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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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After talking with Mr. Anderson Tara made her way to the cafeteria she saw Willow and Cordelia at a booth talking. She furrowed her brow, it was kind of odd Cordelia would be seen with Willow, much less actually having a conversation with the girl. As she approached she caught part of their conversation.

"I just don't know what to do." Cordelia was saying.

"Well I'm always from the philosophy of...Hey Tara." Willow said spotting the blond. Cordelia's head whipped around quickly and eyed Tara.

"Hey Tare."

"Hi, what cha guys doing?"

"Just talking." Willow replied.

"Yeah I'm gonna go talk to Dave." Cordelia said before getting up and walking away. Tara took Cordelia's now vacated seat across from Willow.

"What were you guys talking about?" Tara asked.

"Nothing much, just random things you know." Willow said a little nervous.

Tara made a mental note of this, but let Willow off the hook. "How are you feeling?" She asked.

"Fine, I just kind of wanna forget about it you know. It really was no big deal." Willow said shrugging.

"It was a big deal, but if you want to forget about it I won't bring it up." Tara said with sincerity.

Willow smiled, it seemed as though Tara would give her anything she asked, and she knew she would do the same. "I kind of feel stupid about the whole thing you know."

"You shouldn't Oz was the stupid one." Tara said.

"I know, but maybe I was leading him on. I mean I don't think so, I made it pretty clear I was gay and we were dating." Willow blushed at the last part. "I don't know what got into him, it's just so unlike Oz to be like that."

"Have you seen him today?"

"No, but I probably won't until lunch." Willow dreaded seeing Oz because of the potential weirdness that would ensue.

"Did you still want to come over tonight?" Tara questioned.

"Oh yes. Yes I sill want to do that. I don't want to let what happened with Oz ruin my plans." Willow enthusiastically said.

The bell for class rang and both girls groaned.

"Off hours always go so fast." Tara said picking up her backpack. "So I'll see you around 7?" She said standing up from the table.

Willow followed her lead. "Yep."

Tara looked at the bright green eyes that seemed to dance before her. She didn't know how she would have reacted in a situation like that of last night, but Willow seemed to bounce back from it pretty quickly. Willow seemed pretty care free and didn't let things get her down, it was one of the reasons Tara was so attracted to her. Tara turned around to go to class before she heard Willow say.


Tara turned to see a full on Willow pout.

"No kisses?" She asked in a child like tone.

Tara smiled and walked back to Willow. "You are adorable, do you know that?" Before pulling her close and planting a chaste kiss on her lips. For a moment noise of the students seemed to fade away and they were left in a world where only the two of them existed. The two separated and went off to class.

Willow walked outside for lunch and found Xander sitting at their tree. She was a little nervous about seeing Oz again, but was a little relieved to see he wasn't at the tree.

"Hey Xand."

"Hey, so what's up with you and Oz?" He asked before Willow could even sit down.

"What do you mean?"

"Well he said he wanted to talk with you last night and then he was being all avoidy today, said he was going to go home for lunch."

"Is that why you weren't at Oz's house last night?" Willow asked, now filling in the pieces of the puzzle.

"Yeah, he said he had something he needed to talk to you about and asked if I could make myself scarce."

"Yeah talk." Willow snorted.

"What happened?"

"He like totally freaked out. Said he wanted to make love to me, it was pretty freaky actually. I have never seen him like that, he all but blocked me in his room saying no one could love me like he could and all this other weirdness." Willow visibly shivered at the thought.

"That doesn't sound like Oz."

"I know, I guess that's probably why he is being all avoidy." Willow said before she saw Matt and Eric walking over.

"Don't tell anyone Xander please?"

"Sure Wil, I got your back."

"So guess what?" Eric said as he walked over.

"What?" Willow played along.

"My parents are taking off for a week during Homecoming."

"Dude that is so cool." Xander said.

"So of course I have to throw an after Homecoming party so invite whoever you want. I want it to be huge." Eric said as she sat down and started eating.

