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Believe in Fairies

Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. You know the drill. They belong to Joss and a bunch of other people who are not me. I do not get any monetary gain from this. The only gain I can hope for is to impress women.

After another brief semi-awkward moment of silence Willow motioned to a table and chairs that had suddenly appeared. Tara carefully examined the chair which caused Willow go giggle.

"What? I'm just being careful." Tara responded and finally sat down.

"So is this your first meeting? I mean I haven't seen you here before." Willow wasn't good at small talk. She was good at babbling and good at sticking her foot in her mouth but not so much with the small talk.

"I could ask the same of you. I've been to every one since I was little and I haven't seen you either." Tara hoped to change the subject off of her. She didn't like to talk about herself because she didn't think it was a very interesting topic. She was however very interested in finding out more about this redhead.

"Oh, uh..." Willow started. 'I guess she doesn't know... that explains a lot...' Willow thought before continuing, "I've been to all of them for quite a long time now."

"Well in all fairness this is a big convention and there are a lot of fairies in the world." Tara offered as an explanation. Truthfully she didn't actually know a lot of the fairies. She recognized a few by name, and even fewer by sight. She came to the meetings every year but she really hadn't taken the time to get to know anyone. She spent most of her time enjoying her vacation with some quality alone time... and a good book.

"Definitely fairy abundance." Willow nodded.

Willow had a million questions running through her head that she wanted to ask this beautiful blonde. She of course couldn't decide which one to start with and also had a fear that if she did start the stream of questions would continue in an incoherent babble. Luckily, or unluckily?, they were interrupted.

"Red, glad to see you've returned to your normal colour." The fairy smacked Willow on the back at the same time causing her to choke on her drink.

Tara quirked an eyebrow at the newest arrival. She stood with black combat boots, black leather mini-skirt, tight red tank-top that didn't fully cover a black lace push-up bra, and to top off the look a black leather jacket. She was also holding a bottle of wine. 'Not really fairy attire... unless she is the slut fairy.' Tara was mortified at her thought. That was not very Self-esteem Fairy like.

Their eyes met briefly and Tara received a wink. "Who's the cutie?" The fairy asked Willow who was finally recovering from her coughing fit.

"Tara, Faith. Faith, Tara."

"Nice to meet you T." Faith said holding out her hand. Tara cautiously shook it. Faith sat down and took a swig from her bottle.

"So what are you the Hippie Fairy?" Faith asked giving Tara a once over.

Willow shot Faith a 'be nice' look and Faith quietly ignored it.

'Hold your tongue Tara. Just tell her and don't go with the comeback you want to, it would be very unbecoming of you.' Tara finally stuttered out "I'm t-the S-s-self-esteem Fairy. I'm n-not in uniform." 'Great stuttering your job title is a sure way to impress a certain redhead.'

"Oh good, a working fairy like me. I don't care much for my uniform either. I only wear it when the Council has me under inspection. But I have respect for you. I don't care much for slacker types like this one here." She playfully nudged at Willow.

Willow slapped her back. "Hey! I do so work."

"Do not."

"Do so."

This continued for a few too many seconds and Tara started to get worried.

"You're just an inspirational fairy."

"Do so... uh... I mean yeah I am but that doesn't mean I'm a slacker type!"

When the two started a stare down Tara decided to interrupt.

"So Faith, what is it you do?" She asked just before taking a sip of wine.

"I'm the Tooth-fairy." Tara quickly spit her wine across the table. Not all of it went out and it was now Tara's turn for a coughing fit.

"I love it when I get reactions like that!" Faith almost squealed giddily as she started howling with laughter.

<cough><cough> Is she <cough> serious? <cough>" Tara questioned Willow.

"'Fraid so..."

"The one and only." Faith beamed proudly. Willow just rolled her eyes.

"So you are g-going to moderate the workers union meeting tomorrow?" Tara asked, still in disbelief.

"Oh yeah that reminds me. I need to get good and drunk tonight." With that Faith quickly finished off her bottle and the other two drinks that were on the table.

"I'm gonna go get more." Faith quickly stood up and headed towards the liquor.

