Believe in Fairies

Author: Wiccanbotanist
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. You know the drill. They belong to Joss and a bunch of other people who are not me. I do not get any monetary gain from this. The only gain I can hope for is to impress women.
Summary: At the world's most magical place the fairies hold their annual meeting.
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Tara enjoyed the Annual Fairy Convention. This year it was being held at Disneyland. It was a bit crass really but she didn't really mind it. It was nice to have a week off a nice vacation. Most of the fairies had no jobs. They were there just to be. Inspirations, flights of fancy, to be there and look pretty for illustrations and stories. The rest of their time was spent having fun, causing havoc and general silliness. But not Tara she had to work.

Actually she didn't have to work. In fact no fairy had to work because it wasn't like they needed money. Her job was purely voluntary. But being as she was, Tara felt she should be a useful fairy especially since there were plenty of bad fairies about. That included her own brother who makes Robin Goodfellow look like a pin prick on humanity compared to his chainsaw of destruction.

It seemed like she was always working. Girls these days had an abundance of low self-esteem. But then again Tara figured it was better than the times where women had no self-esteem. Back when women were worse of than cattle and having self-esteem would get you beaten or killed. And talking to fairies would get you hung from the nearest tree or burnt at the stake. Tara was a rather young fairy, not that fairies aged really, but she had heard about those times from her mother who worked in fairy magic.

Although she travelled the globe helping young girls with their self-esteem problems it seemed like she spent too much of it in that small Idaho town. She always thought she was making progress with those girls but it didn't take long before she was needed again. Luckily she had a decent human to work with. The method of the Self-esteem Fairy was to speak through humans because getting advice from a fairy was considered crazier than some of the things these girls would do to create false esteem. The trick then was to find someone who believed in fairies or trick them into thinking it was their own thoughts.

Tara realised that she had just spent most of her travel time thinking about work. 'Come on Tara, you are on vacation quit thinking about work. It's not like the world is going to end just because you took a week off.' she chastised herself. It was ironic really the fact that the Self-esteem Fairy herself suffered from low self-esteem. But in a way it made her more equipped for the job. She was really good at her job and it made her feel better when she was able to help. And from the stories she heard about the previous fairy who held the job... well Tara having a really really bad day still wouldn't have been able to do worse.

Tara checked into the Fairy Hilton and glancing at her watch realised she had enough time to shower and change if she was quick. She had been wearing proper fairy attire... a cute baby blue dress that shimmered in the light with a corseted top and a flowing knee-length skirt. It matched her eyes and hugged her in all the right places. It really didn't matter what she wore, most of the humans never saw her. The few that did usually just saw the shimmer of blue like a bulb on Christmas lights... "So that's why they call them fairy lights when they are out of the holiday context..." Tara mused aloud just as the realisation hit her.

Tara had wanted to get in one more job before the opening ceremonies started and it had taken longer than she intended to. It was another small town job, this time in Montana. She spoke through a mother who was trying to persuade her daughter that she was smart enough to go to college. The girl finally gave in and said that she would apply even though she grudgingly continued to mumble that she'd never be accepted. It was a step in the right direction at least and only an acceptance letter would be able to change her mind.

That was why Tara still had on her blue dress. As soon as she got into her room though she quickly got out of it and hopped in the shower. She was glad to be out of the outfit. It wasn't that she didn't like it... it was that she just couldn't handle the appreciative stares she often got because of it, like the one the desk clerk had given her. She was modest, shy and had a tendency to blush feverishly when others gave her looks like that.

After her shower Tara put on her favourite white embroidered peasant blouse and tie dyed wrap skirt. It was a little dated but it was from her favourite era. Fairies could come out of the woodwork and mingle with the people very easily then. Plus it was more comfortable and she didn't feel so self-conscious in it. And when she felt happy and carefree she didn't even notice the appreciative stares she still got.

Tara checked her watch again noticing that she had only a minute to get to the main hall. She rummaged through the information package she got at check-in in hopes of finding a hotel map. Alas there was none. After spending a few minutes following misleading signs around the hotel she finally arrived at the closed doors. She quietly opened one and slipped inside.

The hall was so enormous Tara was unable to see the stage at the front or the speaker. It was also so packed with fairies that she would be unable to get any closer. She grumbled to herself about being late and getting lost as she resigned herself to standing against the wall as there were no seats available. Settled for the time being she finally focused on the voice of the speaker that she couldn't see.

It was a feminine voice but it was distant and cold. And it sounded like it was reading directly from a piece of paper. Tara glanced around at the other fairies. It was obvious no one was paying attention. The only reason they were all here was because of the mixer directly afterwards. No fairy could pass up large quantities of free alcohol. So they all sat and waited for the real party to get started.

Tara checked her itinerary to see who the speaker was. 'Of course... this is Disneyland. Who else would start the ceremonies here?' she thought as she saw the name Tinkerbell in italics underneath the Opening Ceremony line. She was the most disliked fairy known to fairies because she was so well known and loved by the humans. Tara remembered a comment her brother uttered once at the mention of the name. "Damn sell-out."

