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Coming Out of the Bedroom

Author: SpikeMe4Now4200, CN Winters and Susan Carr.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: The story is ours... the characters aren't. We wanted to have a little fun with 'em... so we're borrowing 'em from Joss... just for a little while.

Tara walked into the house, returning from her day's classes, and couldn't help but notice the organized mess that Willow had all over the dining room table. A look of confusion splayed across her face.

"I've been researching," Willow told her, answering the unasked question.

"That's obvious," Tara chuckled. She picked up one of the many books from the table and read the title out loud. "Lesbian Sex: A Beginner's Guide? Hate to break it to you Sweetie but you're way past the novice stage."

"Why thank you," Willow grinned proudly as Tara took a seat beside her. "But that's not why I got it. Its got some other resources in the bibliography. And I think I've pinpointed our problem."

"In all of this," Tara asked, waving her hand toward the mix of books, papers and magazines, "you've narrowed it down?"

"Yeah. See?" Willow remarked as she handed over the notes she'd been compiling. The first thing Tara noticed was the different colored ink - blue, black, red and green. She grinned before she read a single word. Even though Willow could be ‘extreme' she loved the redhead endlessly. And she was grateful that Willow took her request to examine their relationship, even though she hadn't quite expected all this.

"I made a few notes," Willow continued. "I think I realize what our problem is. It's called the lesbian bed death syndrome."

"We have a syndrome," Tara teased. "Is it terminal? Is there a cure?"

"Not that kind of syndrome Silly."

"I'm just teasing Will. What's this all about?"

"Well, it seems that after living together for awhile the fizzle kinda goes out the window a-and women start to become roommates more than lovers - hence the name - lesbian bed death. The sex life just dies. It's actually something bonafide and documented. See?"

Tara read the page and looked toward the bottom. "What's this?" she pointed to the complex chart consisting of various activities in various colors and group according to date and time.

"Well that's our action plan, so to speak. You mentioned not doing things together - well outside the Scoobies realm that is - so I made a few notes. See? Dinner, movies, dancing, picnics and of course snuggles. I thought we could go out tonight."

Tara grinned and pulled Willow over her giving her a slow, burning kiss on the lips. "I love this Willow. I do. And watching you go to all this shows me how much love me and still want me. Really, it does but..."

"Uh oh. Another but?"

"But I refuse to have my sex life governed by..." Tara tried to find the right words as she waved the sheet. "...different colored pens," she finished. Quickly she added, "Again, it's not that I don't appreciate it. Because I do. This is so incredibly sweet and Sweet, adorable you," she added giving her another kiss that left Willow breathless. "But we don't have to outline everything. Couldn't we just go out for the evening and see where it leads us?"

"Well yeah. I mean, of course. I don't have a problem with that at all."

"Good. You're not offended?"

"No not at all. I feel a bit goofy now but..."

"Quirky," Tara whispered, pulling Willow's lips back to her and giving her another soft peck. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Tara felt a calm wash over Willow and she knew the redhead understood and accepted her affection. Things were moving in the right direction she felt, as she rose to her feet. "So what time?"

"Spike's gonna stay with Dawn tonight. He'll be here around eight. He'd come over sooner but you know... sunlight and all... pesky summertime thing. But we can pretty much be out as long as we want... well... before sunrise."

"Okay good. Let's get some of this picked up before Dawnie gets back. She doesn't need Lesbo Sex 101 lessons just yet," the blonde chuckled.

"Agreed," Willow nodded, helping with the clean up. "Although I think she gets enough of an education just from the noise coming from our room."

At eight o'clock Spike stood at the porch just as he said he would.

"Come on in," Willow told him, opening the door wider. "We appreciate this."

"Where's Lil Bit?" he asked looking around.

"Eating pizza in the kitchen. There's plenty if you want some," she told him. He just cocked his head at the comment. "Sorry. Garlic. I forgot...But there's other food in the fridge too...I think Tara put some lamb's blood in there the other day...and there's a few steaks as well if you want to throw one on the grill. Just help yourself. I'm gonna finish getting ready. Oh, and, please, don't smoke in the house...growing teen and all, you know?"

