Wait! What if she IS human? We'd be killers.)

"Ed tuac hud syddan. Drao yna dra cysa ajah eh taydr." The third said pulling his hand free of the girls grasp. (It does not matter. They are the same even in death.)

"HU! E vunpet ed. Fa femm dyga ran fedr ic." She said and looked closely at Willow, then spoke directly to her "Cunno" before hitting Willow in the stomach. (NO! I forbid it. We will take her with us. Sorry.)

Willow fell to the floor as blackness invaded her vision and then blacked out.

"Belg ran ib yht dyga ran du dra creb." No one moved "Dryd ec yh UNTAN!" (Pick her up and take her to the ship. That is an ORDER!)

After giving the order the girl turns and walks out the opening leaving the three men to decide who carries Willow to the ship. Sighing the one who held the knife picks her up and walks off.

On the ship.

The one carrying Willow drops her on the deck and walks off leaving the other two men to guard her. She slowly opens her eyes and looks up at the guards.

"Ya know that hurt." She says starting to get up only to be pushed down by one of the men.

"Oui cdyo turh yht tuh'd suja." (You stay down and don't move.)

"Hey! I just wanna get up."

"E cyet cdyo turh." He said again this time pointing a gun at Willow. (I said stay down.)

"Whoa, alright I get it, I get it. I'll just stay right here and not move. Nope I won't move a muscle not me you see I'm not moving am I. So can you please get that thing outta my face, cause I like it where it is...I don't think it would look good splattered all over the floor of the ship."

"Tysh! Cra dymgc duu silr." The man said as he pointed the gun in another direction. (Damn! She talks too much.)

Willow sighed in relief when the gun wasn't pointing at her anymore. She leaned up against the railing and looked at the stars. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there when the hatch opened, and the girl that punched her and another girl came out. She decided to try and get up again, and found that she wasn't stopped. This new girl like the rest was wearing a tight yellow diving suit with goggles covering her eyes.

The new girl looked Willow up and down before looking at the other girl. "Oui femm ramb ic?" She said. (You will help us?)

"Uh...yeah right whatever."

"Fro tu oui hud cbayg?" The girl asked. (Why do you not speak?)

The man holding the gun started to hit Willow.

"Fyed!" The first girl said and turned to Willow. "She said that you could stay if you help us out."

"Hey, you can speak my language." Willow said before she was hit in the stomach. "Alright I'll help."

The men and other girl walk back into the cabin.

"So what are we gonna be doing?"

"We found some ancient ruins beneath us. They aren't active right now, but there should be some power left in them. So you and me are gonna go down there and activate it. The we should be able to salvage the prize. So come on let's get to work." The girl explained.

"You got it let's go." Willow said before she and the other girl dove in to the water.

<Damn I forgot to ask her name...oh well it's not like we can talk underwater anyway. I'll ask her when we get back to the ship.> Willow thought as she swam behind the girl, following the girl into an opening Willow saw that there was a control panel in front of a door. Swimming up to it Willow looked it over and gave it a couple of good hits, causing the panel to light up bright blue. She pushed a button that caused the door to slid up and open. Inside the next room there wasn't much to see except a light blue crystal hanging from the ceiling. Swimming into the third room the girl pointed to another crystal that wasn't lit up. Willow nodded her head and swam over to it; she gave it the same treatment as the panel. After four good hits the crystal lit up, causing the ruins to shake.

As they swam back out Willow saw a blue glowing tentacle grab on to the girl, and pull her toward a gaping mouth full of razor sharp teeth.


Name: Tros
HP: 2200
MP: 100

Willow grabbed her sword and quickly swam over to it and slashed the tentacle that was holding the girl. The girl swam off a little and turned around with a grenade in her hand, she motioned for Willow to get away. When Willow was nearly beside her the girl threw the grenade it bounce off the hard shell on Tros' head, as the grenade floated down to the floor it exploded. The shockwave sent Willow and the girl up against the wall, but when they looked back there was only pieces of Tros left. The girl gave Willow a high five as they swam out the opening.

Back on the ship.

"E lyh'd pameaja ed! Fa vuiht yh airship." The first man said. (I can't believe it! We found an airship.)

"Oayr, dra pucc ec kuehk du muja ed." The second said smiling. (Yeah, the boss is going to love it.)

"Huf, ruf yna fa du kad ed ib rana?" Asked the third guy. (Now, how are we to get it up here?)

Willow shook the water out of her hair as she followed the three men toward the hatch.

"Oui, cdyo uidceta!" The third said and pushed Willow back. (You, stay outside!)

"Hey! I helped didn't I?" She said as the hatch closed. "Well that's just great now I'm stuck out here...and I'm HUNGRY!"

