Coming Out of the Bedroom

Author: SpikeMe4Now4200, CN Winters and Susan Carr.
Rating: NC-17.
Spoilers: Everything up to the end of Season 5.
Disclaimer: The story is ours... the characters aren't. We wanted to have a little fun with 'em... so we're borrowing 'em from Joss... just for a little while.
Distribution: Ask and ye shall receive.
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Summary: Tara decides they need to spice things up in the bedroom... and out of it! Smut ensues.

Tara was sitting on the bed in her chemise, leafing through a magick book when Willow walked into the bedroom they'd moved into after Buffy had died. The past month had been difficult for all of them - for Dawn especially, with losing her sister and her mother just months before - and Willow had taken it upon herself to play nursemaid. Not just for Dawn's sake though - for all of them. It was as if Willow felt like she had to take over for Buffy... put all the weight onto her shoulders...make sure the vamps got slain... the demons got vanquished... and that life on the Hellmouth remained as normal as possible - well, at least as normal as life could be on the mouth of hell.

However, all this had started to take its toll on the young witch, and Tara was beginning to get a little worried about her. She couldn't even remember the last time they'd gone out to dinner together... and their sex life... well... that could definitely use some 'spicing up'... Tara felt like the spontaneity had gone out of their love life. She could remember 'once upon a time' when all they'd had to do was look at one another, and they'd be rushing towards the nearest enclosed space just so they could 'release their tension.' Lately she felt as if she couldn't even turn Willow's head and if she did any desire would be postponed until more important issues were taken care of first.

Where had those days of reckless abandon gone? Why did their coupling only take place in the bedroom on those rare nights... and why did they usually make love right before they went to sleep? It's almost as if they'd developed a routine or something... fallen into a rut... and Tara was becoming more and more frustrated with each passing day. She and Willow definitely needed to do something about their relationship... something that would get them back on track. Maybe a vacation... somewhere away from the Scoobies... away from Dawn... a place where they could be alone... make love to one another whenever they felt like it... all day... all night... just like when they'd first discovered one another.

Tara was reluctant to bring this up with Willow though - she knew how sensitive the young woman could be... and she didn't want her to feel as if she wasn't satisfied. She still enjoyed her Willowhand... her Willowtongue... she just wanted more of it... and not just at night. She wanted it whenever the need placed itself... whenever she felt like it. What was wrong with a little impulsiveness?

However, she knew that asking for more would lead Willow to question herself, and she didn't want to add more stress into her already hectic existence. This is why she continued to contemplate her vacation idea. Taking Willow out of town for a week... renting a hotel room... well... there was nothing really wrong with that. Lots of couples went away occasionally... and there would be nothing that could offend Willow about that suggestion. However, the problem would lie in convincing Willow that life on the Hellmouth wouldn't collapse without her.

"What's wrong?" Willow asked her girlfriend, walking towards their bed. "You're all frowny." She placed a soft kiss to the blonde's cheek as she took a seat on the bed. "Is something upsetting you Baby?"

"It's nothing," Tara smiled, pressing a soft kiss against Willow's lips. "I was just thinking about you..."

"Thinking of me made you all frowny?"

Tara could hear the concern in Willow's question and she lifted her hand, lovingly stroking Willow's cheek.

"I'm just worried about you Will. You've been so busy lately... taking care of Dawn... patrolling... maintaining the Bot. I just... I... I miss you... that's all."

A part of Tara didn't want to have this talk. She knew it would upset her redhead but she just couldn't lie. She knew if things were going to improve then they had to speak openly and honestly with each other about everything. If Willow asked her a question, then she simply had to respond to it truthfully. It's what made their relationship stronger than most.

"You miss me?" Willow asked in surprise. "I see you everyday... and I'm right here now."

Tara chuckled in response, pressing another kiss to her girlfriend's lips. She was truly precious at times.

"I mean I miss how we used to be," Tara said huskily, allowing her lips to brush against Willow's as she spoke. "I miss how it was at the dorms... remember? You... me... Willowhand... Willowtongue..."

Willow felt a stirring between her legs at her girlfriend's words - the sexy way she whispered them... the feel of those plush lips lightly dancing against hers.

"You still have Willowhand," she replied, moving her fingertips gently across Tara's naked thigh, "it's right here Baby," she continued, sliding upwards, dragging the material of Tara's night shirt higher along with it. "In fact... if I recall... you had a great big helping of both Willowhand and Willowtongue just the other night..."

