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Author: drdj2006
Rating: R or up, not sure yet
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Buffy sat at a desk in a dark room under the light of a desk lamp. The cup of coffee on the table was almost empty as she was searching through a file. She sighed as she picked up another file and drank the last of her coffee. "How can I be out of coffee again I just got some. GAAARRR nothing is working with me. The world is against me it hates me it wants me to die!"

"Buffy dear. Why don't you take a break? You haven't left your room or eaten or slept in days. You won't be able to help any one if you don't take care of yourself first." Kara stood at Buffy's door with a plate of food. "Here eat this while you work and then take a shower and get some sleep. How does that sound?"

Buffy handed her mom her empty cup and a plate of untouched old food "It sounds great but I cant do that mom. I have to find them." She took the plate of fresh food from her mom and a new cup of coffee. "I'm sorry mom"

"It's ok dear." Kara hugged Buffy and walked away "Try to eat and sleep... for me... please."

"I will mom." Buffy turned back to her desk once I find my sister and bring my lover back to life. A lone tear fell down Buffy's cheek and landed on a turned over peace of paper. Buffy picked up the paper to make sure the water hadn't done any damage. As she read over the paper her eyes grew wide and she dropped her coffee to the floor. "MOM" Buffy screamed as loud as she could "DAD" page 17, page 17, page 17 "Yes I found it"

At that time her parents came barging through the door "what is it what's wrong are you ok? What was the big thud? And..." the questions faded as Buffy handed her parents 2 page 17s of identical contracts that Faith and Xander had with the marines.

"What are we looking at honey" Rupert was slowly reading the paper "I see that this is Xander's contract but what about it. I am not the law based mind of the family you are."

"A FBI field agent wanna-be is far from a court room master mind. Either way look at paragraph 28A section 6."

"Alexander Haris is only to be sent to hostile lands or war zones in an emergency situation and if for any circumstance is sent to a hostile area will receive an instantaneous promotion of the next rank and pay will be doubled and paid to him or the family for the reminder of his contracted service time. Also if he is pronounced missing or dead a no effort will be spared to recover any or all and send him back home" Kara read out loud "and again I ask please put this in common terms."

"This means that they must go find them and send them home no mater what state they are in" Buffy looked to her parents who were frowning "Ok what is it I'm all happy and your not."

"Buffy" Rupert began "like we told Willow it is better to hope that they are dead and not held capture."

"Trust me I know that" Buffy gathered the papers again "but a funeral would offer more closure with a body rather than with out."

Willow woke up to find the room dark and still. A thin beam of light came from under the door where a hall light was lit. Great, I got to pee. Grrr stupid bladder. Oh this is gonna hurt. Willow slowly sat up groaning at the pain coursing through her body it wasn't as intense as earlier but it was still strong. Oh boy I don't even know where the bathroom is, haven't needed it yet. She moved to the edge of the bed and braced herself to stand up. I haven't done this yet either gulp this will be interesting to say the least. She pushed down against the bed with her hands and stood up with minimum difficulty and maximum pain she almost sat back down and waited for Tara but decided she needed to go too bad. She slowly made her way to the door and opened it quietly. She looked down the wall and noticed a piece of paper by the door.


I thought you might need to go to the bathroom soon. So I put up a few signs.

Hope you don't mind just thought they would help. Good night.


Wow, that's thoughtful and now I can go to the bathroom. She followed the signs to the bathroom. Each one had a little note on it explaining something or another about what they were hung on. A few pieces of art were even art done by Tara herself. As Willow returned from the bathroom she noticed other rooms in the house, it was much bigger than she had originally thought. She passed by a door that was slightly ajar and heard a scared whimper shortly followed by a cry. She stopped and listened at the door until she heard it again. As Willow became worried she pushed the door open enough for her to see a bed and Tara laying on it curled in a ball crying as she slept. Willow walked into the room and knelt by the bed.

