Final Fantaxy X

Author: Stormforce
Rating: PG-13 for language
Disclaimer: Don't own either Buffy or FFX. So please don't sue me, all I have is 20 cents, and pocket lent.

Willow is sitting around a campfire with six other people. She gets up and places her hand on one of the blond women's shoulders, and walks up a hill. As she looks out over the ruins of what once was a beautiful city, the wind blows her shoulder length hair back.

Listen to my story... This may be our last chance.

Willow slowly walked out of the door and smiled at her fans. She was the star player of the Zanarkand Abes, and she loved every moment of it. She wasn't a smartass like a couple of the players, but being in the spotlight was great..<Especially dating the hot girls...not like I've ever slept with them.> She thought with a smile. She walked over to a couple of girls.

[Willow is the star player of the Zanarkand Abes; she is 18 years old, and 5'3". She has shoulder length red hair and green eyes. She wears the Abes uniform a short yellow shirt, blue overall shorts, black fingerless gloves, and yellow high-tops. She also has an arrowhead earring in her right ear and an arrowhead necklace. When she fights she uses a sword as a weapon.]

"Hi, can I have your autograph?" One fan asked.

"Sure." Willow replies and signs the blitzball.

"Good luck tonight." The second fan says and hands the ball to Willow.

She signs the ball "Thanks but it's nothing to worry about." Handing the ball back she gives the girls a wide smile "Hey if I score a goal I'll do this" she holds up three fingers on each hand "that'll mean it was for you, okay?" The girls giggle. "What seat?"

"East block, in the front row, fifth from the right." Both girls said.

"Got it!" Willow smiles as she turns to three kids.

"Will you sign our blitzballs?" One kid asks.

"I sure will." She hands the blitzballs after signing her name. "Well I gotta go." But before she could go the three kids scream out "Teach us how to blitz!" Willow gives the boys a smile "Sorry boys I have a game to play."

The boys look down at the ground "Well how about after?" The second boy asks.

Willow looks thoughtful for a moment "Maybe tonight...well?"

Before she could say anything else a hooded figure speaks up "You can't tonight."

Willow looks at the figure then back to the boys "I mean tomorrow."

The first boy looks up "Promise?" he asks.

Giving her best smile Willow replies, "I promise!" Then runs off to the arena. As she's running she can hear the announcer speaking.

I was in the coffee shop, running away from home when I heard the news. Our hero, Ira, gone. Vanished into thin air! My dad must have been his biggest fan. I knew how sad he'd be. Heck, we all were that day. "Zanar", I say to myself, "What are you thinking?" I went running straight back home. We sat up talking 'bout Ira all night. My dad and I never talked so much. Whoa... Didn't mean to reminisce, folks. Anyway... Ten years later, the Ira Memorial Cup tournament is today! The two teams that have won through to the finals are...of course, the Abes from A-East, and the Duggles from C-South. I know there's a lot of people out there today to see the star of the Abes! In just one year, she's become the team's number one player! She's Ira's blood, and the new hope of blitzball! What kind of super play will she show us today? Will we see her father's legendary shot? I don't think I'm the only one excited here, folks!

Willow finally makes it to the front of the blitzball arena only to be surrounded by excited fans. "Hey come on. I've got a game to play. Please!" The fans let her through she waves at the fans and moves inside.

"Yo Willow how's our star player doin' tonight?"

Willow looks up to see Kris the second best player on the team, and her best friend. "Hey Dragon, I'm doin' good...and I'll be doin' great when we win the tournament tonight." Willow high fives the other girl.

"I know what you mean Will, hey you're comin' to the victory party at my place right?"

Willow looks shocked for a split second then hits Kris on the shoulder. "You know I won't miss one of your parties, so hell yeah I'll be there."

Kris lets a slow grin spread across her face "Great! Well come on the coach wants to talk to us." Willow lets Kris lead her while she gets lost in thought.

Ten years ago in Zanarkand.