Spike rolled his eyes. "Enjoy the movie, Red. Saw it last night, that raider chick is pretty hot."

Willow went back up the stairs as Spike headed to the kitchen. As she entered the bedroom the sight of Tara stopped her in her tracks. The girl was wearing one of Willow's favorite Tara-dresses. The copper-colored skirt of her low-cut full-length dress reached well below her ankles, but had the most enticing slit running up her thigh - reaching almost to her hip. She just loved that slit...

"Hubba, hubba," Willow sighed.

Tara simply grinned. "Spike here?"

"Yeah I just let him in. I was gonna finish getting ready."

"You look beautiful right now," Tara complimented.

Willow felt herself blush. "But not as gorgeous as you."

Tara walked over, giving Willow's body a long lecherous look. She moved to her knees in front of Willow who watched as Tara's hands started at her calves and slowly made their way up her legs. Willow glanced around to see that the door was still wide open and if anyone walked past they would see...


The blonde didn't answer. Her hands just continued their journey northward under the long skirt that Willow wore until she found the waistband of Willow's panties. The redhead was going to issue a protest but somehow it was lost in the feel of Tara's fingertips, dancing across her skin. Slowly she felt her panties being pulled from her body and on wobbly legs she stepped out of them.

Unsure of what was happening, Willow watched Tara move to her feet before whispering in her ear.

"You won't be needing these," she said, as she lifted the panties to her face. She made a big point of inhaling their scent, closing her eyes and moaning. "Mmmm...Willowscent..."

Willow licked her lips as she watched Tara's display of sensuality. What was Tara up to...? Oh Gods...she was making her so wet. Tara had chosen that moment to move the panties slightly away from her face and extend her tongue. Feeling her wetness trickling down her legs, Willow moaned as Tara's tongue reached out and licked the satiny material in her hands.

"Oh Gods Tara," Willow sighed, her mind racing with images of Taratongue working its magick inside her body. "If you wanna taste me so bad...why don't you forget the panties and just drink from the fountain?"

Grinning devilishly, Tara dropped to her knees again and reached her free hand underneath Willow's skirt. She purposefully pressed her hand against her girlfriend's mound, curling two of her fingers upwards. Before Willow knew what was happening, Tara pressed her fingers directly into her slit, causing the redhead to buck her hips into her hand. However, she removed her fingers a second later, ignoring the moan of protest from her girlfriend.

"You offered a taste," she said in explanation, removing her sopping wet fingers from her girlfriend's sex. Locking her eyes with Willow's, Tara sensuously drew her fingers into her mouth, closing her eyes as she took in her flavor. "Mmmm," she said when she eventually removed her fingers, "Willowjuice..."

Willow couldn't move...she was trembling with desire. The sight of her girlfriend tasting her caused a throbbing in her clit that just wouldn't ease up. "Forget about the movie," she sighed. "I want your tongue Baby... Taratongue..."

Tara chuckled as she lifted herself up off her knees. "Patience," she smiled. "The night is still young..." With that, she once again pressed Willow's panties against her face, savoring their scent one last time before reaching into her dress and tucking them inside her bra. Giving just a slight nip to Willow's earlobe she added, "Meet me downstairs when you think you're ready."

The huskiness of the words left Willow paralyzed and mute. Helpless to stop Tara's departure, she watched the blonde casually breeze her way out of the room. Willow was convinced all the blood her brain needed for speech shot to her core as she felt the wetness and she had to concentrate just to remain upright. She wasn't quite sure what Tara had in store for her but she knew she could barely contain herself.

As they waited in line for their tickets, Willow couldn't take her eyes off her girlfriend. She knew Tara had something in mind - something sexy - and she wondered what it was. Tara's words the other night had really cut deep with her. She hadn't realized she'd been neglecting her Baby by taking on so much...but she was glad Tara had said something. Her girlfriend was right - they were in danger of losing the spark - and she was determined not to let that happen. However, going panty-less to the movies left Willow wondering how far Tara wanted to take this. Was her girlfriend really going to take full advantage of her lack of underwear...and if would she do that?