She emphasized her point by purposefully pressing her palm against her girlfriend's soaking-wet panties. "But if you like... I'm more than willing to give you another helping..."


Tara moaned as Willow's hands slid up and her fingertips pressed against her clit - teasing her through the material as their lips found each other's.

"I like... I like..." Tara sighed as Willow suddenly began to move her fingers in a circular motion - teasing her lover through the silk barrier.

"So what's the problem?" Willow asked. She smiled at the way Tara's head had suddenly arched back, the way her mouth had opened slightly, and the way her breathing had started to become shallow. She loved watching her girlfriend respond - she was just so sexy... and hers - she was all hers. Willow knew she was the only one who could make Tara react like this... getting lost in the sensation of touch... and she wouldn't have it any other way. Willow's lips snared Tara's exposed neck and the blonde moaned in response.

"I want more," Tara sighed - referring to her previous thoughts. However, Willow misinterpreted her words and reached inside her panties - thrusting two of her fingers roughly into her center. Tara fell back on the bed then, the sudden sensation of fullness causing her to feel a little light-headed. The conversation she wanted to engage in lost precedence in light of letting her girlfriend take her.

"Off Willow," she pleaded breathlessly, longing for the freedom of the cumbersome material. Although the words were strained Willow understood the command.

She grinned as she reached her free hand to Tara's panties and dragged them roughly down her legs - her fingers remaining in place inside her core. She was in control here - she knew it... and yet she was also at her lover's command. She would do anything for her Baby... and if Tara said 'take 'em off' - they were history.

What's more, she was rewarded for her compliance with one of the most intoxicating sights of her life - something she would never get tired of. Her girlfriend's nightshirt was now bunched up around her hips, her legs were spread as wide as they could go - and her moist... wet... succulent pussy was just begging for her. Willow knew the pearl at Tara's center was aching to feel her and the thought of it caused a throbbing in the redhead as well.

Deciding to take what was being offered Willow continued to thrust her fingers against Tara's sweet spot as she moved to kneel in between her girlfriend's legs. Steadying herself by placing her free hand on the bed, Willow leaned forward and placed a soft kiss against the top of Tara's mound. The ragged moan Tara released from her expectations of what was to come created a wetness in Willow. She could feel the pool growing between her legs too.

Subconsciously Willow licked her lips in anticipation of tasting the Goddess before her. Nothing tasted as wonderful as Tara. Even her own essence she'd flavored on Tara's lips paled in comparison to her lover in her mind.

Willow then kissed her again, moving her lips lower... and lower... until she reached the area she was searching for.

Tentatively, she extended her tongue between her girlfriend's folds - tasting her sweet nectar, lapping her juices up as if she'd been living in a drought-stricken country all her life. All the while, she continued to thrust her fingers deep into Tara's body, knowing exactly how she liked to be stimulated. When she'd lapped up all the cream she could find, Willow finally extended her tongue towards the nub she knew her girlfriend was anxious for her to taste.

Knowing her girlfriend's body as expertly as she did, Willow could tell how frustrated Tara was getting... she was anxious for release into the ether... As she pressed her tongue against her girlfriend's clit, Willow knew exactly how to give Tara what she wanted and was rewarded with gentle praise.

"Oh Goddess, Will."

The sound of Tara's sigh made Willow hum in approval against her girlfriend's sex.

Willow knew when to press softly... or roughly... or quickly. And she understood when to simply press hard and not move at all, letting Tara 'steer the ship.'

In fact, she knew Tara's body so well she understood when to start increasing the speed of her finger thrusts. Tara was so close to the edge... she could feel it in every nerve ending. Her muscles were clenching tighter and tighter against her fingers with every thrust. She could feel her energy around her... her urgency... her need... her soul.

Suddenly, Willow felt her lover's hand tangle in her hair, pushing her firmly against her. The redhead knew Tara wanted control and she was more than willing to give it. She stopped her movements and watched as Tara's hips gyrated against her mouth, straining for satisfaction. The grunts and moans, although unintelligible, told Willow all she need to know.

When Tara finally cried out her name in ecstasy, Willow felt a warm rush of emotion seep into her body. She loved Tara so much that causing her girlfriend happiness, brought her ecstasy as well. Although, the bliss she was feeling right now was not of the orgasmic kind, it was more the soulful kind... the kind of joy that came with knowing that the woman you loved was content.

