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Eighth Grade Discoveries

Author: Daii-Daii
Rating: PG
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Disclaimer:I own none of the characters, except a few that'll come in later on... oh and the teachers... yep.
Note: * * mean thoughts.

"So, Dawn, what do you think about Tara?" asks Willow while they walk around the mall.

"She seems like a great girl, you can tell she really loves you Will."

"Really? So, you and Monserrat, you guys are really serious huh?"

"Yeah, I really love her, I just haven't told her yet, I'm afraid she won't feel the same way."

"Well you'll never know until you tell her. And besides, I'm sure she feels the same way, I mean the way you two act around each other. I can tell you're both happy to be together and you seem to keep each other in line. And also you seem to know what each other's thinking and feeling. That to me seems like you both love each other."

"I guess you're right, I just have to do it at a proper time."

"So, have you told your mom about you two yet?"

"Ha, no, not yet but I probably should I mean she almost walked in on me and Mon kissing the other day. I'll probably have her over for dinner next week and tell my mom, I just hope she doesn't freak."

"I don't think she will, Joyce seems like a very accepting person."

"Yeah...I wonder if we'll lose the bet..."

"Nah, trust me I've seen her checking girls out, and besides, Tara's sister, Faith, is also a lesbian and we're gonna try to set them up"

"Nice... wait, Tara has a sister?"


"Oh..." *I guess Willow's not the only with the difficult past. I wish I hadn't talked to her like that earlier*

"Yeah, I'm gonna meet her tomorrow so I guess I'll stay over at her house tonight"

"And what are you two gonna do tonight?"

"Dawn! Geez, I'm only 13... hey lets go in here and check out what they have." They enter a store and start looking around.

"So, Tara, when did you and Willow meet?" Asks Monserrat as she and Tara are shopping.

"This s-summer, in Georgia."

"That's nice. So, did you live there?"


"Well do you like it here so far?"

"It's nice, not as natural as Georgia but i-it's ok"

"So everyone's been good to you then? Like at school and everything?"

"Yeah, everyone's nice. S-so, you and Dawn seem to be pretty s-serious."

"We are, I love her but I just haven't been able to tell her. I'm scared, afraid that she won't love me back."

"I-I'm sure she does. You two seem so happy together. She cares about you, a-and I can tell you care about her too. You just have to f-find the right time to tell her."

"Yeah, you're right. I just wish I knew when the right time was."

"Trust me, y-you'll know. It can be anytime, anywhere, but you'll know."

"Thank you Tara."

"F-for what?"

"I just... I needed that... It helped me somehow, I'm not sure how yet but it did."

"You're welcome."

"Well I've got something for Dawn, how about you, have you gotten Willow's outfit yet?"

"Yep, I c-can't wait to see her in it."

"Same here, but for Dawn, in her outfit."

"Yeah, I f-figured that much"

"You know, I see why Willow likes you. You seem to have a way of understanding people and helping them out with their problems."

"Really? I-I help people with their problems? Like who?"

"Well you helped me out a bit. It's because of you that I've decided it's finally time to tell Dawn that I love her."

"Well I'm glad I could h-help. We should get g-going, we have to meet our girls back at the food court in a few m-minutes."

"Yeah you're right."

"Where are they?" asks Dawn while she and Willow sit and wait for the girls.

"Don't worry they'll be here soon enough."

"I hope Monserrat likes what I go her."

"I'm sure she will, I wonder what Tara got me..." Willow sees Tar and Monserrat walking towards the table talking and laughing.

"What're you two laughing about?" asks Dawn.

"Oh, nothing. Tara and I have just gotten to know each other better over the past hour. You're one lucky girl Will."

"Thanks." Says Willow as she gets up and goes to Tara, then gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, what about me? You don't consider you're self lucky to be with me? Or do you want Tara?" asks Dawn playfully.

"Hey, Tara's mine thank you very much."

"Dawn, baby, I wouldn't leave you for the world." Says Monserrat as she goes over to kiss Dawn.

"Mmm... I want more." Says Dawn.

"Later baby, I promise. You are staying over at my place right?"


"Good, then you'll defiantly get more of me."

"Hey, standing right here." Says Willow, "And what do you mean she'll get 'more of you'?"

"God Willow, we're only 12, haha. Get your mind outa the gutter. If any of us is gonna do anything they shouldn't it'd probably be you two, after all you are 'older'" Says Dawn.

"Ha, yeah only 1 and 2 years older. Most we'll do is probably snuggle, that is if I stay at Tara's. We haven't exactly talked about it yet.Hehe..."

"W-well if you want to. A-and if your parents are okay with it."

"Well of course I want to, and as for my parents, they probably won't even notice."

"But shouldn't you c-call them to let them know you'll be at my house?"

"I guess and I should probably go get some pj's or something to sleep in."

"Oh you don't h-have too. I have some stuff at home you can wear."

"Great, so I'll just call my mom right now and we'll get going, after all it's getting kinda late."

"Really? What time is it?" asks Dawn.

"10:45. Dawn I should call my mom and tell her to pick us up, I don't want her to think we were out with guys. Haha, if only she knew." Says Monserrat. She gets her phone from her pocket and calls her mom.

"Well I'm gonna call mine right now too." Says Willow. "Hello, mom?"

"Oh hi Willow, do you want me to pick you girls up now?"

"Uh, no, I was wondering if I could spend the night at Tara's. Her mom's gonna pick us up."

"If it's okay with her parents."

"Yeah, her parents said it's okay." Willow looks over at Tara, 'It is okay right?' she mouthed. Tara nods.

"Well okay then, are you going to come by the house to get a change of clothes and something to sleep in?"

"Uh, change of clothes?" She looks over at Tara who just holds a bag up, "No, no it's okay I bought something at the mall and Tara said she had clothes at home I could borrow to sleep in."

"Well alright, I'll see you tomorrow then Willow."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow mom, bye." She hangs up the phone and walks over to Tara. "Well looks like you're stuck with me for the night."

"Oh the horror, haha. I'm more than happy to have you with me."

"My mom's here. We'll see you guys on Monday."

"Bye Willow, bye Tara"

"Bye you two, and don't do anything we wouldn't do."says Willow, "So, you wanna call your mom?"

"Yeah, that'd probably be a good idea." Willow hands Tara her phone. Tara dials her home number and talks to Alex. When she's done she hands Willow her phone back.

"Dad'll be here in about ten minutes." Says Tara.

"'Kay then lets go wait outside, I'll keep you warm" says a grinning Willow.

*I guess mom was right about one thing, if I'm cold Willow'll keep me warm.* Thinks Tara as they walk outside hand in hand.

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