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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

Faith went into her room, still unable to believe that her friend had heard so much of her and her girlfriend's sex life. Normally she wouldn't care but she was in love with her girlfriend and didn't want anyone hearing all that went on in their bedroom. She smiled as she thought of her lover. Being with Buffy was changing the brunette, she was able to commit now, and able to see things that she couldn't before. She hadn't changed that much though and if one thing was for sure, Tara was gonna get hers.

She grinned knowing exactly what payback would be.

Tara just finished packing her bags and was now zipping her duffle bag that she and Willow would share on the plane. She smiled as Willow's words entered her head.

"Don't forget the magazines, and the crossword puzzle book, oh and my laptop...very important.." The redhead said as if she was worried that Tara might forget something. "You know..I could just pack it real quick when I get back from Joyce's house.."

" got it. I promise I won't forget anything, see? I have a list." She waved the list in front of her girlfriend.

The redhead gave the blonde an apologetic look. "Sorry, I just... you know...worry."

"You don't think I can handle a list?" The blonde asked, a frown forming.

"Oh...yes! You can handle it...I was just being a dumby..."

Tara cut her off with a small kiss. "You're no dumby....and it's's cute." The blonde gave her lover a half smile and kissed her again.

"We're back...everyone ready?" Tara heard Buffy yell from downstairs followed by footsteps on the stairs. She looked at the doorway to see Willow coming in.

"Hey." The redhead greeted Tara before giving her a long kiss.

"Mmmm...what was that all about?" The blonde asked as the kiss ended.

"What? I can't kiss you like that without a reason? Are you excited? Cause I sure am, it's been three years since I've seen snow...oh and you've never seen snow which makes it even more exciting!" Willow babbled as she bounced on the balls of her feet.

Tara laughed at the adorable redhead. "I don't think it's possible for someone to not be excited when you are. You make it very contagious."

Just then Buffy popped her head into the room. "Time to go...need help with bags?"

"I can handle mine," Tara said, she looked at Willow's bags with raised eyebrows. "But's safe to say she needs help."

Buffy laughed. "Somehow I'm not surprised." She gave Willow a playful wink before grabbing two of her three bags.

"You can't be..." She began only to be cut off by her friend.

"...too prepared." Buffy finished as she headed out of the room to put the bags in the car.

Willow blushed a little under her girlfriend's amused look. She picked up her last bag and the carry-on bag then left the room followed by Tara.

The four girls made it to the airport and onto the plane with no problems.

Tara and Willow were seated by the window. Buffy and Faith seated in the seats across the aisle beside them.

Tara noticed her girlfriend was being quiet and took her hand. "Are you okay?"

"Oh...yeah...just a little nervous." The redhead replied as she gripped the arm of the seat.

"Nervous? You've flown before...unless you swam to the Island?" Tara's eyebrow arched. "If'm really impressed," She teased, trying to settle the redhead.

Willow gave a small laugh. "No....I flew. I'll be fine, once in the air, I'm fine." She gave a small smile to reassure the blonde. This was nothing new to Willow, she always had butterflies in her stomach before taking off, then once in the air they would disappear.

Tara placed her hand on the redhead's leg, trying to offer comfort. She smiled as she saw the crease on Willow's forehead lessen.

Willow was grateful her girlfriend was with her. The feel of Tara's hand on her leg helped a lot, maybe this time her butterflies would give way earlier than usual. She concentrated on the warmth of her lover's hand as the mans voice on the intercom greeted the passengers followed with instructions for the oxygen masks and emergency exits. She closed her eyes to relax as the plane started to move. She felt Tara squeeze her leg and smiled, she opened her eyes and looked over to blue eyes staring right back at her. Once they were in the air, her smile grew wider. "Thanks." She told Tara in a low voice.

"Anytime, better now?" Tara asked as she tucked Willow's red hair behind her ear.

"Much," Willow said, she then looked at the blonde's shirt and how it was lowcut, showing a nice amount of cleavage. Then the thought hit her and a worried expression appeared on her face. "Tell me you put you a coat in the bag?" She said as she pointed to the bag on the floor in front of her feet.

"I have a coat in one of the bags I checked." Tara said, looking confused.

"Tara! There will be snow...which means cold...which means you could get sick which would be really bad cause we're supposed to be having fun...not being sick and feeling all icky." Willow finished.

"Willow...I will be's just a little, I can put it on if I need to when I get my bags." Tara grinned at her girlfriend. The blonde knew she was tough and could not grasp the idea of cold weather getting to her.

" long as you put it on when you get your bags."

"Right IF I need to," Tara smiled. She hated wearing bulky clothes, she was used to summer clothes and bathing suits that she wore on the Island.

Willow just nodded, she knew her girlfriend would relent and wear the coat after feeling how cold COLD actually is.