As Tara began to come down from her high, Willow travelled up to her side to lie beside her. She let her fingers stroke the blonde locks, enjoying the silky smoothness.

"How was that?" Willow asked. "Feeling better?"

"It was... nice," Tara grinned.


Tara could hear the disappointment in Willow's voice. Did she make up for it and exaggerate or did she have the discussion she considered while in her frowny state, as Willow had put it?

"It was nice," Tara repeated with a bit of hesitation.

Willow could feel the nervousness radiating off her lover but she didn't know what it could be. Maybe she'd hurt her someway or maybe she didn't really...

"Did you just fake it?" Willow asked.

"No! No, Will. It's just... I love you t-tremendously... but..."

"But! You love me 'but'?' Why is there a 'but' in there?" Willow said as she moved off the bed.

"This isn't going the way I expected," Tara sighed.


Now you've done it, the blonde thought silently. "Willow, listen to me, okay? Promise me you won't freak?"

"You have something to say that's gonna make me freak? Are you leaving me? Did you meet someone? Tara, tell me..."

"I'm trying to tell you," the Wiccan retorted more forcefully. When Willow didn't say anything she continued, "Would you give me a chance Baby? Please let me finish?"

Willow was scared now. Tara loved her but... but what? Plus she had something to tell her that might make her freak. It took all the will power she had but Willow didn't make a sound. She watched Tara come off the bed and close the distance between them. She could feel herself shaking as Tara took her hands in hers.

Tara felt the tremors too.

"Relax Will," she told her giving the hands in hers a squeeze. "I love you. I haven't met anyone and I don't want anyone but you. That's the problem actually. I want you... but... we've fallen into a rut, Sweetie."

True to her word Willow didn't say anything and kept quiet waiting for Tara to continue.

"Like I was saying before I got distracted earlier," she said with a sexy smirk. "I miss how we used to be. Making love between classes. Fooling around in the Magic Box while Anya closed out for the night. Stuff like that. And lately it's like... we're lucky to be once-a-weekers."

Willow looked as if she was about to give an argument but Tara shook her head cutting her off before she continued.

"I know you've got pressures Willow. You do so much... so much for everyone and I don't want to add to that but... like I said, I love you but I miss you Will. And I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm a little jealous of the Buffybot," she chuckled. "She gets more Willowhand than me."

Willow's eyes went wide and her mouth opened but Tara put a finger across her lips.

"I know it's for mechanical reasons only, okay? But still.. .it's killing us Will. Sex isn't the only reason I'm with you but it is one of them. I gotta tell you honestly... you're an incredible lover. I just wish I had that part of you in my life more often - like I used to. That's all. Does that make any sense?"

"Too much sense," Willow said, a worried look in her eyes. "Tara, I'm sorry that I'm such a disappointment... a-and that I've failed you... failed our relationship."

"Will... that's so not what I mean. You're the best lover and the best partner anyone could have. You're so much for so many people... that's part of the problem - you're spread so thin. I'm just feeling a little selfish... for both of us. I want you... the way we used to be. I want to be your plaything every once in a while. The only one you pay attention to."

"But Baby, what about Dawn? And the Scoobies? And the slaying?"

"We can balance all that with our private life like we used to," Tara moved closer to Willow and put her arms around the trembling redhead. She felt bad for causing her precious Willow pain, but she was afraid they would continue to grow farther apart until their relationship was irrevocably damaged. She needed to do this now before it was too late.

"Remember when the Watchers showed up?" Tara continued. She moved her arms around Willow's waist, pulling their bodies closer. "And while Giles and the gang questioned Travers about Glory, you and I snuck down to the basement? Do you remember that, Will?"

Willow nodded, tightening her grip around the blonde.

Tara moved them closer to the bed. "Remember that lame excuse?" Tara's heart soared as Willow's mouth finally cracked into a smirk.

"Yeah," Willow chuckled. "You said we needed to find the Mendenhauser manuscript, as if there was even such a thing. I don't think anyone knew what was going on, especially those stuffy Watchers."

"Well," Tara conceded as she let go of Willow to slowly remove the redhead's blouse button by button as she spoke. "I think Anya did. And m-maybe Mr. Giles. Despite his appearance, he's not like one of those stuffy Watchers."

"Not Giles... Ripper," Willow mumbled absently. She looked down at Tara's hands, which were busy unfastening her jeans. "Tara? What are you doing?"

