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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Stepping out into the bright moonlit night, Willow and Tara wrapped their arms around each other and glanced up and down the street, there was no sigh of a cab anywhere soothe turned to their left and started walking. "My place is nearer" Tara offered, hoping that Willow would try and convince her to go back to her home. "Excellent." Willow breathed into her neck, kissing the soft flesh gently. Any doubts Tara had had about inviting Willow to her flat were lost in that moment and she stepped up the pace. The found themselves in front of Tara's building 20 minutes later and her doubts returned as Willow stared at the dull fašade. Tara took a deep breath, "Its not much but it keeps the rain out." Tara said with an apologetic smile. Leading Willow down the long and cold corridor she unlocked the door to her apartment and slid it back with a crash.

Willow stepped inside and looked around, the warehouse conversion had been done well and Tara had furnished it to match her personality. The room she'd stepped into was warm and sensual, obscure art on the walls and candles everywhere. "Drink?" Tara asked her, her face flushing deep as she saw Willow looking around. Willow nodded and Tara wandered into the small kitchen.

She crossed to the faux fireplace and found a box of matches and proceeded to light the candles on the mantelpiece. By the time Tara had returned, she had lit all the candles in the living area and was sitting on the huge white rug in the middle of the living area. Tara smiled at her lovingly, placing the glasses on the small wooden table she dropped down into the huge pillows on the floor next to Willow. The candles flickered in their eyes as Tara leant in, kissing Willow slowly. With all the frantic, stolen sex they had had, she wanted to take it slowly and explore every inch of this woman.

Willow's hands slid gently up her back and came to rest on the nape of her neck as she returned the kiss, moaning softly into Tara's mouth. Manoeuvring herself, Tara laid Willow down against the pillows, her hand sliding gently under her shirt to caress the pert breasts of her lover. She pulled back to slip the tee over Willow's head and kissed down her neck, taking gentle nibbles as she went. Willow arched her back as Tara removed her plain black bra and enveloped her hard nipple in her mouth. Reaching her hand out to the glass on the nearby table, Tara retrieved an ice cube and popped it into her mouth, rubbing the frozen block over the hardened nub Willow gasped and moaned loudly, bucking her hips into Tara's.

Tara took the cube from her mouth and sucked the nipple gently, her warm mouth sending shivers through Willow as she flicked and nipped the sensitive nipple between her lips.

Tara's fingers, still holding the rapidly melting ice slid between Willow's breasts, a small river of water trickling down her heaving chest and forming a pool in her belly button. She wiggled and moaned, her hands grabbing at Tara's hair and pulling her up to meet her hungry lips. "Wow." She whispered into Tara's mouth, her hands unbuttoning the pink shirt and they kissed.

Tara's own hands had found the buttons on Willow's jeans and were popping them open slowly, "Just lay back and relax." Tara purred, kissing down her neck, across her collarbone and over her perfectly sculpted torso. She slid the jeans from Willow's legs and paused briefly. "Mmmm, nice tattoo." She said, placing a small kiss on the dolphins swimming in a tribal dance before kissing her way back up her thigh to the simple black thong. Any ability Willow had to speak was lost as Tara kissed the soft skin at the very top of her thigh.

As Tara slid the wet thong from Willow, she was surprised to find her hands shaking. Taking a deep breath she stood and removed her own trousers and panties, eliciting a growl from the writhing woman before her. She dropped back to her knees and kissed Willow deeply, her own passion and fire threatening to take control and rush the event.

As Tara's hand gently caressed and slid down Willow's firm stomach, the woman under her growled once again, forcing Tara to move quicker, her fingers finding Willow's clit, engorged and throbbing, as she circled the swollen gland Willow pushed her hips up, trying to gain more contact. Tara pulled back from the kiss and fixed Willow with a look that made her breath shallow and rapid, increasing the wetness between her thighs. Sliding once more down Willow's body, her fingers still encircling the swollen clit of her lover, she breathed heavily exhaling onto the swollen nub and drawing gasps and moans before taking it into her mouth, her tongue gently sliding over the moist and throbbing gland in a tender display of desire. "Oh god, Tara" Willow moaned, her body seemed paralyzed and heavy but somehow floating at the same time. She could already feel the orgasm building with her and was powerless to control it. As Tara slid her tongue deep into her, Willow felt every muscle in her body contract, as the pace and skill of the tongue within her grew, Willow rocketed to climax her screams filling the room and echoing in the silent corridor.

Tara rode Willow's orgasm with her, gently kissing the quivering clit as Willow came down slowly. Eventually she slid herself back up to Willow's lips, kissing the panting woman tenderly.

Filled with a previously unknown carnal lust, Willow flipped Tara onto her back, her climax filling her with wanton desire. She kissed and bit the pulse point under Tara's ear as her fingers pinched and stroked the hard nipples of her lover before sliding down to find Tara's own groin wet and welcoming.

As she slid two fingers deep and slowly into Tara she kissed her passionately. Tara's hips bucking and moving in unison with Willow's deep thrusts she moaned deeply, into the kiss. "Willow?" she breathed quietly, Willow pulled back, looking into the pools of blue before her, "Huh?" she breathed back, "What do you need baby?" she finally asked, her voice ragged and shallow. Tara leant forward and whispered her request into the ear of her lover.

Willow grinned. "Oh hell yes!" she said, rising slowly to her feet and walking on shaking legs to the raised area designated as the 'bedroom'.

Tara lay panting, anticipation and arousal flooding her senses and clouding her vision. As Willow returned, Tara felt her head spinning wildly. The red head kissed her softly, her own hands shaking uncontrollably as she guided the warm jelly dildo between Tara's legs.

Lightly rubbing the head over Tara's aching clit, she found the blonde greedily sucking and licking her neck, causing her to moan and tease the woman's opening with her new toy. "Please Willow." she purred as she licked her ear lobe, "Please baby." Willow gently slid the toy in, her motions deliberately slow so as not to hurt Tara who tilted her hips up slightly and welcomed the fullness of her lover.

Moving perfectly together Willow pushed deeper, finding little resistance to her thrusts she rubbed the swollen clit of her lover as she kissed and sucked the bountiful breasts that bounced rhythmically from her movements. Tara's short fingernails scratching gently down Willow silky smooth back, she bucked her hips, pulling the full length of the dildo deep into her as she came hard, kissing Willow deeply and biting the red heads lip as her climax shuddered and consumed her.

Seriously spent from their lovemaking, Willow and Tara lay on the warm white rug, panting heavily, their arms and legs intertwined on the fluffy cover and sweat glistening in the candle light. Tara was the first to make a movement, she hoisted herself onto her side, watching Willow through heavy lidded eyes. She kissed the soft cheek of the woman before her; "You think we'll ever make it to the bed?" she asked sleepily as she snuggled into Willow and closed her eyes. Willow smiled turning her head to watch Tara sleep peacefully in her arms. "Maybe." She whispered, placing a soft kiss on her forehead. "Just maybe!"

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