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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Tara was the first one to return to the bar having changed into the pale pink shirt, darker pink trousers and apron. David smiled, "That looks ok." He said nodding. "Where's Vince?" Before Tara could respond, Vince appeared in the doorway. "If you laugh," he said, "I'm taking it off." Both Tara and David looked up at him, the silent giggles shaking their shoulders. "Very nice!" Tara said eventually.

The arrival of the DJ broke into the friendly banter and Vince grinned at her. She was in her early twenties with bright pink hair and piercings in her eyebrow, nose and lip. Tara pointed to the stage and the woman flashed her a sexy smile. "You get all the good ones." He whispered to Tara when the pink haired woman blanked him entirely. She elbowed him in the ribs and he coughed loudly.

As the DJ set up her equipment, Tara scanned through the cocktail book, each page making her smile. She wanted to be prepared for the party and many of the guests often asked for bizarre cocktails. Vince was practicing juggling glasses when Steps version of ‘Tragedy', burst into the room causing him to drop the glass in his hand. Both Tara and the DJ giggled as he swept up the glass shards and threw them in the bin. The DJ approached Tara behind the bar, "Hey," she said when Tara looked up, "Can I get a coke?" Tara nodded and fixed the soft drink. "I'm Blaze." The woman introduced herself with the air of someone used to getting who, and what she wanted, she reminded Tara very much of Vince. "Tara." She replied as she handed the tall glass over.

As the guests arrived, Tara almost went onto autopilot, her mind wandering back to Willow. The Steps marathon was greeted with cheers from the growing crowd who were finding their dancing feet and performing each routine in perfect synchronisation.

Outside the hotel, Willow stood and watched as large groups on gay men and families entered. She had seen the signs for the Pink Party and David had invited her along, why she wasn't quite sure. As another group of men, decked out in full drag passed her she felt over dressed. She'd opted for casual, jeans and a tee but compared to the other people she had seen enter she suddenly wondered why the poster didn't tell her that it was a fancy dress event.

A tall, dark haired women with piercing blue eyes grabbed her arm, "You coming in sugar?" she asked, grabbing Willows arm and dragging her into the building before she'd had a chance to answer. Willow smiled and unhooked her arm from the other woman, as they reached the door to the main bar Willow grinned, she'd never seen so many people dancing together in perfect choreography, well only on the TV. Her eyes scanned the room and found the shock of bright pink hair belonging to the DJ, she pushed her way through the crowd and wrapped the pink haired woman in a bear hug. "Hey you!" she yelled over the music. The woman turned and shrieked loudly, causing many of the dancers to turn and look at her, "Will, you old tart, how are ya?" the delight at seeing her old friend was clear. Willow grinned at her, "I'm all kinds of good." She told her, "Let me get you a drink, you still on the cokes?" she asked receiving a nod as Blaze changed the track, her Steps tolerance was wearing thin so she opted for some S Club 7, figuring that one annoying mixed group were better than the other. "Oh Will?" she yelled, "Check out that barmaid.... She's seriously fuckable." Willow flashed her a smile and nodded as she fought her way through the throng of tight t-shirts, fish net tights and feather boas, and that was just the men!!

Vince spotted Willow first and grinned at her, "Hey, back again?" he asked as she reached the bar. Tara, who was serving at the other end, had failed to notice the arrival of her lover and remained oblivious. "No, I'm a figment of your imagination." She said with a grin. "A coke and, erm, lets start with a Black Russian." She said. Vince looked approvingly and nodded, turning to fetch the drinks, "Not going off on another sexual charge tonight then?" he asked as he placed the drinks in front of her. "Well, the night's still young!" she replied with a wicked grin before turning back into the crowd.

Tara had looked up just in time to see Willows red hair vanish into the mass of dancing bodies. She stole a second to cross down to Vince, who nodded before she'd even asked him anything. "Don't think she's alone though." He said, instantly regretting it as Tara's face fell. "She ordered two drinks." He said, patting the blonde on the shoulder before rushing down the bar to serve a woman whose outfit was leaving very little to anyone's imagination.

Willow returned to her friend who met her with a lustful grin. "How about the blonde?" Blaze said as Willow handed her her drink. "I'm taking her home, yes ma'am!" Willow looked at the young woman, "Oh babe, you don't have a chance in hell with her. She'd eat you for breakfast!" Willow immediately regretted her choice of words as the woman grinned. "That's the plan!" she said wickedly. From their lofty position on the small stage, Willow could see Tara watching them and she winked at her before rapidly turning away, Tara grinned back but it was Blaze who she ended up grinning at. "See," she said to Willow, "look at the grin, oh yeah, she wants me!" Willow burst into laughter, she didn't mean to be so harsh to her friend but sometimes her arrogance was seriously misplaced. "You think?" Willow asked, "You think it's you she's grinning at?" Blaze nodded, the crowd were getting louder and words seemed a little pointless.

As Tara emerged from behind the bar to collect some glass, Willow nudged her friend, "Watch this!" she said simply.

Jumping down from the stage, she crossed the room and reached Tara before she got too far into the crowd. "Hey lover." She purred into Tara's ear. Her hands went immediately to the small of her back and she kissed Tara, deeply, passionately and to the absolute astonishment of the blonde. As she broke the kiss, she whispered, "I'll see you later right?!" Tara nodded, as Willow turned back towards the stage, she could see Blaze shaking her head, her body language indicating that she thought Willow had given the other woman no say in the kiss.

Tara grabbed Willow's hand and pulled her back, her hands pinching her ass firmly as she kissed her once again. "You can count on it!!" she told Willow before releasing her hand and disappearing into the crowd.

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