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Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Willow awoke with a start, looking left then right she couldn't believe it, she was in her room. The dark blue walls and carpet told her she was home, the smell of her own scent and of the candles she used with her spells told her it was defiantly her room... Wait smell.... Willow began touching her face and body, making sure she was herself. Getting up from her bed she walked over to the wall and looked in her mirror, checking herself over she found no trace whatsoever of the bite from the monster.

Maybe it was all a dream she thought to herself as she looked at her clock, it was 7:20 am and it was Saturday. Grinning big she knew what that meant, it meant a day with Tara... sweet, loving, shy, smart Tara. Running to the bathroom she began to get showered and ready for her day with Tara.

A few minutes later she came out of the shower, hair in the same style as yesterday, pulled back by a black ribbon. She had on a white wife beater and a blue silk button down. Her pants were dark blue jeans that were baggy on her slim frame; her tan boots came on next, after her socks. After she was dressed she put on her Wicca necklace and grabbed her PSP and her silver Ipod and cell, slipping them into her pockets she grabbed a leather jacket and put it on. Walking out of the room she walked downstairs and grabbed her keys before she began her walk down the street to Tara's house.

As she walked down the street she felt very strange, almost more alive, no more in tune with all the wild nature about her was more like it. Upon reaching Tara's house she breathed in deep and smiled, knocking on the door she waited until, yep, there she was: beautiful Tara, flowing blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and that oh-so-sexy smile.

"Oh, hey Willow.... you're here early, if you want you can come on in though, I was just making me some breakfast." growl... "Are you hungry too, my dear little friend?" laughed Tara as she patted Willow's tummy. Willow blushed; she knew she had forgot something this morning.

"Would you like some food too Willow?" said Tara as she began to scramble some eggs in the frying pan.

"Yes please," said Willow as she took off her jacket and laid it on the arm of the couch. Walking into the kitchen she smiled and breathed deep once more, jerking her head up she felt something take over her. Walking up behind Tara she put her arms around her and put her nose into Tara's hair, breathing deep... mmmm like fresh strawberries and spices.

Tara stiffened up as she felt Willow do this, not that she didn't like the contact, far from it, she had always liked Willow in that way, but she knew that Willow could never like her that way in return... but now that Willow was touching her like this, she began to question Willow and her together once more. Willow pressed her hips up into Tara's as she let her lips slowly kiss at her neck. Her fangs slowly growing and becoming longer, she wanted, she needed, she loved.

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