"Sweet, I'll ask Tara if she wants to go."

"You going to homecoming with her?" Matt asked.

"Well not officially, but I'm pretty sure we're going together." Willow said. "What about you?"

"I was thinking about asking Kristin."

"Kristin the flute player?" Xander asked.

"Yeah, she's pretty hot right."

"Totally." Willow said she felt like Matt was trying to compete with her in the hot girlfriend category. As if he could win, I'm dating the most stunningly gorgeous girl in the whole world.

Willow pulled up to Tara's house. She was nervous to say the least, she had never done the whole meet the parents thing. Most of her other girlfriends were never that invested. She reached over and grabbed the brownies she had made and a bouquet of roses for Tara. She fumbled with her things trying to lock the door on her car, and almost lost the pan of brownies. She made it up to the door with out incident and took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

Inside the house Tara's father sat on the couch reading until the doorbell rang. He jumped up and yelled "I'll get it!", although no one was around. Secretly he was very excited to see the girl who had stolen her daughters heart. He opened the door to reveal a tiny redhead who looked more nervous than he had ever seen anyone.

"Hi um...Mr. MaClay, I'm Willow."

"Hi Willow, please come in." He said ushering the girl in the house. He noticed the roses and smiled. His wife came from around the kitchen to greet her guest.

Willow noticed her too and greeted "Hi Mrs. MaClay, I'm Willow. I made these for dessert." She said thrusting the pan out in her hands.

Tara's mom smiled and remembered how nervous Don was meeting her parents. The girl was definitely cute, she wore a long print skirt and a nice blouse that matched.

"Hi Willow, thanks for baking those, that was really sweet. And you can call me Benazir, and that's Don." She said pointing to her husband.

"Benazir, is that a family name?"

"Gosh I don't think so. I never really thought about it. I lost my mother at an early age and never had the chance to ask." Tara's mom said contemplating her name.

"Oh it just seems like a middle eastern name with Benazir Bhutto and all." Willow said trying not to babble.

"Benazir Bhutto?" Tara's mom questioned.

"Oh yeah she was the Pakistani Prime Minister up until 1996. She chaired the Pakistan Peoples Party. She was elected in 1988, but then 20 months later was removed by the president on alleged corruption charges. Then in 1993 she was re-elected, but again removed in 1996 on similar charges. She went into exile in Dubai in 1998, that was the last I've heard of her." Willow paused. "It's kind of interesting if you're a total nerd." Willow said under her breath. "Sorry." She apologized.

Tara's parents stood a little stunned at Willow's knowledge of Middle Eastern politics.

"Why be sorry, that's quite an impressive body of knowledge." Don said.

"I for one had no idea about her. I'm glad you told me." Benazir said.

"I think she's pretty much a genius." Tara said watching the exchange from the stairs. All three turned towards her.

Willow was about to refute the allegations she was a genius until she saw Tara. She was wearing jeans that did nothing to hide her gorgeous body and a tight silk blue shirt that brought out her eyes.

"You look breath taking." Willow said walking toward the stairs as Tara descended from them. The parents were all but forgotten as the two came together at the base of the staircase.

"You too, you look good in a skirt." Tara said noticing her parents had moved back a little to give them some room, but hadn't completely vacated the premises.

"Oh, these are for you." Willow said remembering the roses she still had in her hands.

"They're beautiful, thank you." Tara said taking the roses and bringing them to her nose.

"I was kind of hoping you would go to the homecoming dance with me?" Willow asked holding her breath as her heart pounded. She was certain she had sweated through her clothes and looked a disgusting mess.

Tara's heart leapt in her chest. It wasn't like she didn't think they would go together, but it still made her pulse race all the same. "Of course I will darling." She said finally closing the gap and hugging the tiny girl.

Willow let out a breath and for the first time felt somewhat comfortable as she returned the hug.

Tara's parents stood by smiling at the exchange before Benazir pulled Don into the kitchen to give the girls some privacy.

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