Tara could feel Willow's curiosity and she simply loved that notion. It was all part of her plan, her game - to keep her girl guessing. They needed a little more spontaneity in their life, and Tara was gonna do her best to show Willow how much fun it could be. . Upon noticing that no one was paying any attention to her, she reached into her dress and deftly located her girlfriend's panties.

Willow's eyes widened in shock. What was Tara doing? Why was she lifting out her panties...pressing them to her face...her lips...? "Tara..." Willow choked out nervously, glancing around to see if anyone had noticed. "What are you doing? People could see..."

"That's the point," Tara grinned as they moved up in the line. "It's part of the excitement...and besides," she sensuously extended her tongue and licked the material of the panties to prove her point, "I'm hungry..."

Willow could literally feel her juices trickling down her legs as she witnessed Tara's erotic display. She couldn't believe how daring Tara's actions were and had to restrain herself from reaching over and taking those panties right out of her hands. Although, that would just defeat whatever purpose Tara had in store for her...and she didn't wanna disappoint. However, she was thankful when Tara gave her panties one last sniff before returning them back to the safety of her bra.

"Just needed another sample," Tara grinned as they continued to move up in the line. "Couldn't wait till we were inside..."

"What?" Willow raised an eyebrow at Tara's words, her mind buzzing with what she was suggesting. "You don't really plan on..."

"What do you think?" Tara chuckled, purposefully extending her tongue and tracing a slow sensuous line around her own lips.

Willow was just about to respond, but the line moved and they finally reached the front.

"Two-," Willow said in a high-pitched squawk. She quickly stopped speaking, grasping her throat with a slight cough. Tara even managed to play havoc with her vocal cords. "Two please," she told the ticket clerk again, after clearing her throat.

Although the sound of laughter never surfaced, other than a short snort, Willow watched Tara's shoulder rise and fall. All Willow could do was grin and shake her head. Tara was enjoying this little ‘power trip' and the redhead couldn't argue - she liked it too.

"Let's go," Tara smirked as Willow collected their tickets. "Don't wanna miss the trailers now, do we?"

Willow watched as Tara walked over to the concession stand and she followed behind.

"What can I get you?" the counter girl asked.

Tara looked at the list. "Large Pepsi. Snowcaps and small popcorn."


"Yes," Willow answered.

"No," Tara said at the same time.

Tara leaned over to Willow's ear and whispered. "I've got plans for that popcorn that doesn't involve butter Will."

Oh Lordy. Again, Willow had to clear her throat. "No butter," she replied to the annoyed girl, who was waiting for an answer.

"No butter. Got it... That'll be $8.50."

"$8.50?" Willow grumbled quietly to Tara. "My gods, we could get three cases of pop and 10 bags of popcorn."

Tara chuckled, "True but let's splurge tonight dear. We haven't done this in...well...ever."

Willow realized that they'd seen videos but they never actually went to a show. Most features were just romantic guy/girl comedies or horror films. And let's face it. If you lived in Sunnydale, and especially as a Scooby, there was little on the big screen that could scare you. So, they had never gone. Willow had a funny feeling however - even if they made it to the theater tonight the chances of watching the film were slim to none.

She smiled at the thought.

Once they were inside the theater, Tara led them to the very back corner of the room...allowing them maximum privacy. Willow silently followed her girlfriend's lead - a part of her eagerly anticipating her actions. She had a vague idea of what Tara was planning to do, and she was slowly warming to it. They'd done a lot of crazy things when they'd first started going out and it was about time they returned to their roots. Although, she could never remember having done anything at the movies before...but then again...most of the times they'd never made it to the movies in the first place.

Willow chuckled at that thought as she took a seat, eliciting a questioning look from her girlfriend.

"Just remembering," she explained.

"Remembering what?"

"How we hardly ever made it into the movies..."