Willow stared at the table afraid to look up. She was completely embarrassed by Faith and was waiting for Tara to just get up and leave.

"You're friend is... she is... interesting." Tara said.

Willow looked up surprised but glad to see shining blue eyes. "Interesting?"

"It's a word I use when I honestly can't think of any others."

"Oh when I can't think of anything I continue to babble. Though it changes from a semi-coherent babble to a not at all coherent babble. Which is funny right cause why would someone babble when they can't think of anything to say? It seems kind of silly... and I'm doing it now. You know please feel free to stop me when I do that."

"I think it's adorable." Tara smiled and blushed but remained in eye contact as Willow also smiled and blushed.

'Okay so far so good Willow. She thinks you are adorable, or your babble at least, and even Faith hasn't frightened her off. You can do this... Don't fuck it up. Okay need topic of conversation.' Willow thought.

Tara unsure of what to talk about decided to continue on with the previous topic. "So I'm curious because I'm having trouble picturing... the Tooth-fairy's uniform is..."

"Pink tutu. Yep." Willow smirked.

Both fairies started to giggle at the image.

"It's no wonder she doesn't want to wear it."

"Actually when I first met her she was in it. I didn't think twice about it. So when I saw her all 'cleavage-y slut bomb in leather' I was shocked. But then you get used to the leather and when she puts on the tutu you can't help but laugh. Which always ends with me having a few bruises... ."

They quickly fell into a conversation about fairy costumes, in particular the bad ones they've seen over the years. Not even the fairies escaped the puffy shoulders and bright colours of the 80's. And lets not forget about the multitude of fairies that did not wear clothes. That led to a discussion about their own fairy outfits. Willow was in hers. A simple green dress with a low neck and spaghetti straps. It was straight and unfitted making it look more like a slip than an actual dress especially due to its shiny translucent nature. 'Hmm,' Tara thought going over the details in her mind so that she could easily recall them at a later time. When Tara described her outfit Willow practically drooled at the thought. 'Definitely hope to see her in that later.'

The discussion of Tara's outfit led to her telling stories from her job. Generally Tara didn't like talking about herself but she just felt so comfortable with Willow. There were a lot of sad stories but occasionally Tara was an accidental witness to some damn funny ones. Willow listened intently to Tara's sweet voice only occasionally distracting herself with the phrase 'Honey tongued' popped into her head.

"And when the hacky-sac hit her in the back of the head she turned around to see what happened. The guy who did it froze briefly in panic and then started to run. She took off after him. He was apparently rather frightened of her and he was throwing chairs down trying to block his escape. But he tripped and fell, which happens a lot when you are being chased, and she had her arm up ready to punch him. And he was honestly scared he was going to be beaten." Tara started to giggle.


"She didn't hit him. She let him go and he stayed on the floor for a good couple of minutes. I'm sure his life flashed before his eyes." Tara really started to chuckle now.

"And what is so funny exactly?" Willow thought the story was amusing but Tara was practically falling off her chair.

"You have to meet her I guess. She wouldn't hurt a fly. But this guy was horrified when he realised who his stray hacky-sac hit. He was really afraid of her and I just can't picture it... I, uh I guess you had to be there." Tara's demeanour quickly changed and she started to shrink inward.

Willow sensing it and not liking it was quick to make amends. "Well Tara I tell you what. How about after the conference I go with you, to meet her. And that way I can understand. I mean I've never been to Idaho. Actually I haven't seen much of the world really you know outside fairy conventions. But you... you've been lots of places." 'Hope that didn't sound too desperate' Willow thought.

"I... I would like that." Tara smiled. Willow smiled.

"So you haven't gone with the Tooth-fairy on rounds? I bet that would take you a lot of places." Tara asked.

"Oh well that would be at night. And Faith offered once, told me I could carry the coins. I declined of course, and that is why she insists on calling me a slacker. Besides... I'd rather go with you."

The two got lost in each other's eyes again and continued smiling goofily at each other.

Tara finally broke the silence. "So Faith said you had inspirational status... What inspiration were you born of?"