No wonder no one was paying attention.

Finally the ceremony ended and the party was underway. The entire wall near the stage disappeared as the courtyard lay just beyond. Fairies were mingling inside and out. Music got started and the kegs rolled out. It was a grand ole time... .

Tara hung out at the back of the hall watching the spectacle. She wasn't much of a partier herself though occasionally enjoyed indulging in wine, dance and song. It was just tonight she didn't feel like it much herself but she didn't mind watching the others overly enjoying themselves.

After a while she finally headed over to the wine table and poured herself a glass. One of the other fairies at the table looked at her strangely as she grabbed an entire bottle and walked off. Tara just smiled... 'Why do they even bother putting glasses here?' she thought as another fairy walked up, grabbed a bottle and gave a strange look at Tara's glass.

It was then Tara noticed a few chairs along the side of the wall. She had been standing the entire time and was glad that not all of the chairs had disappeared when the wall did. She headed towards them and sat down only to find her arse connecting with the marbled floor instead of a chair. Luckily she didn't spill her drink. Tara looked up expecting to see her brother but was shocked when she found herself looking at a giggling Puck.

Shortly however her brother was there. He quickly took to pounding on what was now a crying Puck. "No picking on my sister you asshole." he shouted throwing a few more punches before getting up.

He went over to Tara who was still on the ground and offered his hand.

"Thanks Donnie." Tara said as she took the offered hand and pulled herself up.

"No problem sis." Donnie said. He however continued to pull Tara well after she was up and stuck out his foot in front of hers. Tara was quickly on the ground again this time on her stomach, her wine glass rolling somewhere off in the distance. Donnie giggled an evil giggle and scampered off. The crowd quickly began to disband and wander off in search of more mischief.

Tara was resigned to lying on the floor waiting for her embarrassment to subside. She should have expected that from her brother. He was usually quick to defend her from others but just as quick to make an ass of her himself. Tara sighed and finally pushed herself onto her hands and knees. It was then green and white sneakers came into view.

"Are you alright?" A soft voice called. A petite freckled hand was held out in front of Tara's face. Tara was hesitant though at accepting another fairy hand of help.

"I promise I'm a nice fairy. Trust me." The voice offered.

Tara couldn't help but trust the voice. There was something in the voice. There was no malice in it not even hidden. Tara straightened onto her knees and looked up her hand reaching out towards the offered hand. She was struck speechless at the sight before her. The svelte redhead glimmered like a goddess in green. Unaware Tara grabbed the hand and was pulled with surprising strength from the petite fairy.

Tara now stood face to face with the redhead and continued to be speechless at the sight only this time she was lost in emerald green eyes. They stood for quite some time as their hands remained in each other's. Tara was snapped back into reality when the redhead released her hand and spoke.

"I uh got you another glass. I hope you don't mind. Because you don't have to take it if you don't want to. I mean you just got that other glass but then it was spilled so I figured that you'd still want some. Not that I was watching you. I mean I was but not like in a stalker sort of way. I mean I was just watching the table and I saw you getting a glass and I thought hey that is nice I'm not the only weirdo to drink from a glass. Oh not to say that you are a weirdo it's just that..." Her face was flushed from the babble. Part of it embarrassment, part of it lack of oxygen. She took a deep breath and decided to cut her losses. "I'm gonna shut up and go away now. Sorry."

The redhead was stopped when Tara grabbed her hand again.

"You're adorable." Tara said. This time it was Tara's turn to blush as she realised she had said what was in her head out loud. The redhead's smile however was worth it. Tara regained her composure so she could continue with her original plan for conversation.

"I... uh... T-thank you f-for your help. I'm Tara." She intended to grab the redhead's hand again only to realise it was already in her grasp.

"Willow... is me. I'm Willow."

In a small southern Idaho town, in the high school, in the band room, a group of teenagers sat hanging about after school hours. They were having one of their usual conversations the kind where the topic changed every five seconds about a multitude of items under the sun. This included the usual debate of going to someone's house to hang out before they got into trouble again.

One girl, a brunette, who was quiet for most of the conversation got up and walked into one of the smaller practice rooms where the music was located along with where she kept her books. She was followed shortly by a redheaded girl.

"Hey Janna, you've been awfully quite today. What's up?" the redhead asked.

"Eh, just an off day. Or off week rather. Actually can I get an off year?" the girl replied.

"Nervous about California?"

"No... We'll be fine they don't know us there. We usually do better in competitions when they don't have a preconceived notion that we are the small town with the least amount of money and community support and thus should be judged in accordance to."

"I was talking about the parade. We don't usually compete in parades."

"I'll be fine. I'm just glad to be in a parade that is all marching. It will be nice to not have to worry about being behind the horses. It's harder to avoid horse crap while walking backwards and waving your arms."

A moment of silent reflection passed between the girls. The redhead broke the silence.

"I noticed you didn't speak up when Sarah was bitching again. You usually jump right in. Where was the Self-esteem Fairy today?"

"Disneyland." Her answer was surprisingly quick as if she had already planned the answer in case the question was ever asked.

"Oh..." was all the redhead could state.

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