Tara grinned in response, knowing exactly what her girlfriend was talking about. When they'd first started dating, every time they made an actual date...they kinda got sidetracked along the way. Well, all that was about to change...the sidetracking was fun, but it was going to be a lot more fun out of the bedroom...

Leaning in, Tara pressed her lips against Willow's earlobe, nipping her gently. "This time we made it out...but that doesn't mean we won't have as much fun," she whispered huskily.

Willow closed her eyes as she felt her wetness soaking through the material of her skirt. Could Tara's words be any sexier?

"Mmmm," she moaned as Tara impishly extended her tongue and ran it along the inside of her ear. It was all she could do to remain still...not wanting to bring attention to herself. Even though the theater wasn't too crowded, the lights were still on and the few people that were there could easily see what they were doing.

"Tara..." she sighed when she felt her girlfriend's palm reach for her thigh. "There's people..."

"You want me to stop?" she whispered huskily, moving her tongue from Willow's ear, down to the side of her neck. She bit her skin gently...knowing how hot it made her girlfriend.

"Mmmm," Willow gripped the edge of her seat; pushing her head back at Tara's nibbling. Much as she was embarrassed about someone seeing them...she just couldn't bring herself to ask Tara to stop. "Oh Gods're making me so wet..."

Tara chuckled and pulled back a bit, deciding to ease up for a moment. "Just wait till the lights go off..."

As if on cue, the lights in the movie theater started to dim and the curtains of the screen opened wide - revealing the first preview.

Willow turned her head and smiled at Tara, placing a soft kiss against her cheek. "The lights are off..." she challenged as she pulled away - her clit humming with anticipation.

Tara looked at her girlfriend through the darkness. She knew that Willow was ready for her and if she wanted, she could have Willow coming before the opening credits of the movie finished. That wasn't her goal however. This was not only about sex...about enjoying each other's bodies in new and exciting places. This was also about love and sharing and being together. In this large room full of people, Tara wanted to fully express her love for her beautiful redhead.

Moving slowly forward, Tara captured Willow's lips with her own. After a minute, she pulled back and ran her tongue slowly around Willow's, tasting and moisturizing before closing in again, this time with her lips open and her tongue thrusting into Willow's accepting mouth.

Willow moaned. She could feel her breathing catch as Tara sensuously explored her mouth, seeking out every hidden crevice as if it were their first kiss. She moved her hand closer to Tara, reaching for Tara's breast, but just as it came in contact, Tara's hand held her and moved it away.

"Tara?" Willow asked, pulling away in confusion.

"Shhhh," Tara whispered, placing Willow's hand back on the armrest of the seat. "Just relax, Baby. Let me...."

Oh gods, Willow thought to herself. She looked around at the dimly lit theater. There were people in the row in front of them, but not directly...more off to the side. The corner they were in was dark, but it wasn't totally private. Anyone who looked their way would instantly be able to tell what they were up to. As Tara's hot mouth moved in to nibble her neck, Willow found that she really didn't care.

Tara's hand began to move slowly over Willow's body...over her arms, her stomach, across her breasts, briefly squeezing each one as it traveled across and until finally it completed its journey at Willow's neck as it pulled her in for another long kiss. Willow's body ached for the attention, every inch of her skin longing for Tara's touch.

"This is where I start to have fun," the larger-than-life figure on the screen declared and Willow shivered in anticipation. She could certainly relate.

"Oh Tara, please," she whispered. "I need you...please."

Tara moved her hand down Willow's thigh - pleased with the cooperation. She knew deep down she wouldn't have too much to worry about...not when Willow was this turned on by her touch.

As the movie played on screen, Tara worked the material of Willow's skirt up her thigh...lifting it slowly...sensuously...enjoying the naughtiness. It might be dark in the movie theater...but they were still in public...people could see them...and that thought alone was titillating.

Willow was trembling now as the cold air hit her thighs...knowing she was naked underneath her skirt. However, all thoughts left her mind completely when she felt the tip of Tara's fingers brushing up against her mound. "Mmmm," she moaned, closing her eyes.

