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Drops of Paradise

Author: WTF
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters... yada yada...

It was a beautiful and very warm morning in Sunnydale. Buffy took Willow along to say bye to her mom. Faith stayed to take a shower and Tara still needed to pack, which was what she was in the process of doing. As she put her pants in the suitcase, she smiled remembering how proud she was of her girlfriend for picking out the clothes. Willow had gotten her several pairs of snowboarding pants, several long sleeved tight fitting shirts, as well as other essentials.


Tara walked out of the bathroom after loosing the battle to her girlfriend. She didn't want to try the clothes on but the redhead had insisted. Her boots were black with a red trim, her pants black and baggy, and her top was red and very tight.

Willow smiled as her eyes started to roam Tara's body. She started at the boots and made her way up the blonde's outfit. Her eyes stopped as they made it to Tara's chest. That's when she knew she had picked the right kind of shirts. She marveled at how the shirt made her girlfriends breasts look very sexy...and big.

Tara noticed that the redhead wasn't taking her eyes off her chest and proceeded to walk towards her. She was now standing in front of Willow and still eyes were staring at her chest. "See something you want?" Tara asked her girlfriend who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Oh yes," Willow breathed.

Tara then straddled the redhead and sat on her lap. "So you like my outfit?" Tara asked in a sexy voice. She then moved her chest closer to Willow's face.

"Mmmhmm." Willow squeaked.

"So much that you don't want me to take it off?" Tara asked in a sultry voice.

The redhead gulped before shaking her head.

"That's good cause it is hot with it on," She smiled as she pulled her shirt off, exposing her black bra.

"Hotter with it off," Willow replied as she slid her hands behind her lover to unsnap the bra. She then pulled it down the blondes arms and off, leaving nothing but creamy flesh behind.

"Mmmm," Tara gave a little moan as she leaned a little more into Willow and felt the warmth of her girlfriends mouth cover her nipple. She pushed her body a little, causing her and Willow to fall onto the bed with her nipple still in the redhead's mouth. They stayed in that position a few seconds before Tara pulled away. "Is the door locked?" She asked, she jumped up to check for herself before waiting for the answer. "Don't want anyone walking in," She winked as she took her pants and panties off.

"No, that....." Willow stopped as she now had a fully naked Tara in front of her.

Tara gave the redhead a half smile. She walked back to the bed and practically jumped on top of the redhead, once again straddling her. She leaned down and kissed her lover. As her tongue entered Willow's mouth, she heard her lover moan. She deepened the kiss as she took one hand and started to pull the redhead's shirt up and off. She ended the kiss and moved down to kiss her lovers neck. The feeling of Willow's hands roaming her body sent a shiver through her and she started to suck the smooth skin of her girlfriend's neck. She jumped a little at the unexpected squeeze of her nipples, she was caught up in the sensation and began to suck even harder. Her need for more made her leave Willow's neck and move to her breasts. She frowned at the material that kept her from the skin she desired. She pushed her hand between her lover and the bed and unsnapped the bra. With a swift pull the rude material was removed. She began placing light kisses on the few freckles at the top of her lover's breast before moving closer to the already hard nipple.

Willow was feeling very flustered, she wanted Tara to take her now and the slowness was driving her insane. She made a whimper, smiling when that did the trick and her lover's attention was now on her nipple. She put her hands on the back of Tara's head, urging her to suck harder.

After attending to the redhead's nipples, the blonde got up from her place and pulled her girlfriend's pants and panties off. She returned to her formor position and started kissing her way down a creamy, and lightly freckled stomach. Just before reaching red curls, she looked up at her lover. "My mouth is very dry, may I drink?" She asked as a vixeny smile played her lips.

"Only if you drink a lot," Willow said in a raspy voice.

"Yes ma'am." Tara said before procceeding with the journey. Once at her destination, she wasted no time. She could feel her lover tremble as she slid her tongue along the redhead's clit in gentle, short strokes.

After what seemed like forever, and pushing her lover's head more into her center a few times, Willow finally got what she wanted. She moaned loudly as Tara's tongue pressed harder on her clit. The redhead could tell this wasn't going to take long at all. Tara had teased her way too much. She grasped the sheet from her bed and arched her back as Tara's hard strokes turned into sucking. Drops of sweat started to appear on her forhead, and her legs started to shake. Her whole body started to shake as she yelled Tara's name when the force of her orgasm hit her. She moaned as she felt her lover's tongue was still on her, taking advantage of the juices that flowed. Tara appeared in front of her with half of her face wet. Willow giggled at her lover's face and the huge smile that was planted there. "Better?" Willow asked her lover, referring to the dry mouth Tara had earlier.


*End Flashback*

She was pulled from her thoughts as a hand waved in front of her face. She glared at the offending hand before glaring at its owner.

"That must have been good," Faith laughed.

"What?" Tara asked.

"The daydream, I was calling your name and all you were doing was drooling. I like you and all Tare...but not like that." Faith teased.

"I was not drooling! And thank God for small favors, you calling my name is so not arrousing." Tara said with a disgusted face, also teasing.

Faith pretended to be in shock. "You don't think I'm sexy?" She held her hand over her heart to emphasize it.

"Sorry, no," She said as she patted her friends arm offering comfort. "But Buffy sure does. OH FAITH, RIGHT THERE...OHHHH....HARDER!" She laughed after mocking Buffy's bedroom noises.

"Hey! That is private!" Faith argued.

"Then you guys should learn to keep it down. Don't even get me started on the things you say!" Tara laughed.

Faith stood with her mouth agape. "I didn't know you heard THAT much."

"Oh Faith, unfortunatly we hear pretty much all of have a potty mouth young lady!" Tara said, shaking her finger at her friend. She laughed at the lack of reaction from her friend.

Finally Faith spoke again. "Shit Tare...Buffy would kill me if she knew all I said before...PRIVATE." Faith emphasized looking seriously at her friend to make her understand she was to tell no one. She made a pout when Tara laughed. "I'm gonna so get you should know not to mess with me, payback's a bitch!" She turned and left the room, leaving a still laughing Tara in her wake.

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