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Eighth Grade Discoveries

Author: Daii-Daii
Rating: PG
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Note: * * mean thoughts.

"Aww, man." Says Willow as she and Tara stand in line for the movies. "It's sold out, Christmas With The Kranks is sold out!"

"Willow, sweetie, i-it's okay, we'll watch something else."

"Yeah, you're right. As long as we're together who cares what we watch. So what do you wanna see?"

"H-how about The Incredibles ?"

"Isn't that a little kid movie?"

"N-not really, my sister, F-faith, saw it and she's our age. She said it was good"

"You have a sister?"

"Step sister."

"You have a step sister?"

"How about I t-tell you about it a-after the movie?"

"Sure, I guess... so we'll watch The Incredibles."

They bought the tickets and went in. They decided not to get any snacks since they were gonna go eat later afterwards. They enjoyed the movie, and the feeling of their joined hands.

"That was a good movie" says Willow, "and funny too, especially the baby at the end."

"I told you it was good" says Tara.

"Yeah, and watching it with you just made it better," they walk hand in hand across the street to Round Table Pizza. They went in and ordered their food. While they wait they Talk.

"S-so you've b-been in love with me all this time?" asks Tara.

"Yeah, I just wish I woulda known you felt the same way about me. So you have a sister? A stepsister?"


"I just realized, I don't really know much about your family. So you have a step-parent?"


"I thought so cuz you and you're mom look so much alike. So what happened with your dad? If you don't mind me asking."

"W-well, mom says he was a bit abusive. T-that he was mad that I turned out to be a girl, h-he wanted another boy. My mom left him cuz he h-had started to hit Donnie a lot and he would yell at m-my mom. S-she says he acted like I wasn't his daughter."

"Oh Tara, he sounds like a real asshole, if you don't mind me saying."

"No, you're right. That's why we moved to Georgia, to get away from my dad. Donnie doesn't even like to be around him. Mom met Alex, my step-dad, one day when we were in the park. He was there with Faith and Ivan, my step-brother. Ivan was carrying Faith. Mom told them we had just moved there so they invited us for dinner. Mom found out that Alex was also divorced. Soon they were dating. Alex proposed to my mom on Valentines Day two years later. They married later that year. Me and Faith have gotten pretty close. She's my best friend. Ivan's a Senior in High school."

"Wow... well Alex sounds like a cool guy... and you didn't stutter."

"I didn't did I? I guess I just feel very comfortable around you."

"That's great, makes me feel special."

"Well you are" says Tara with her lop-sided grin, "Oh, um, Faith is gonna move in with us this weekend, she said she needed her best friend. Would you like to meet her?"

"Sure that'd be great. Is she gay too? Wait never mind, I shouldn't have asked that."

"No, it's ok. Yes she's gay."

"Cool, she can join our 'Lesbian Club'."


"Oh I didn't tell you? Apparently we're part of a 'Club' at least that's what Buffy said. See after I told Dawn about you and how I felt she told us that she was gay too and that her and her friend Monserrat are girlfriends so Buffy says it's a 'Lesbian Club' forming. And then me and Dawn made a bet against Buffy. Dawn bet her 50 dollars that she'd be part of 'The Club' by new years and I bet her my blue sweater the one with the stars."

"Why'd you bet that one? You look so cute in it."

"Ya think? Well I'm not worried about losing, I've seen her checking girls out. Trust me I'm not gonna lose. Maybe Faith can help! I mean you did show me a picture of her after the movie and well..."


"What? I'm just saying... baby you know I love you. Hey do you think Faith might end up liking Buffy?"

"I don't know, maybe. Faith's a bit of a bad-ass sometimes."

"Really? Well Buffy likes 'bad boys' maybe it'll be the same with girls."

"Maybe, I mean she's a bad-ass in public but when she's with me she's different. And she opens up a bit with friends after a while."

"Okay, so will you help me set her up with Buffy without Buffy knowing she's being set up?"

"Sure, Faith needs someone, Buffy might be that someone."

The pizza finally came and they ate. When they finished they went to the mall that was across the street to get dessert and walk around. They ran into Dawn and Monserrat, well actually Willow did, literally.

"Willow look out!" but it was too late. Willow had been walking backwards so that she wouldn't have to look away from Tara, but that was a bad idea.

"Sorry! Are you okay? Dawn? Monserrat? What're you guys doing here?"

"We are on a date, the question is what are you doing her? Aren't you supposed to be at home telling Tara that you love her on Power-Point?" Asks Dawn.

"Yeah but then I thought 'Power-Point is boring, I'll go on date instead'."

"A date? With who?" asks Monserrat.

"With Tara of course, our first date" says Willow smiling.

"Oh! So you're the famous Tara. Well it's nice to meet you." Says Dawn turning to Tara.

"Y-yeah, and you D-dawn right?"

"Yep. Wow, I've heard so much about you I mean, you're all Willow talked about yesterday."

Tara blushes, "Really?" She looks over at Willow who's just smiling.

"Hehe... uh... so, anyways... Well, you know who Dawn is so now I'll introduce you her girlfriend, Monserrat."

"It's nice to meet you" says Monserrat.

"S-same here."

"So would you guys turning this into a double date?" asks Dawn.

"I don't know. Tara?"

"S-sure, it'll be f-fun."

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