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Writer's Block

Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing and extra spicy talk!
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
Distribution: Pens, and if anyone else wants it, just ask.
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Being all sugary and sticky wasn't the worst way to wake up. But, stuck to your sleeping lover who you didn't want to wake, well, that was a tricky one.

Definitely a poser.

Did Willow rip herself away in one quick motion, or pull a little bit at time? The poser became a conundrum. It was probably best she peel away quickly, get it over with and hope that Tara wasn't disturbed too much.

I'm a Willow shaped sticking plaster.

She tried to lift her hand from Tara's tummy, spooned as was behind her lover; every body part in contact with skin was stuck fast.

Mmm, ok, here goes.

She felt the pull on her palm, Tara's skin coming with it until she flexed her wrist and levered her hand away.

Tara grunted at the disturbance and pulled away. Willow smiled until a sharp pain in her nipples wiped it from her face.

Ow! Ow! Ouchie!

She looked down at her chest, red from its sudden abscission from Tara's sticky back. Along with the redness, was sugar, crystalline honeyed flakes that had dried on hot skin and baked solid with body heat. Her nipples still tingling Willow smiled again.

Is there nothing that won't turn you on? You're such a perve, Rosenberg... he-he ... Willow Rosenperve.

Willow had to bite her pillow to stop laughing. It was time to get serious. The sun was up and Willow had a plan to execute and other wheels to put in motion.

Okay, upper body free, thighs and tummy, you're next.

Willow took a deep breath and mentally counted to three and abruptly straightened her legs and rolled onto her back.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth clamped shut as pain shot through her pubic region. Her hands flew to her mound and she rubbed the tortured area to ease the burning sensation that flooded her womanly parts.

Holy fuck! Oh, oh, oh! Holy hell on fire!

The ceiling swam through a haze of tears as Willow softly whimpered. Her girly parts felt like someone had whipped them nettles.

What the fuck ...

"You okay, sweetie?" Tara murmured from the threshold of sleep and awakening.

"Uhuh ... go back to sleep, baby, its way too early for you to be up," Willowed said soothingly though her teeth were gritted against the throbbing ache at her groin.

"M'okay," Tara mumbled as snuggled into her pillow and pulled the covers over her, "love you, Will."

"Love you too, baby," Willow whispered before easing out of bed to examine her nether regions.

She crept into the bathroom and switched on the light, and almost afraid of what she would find, she looked down.

Not much of the carpet left now.

As the pain had cleared, her addled wits had put together what had happened; her lover's sugar coated ass had ripped away a strip of pubic hair. Then, another thought struck her and she began laughing.

Willow was still laughing as she turned on the shower, and she was still laughing as she scrubbed dried honey from her skin and hair.

As she showered, her mind drifted back to the previous night and Tara's predicament regarding the illustrations for her book. Willow's brain had been busy thinking of a solution before Tara teased her into neural shutdown. She began to hum as she washed her hair. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers was drowned out by the sound of the shower, but it didn't stop Willow from humming or hatching plans.

Her shower done, and body dried and deodorised, she ambled back to the bedroom and dressed as quietly as possible. Her shoes in her hand, she sidled up to her side of the bed and gently lifted the covers.

Her teeth were already biting on her bottom lip, because her assumption had been correct.

There, on Tara's ass cheek, was a patch of red curls stuck firmly to a blob of dried honey.

Willow dropped the covers and left the room as quietly and quickly as she could. She barely made it down the stairs and out onto the porch when she began to laugh again.

Willow's shoes went on with a struggle as she lost a little co-ordination because her whole body rocked with giggles, and she had to really compose herself as she backed out of the driveway and onto the street.

By the time she reached the main road, normal service had been resumed and her brain clicked into work mode.

The drive to work was uneventful and quick, her early start to the day having the added advantage of less traffic on the usually busy morning roads. Willow pulled into her parking space happy that no one else from the office had arrived yet.

She exited, and locked her car and walked to the elevator. Willow bounced up and down on her heels as she waited for the doors to open. She couldn't wait to start her day.

A few minutes later she was in her office with the door locked and the blinds closed. She had forty five minutes before Buffy arrived so she moved quickly to her private bathroom and removed her clothes.

She set the timer on her camera and placed it on the shelf beside the mirror. It was the perfect height for the head shot. She stood perfectly still, smiling, counting down the seconds until the shutter sounded.

A quick check, happy with the framing, the shot was saved. Willow set the timer again, and placed the camera on the cistern of the toilet. Again she waited as the timer counted down and the photo was taken.