She lay down on the floor of the ship her head propped up on her arm looking out at the ocean.

<I wonder how far away I am from Zanarkand? I hope everyone is ok after what happened. But what the hell did happen? Giles knew what that thing was...Giles, stupid Giles nearly got me killed. The next time I see him I think I'll sic Kris on him after I tell him off. Kris is going to be pissed; especially when I tell her what happened to me. I know she's fine...she is part of the Dragon Clan and they can take care of themselves. Oh I know I'll have the whole clan chasing Giles' ass all over Zanarkand...teach him to screw with me.>

Her thoughts were interrupted when her stomach growled.

"Need food." Willow said to no one, she was going to get lost in thought again until someone kicked her arm, causing her head to nearly hit the floor. Looking up she saw the girl she'd helped out, with a tray of food. She sits the tray down in front of Willow, who grabbed it and started eating. But there was one problem she eat too fast and started choking, the girl quickly handed her a canteen of water.

"It's cause you eat too fast."

Willow stands up and stretches then turn toward the girl.

"Hello there my name is Willow. What is your name?"

"My name is Buffy."

{Buffy is a 17 year-old Al Bhed girl. She stands at 5'2". She has blond hair in a ponytail, and two little braids beside each ear. She has green eyes with black swirls starting at the pupil. She wears a orange vest, green shorts, and light colored boots, she has a different glove on each hand. When she fights she uses a claw as a weapon. She is also a very good thief.}

Willow grabs Buffy's hands and starts to shake the rapidly.

"Sweet! You really can understand me... hey why didn't you say so before?"

"I didn't get a chance to. Everyone thought oui were a fiend."

Willow looked at Buffy confused "Uh..."We."

"Oh, sorry "oui" means you" Buffy said.

"Ok, umm, who are you guys anyway?"

Buffy smiled and bounced on the balls of her feet. "We're Al Bhed. Can't you tell? Oh, wait you're not an Al Bhed hater are you? Cause that would suck."

"Well, I don't even know what an Al Bhed I can't hate you now can I?"

"You don't know?! Where are you from?"

"Zanarkand. I'm the star player of the Zanarkand Abes. Ya know the best blitzball team there is." Willow said proudly.

"Uh did you hit your head, maybe that fiend squeezed you a little too hard."

"Well you guys hit me remember...and you pack and good punch too."

"Thanks! But do you remember anything after that?"

So I told Buffy about Zanarkand... about what life was like there, blitzball... and about Sins attack. I told her of how Giles and I were engulfed in this bright light. I said things just as they came to me... but then I started to wonder.

"Umm did I say something funny?" Willow asked when she saw the look on Buffy's face.

"You were near Sin? Right?"


"Don't worry you'll get better in no time. They say your head gets kinda funny when you get too close to Sin. So maybe you just had a dream."

"Wait a minute... you're telling me I'm sick?"

"Yeah from Sin's Toxin."

"And you are completely sure about this?"

"Yeah, there is no Zanarkand anymore. Sin destroyed it a thousand years ago. So I'm sorry to say... no one plays blitzball there anymore."

"What do you mean a thousand years ago? I saw Sin attack Zanarkand. You telling me that happened a thousand years ago. No Way! It can't be!"

Neither Willow nor Buffy spoke for a few minutes. Buffy was staring out at the ocean and Willow was thinking about home.

"You said you play blitzball?"

"Yeah why?"

"You should go to Luca. Someone might know who you are... or you might find someone you recognize there."


"Okay, leave it to me I'll get you to Luca, I promise."

"Are you sure?"

"What you'd rather stay here?"

"Not exactly."

"Okay, I'll go tell the others. Wait here. Oh and one more thing... don't tell anyone you're from Zanarkand. Yevon says it's a holy place, you might upset someone." Buffy said then turned and walked back into the control room.

My Zanarkand. Holy place? Yeah right I thought, since when? Yevon? Sin? Luca? What is this? I thought Sin took me to a place far away, and I could go back in a few days... but a thousand years into the future? No way!

"No way!" Willow screamed and kicked the cargo hold.

The ship started shaking causing Willow to fall back on her butt and roll backwards to the railing. When she looked up she saw two Al Bhed men coming out of the control room.

"Sin!" The first one screamed.

"Sin ryc lusa!" The second one shouted. (Sin has come.)

A third Al Bhed came running out of the control room shouting.

"Ihtan dra creb! Sin fahd ihtan ic!" (Under the ship! Sin went under us!)

Sin rose out of the ocean spraying water all over the ships deck, Willow tried holding on to the railing, but was swept over and into the ocean. She fell into the swirling water, the last thing she saw was Buffy leaning over the railing trying to reach her.

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