Nine-year old Willow was on the ground bloody, bruised and sniffling. "Hey what's tha little baby cryin' for?"

She looked up to see a group of boys four or five years older than her. She thinks to herself and looks down.

"Aww poor baby ya gonna run cryin' to mommy now?" the same boy asks.

Willow does nothing but stare at the ground.

"You're starting to piss me off, answer me."

Willow doesn't even lift her head.

"That's it I'll teach you to ignore me." The boy says and starts to kick the girl on the ground, but he falls forward and hits the ground beside Willow. Everyone including Willow look up only to see a girl two years older than Willow. She has short brown hair and blue eyes that at that moment seemed to be on fire. The boy on the ground gets up and glares at the girl before bringing his fist up to hit her. The girl sidesteps to avoid the punch and uses her open palm to hit the boy in the ribs. The boy cries out in pain as two of his ribs break under the force he stumbles back into the arms of one of the boys.

"Let's get the hell out of here." He cries and runs off with the group.

Turning around the girl kneels on the ground in front of Willow who looks up at her. The brown haired girl looks Willow over then sticks her hand out "Hi, my name is Kris."

Willow looks at the offered hand and then back to the girl "I'm Willow" she says and takes the girls hand.

Kris helps Willow up and grins "Come on let's get you cleaned up."

<I made the bestest friend I could possibly ask for that day and I wouldn't trade her for nothing. She started teaching me how to fight that day too...hell I may be the best Blitzball player on the team, but I'm still no match for her when it comes to fighting. But then again she is of the Dragon Clan and they are the best fighters you could ask for.>

"Okay people quite and Listen up. This tournament is for the cup and we can't lose ya got that? Good now I want you guy and girls to go out there and WIN!" The coach said all the while glaring at the team. "Rosenberg listen up I want you to shoot your ass off out there and score, score, score."

Willow looked up "But coach if I shoot my ass off what will all the hot girls look at?"

The coach's face turned red "You know what I mean." he growled out.

"I know coach just wanted to tease you a little." Willow smile sweetly at him while Kris shook with silent laughter.

"Fine whatever all of you get your asses out there and win that tournament."

The tournament is in full swing the Abes are ahead by three points the fans are cheering for their favorite team.

Four blocks away an older man is standing on a rooftop looking out over the ocean, he sees something rise up and start toward Zanarkand. He takes a drink from the jug hanging from his side and walks off with his samurai sword slung over his shoulder.

Back at the tournament the game is tied the Duggles captain throws the ball, Kris intercepts and kicks it straight up out of the water.

The man is now walking down the street some people are running from the huge ball of water. He steps in a puddle and water splashes, but instead of falling back to the ground the water floats up.

Willow follows the ball out of the water and flips only to see a ball of water shooting beams. The beams hit the stadium causing the fans to panic and run, Willow grabs onto a ledge but slips off and falls to the ground.

Willow groaned and rubbed her head as she sat up, she looked around only to see people running and the stadium in ruins. <What the hell is going on?> She thought as she stood up a man was standing a few feet away.

"Giles! What are you doing here?"

Giles looked at Willow "I was waiting for you." he spoke calmly.

[Giles is 38 years old, and stands 5'9". He has a brown ponytail reaching his waist. He wears a samurai style robe, dark pants, and dark boots. He hides his left arm in the robe with only his hand showing. He has a scar starting at the top of his right eye and continues own his cheek. He lost the sight of his eye from the hit the scar shows. When he fights he uses a samurai sword as a weapon.]

"Huh? What are you talking about?" In response Giles only turns and walks off, Willow follows but she doesn't see him.

Suddenly everything freezes the men and women that were running are now frozen in step. Willow looks around in wonder <Creepy> she thinks to herself. She turns in time to see the hooded figure from before appear out of thin air. "Whoa, how'd you do that?" Willow asks.

