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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc. and ME.
Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

After dinner everyone got cleaned up and headed to bed. The camp councilors would be waking everyone up at 7 am tomorrow, so everyone wanted to get to bed early.

Buffy sat on the bottom bunk in cabin 9 waiting for Faith. She hadn't seen her since she left after their conversation. She figured that Faith had gone to see her blonde friend from this morning. She was disappointed that she didn't get to see Willow at dinner time. She had kept an eye out for her, but she had no luck spotting her. She wanted to know how things were going with her new roomie, and she really badly wanted to tell Willow about hers. She was just so excited that she got a cool roommate that wore cool clothes and talked in a cool sort of way. You may want to leave out the sexy smile thing, she thought as she got up and unpacked the rest of her suitcase. Buffy put the remainder of the clothing in the dresser and tossed the suitcase against the wall. She pushed in the top drawer just as Faith walked into the cabin.

"Hey B, what's going on? How was dinner?" She asked while she walked over to Buffy's bed and lay down on it.

"Meh, camp food! Not the most yummy thing in the world, but I guess it was alright. And wait a minute Ms. I need the top bunk ‘cuz it makes me so much cooler. I do believe you are lying on my bed. My superbly unamazing bottom bunk," Buffy said with a smirk while crossing her arms.

"Oh come on B. I'm tired and I don't feel like climbing up to the top bunk. Just let me lie here a sec," Faith replied while leaning up on her elbows so she could get a better look at Buffy's face.

"The camp councilors will be waking us up at 7 in the morning, so I would like to get to bed now, meaning I will need my bed to sleep on."

"Hey, you're welcome to sleep with me," Faith said with a vixeny grin on her face. She raised one eyebrow as if to challenge Buffy. Buffy shook her head with a mixture of amusement and disbelief. She stood their and thought for a minute until the solution popped into her head.

"Ooh goody. With you down here, I can steal the top bunk for myself," She said as Faith's grin turned into a bit of a pout. She turned off the light and headed up the latter to the top bunk. She got under the covers just as a thought popped into her head. She leaned over the edge of the top bunk so that Faith would be able to hear her better.

"Oh, and Faith? You've got quite the sexy little pout." Faith didn't say anything. She just rolled over and smiled.

Willow and Tara walked back to cabin 6 together. They had spent the entire night just talking about whatever, and now they were kind of out of stuff to talk about. So, the two girls just walked back to their cabin in silence, but a comfortable one. It wasn't one of those awkward ones where you are frantically searching in your head for something to say, which was a good thing for Willow fore she always felt strangely nervous during an awkward silence, and usually ended up breaking it with a 25 minute speech about nothing. They just walked to their cabin in silence; enjoying each other's company. They got to their cabin and again reached for the door handle at the same time. This time Willow's hand covered Tara's.

"Looks like you had the slippy hand this time," Willow said as she slowly took her hand off of Tara's. She allowed Tara remove her hand before placing her hand back on the handle and turning it. She looked back at Tara and gave her a smile before entering the cabin. Wow, that was good look. It was all cute, yet kind of sexy. Maybe she's starting to like me! Haha yeah right Tara. Keep dreaming. You thought the same thing about Cordelia after she started to hang out with you more and more. Turns out the only reason she hung out with you is because you keep really good notes, and she needed to pass biology! Once the semester was done, she went back to blowing you off and making fun of you in the halls. Willow's just being nice to you because she knows she has to spend the summer with you. Wait, why the hell are you speaking in third person? It's flipping annoying.

Willow walked into the cabin and took off her shoes. She looked at Tara who was barely in the door and obviously off in her own world. I wonder what she's thinking about. Hey maybe she's thinking about me. Wait, what if she's thinking bad stuff about me. What if the reason she is way over there by door is because she wants to stay away from me. I mean she did yank her hand away the moment it touched mine when we went for the door handle the first time. And what if that nice comfortable silence on the walk home was extremely awkward for her? Oh, I hope it wasn't, I like this girl!

At that moment, both girls snapped out of their own little worlds and looked at each other. Their eyes met briefly before they both quickly looked away. They turned out the lights and crawled into their beds. They both wanted to say something to break the long awkward silence, but their insecurities were just too high after their little internal ‘pep talk'.

"Goodnight Tara," Willow finally said, no longer able to take the silence. "Y-yeah. Goodnight Willow. S-sweet dreams." Feeling better, the two girls closed their eyes. Please, let her like me, they both thought before finally drifting off to sleep.

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