Willow smiled as she looked at the photo of her torso. Perky breasts and a flat stomach. Not too shabby for someone who sits all day and wouldn't know the inside of a gym if she was in one.

The T-plan diet. All the food you can eat and the best exercise in the world.

The third photo was a little trickier.

Willow squatted, her knees bent just enough that her folds opened naturally as she spread her legs to get perfectly balanced. She shook her head and smiled. Part of her couldn't believe she was doing this, and she giggled at the absurdity of it all. But, the other part, the bigger part, knew that Tara would find it extremely funny and adorable, maybe even a little sexy.

She angled her wrist, camera in her hand and pressed the button to take what must be the strangest photograph she had ever taken.

A quick glance at her bits on the screen and Willow hurriedly dressed and rushed to load the pictures into her computer.

Twenty minutes later her work was done and the photos had been transferred to her phone. She deleted the photos from her computer and camera with a sigh of relief and pride in a job well done.

She unlocked the office door and opened the blinds and sat back at her desk with a proverbial grin on her face.

Okay. Time for real work.

She had barely opened her e-mail when she heard Buffy arrive in the outer office, and a moment later, the blonde assistant was standing in front of her with a takeout tray from the local coffee house.

"Morning, boss, coffee and a muffin, just the way you like it," Buffy said happily as she sat the takeout on Willow's desk.

Willow smiled at the appearance of both the takeout and her PA.

"Hey, aren't they the clothes you left here in last night?" Willow teased as she reached for her early morning sugary goodness.

"Um, yeah, I stayed at Riley's last night," Buffy said blushing.

"Wow, you did? Well, of course you did, you just said so, but ya know it's what people say, isn't it?" Willow grinned, "So, it's going good with you and Riley?"

"It's going great with Riley, I never thought it would, but it kinda snuck up on me, and, so, yeah, it's all of the good," said Buffy with a sigh and a wide smile.

"I'm really happy for you Buffy."

"I'm happy for me, too," the blonde said with a laugh.

The telephone in the outer office rang, "Okay, that's my cue to get to work."

"Thanks again for the coffee," Willow called out as Buffy left her office closing the door behind her.

The morning dissolved in flurry of phone calls and meetings with her programmers leaving Willow very little time to send the picture messages to Tara, but in a five minute window when Buffy brought her coffee she sat back on her chair, kicked off her shoes and put her feet on the desk.

Every time she pressed send she giggled like a naughty school girl.

Better stop thinking about being a naughty schoolgirl ... Mistress Tara would make a great teacher ...Head Mistress Tara.... all discipliny and stern ... ready to punish me for not doing my homework ... yeah, right, like you never did your homework ... okay, so that'll never happen ... I was late that one time ... ooh, I could get detention for being late ... mmm, I wonder how I would look in a plaid skirt, white blouse and a tie ... Mistress would look great in a robe and mortar board, black lacy bra just showing, and oh, God, those boots, and a cane ...fuck ...better get myself back to the real world ...

Willow let out a long sigh as she rearranged her limbs into a more natural sitting position and slipped on her shoes. She was more than aware of how her body and how it had reacted to her little daydream. Her pulse had quickened at the images her brain conjured, a pinkish blush had crept up into her cheeks and her centre was warm and moist.

Her left hand trailed idly to the buttons on her blouse, she opened a third button and let her fingertips gently caress the exposed skin. Willow felt hot and dizzy. Her daydreams about Tara were just too distracting, especially when they were about Mistress Tara. She groaned at how much she wanted Tara and the tightness in her nipples and belly urged her on, demanding she do something, anything, to relieve the throbbing in her cunt.

I should call Tara, a little sexy tete a tete to break up the morning - there's nothing like working up an appetite for lunch than my girl sweet talking me to bliss!

Just before she reached for the receiver a shrill ring broke her concentration.

A low muttered damn left her lips and she snatched the handset from its cradle.


Willow quickly buttoned her blouse and reluctantly decided to take a rain check on sexy fun with her girlfriend.

"Geoffrey Chase on line two, Willow," Buffy announced.

"Thanks, Buffy," Willow said less abruptly than she had greeted Buffy's interruption.

A quick stab with her index finger on the lighted button on her phone accessed line two, "Mr. Chase, thank you for getting back to me," the redhead greeted in a pleasant tone, "I'm hoping you can give some advice."

When the conversation ended twenty minutes later Willow was feeling more than pleased with the outcome.

The redhead was even more pleased when Tara called and suggested lunch.

But, why the Zoo?

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