"Reminding you," the blonde whispered, pushing the cloth down Willow's slender legs.

"Oh," Willow said as she fell back on the bed with a gentle push.

Tara smirked down at her lover before pulling the chemise up and over her head giving her lover a full view of her naked body. Tossing it to the floor with the rest of their clothing, Tara gently laid her ardent, naked body on top of Willow's. The blonde grinned when she felt Willow's body beneath her shivering from the contact.

"Remember how we found that pile of furniture mats in the corner behind the shelves?" Tara asked, as she slid her body against Willow building a slow, agonizing rhythm. "They made a perfect bed... not that you or I needed a bed... I would have taken you on the floor or against the wall or with you sitting on the table."

Willow groaned as Tara pushed her crotch more forcefully against her own, accenting her point.

The red head was left speechless as her lover continued to tease her senses.

"I was so ready for you, Willow... I could feel myself soaking my panties and I was afraid I would soak through my jeans. And you were so wet for me, weren't you Willow? My lesbian, gay-type lover?" Tara asked with a teasing grin as she eased a hand between their bodies and ran her long fingers over Willow's damp slit.

"Oh yes," Willow breathed as Tara moved her hand through her wetness.

"You were," Tara agreed. "And I couldn't wait to get you out of that dress - I almost tore the zipper pulling it down. But not your boots... oh gods, not those boots. Those I left on and when you wrapped your legs around me... and I felt them against my naked back, I nearly came right then. Do you remember, Willow?"

Willow watched as Tara closed her eyes and licked her lips as if she was savoring the memory. And she wondered for whose benefit this walk down memory lane was for because it was obvious that Tara was enjoying it. In the end, Willow knew it didn't matter. Happy Tara meant Happy Willow and she ached for the blonde to continue.

"Yes, oh yes," Willow managed to gasp out. "Tara, please!"

"And when I took off my shirt you moaned my name and said you loved my breasts," Tara said. "Do you still love my breasts, Willow?"

"Always, Baby. I'll always love them. I'll always love you."

"I know," Tara slowly moved her body down Willow's... sensuously sliding her breasts along the way. "And when you said you loved them, I wanted you to feel them. Do you remember what I did then, Willow?"

"Oh gods, yes!" Willow cried, her body arching off the bed at Tara's movements. "Do it again, baby. Please! Do it now!"

The blonde smiled. She could feel the firestorm she'd recreated inside her lover just waiting for escape. Tara continued to move down until her breasts ran along the length of Willow's pussy. She placed a soft kiss on the top of Willow's mound and then, pressing harder, slid upwards so that the erect nipple of her right breast moved sensuously up, gathering Willow's moisture, lubricating itself.

"Tara!" Willow cried as her lover's erect nipple finally came in contact with her aroused clit.

"Oh yes, baby!" Tara said, the pleasure of Willow's heat and moisture filling her being as she continued to move up and down her lover. "I love you so much, Willow. I always want you... in the bedroom, in the shower, in public, even in a cemetery for Gaia's sake."

Tara continued to let her nipple work its magic against Willow's clit and was rewarded with the sight of Willow pumping her hips upward to meet her. Tara loved this... could see how it affected her lover... remembered how much she always enjoyed this manner of lovemaking

Recalling what she'd done on that day... Tara lifted her hand up and cupped her own breast, pushing her nipple harder against Willow's pearl. She formed a firmer peak by placing her fingertips around her own aureole and pinching the flesh softly - allowing her to pleasure her lover more intensely - with more control.

As the speed of Willow's hip thrusts began to increase, Tara could tell her Baby was close... but she wasn't ready to release her just yet. Ignoring Willow's soft moan of protest, she gently removed her breast from between her legs, and made her way slowly up against her lover's body.

"Taste it Baby," she said softly, lifting her breast up with her hand - holding it just above Willow's succulent lips. "Taste your need for me... your desire," she slowly leaned in closer, brushing her nipple against Willow's bottom lip for a split second, teasing her with her own taste before pulling away slightly.

With a stifled moan, Willow found herself unable to resist her girlfriend's offering. She lifted her head up and with a soft growl latched her mouth heatedly around the proffered nipple. Her own taste never pleased her as much as Tara's - but the girl had a point. She wasn't just tasting herself - she was tasting her need... her love for Tara. This was how much her body ached for her Baby... longed for her touch... yearned for her - and tasting this love was almost enough to bring her over the edge emotionally.

