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Prisoner of the Night Clan

Author: Renegade
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I (me) do not own these characters herein (except for the ones that you've never heard of before, because they came out of my head like Athena, just less messier) ME, Joss Whedon and whoever else can own them (just wish they'd treated them better) but I own nothin' except one very pregnant cat...
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Author's Notes: Spanks be to Susan for helping me choose a storyline outta my head.
Summary: Willow, Free Agent Mage, stumbles into a Clan's lands and is captured...

Willow Rosenberg, Free Agent mage and assistant keeper of the Magicks Supply Shoppe in the Galen township of Quinlan, was in trouble.

Lots of it.

Yep. No denying the trouble here. She mused looking at the high sheer stonewall she'd levitated over trying to get away from the Civil Guards. Her lip curled into an amused sneer. Not like that's anything new.

The auburn tressed mage ran her hand over the surface of the wall. The wall appeared textured but to the touch it was as smooth as glass. She cursed under her breath and turned. She was in a lush botanical garden. Calls of exotic birds echoed around her. She knew where she was - she was on the other side of the "Wall". She was on the Night Clan's grounds.

And there was no way out.

Willow had heard the stories. Anyone who trespassed onto the Grounds without invitation was never heard from again. The Mistress of the Night Clan did not like interlopers and she (whoever she was) held absolute power in her domain.

Not to mention she holds more power than the Imperial Mistress herself. What with controlling the entire "flesh" industry... stupid, skanky, sex fiend. Willow growled inwardly as she began to pick her way through the large, jungle like, botanical garden.

The Free Agent had tried to levitate back over the wall, but the Night Clan's strong hold was protected by some sort of magicks induced barrier and she couldn't get more than five feet off the ground before hitting the invisible ceiling.

Leaving Willow with only one option. She would have to make her way to the huge twisted silver gate and figure out some way to get pass any sort of guards that might be there.

"This is what I get for spying on the Mage Guild meetings." Willow grumbled to herself. She was nearing the edge of the botanical garden when she sensed two presences in the night. Willow froze and held her breath, desperately pleading with the Goddess Quinlan to let her not be seen.

She stood stock still for several minutes. Thinking they had gone - Willow proceeded forward again cautiously.

"Where do you think you're going?" A husky voice asked from the darkness. Willow spun around readying a fireball. She summoned the burning orb, which flashed brightly as it formed and then shrunk until it extinguished.

The redhead mage looked in disbelief at her palm. "Hey, that's never happened before!"

"Of course, it hasn't," The smoky voiced woman stepped forward into the semi-moonlight. She had long wavy dark hair and dark eyes. Her arms were well defined and she wore dark pants made of the finest animal hide. She had an intricate tattoo spanning the length of her upper arm. The woman quirked an eyebrow. "Are you having performance issues?"

Willow pursed her lips and tried to summon another fireball. But this one didn't even form, it flickered and then extinguished. "What in the frilly heck is going on?"

"Don't worry Loki! We have a harmless little pussy cat on our hands." The smoky voiced woman called back over her shoulder. "You can come out."

From the shadows, another woman appeared. She had the same tattoo on her arm and the same dark pants. Her hair was dark and short. Short to the point of looking like it was a few days growth from shaved. She was brandishing a sword in her hand.

"You realize you're trespassing right?" The longhaired woman asked. Willow said nothing only setting her jaw into her "resolve" face. The longhaired woman looked Willow over blatantly.

"Fine, have it your way." She moved towards Willow. "You're coming with us. By order of the Night Mistress under the decree and charter of the First Imperial Mistress, you are hereby declared property of the Night Clan. You have waived all rights and privileges you might have held in the Imperial Order of Guilds and Clans or your status of a Free Agent of the Quinlan Alliance and are hereby charged and subject to the laws of the Night Clan."

Willow, who was partially listening to the political jargon, swung at the dark haired woman when she was within striking distance. Her blow took the dark haired woman by surprise.

A smile appeared on Willow's face as the longhaired woman touched her jaw where redhead had struck her. The woman looked directly at Willow.

"You shouldn't have done that. You just made life worse for you," she growled. Suddenly, Willow found herself restrained. Her right arm-twisted behind her back so tightly that it felt her shoulder would pop out of its socket. A strong hand gripped the base of her skull so tightly her ears began to ring.

Willow, being proud of herself that she'd actually gotten a hit in hadn't noticed the woman named Loki move behind her and restrain her. Loki forced Willow to look at the dark haired woman.

The redhead forced a laugh. "What are you going to do kill me?"

A half smile graced the longhaired woman's lips. "No. We don't decide that, the Mistress does. But, it's entirely possible that she'll have you killed. You laid a hand on her personal guard and Bound submissive."