"It begins. Don't cry." Is the only thing the figure says before disappearing, causing everything to unfreeze. Turing around Willow finally see's Giles "Hey wait! Not that way." Giles turns to Willow

"Look." She looks up to see the ball of water that destroyed the stadium.

"We called it Sin"

"Sin?" Willow asks as something appears from a building and shoots pod looking things from its body. Willow dodges one of the pods as it lands at her feet; it starts moving causing her to fall back. The pod opens, but it's not a pod it's a gray monster with four legs, two wings that have sharp tips, and a head that looks like it was mashed under a tank. Giles holds out a sword

"Take it." As Willow grabs the sword Giles pull her up "A gift from Ira." Willow looks at the sword

"My old man?" The sword is red and silver the body start out narrow near the hilt and widens toward the end, the blade tip veers down and back toward Willow.

When Willow looked at the things in front of her, something flashed in front of her eyes.

Name: Sinscale
HP: 100
MP: 0

"I hope you know how to use it." Giles says as he unsheathes his samurai sword.

"Willow, these one don't matter, just cut and run."

They ran down the street only killing the ones that got in their way, and slashing at the others. Rounding the bend Willow slides to a stop, there in the middle of the road is a large black squid looking body with tentacles waving around in the air.


Name: Sinspawn Ammes
HP: 2400
MP: 400

Gathering up her courage she runs toward the monster swinging her sword. She lands a hit causing the thing to wave its tentacles around madly in the air. Slicing up, down, right and left causes two of the tentacles to fall off. She looks to the right and see's Giles doing the same, just as she is about to start another round of slicing Giles hollers out "Stand back."

Doing as asked she steps back and watches as Giles lift his left arm up palm facing forward. A light forms in his hand spreading up his arm, and over his body, down to his sword blade. Willow watches as Giles leaps up into the air, and hears him scream out "Earthquake!" as he lands the sword shatters the ground. The ground starts to rumble with the force causing the monster to shake and die as its hold on the ground gives.

"Damn Giles, where the hell did you learn that!?" Willow asks wide-eyed.

Giles says nothing in reply and continues on.

"Oh come on! Gimme a break!" Willow calls out only to be ignored. Running to catch up with Giles she looks up and sees a picture of Ira "What are you laughing at, old man?" she asks it. Turning the corner they find themselves surrounded by more Sinscales. Willow cuts one in half only to have another take its place. After taking down four more each Giles looks to the right and grins.

"Willow, there knock it down."

Willow looks over and sees a small tank machine, and gives Giles her "what-are-you-crazy" look.

"Trust me on this Willow, it will work."

Sighing she nods her head and takes and running slash at the machine. The second her sword hits it the tank starts to shake and give off sparks; Willow jumps back in time to see it go over the edge. The explosion that followed was huge knocking her off her feet. As she stands back up she watches Giles run across the road as it falls apart.

"Come on Willow you can make it." She hears Giles call.

<Oh what the hell> She runs across only to have the road start falling from under her feet <I'm not going to die from this> she thinks. Putting her last ounce of strength into it she jumps for the other side, and grabs onto the ledge. She looks down to see the road fall into a pit of fire <Whoa> when she looks back up Giles is standing over her, and over him is Sin.

He looks up "You are sure?"

Giles reaches down and grabs Willow by her yellow shirt, and pulls her up.

"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here." Giles says to Willow as Sin sucks them up.

After Sin sucked her and Giles up, Willow found her-self floating over what looked to be a city. Looking around she saw something off in the distance, and decided to swim or rather float that way.

"Hey! Hey!" A voice says.

"Huh, old man?"

Willow looked all around her and didn't see anything. Shrugging her shoulders Willow starts floating toward what she saw earlier. Floating down she sees a younger version of herself.

I thought about a lot of things... like where I was. What I'd gotten myself into... actually that would be Giles' fault not mine. And then I started to feel light-headed and then a little sleepy. Really I think I had a dream. A dream of me being alone... I remember I wanted someone-anyone... even Giles there. So I didn't feel so alone anymore.

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