"Oh yes Baby," Tara encouraged, suddenly needing more. "Taste how much you love me... harder... harder..."

Not one to refuse such a plea, Willow pressed her tongue to the tip of Tara's nipple as she increased the pressure of her mouth. She sucked on her girlfriend's flesh as hard as she could... aching to give her pleasure...

After a while, Tara eventually pulled away - unable to restrain herself any longer. Her other breast ached for the same treatment... but she couldn't let her Baby taste it without dressing...

"Time for a refill," Tara explained huskily as Willow moaned in protest. She moved her hand to her other breast and gently pinched her nipple. "This one wants to offer you a taste as well," she continued, leaning down to press her nipple against Willow's flesh. Moving her fingers down to her areole, she stiffened her peak as she began to draw a sensuous line down her lover's stomach.

When she reached her mound, Tara made a point of running her nipple sensuously through her girlfriend's soft hair, before finally allowing it to meet her pearl. Willow arched her hips at the contact and Tara increased her pressure in response.

With her hand, she expertly guided her breast against Willow's sex...knowing exactly what her lover wanted... needed. When her baby was once again nearing her descent, Tara repeated her previous action and made her way back up against her body.

"It's time for another taste Baby," she whispered huskily - dangling her nipple enticingly in front of her girlfriend's mouth.

Without a word, Willow reached up and accepted the offering - her mind now too far gone to think of doing anything else. As she sucked on her girlfriend's nipple - tasting herself in the process - Willow felt reality gradually slipping away from her. The smell... the need... the desire... it was all one to her now. Nothing else existed but her own need and her girlfriend's nipple. It was magnificent... amazing...

However, the taste was gone all too soon for Willow, but before she could protest, Tara's nipple was once again pressing against her clit... effectively silencing any thoughts she'd had.

"Oh gods! Yes!!!" Willow screamed. The unexpected return of pressure was enough to finally send her over the edge. Her orgasm began to wash over her with slight convulsions deep inside that were growing stronger by the seconds as Tara's breast pleased her.

At Willow's response Tara thrust two fingers into Willow's opening, her fingers curling upwards as her mouth dove hungrily to suck Willow's clit. She made sure to provide as much pressure as her lover needed... enjoying her responses... loving the feel of her heated flesh inside her mouth... against her tongue.

Tasting Willow was something Tara would never get tired of; another was feeling her muscles clench around her fingers. She knew her girlfriend's body so well by now... knew what it meant when she felt the pressure of her muscles... loved the fact that she was the one causing this. Like she always did, Tara responded by increasing the speed of her thrusts... increasing the pressure of her lips.

Willow screamed again as the second orgasm broke over her, clenching her buttocks and lifting her hips up - pressing herself firmly against her lover. Tara continued to stroke and suck, relishing the feel of Willow's rippled muscles tightening around her fingers. When she could feel her convulsions coming to a stop, Willow tried to sit up, but commandingly Tara's free hand pushed her back to the bed. She wasn't finished with her lover. Not yet.

Realizing she couldn't deny Tara, Willow relented and laid back down, soaking up the attention, her hips keeping time with Tara's thrusting. It was only a matter of minutes as Willow came a final time.

Tara gently slowed her movements as Willow's body continued to quiver with aftershocks. She took that time to lap up all evidence of her girlfriend's need - moving her tongue slowly around her girlfriend's outer folds, before reaching inside to join her fingers. Finally, when Willow stilled, she gently removed her fingers and pressed them to her lover's lips. Willow happily took each digit into her mouth - sucking her need away as she gradually slipped back into reality. It was then that Tara lovingly gathered the redhead into her arms and curled herself around her.

"You see, Willow," she said, gently caressing her spent lover's sweaty body. "Even in the middle of all that madness, we managed to find time for each other - to come out of the bedroom. I want that again... I need that again. We need it. We can't let ourselves be like other couples and let the spark die. I'm afraid that will happen if we don't fix it now."

"Okay," Willow said, her breath finally returning. "I'll work on it Baby. I'll get right on it... find a way to come out of the bedroom more..."

Tara smiled, "Not now, Sweetie. I think you've earned your sleep tonight."

"Okay," Willow said, the exhaustion overtaking her. "Tomorrow."

"Goodnight, my Love," Tara said, extinguishing the lights with a soft incantation. "I love you, Willow."

"Love you, too," Willow said as she drifted off to sleep.

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