Buffy and Faith were talking and reading a magazine together. Buffy noticed that her girlfriend would look over at their friends from time to time. "What's going on Faith?" Buffy asked as Faith looked at Willow and Tara once again.

"What? Nothing." Faith said, doing her best to look innocent.

"You either have a huge crush on one of them or something is up." Buffy said knowing it was the latter.

"What?! I don't have a crush! Can't I just look around sometimes?" Faith argued.

"Well yes, but you just about break your neck looking around me to see them," Buffy said, she wanted to know what was going on. She didn't like to be left out, she figured Faith wouldn't tell her because it was something she wouldn't like. She glanced at her friends, she was worried for their sake.

Faith gave a small laugh, trying to play it off.

"Can I get you a drink?" The flight attendant asked.

Willow looked up. "Not for me, thanks."

"I'll have a coke." Tara told the woman before looking back at Willow. She leaned in closer to the redhead after the woman handed her a drink. "you know...I got you a present."

"A present? Ooooh...what is it? Where is it?" She asked excitedly.

"In my bag. And I'm not telling you what it is, you have to wait." Tara said. She saw Willow look at the bag on the floor. "Not that one." She smiled.

"Wait until when?" The redhead asked full of anticipation.

"Until we're alone, in our room." This time Tara used her sexy voice.

"Oh really? Do I have a naughty Tara on my hands?" Willow gave her girlfriend a sexy grin.

"You just might." Tara replied, her voice deep. Seeing the smile her girlfriend was giving her made her want to take her right there. She sat back up, trying to push the thoughts from her head. She needed to change the subject before she ended up giving in to temptation. "Wanna do a crossword puzzle?"

Willow was a little relieved that Tara changed the subject. She was excited about her present but she knew how the blonde was and feared her girlfriend would take action. She smiled at Tara as she reached down to unzip the bag. The bag was kind of heavy so she left it on the floor as her hand searched the contents for the familiar feeling of the crossword book. Her brows creased as she felt something unusual in the bag. She looked at her girlfriend who was taking a drink of her coke. "What's this?" She asked as she took the object out, she held it up, still looking at the blonde who was now spitting her drink all over her. Her confused expression turned to fear as she saw the object she was holding. It was a bright pink ten inch dildo. "What the hell!" She yelled before throwing it in the air as if it were some bug that might bite her.

The dildo hit the floor between her and where Buffy was sitting, the thud caused her friend to look up in time to see it bounce and roll a little before coming to a stop a few feet ahead. Buffy could hear her girlfriend trying to surpress her laughter, she turned to glare at the brunette. "Faith!" She chastised in a whisper. She looked at it again. "Is that ours??" She whispered again before opening a magazine and holding it up in front of her now red face.

"Tara?!" Willow said as she slumped her body in the chair, trying to avoid the attention of anyone who might be looking at her. She didn't dare to look and see if anyone was actually looking at her, she just stared at the floor, a horrified expression on her beet red face.

All Tara could do was look from Willow to the dildo. "What? It's not mine!" She said, trying to grasp what had happened. She then noticed Faith snickering on the other side of Buffy, pretending like she didn't know anything as she looked straight ahead. She heard the cart coming down the aisle and watched as the cart and attendant aproached the dildo. The woman didn't notice the object in her way until the cart hit it, causing it to stop. Tara couldn't help but laugh at the woman's wide eyes as she saw what it was.

The woman gently grasped the dildo between her thumb and forefinger, dangling it in the air. She cleared her throat, trying to stay professional. "Can I have your attention?" She asked, once everyone was looking she continued. "Who does this belong to?" She asked as she held the object in the air.

Even Tara's eyes widened at the woman holding the dildo into the air. She could hear a few laughs, a few shocked noises and some "that's disgusting" remarks. She looked at her lover who was still staring at the floor hunched over in her chair. Then she looked at her friends. Buffy was still hiding behind a magazine while Faith was giving her attention to the flight attendant, clearly amused.

She smiled knowing just what to do. She stood from her seat and adressed the attendant. "I believe that belongs to my friends over there." She said as she pointed to Faith and Buffy. She could hear an "oh god" coming from Buffy behind the magazine. She laughed to herself as Faith looked like she had been caught with her hand in the candy jar.

Faith couldn't believe her own joke was backfiring on her. She wasn't going to give Tara the pleasure of it bothering her though. She collected herself before standing up and holding out her hand. "If you wanted to borrow it you could have just asked." She told Tara very loudly before looking at the attendant who proceeded to give it to her.

Tara gave a brief glare. "I don't want to borrow it....I don't need a dildo to keep my woman satisfied." She smiled brightly before sitting back down.

A look of defeat covered Faith's face. She had lost and she wasn't happy. She tried to move the magazine Buffy was holding so she could look at her girlfriend, it wasn't a success as her hand was slapped away. She gave a pout and put the dildo into her bag. Guess I'll have to plan more carefully next time. She thought.

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