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Author: Taralover
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I make no money out of this fanfic, I'm just writing it for fun.
Note: To the purists out there-witness protection is unlikwely to work like this in real life, but I want to create conflict within the story.

"What?" Dawn shrieked. "You are telling me that I have to go into hiding, because Willow first broke the law and then decided to play the heroine and testify? How are you so sure that they'll come after me anyway?"

"Because when I and Tara are away, you'll be the next one on their list for kidnapping and possible murder. Do you really want to die aged fifteen? Besides, you're not legally an adult yet so you have to do what your mother says."

"I'm really not sure what we should do," Joyce said. "What you are asking me to do, Mr Giles, is to up sticks, leave the state, leave all my friends and family behind, and for me and my children to change their names, because of Willow. On the other hand, you say if I don't, my children and I would be kidnapped and maybe even killed. If we do move, where are we going to go? What about my job?"

"Your house will be paid for in full and you will be paid an allowance for six months or until you find a new job, whatever comes first."

"I like my currant job so I'm not relocating."

"So I'll have to tell the bank that Willow paid your debts with stolen money and you'll be foreclosed on. Good luck with finding a new house or going back to live with your parents."

Buffy and Joyce looked at each other.

"I have a boyfriend," Buffy protested. "I love him. I can't just walk out on him and vanish."

"Do you love him enough and does he love you enough to live with each other long term, knowing that he might be put in danger as well as you?" Giles asked.

", we've just had our second date, but given time it might work out."

"Time is what you don't have, for all you know they could be watching the house right now waiting for me to go."

"We'll do it," said Joyce.

Mr Giles ushered Willow, Tara and the Summers family into a car with blacked out windows. "Where are you taking us?" Buffy asked.

"I'm taking you to a secret building where you will receive your new documents and passports and there we will tell you where we are sending you to."

After a few hours they drove into an underground car park and Mr Giles let them out.

He said to them, "Willow Rosenberg, from now on your new name is Clarissa Howard. Tara Maclay, you will be Brigit Cooper. Joyce Summers, your name is Susan Somerset. Buffy, you are Cacey Somerset. Dawn, you are Amanda Somerset. Now, the rules. Do not in any way contact any of your old family or friends. Do not return to Sunnydale, think of it as a minefield, a danger area where you could get killed. Above all, the most important rule is do not tell anyone that you are in witness protection."

"Not even a new boyfriend or girlfriend, it's too dangerous. If you were later to break up with that person, they might lead killers to your door to get their revenge."

Dawn started to cry. "I'm losing my name, my home, my friends...everything."

"Buffy hugged her tightly. "Amanda, it's tough on all of us. I'm losing my boyfriend who will think I just dumped him and left. But if we don't do it we could all end up murdered. Warren will do anything to prevent W...Clarissa giving evidence against him. We would not be doing this if there was another way out, I promise you. Mr Giles, where are you relocating us?"

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