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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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Monday morning came around and Tara sat with her girls at their table. She hadn't spoken to Willow since Saturday and was in need of a Willow fix. It was as if Willow had heard her silent plea and Tara saw Eric walking up to her with a note in his hand. He quickly gave it to Tara with out saying a word and then hightailed it back to the band table.

Hi Babe, won't see you before class, c u @ lunch?

Tara quietly smiled and went off into her dream land again until the bell rang.

True to their form the 4 girls made their way across the street to grab some lunch. On the way back Tara saw Willow sitting with the drum line under their tree.

"Hey I'm going to say hi to Willow." Tara said and started off in the other girls direction.

Willow didn't see the blond approach until she felt arms wrap around her shoulders from behind. Willow smiled and leaned into the touch.

"Hi Sweetie." She said turning her head to face the blond. She started to lean in for a kiss, before realizing where they were and pulled back.

"Hey. Hi guys." Tara said greeting the others that sat under the tree. Tara noticed Willow's shirt it was red and had a picture of Santa Clause. In white lettering it said Don't Stop Believin'. Tara wondered how many interesting shirts Willow had. I hope she keeps me around to find out.

"Hi Tara." The rest of the line said back.

"I want you to come meet my friends." Tara said to Willow, offering a hand for her to stand up.

"Ok" Willow said taking the pre-offered hand. "I'll be right back guys."

Tara held on to Willow's hand as she walked over to the girls.

"Hey guys, this is Willow. Willow this is Buffy and Anya." Tara said pointing at each of them. "And you already know Cordy."

"Hi." Willow said and waved.

"Hey Willow, nice to finally meet you." Buffy said.

"Yeah you too." Willow responded.

Tara watched the interaction, then realizing she hadn't seen Willow in over 24 hours, quickly grabbed her hand and said.

"Ok we'll see you guys later." Then all but drug Willow to a secluded corner around the school. Willow followed along willingly until Tara stopped and turned around to face Willow.

Willow saw lust and longing in the blue eyes in front of her. Before she could say anything, she felt Tara's lips on her own. She closed her eyes and brought her hands up to pull Tara closer as she felt Tara's tongue slip into her mouth. It had been way to long since she had kissed the blond, and she was loving every stolen moment.

Tara pulled at Willow's hips trying to get more of the tiny girl. She still held her salad in one hand as she used her forearm to bring Willow closer. She felt Willow's tongue dance along hers and the intoxicating scent wafted through her nose as she took in a lung full of air. Tara pulled back slightly so they could breathe and looked into Willow's eyes. The green orbs shown with excitement and lust and the look made the blood in Tara's body boil.

"It's been entirely too long since I have kissed you." She said trying to regain composure.

"My thoughts exactly." Willow mimicked and placed her forehead on Tara's.

Willow played with the top of Tara's shirt, gently running her finger around Tara's collar bone and generally sending the blond into a dizzy. The touch was gentle and soft and Tara felt her heart actually ache for the redhead. She took a deep breath to try and calm her senses. Neither of them noticing Oz had walked around the corner in search of Willow. He took in the sight and slowly backed away from the girls, careful not to make noise.

"What are you doing tomorrow evening?" Willow asked saving Tara from having to make the next move.

"I don't think anything." Tara whispered and briefly closed her eyes at the touch.

"Well I was thinking." Willow said softly, almost seductively as her fingers got bolder and started moving underneath the fabric of Tara's shirt. "That would be a good day to have dinner with your parents. Since I don't have work or band and I don't think you have cheerleading."

"That." Tara paused to moisten her mouth which had become dry. "I think that would be good." She finished having no idea if that made sense in the conversation.

"Great." Willow said smiling and pulling Tara in for another searing kiss.

The bell interrupted them from their impromptu make out session a few seconds later.

"Guess we should get to class." Willow said not moving her hold on Tara.

"Yeah we should." Tara said staring into Willow's eyes.

"Call me tonight." Willow said almost pleadingly.

"Sure." Tara replied finally pulling apart from the other girl. "I'll see you later." She said noticing her voice had dropped an octave lower. Tara smiled as she walked away. Octave, Willow would be proud of me. She noticed her salad still uneaten in her hand and she tossed it in the trash before grabbing her bag and making her way toward class.

Willow came out from the hall wearing a huge smile that she just couldn't get rid of. She saw Oz still sat at the tree where she had left her backpack.

"Hey." He said as Willow approached.

"Hey, gotta get to class." She said picking up her things.

"Mind if I walk you?" He asked.

"No, although I'll never understand why you don't go out for lunch since you have this period off." Willow questioned.

"Well I could eat lunch alone, or eat lunch with friends, so I choose the later."

"Good choice."

They walked in silence until they reached the school doors. Oz politely opened the door for Willow and Willow in turned thanked him.

"So you and Tara are a couple now?"

"" Willow was caught off guard, she wasn't sure she even told them yet.

"Well it's pretty obvious, I mean you were all cozy at the game on Friday, then today with the pet names."

"Oh well, yeah, I mean I guess it's not a secret." Her eyes got wide for a moment. "It's not is it? I mean Tara's out right so she wouldn't want to keep it a secret, not that we are going to go blabbing to everyone, but I..."

"Wil, it's ok. I'm pretty sure Tara doesn't want to keep it a secret, I mean she was making out with you in the hall." Oz slipped up, his anger over not having Willow spilled out just a bit and he didn't mean to say that.

" saw?"

"I'm sorry. I came looking for you and saw you guys, I didn't mean to."

"No, it's ok. I just thought we were alone."

"You were. I didn't stay to watch or anything." Oz was getting scared he didn't want this to come in between their friendship.

"No, no it's fine." Willow said and lightly touched his arm. "Well this is my stop." Willow said pointing to the door to AP English.

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