The longhaired woman leaned in so close to Willow that her sultry lips were nearly brushing Willow's. "That's a big no-no here. You don't touch a Mistress' property unless you want to lose various appendages or your life." She whispered before flicking her tongue out and over Willow's lips. The dark haired woman closed her eyes as she tasted Willow.

"Hmm, strawberries. Maybe she'll just play with you before she sends you to the Eternal lands." The longhaired woman straightened. "Bring her."

The woman restraining Willow, quickly and forcefully squeezed the base of Willow's skull. Willow's vision swam and then darkened before she fell into unconsciousness.

She sensed Faith and Loki returning from the Botanical gardens. She closed her eyes and wallowed in her sub's energies.

Faith's energy was powerful and erratic. She allowed her energy and power to run all over the place. She was fiery and unpredictable - but totally submissive to her.

Loki was just as powerful but her energy was steady and strong. She was the opposite of Faith. The voice of reason in the whirlwind of chaos. But the two complimented each other perfectly. Tara felt blessed by the Goddess Quinlan to have such beautiful, strong sub missives. Especially, since both of them were from the Assassins Guild, which had no Mistress/sub or slave hierarchy .

Both Loki and Faith had willing come to Lady Tara and offered their services as Personal Guards and shortly after willingly submitted and given their allegiance to Tara.

It was a rare thing for an Assassin to give up their freedom and submit. It was viewed in Quinlan as mark of wealth and greatness. Tara had received the privilege of two beautiful and strong women submitting and it had sealed her place as Night Mistress and as the Representative to the Council of Guilds and Clans. For that she felt, though she would never say, indebted to the two women.

There was a knock on the heavy red oak doors of her chamber. Tara stood and looked at herself one more time before crossing the large circular room.

She wore a deep purple sarong wrapped low around her hips and drawn up to reveal most of her right leg. She wore another piece of black cloth around her breasts. The clothing revealed a detailed tattoo of a Eastern dragon in flight that originated at her right shoulder and came down her back, wrapping around her midriff and ending at her right hip. She also wore intricate silver armbands that matched the silver garter she wore around her right thigh. All and all the ensemble gave her an exotic appearance even though she was readying herself to sleep.

She knew it was Faith and Loki at her door. They were the only two that had Tara's permission to come to her chambers after the last bell of the day.

She had also given them permission to enter without knocking but the two stood on ceremony. Loki insisted that they maintain an appearance of formality so that Tara's reputation and status as the Night Mistress was unblemished. Even for this, Tara was grateful for her sub.

Tara pulled open the door. A half smile graced her lips as she took in the sight of her subs. They wore the uniform that Tara had decreed would only be worn by those closest to her. Black leather pants, a deep blue swordsman shirt that clung to all the right curves on the two Assassins. Loki had torn the neckline down of her shirt revealing her small but near perfect cleavage. Faith had torn off the lower section of her shirt, revealing her tight stomach muscles and accentuating her bust.

Tara would have had any other member of the clan in shackles and punished for altering a decreed uniform. But she felt that she couldn't really ask that Loki and Faith. So she had compromised. On certain days, when her mood was high and she was ready to fight at the drop of the hat she found any reason to punish her two favorite subs (which they didn't mind) and if she was happy she let it slide. But generally, she felt her subs were more disappointed than not on the days she was happy.

"I'm glad your back," Tara purred and pulled Faith by the shirt into a searing kiss. As she laid claim to Faith's lips she looked at Loki out of the corner of her eye. Loki watched impassively.

God, they're amazing. Tara thought.

She knew Loki and Faith were very, very close. But since the only mandate of the Assassins guild was that no member could ever have a committed partner, they never professed their relationship. So, they professed their commitment and oath to Tara who allowed them to carry on with each other, as long as she was invited, since she WAS their Mistress and she loved them equally.

Tara snaked her tongue out into Faith's mouth. Faith willingly let the Blonde ravish her mouth before launching her own oral attack back. Faith sucked Tara's tongue sensually in and gently bit it before pushing her tongue into the Blonde's warm mouth.

The two kissed heatedly for a moment before Tara broke away.

"So, what did you find out there?" She asked leaning over and kissing Loki's ear and then running her hand over the woman's head. "You need to be shaved again." Her own words sent a fire down to her core.

So much fun to be had when I do that. She thought lustfully as she looked pointedly in Loki's gray eyes.

Loki let a small knowing smile escape. "Yes, Mistress."

Tara gave a slow wink to Loki and turned her eyes back to Faith. "You were saying?"

"We found a trespasser, Lady Tara. We took her into custody. She's down in the dungeons. She tried to use magicks but your barrier prevented that." Faith informed her as she watched Tara trace her tongue over Loki's jaw. Tara smiled as she pulled away. She could sense Faith's arousal.

"I thought I felt something in the way of magicks. I suppose I'll go see her in the morning and decide what to do with her. But that's tomorrow and I want you tonight," she growled to her subs.

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