"You like that baby?" Tara whispered, leaning over to place a soft kiss against her lips.

"Mmmm," was all Willow could say as Tara pulled away and started moving her fingers through her well-trimmed hair.

"I can feel how wet you are," Tara whispered, scooping up a large helping of Willowjuice, before reaching into the popcorn tub. "And you taste so...mmmm," she moaned as she began to eat, making sure that Willow was able to see as she sucked each digit into her mouth.

"Would you like some Baby?" Tara asked. "I'll share."

"Mm hm," Willow moaned with a nod.

She watched as Tara's hands snaked through that high slit in her skirt for a few moments. When the hand resurfaced Willow watched Tara roll a couple of kernels in her fingertips before offering them up to her lips.

Willow accepted them without hesitation and could taste Tara's essence covering them.

"Told you - better than butter," Tara smirked, her breathy whisper tickling Willow's ear.

Willow could feel the throbbing in her clit intensifying as she feasted on Tara's juices. She could also feel her cheeks burning with embarrassment...knowing she was sitting in a public movie theater - her legs spread wide, and her pussy exposed for all to see.. As she continued to watch her girlfriend's sensuous actions, Willow found her arousal reaching an unmitigated peak. Her clit throbbed, her nipples were rock hard and her heart was racing...

Opening her eyes, Tara sensed her girlfriend's need - knowing exactly what she wanted. "You want me Baby?" She whispered, pressing a soft kiss to her lips as she returned her hand back to her thigh. "You wanna feel my fingers inside you?" she said against her lips as her fingers made their way back underneath her skirt.

Willow closed her eyes in response - words escaping her. She knew she should tell Tara to stop...but as her fingers teased her...slid up her skirt...touched her thigh...her skin...She just couldn't think straight anymore. When Tara's fingers finally came back in contact with her wetness...Willow had to bite her lip to keep from screaming out loud.

Tara noticed this and chuckled in response, purposefully pressing her fingertips hard against her clit. She wanted to see how far she could take close she could bring Willow to her peak...but she also wanted to see if she'd lose control enough to scream her name.

"Don't hold it back Baby," she whispered - using her thumb and fingers to gently squeeze her clit. "Let it out..."

"Mmmm," Willow groaned, arching her hips up slightly. "People..." she managed to gasp out as Tara continued to tease her clit, "they'll hear..."

"Do you really care about that...?" Tara asked as she increased her pressure - a smile reaching her lips as Willow began to thrust her hips rhythmically.

"Oh Tara," Willow choked out, feeling the pressure building. "I..." she trailed off when Tara surprised her by suddenly inserting a finger inside her wetness... "Mmnnngh!!!" She bucked her hips in response to the fullness...all thoughts finally disappearing. She couldn't think anymore...she could only feel.

The pressure was building...her clit humming, and the need for more fullness overwhelmed her. Sensing this, Tara placed a second finger inside and used the tip of her thumb to rub against Willow's clit. She watched enthralled as her girlfriend writhed next to her...feeling her own wetness building in response. Willow was so close...she could feel it...could sense it, and she began to thrust harder, and harder and harder...

When Willow finally came, Tara leaned over and covered her lover's lips with her own...absorbing her scream. Much as she wanted to hear her name on Willow's lips...she didn't think her girl would appreciate an audience of heads turning in her direction.

When Willow had finally stopped convulsing, Tara removed her fingers gently and placed them immediately into her mouth. God's she loved Willowjuice...

Too busy enjoying her lover's taste, she was taken by surprise when she felt a sudden rush of cold air against her thigh. She immediately turned her head and smiled at the devilish look in Willow's eye. What was Willow up to...?

Willow simply smiled at Tara as she continued to lift up her skirt - the action made easier by the slit along the side. When her fingers finally met Tara's panties, she leaned over and pressed her lips against hers while grasping the material.

Tara bucked her hips upwards as Willow's knuckles brushed against her mound. It didn't take Willow long to remove the soaking wet material. She pulled away from the kiss then and copied her girlfriend's earlier actions - lifting the panties to her face...inhaling their scent...extending her tongue to taste her essence...