'Damn... was hoping to avoid that topic.' Willow thought wryly. "I uh... It's embarrassing actually..." Willow trailed off and remained silent.

Tara pieced together what information she had... embarrassing and wearing green. "You aren't one of the green fairies are you?" She asked cautiously.

"What? The absinthe fairies? Oh no. Certainly not. Besides those are non-status fairies. They just really enjoy messing with intoxicated people. No I just... Actually we weren't born from the inspiration we actually were the inspiration."


"Oh my friend Xander and I. We inspired the story and I don't know if that makes it better or worse." Willow then began panic babble mode. "I mean in a way its kind of my fault. I mean I can't blame the author. Then it all just got out of hand and I didn't know what to do."

Willow continued to babble as Tara tried to bring her out of it calling her name softly "Willow."

"I mean it's just a stupid story but what if..."

"Willow." Tara called again.

"What if you don't like me?" Willow said softly almost to herself as she stared at the table unable to look up as tears started to form behind her eyes.

Tara put her hand over Willow's. "Willow... I don't think I could ever not like you."

Willow looked up to honest blue eyes. The two fairies forgot completely about the conversation as they got lost in each other's eyes again.

A large crash brought them back to reality this time.

Everyone's head turned towards the sound. It was none other than Faith partially on the ground and tangled in a couple of chairs. There was broken glass next to the Faith/chair pile and the distinct smell of whiskey. As quickly as the scene unfolded the other fairies were quick back to their own conversations with no one bothering to help the poor fairy.

"We should go help her." offered Tara.

They headed over to the scene and Tara began to extract some of the chairs. Willow tried to pull Faith up but found it difficult. Faith groaned in protest, she was seemed quite content to stay on the floor for a little while.

"Buffy is going to be pissed you know."

"Yeah well little Miss Goody Two Shoes can kiss my ass." Faith said as she finally sat up.

"I think you mean kick your ass."

With Tara's help Willow was finally able to pull Faith to her feet. Leaving the room they got plenty of glares from the other fairies. It unnerved Tara. They quickly (as quickly as you can carrying a drunk person) brought Faith to her room and deposited her on the bed.

As they shut the door Tara said, "I'm thinking she's not going to make it to the work meeting tomorrow."

"Actually you'd be surprised how quickly she recovers. She'll be fine in the morning."

"Well since I too have that meeting tomorrow I should probably get to bed soon. Would you care to walk me to my room?" Tara asked not quite willing to depart from the redhead just yet.

"Certainly My Lady." Willow responded. They both reached for each other's hand and started down the hallway.

"So your meeting tomorrow... what time does it end?" Willow asked.

"11 o'clock."

"That sounds like the perfect time for me to take you to lunch."

"Like a date?"

"Exactly." Willow beamed, "So what do you say?"

Tara's answer was short and sweet. "Yes."

They continued walking down the hall and had just passed the main lobby when they were interrupted again. A fairy in a hotel uniform ran up behind the girls and tapped Willow on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, Miss, There is an urgent phone call for you." The hotel fairy said.

"Can't it wait?" Willow practically whined.

"It's Corporate and urgent so if I would venture a guess I'd say no."

Willow turned to Tara. "Tara, I really need to take this. Do you mind waiting? I understand if you don't. I mean we're gonna do the lunch thing and you have that meeting tomorrow."

Tara squeezed Willow's hand. "No, its okay I can wait."

It was clear that neither fairy wished for the night to end.

Tara took a seat in the lobby lounge while Willow went to a small office behind the check-in desk. What was 5 minutes in reality felt like a two hour boring lecture to Tara. 'I've only just met her and I can't stand to be away from her..."

She was broken from her reverie by a frustrated groan coming from the office. Very shortly after the hotel clerk stepped out. Tara watched as he headed straight towards her. She knew what news he'd bring. Tara quickly understood Willow's frustrated groan because she just heard it in her own head.

"I'm sorry, Miss, but Tinkerbell asked me to tell you that she'd be longer than expected. She is really sorry and says feel free to go and she will see you tomorrow."

"Tinkerbell?" The rest of the news was no shock but that... that Tara had not expected.

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