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Class of 99

Author: eday69
Rating: NC-17
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Tara idly walked down the rows of clothes not really looking at anything. She was glad her friends were so approving, but she almost felt like the trophy lesbian of the cheerleaders. She frowned and picked up a shirt from the rack before she felt Cordelia's hand on her arm.

"Hey I'm going to run to another store really quick."

"Take me with you." Tara pleaded.

"Can't someone has to babysit the Olson twins." She said pointing at Anya and Buffy.

Tara pouted but let Cordelia go. Tara sat down on one of the dressing room chairs waiting for Anya and Buffy to finish. She thought about Willow and wondered if she should stop by before she left. Was that being too needy? She had never felt the need to be with someone 24/7 before and she wasn't sure if she was overreaching her boundaries.

Tara moved and sat outside the store on a plush chair waiting for Anya and Buffy. They said they would be right out, but that was 20 minutes ago. She noticed Cordelia walking up from the opposite end of the mail.

"Where have you been?" She questioned.

"I told you I had to go to another store."

"I don't see a bag, didn't you buy anything?" Tara asked seeing as Cordelia never left a store with out purchasing something.

"No I just had to look at something, might buy it later, I don't know. Hey there's Buffy and Anya." Cordelia said changing the subject.

"I am so happy, I got my jeans." Buffy squealed.

"Yeah maybe now you can get a date to homecoming." Anya teased.

"Hey I'll get a date! Guys here are just so immature." Buffy retorted.

"Speaking of immature." Cordelia said as Sean and James strolled up.

"Hello ladies. How are we doing this fine fall afternoon?" Sean said leering at Cordelia.

"Hi Sean." The four girls said.

"So Anya I hear you dumped Brett." James spoke up

"Yeah so?"

"He just seemed pretty torn up about it, he loved you, you know."

"Well I'm only 17 I don't need to be tied down with one person. He wasn't in love with me anyway, he was in love with the idea of dating a cheerleader." Anya matter-of-factly said.

"So Cordy, we have a meet next Wednesday, I would love if you came and showed your support for our team." Sean said.

"Hum, as much as I want to see a bunch of smelly boys roll around on wrestling mats with each other, I think I'm going to pass."

"How about you Tare, show your school spirit." James asked.

"I'm pretty sure I have plans with my girlfriend." Tara said smiling when she thought of Willow.

"I didn't know you were dating a chick." Sean said amazed.

"Yep, that's what us lesbians do, date women." Tara said a little annoyed at having to explain her lifestyle yet again.

"No, I mean that's cool, I just didn't know you were seeing someone. What's her name, does she go to our school." Sean said back tracking.

"Her name is Willow and yes she goes to our school."

"Hum, Willow, I don't know her." James said trying to think of who she was.

"Figures." Tara said under her breath.

"Hey guys, we need to um, go do that thing for the squad." Buffy finally spoke up. She had been oddly quiet during the whole exchange, but only Tara had noticed.

"Right that thing, See you guys later." Cordelia said the girls started walking away.

"Ew did you see how Sean was drooling all over you." Buffy asked Cordelia once they were out of hearing range.

"Yeah well he's ok." Cordelia replied.

"No way, you can't be serious. First of all he is about the same height as me, and wicked harry. Not to mention he always has marks on his face from wrestling. You can't seriously be thinking about going out with him." Buffy rambled on.

"I didn't say I was going out with him. I wouldn't go that far. I'm just saying he's nice, I don't want to jump his bones or anything." Cordelia said defensively.

Tara laughed at Cordelia's statement.

"Speaking of jumping bones, when are you and Willow gonna do it." Anya asked.

Tara was shocked at Anya's statement. It was typical Anya and Tara should have known it was coming, but still shocked her. It also made her heart flutter at the thought of being intimate with the redhead.

"God, we've only been dating for 3 days. I'm hardly ready to jump into bed with her, I hardly know her." Tara blushed

"Seriously Tare, how are things with you guys?" Cordelia asked.

"It's great, she is so sweet and kind. I really like her." Tara said smiling.

"I think that is wonderful." Cordelia said.

"Yep, go Tara." Buffy exclaimed.

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