Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Willow is you avrage teenage girl who goes to high school when one night walking home she gets turned into a werewolf. Tara, a shy yet sexy high school teenager, is seeing dreams of an animal coming for her in her sleep, only problem is the animal is the girl she watches every day. Will is Tara's best friend wicca and they practice magic with each other, when things on one full moon lead up to a heated night of passion.
Note: Also some changes in the characters.

Willow Icemark was walking home from school per-normal, as always her mind was on her PSP: she was playing Kingdom Hearts 2, her favorite game ever, well, at least until part three came out. She walked down the streets, her short hair tied up in the back in a low pony tail (like most men in the past did), she wore a white button down with a white wife better underneath, her baggy blue jean pants where only able to stay on her slim hips because of the belt that went around twice and then buckled in front where a dragons skull shown in gold. She had some gold chains with crosses, skulls, and a Wicca symbol of light.

Putting them game on pause she looked at her blue and silver watch, it was 7:45 pm; she had better save and pick up her pace. Saving her game and putting it away in her back pack she began to walk home, her red and black Doc shoes scuffing the ground from where she was to tired to lift them up all the way. As she neared the park that went to her street she heard a twig snap off in the distance, looking up she saw nothing but still yet, she began to walk faster.

As she entered the dark and gloomy park she heard a noise again, jerking her head backwards she looked around, still no-one was there, turning back around she dropped her bag, right in front of her were fangs.... big fangs that lead up to a big jaw and the body that went with it; taking off she tried to get away, but too late, it had her, the monster bit down into her left arm, blood seeped down her arm and from the wound, she felt herself being lowered to the ground. Looking around she saw nothing, but she could hear words being spoken.

"Hush a mi niño querido... que su tiempo ha venido tomar este regalo así que usted puede conseguir cuál es el tuyo."

Willow let her eyes fall shut and drifted to sleep. Her mind was lost in images she found so alluring to her deep animal side, something that she feared would bring pain to the one she despratly loved.

"Tara..." came the heart felt whisper as Willow let sleep over come her.

Spanish: "Hush a mi niño querido... que su tiempo ha venido tomar este regalo así que usted puede conseguir cuál es el tuyo."
English: "Hush my dear child...Your time has come to take this gift so you may get what is yours."

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