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Author: drdj2006
Rating: R or up, not sure yet
Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to BtVS blah blah blah.
Note: there was some confusion about my last chapter and I apologize. Just imagine your foot falling asleep, and apply that feeling all over your body and 5 times more painful and that is the feeling I was trying to describe. Sorry for the mix up. Enjoy.

When Willow woke the next morning, the bed was empty. Feeling Tara's cooled pillow proved that she had been gone for a while. Willow's muscles were now allowing full movement, but that didn't mean they liked it. Groaning, Willow crawled out of bed and went to search for the blonde.

Once out of the bedroom she realized that the house was much larger than she had first thought. The hall in which she took stretched both was for 6 or 7 doors then turned or connected to another hall. I wonder if that right hand thing would work here. She decided to go right and in to the connected hall. Looking left and right she noticed that this hall was much like the last stretching on and on with many doors then turning at the end. Again she followed the right hand myth down the next hall and again at the next. This third hall was the shortest of all but turned in to another hall at the end. After turning she noticed that the hall looked oddly familiar. As she continued along she passed a bathroom. After quickly back tracking to use the bathroom she moved on. Then she passed on open door. Looking in to the open door she realized that she was back where she started.

Ok now what? Then turning around she walked back past the bathroom to the short hall and down another hall. Here she found steps going down to a door. Through tall skinny window you could see that the door led out side. Oh yeay I'm getting some where. I could go around the front and find a door with a door-bell and some one would let me in and I would be saved.

Quickly willow ran out down the stairs and yanked open the door jumping past it and slamming the door behind her. That's when she noticed what she had jumped in to, a big, long, smelly, barn. Oh great when will I learn to look before I leap. Is the door open. She turned around and tried to open the door. Nope locked of course. So now I guess I have to walk through it. Gulp... I hope she doesn't have horses. Well here goes nothing.

Willow began to walk down the middle of the barn with her arms wrapped around herself. She got about half way down the hall then heard a noise. It was a noise she recognized, a noise that terrified her, a cross between a snort and someone rolling there tongue. Her mind went black as she turned around and looked in to her own reflected eyes. The cold dark black mirror like eyes of the biggest blackest scariest horse she had ever seen. They stood eye to eye for a moment before the horse again snorted in her face. Willow jumped and let out a screech that startled that horse causing it to rear up and kick in to the air. Screaming Willow took her cue to leave and ran down the barn and out the door.

Once outside Willow looked around to see where she was. Well I'm smart. I've never been outside Tara's house. She looked up and down the tree line. Is that a security gate? Damn how big is this place? Shit Tara you're loaded! I guess I'm going toward the fence.

As willow moved from the barn to the front of the house she was no longer on a smooth dirt floor but instead in the grass. There were acorns and small sticks that had been chopped up from a lawn mower and hurt her feet. Shit why didn't I wear shoes?

Willow continued walking along the house until she stepped in to something warm that squished between her toes. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked down. "Gross dog shit." Wow could this get worse. Just as the thought passed her mind she hears growling. Turing to look she saw a large dark brown dog crouched behind her. Slowly backing away she thought I have no luck with animals today. The dog lunged at Willow and she quickly dodged him and began to run.

Racing around the house she soon saw the front door. Leaping up the steps three or four at a time when she got to the door she began banging on it and ringing the door bell. With the dog rushing up the steps after her she began to panic. Willow closed her eyes and prepared for the worst when the door opened and she fell forward.


Willow opened her eyes to see the dog, Oz, try to stop by sitting down and sliding off the edge of the steps and into a bush. Willow blinked a couple times then looked up in to the eyes of her savior.

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