Tara gulped in anticipation as she watched Willow...her clit throbbing mercilessly. She couldn't wait for Willow to stop paying attention to her panties, and return her fingers back to her.

However, Willow was in no rush. In fact, she felt like returning the earlier favor...the one where she'd left her totally wet and aching for her. Placing the panties into her own bra, Willow leaned forward and pressed her lips against Tara's ear.

"You want me, don't you...?" Willow whispered, not waiting for her to respond. "I want you too, Tara. Your panties are nice, but I want to taste you right from the source." Willow returned her hand to Tara's mound, sliding it sensuously over the soft hair. Tara moaned softly and shifted in the seat, giving Willow more access.

"Can I, Tara?" Willow whispered into Tara's ear, her hot breath brushing across it making Tara shiver with anticipation. "Can I taste you? Can I use my tongue to lick up every sweet drop of you? I can feel how wet you are for me, Tara."

Willow pressed her hand forward, moving beyond the hair, easily sliding into the wetness within. "Can I, Tara?"

"Oh gods, Will!" Tara begged quietly. "Please!!"

"Anything for you, baby," Willow said, licking her way up Tara's neck before breaking off and sliding off her seat to kneel in front of Tara. She ducked her head under Tara's skirt as Tara's legs rose up and braced themselves against the back of the chair in front of her. For a brief moment the blonde looked around the darkened room, wondering if anyone had seen Willow's ‘departure.' But when she felt Willow's breath against her sex all concerns subsided and desire took over.

Willow couldn't see Tara in the darkness, but she could smell her. Willow loved this part...well, she loved all the parts, but it was this moment that she especially relished. Tara was completely open to her, ready and eager for Willow's touch, for her mouth and fingers and Willow was ready to take her.

She ran her tongue up Tara's left thigh, licking a path towards Tara's mound. The blonde twitched as Willow got closer and then let out a small whimper as Willow broke off and repeated the move on her right thigh. She felt Tara's hands on her head, urging her forward and Willow was happy to comply.

She placed a gentle kiss on Tara, moving her lips tenderly and slowly over Tara's triangle of hair. Willow felt her temperature rise at the soft sound of Tara's moan. Willow leisurely opened Tara's lips with the tip of her tongue and was delighted to find Tara swollen and wet and smooth and salty and sweet. She licked with the flat of her tongue to get as much of Tara as possible. Again. And again.

Willow slipped two fingers a tiny way into Tara's opening and felt Tara's muscles squeezing around them, urging them farther inside. Willow's tongue stroked Tara's hard clit as her fingers stroked Tara's opening, matching the rhythm stroke for stroke. With a quick thrust, Willow slipped her fingers all the way inside causing a sharp gasp of pleasure to escape past Tara's lips. Willow pulled out most of the way out and then in again and then alternating with short strokes.

Willow continued to tease Tara's pussy, licking and stroking and licking again until Tara was writhing in her seat, her feet pressed hard against the back of the chair in front her until it creaked in protest from the pressure. And again Willow teased her, curling her fingers until they stroked against Tara's pleasure spot again. And again. And again.

Tara's moans quickened and deepened and Willow felt Tara's thighs tense as her clit vibrated under Willow's rapidly stoking tongue. As the vibrations quickened, Willow closed her lips over throbbing knob and sucked it in, pulling Tara's orgasm out and bringing it deep within herself.

Willow felt Tara's wetness increase as Tara gave herself over to Willow. She drank in her girlfriend, pulling out every last drop, feasting on the ambrosia that was Tara.

Willow moved quietly back into her seat and put her arm around her spent girlfriend. Tara's legs dropped to the floor and Willow helped straighten out Tara's clothing, placing a gentle tap on Tara's knee when she was all settled.

"Mmmm, baby," Tara murmured, snuggling into Willow's arm.

"Yeah," Willow chuckled.

"Great movie," Tara said.

"Oh yeah," Willow agreed. "Any idea what it's about?"

"Nope," Tara giggled. "Not a clue."

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