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Author: Taralover
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I make no money out of this fanfic, I'm just writing it for fun.

"I'm going to send you to West Yellowstone, situated just outside Yellowstone National Park. They need a surgeon because of those who injure themselves each year, generally whilst doing something stupid. Brigit, that job will fit you well. And they need someone to fix their computers from time to time. Clarissa, that's for you. Cacey, Amanda, you will be sent to a new school. Let's go."

He escorted them to the airport and flew with them to their new home.

Over the next few days Willow made many trips into the park, and began to secretly bath in a forbidden area where the boiling heat of a hot spring met the cold waters of a mountain spring. One evening she got out to find a ranger waiting for her with her hands on her hips. Willow blushed scarlet at being caught naked.

"My name is Faith," said the ranger, "and what you did is illegal. Don't tell me you didn't know, it says so on this sign. Twenty people since this park was founded have boiled to death in hot springs; you could very easily have been the twenty-first. What is your name?"

"Clarissa Howard. I'm sorry..."

"The fine is two hundred dollars."

"I don't have that sort of money on me...."

"Then you're under arrest. let me kiss you."

"But I have a girlfriend, her name is Brigit. I'm hers. I'm taken."

"Which is it to be, a smooch or days of jail time whilst you await your trial? The only reason why you are not under arrest right now is because I think you're sexy."

If I end up under arrest Giles will be angry, the park authorties might ban me from the park, and Tara won't be happy. But I'm taken...I'll let her and tell Tara everything. But what if she arrests me anyway? ...I'll have to take that chance. "I consider this to be gross sexual harassment, but I don't see what choice I have."

Willow gritted her teeth as Faith forced a big warm kiss upon her lips. I should throw her into the spring, but then I would be under arrest for sure.

After what seemed to Willow to be a long time Faith pulled away. "You're a good kisser. Get dressed and go." Willow did as she was told and walked home feeling disgusted. When Tara got home late that night she heard Willow crying.

"What's wrong? Is it that you had to lose your name and your family and friends? That's really hard on me too, but..."

"She forced me to, I didn't want to, I told her that I was yours, but she made me kiss her....."

"Who did such a thing?" Tara's blue eyes blazed with anger.

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