"Tara wake up it's just a bad dream" She reached forward and shook Tara's shoulder lightly. "Tara?" Willow asked as Tara moved to wrap her arms around Willow in her sleep. Willow sat there for a moment before moving on to the bed and holding Tara. She could feel the girl was shaking and could hear the faint whimpers caused by the dream.

It was dark, nothing could be seen, cold, and wet, or at least it felt wet, it smelt of mold and dirt and decay. It was quiet, really, really quiet. There was this feeling of being surrounded by something but it was so dark and quite that it would be impossible to find what ever it was. Yet the feeling was still there. Knowing something is there looking for it but to dark to see it.

Then it starts, barely a sound, just to the right. Turn and look. Then it's to the back. Turn again. It moves again and turning to it, breathing faster and faster with every turn pressing the border of hyperventilation. Then it's in two places. There's more than one. Above and behind, left and right, their every where, to dark to see them to dark to find they get louder. The noise is a scratching, squeaking, and scrambling all around, hearing them moving and not knowing where it is or how to avoid them.

It's terrifying jumping each time it moves. Fearing the touch of what ever creature it is. A creepy-crawling feel floats in the air not quite touching skin that has no cloth or clothes to protect it from the creepy-crawling feeling touching the tinder skin. Under unprotected feet it starts pinching painfully rising over and up, passing the caves, then knees, slowly over thighs, and up further still. Moving trying to stop it but it continues try to wipe it away but the feel of the wiping hand never comes try again and again but it never comes and the feeling continues to crawl. It covers the lips of the sex dipping in and surrounding the opening but not going inside the core. Then back over a round tight ass around the hole and up the hips and continuing up further more. The crawling wrapping around the waist and traveling higher up growing harder and more painful pinching and clawing. Just under painfully exposed breast causing the nipples to grow hard and stiff. The pricks clamped tightly around hardened nipples squeezing painfully as if trying to break through the sensitive skin. It moves higher to the upper chest, it gets painful and harder to breath. It moves up to the shoulders then stops. Hoping for it to finally stop it slow accent but it continues down both arms and past elbows to the tips of the nimble figures. On fingerer tips the feeling of needles being hammered in to the skin. After covering fingers and arms the feeling moves up over shoulders and to the neck. Everything becomes slow as it creeps up squeezing the neck so slowly to under a shaking chin. Pinching its way over and stopping just under a quivering lip but continuing back and up through thick hair and over the top of the head. Surrounding the eyes but not inside covering the ears but not inside under and around the nose but not inside to stop just above the upper lip.

Praying for it to stop their but it goes on the intense feeling like the circulation has been cut off and the entire body fell asleep but mentally aware of it all and the pain is 20 times worse. Thinking tears are falling but its impossible to tell. Thinking is it done will this feeling last forever just please don't let it get worse, but it does. With out warning the creepy-crawling dives in to every hole inside the body spreading so quickly that it feels like it should burst out o the body at lighting speed. Yet it doesn't it nearly fills the body when a warm safe sensation is around the waist. The warmth grows and spreads and the creepy-crawling tries to leave the body as fast as it entered.

The warmth grows the creepy- crawling is gone and the scurrying scraping sound is replaced with soft whispers. The smell of dirt and mold becomes a strawberry patch in the hot summer. The dark becomes a black light of waking from a nights sleep.

The wipers became soft words and the words became comforting sentences calming the memory of the dream away. Eyes open to see a silky soft golden red and the strawberry patch only became stronger as the sleep faded from Tara's eyes. Knowing she was safe in Willow's arms Tara snuggled closer wrapping her arms more comfortably around Willow's neck no longer clinging with a deadly grip but holding closely.

When Willow felt Tara shift she started to pull away to leave and let Tara have some space. However Tara tightened her grip once again and wispered "Stay?" and when Willow didn't answer she added "Please stay? For me?"

Willow snuggled in to Tara and relaxed holding her close "Always... Always for you?"

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