Return to War Chapter Three


Author: Vamp_fangs
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

"Wil? Willow? It's me, Buffy. The Buffster... You-you gotta remember..." The blonde hybrid pleaded, holding out her hands towards the redhead who was tugging hard against her restraint to get away. Xander stared at the door that the doctor had just closed and scowled. He dragged the struggling blonde away from the growling redhead.

"Someone's gonna pay." He stated with a growl, his lips curling in contempt. "We have to get off this forsaken place and go back to Kogar. See if we can find any survivors and move on."

"And exactly how do you think that will help Willow?" Buffy snarled in reply. "Think, you idiot. What will happen if we do escape? Lady Faith told me that --"

"Half a year and that's all it takes to brain wash you." Xander interrupted, his canine teeth lengthening in threat. "Lady Faith this, Lady Faith that. You've forgotten all about Kogar, I b--" Buffy slapped him across his face with enough force he staggered backwards, her face red in anger.

"How dare you say that!" The blonde exclaimed loudly, causing the redhead to growl louder. Buffy paused, breathing heavily as she collected her thoughts. "Okay... Look, forget about it right now. It won't matter if we escape if Willow doesn't remember us." Buffy ran her hands through her hair. "Shit... Fuck... damnit... um, okay, here's the plan... we just have to connect with her someway! Somehow!" Xander sniffed the air a couple of times, his hand rubbing his red cheek before moving to sit on his bottom with his legs crossed.

"Remember the game we used to play? The one... the one involving balls made out of scented plants!" Buffy nodded. "We could use that... She loved that game when we were younger. We just need to fin-"

"No... That was you." The blonde hybrid replied, scowling at her year-mate's poor memory. She crossed her arms and paced for a few minutes in thought while Xander stared at the redhead who was gnawing unsuccessfully at her chain, a few feet away. "It's been so long... I wonder what happened to her..."

Buffy let out a small whimper and slumped down onto her hands and knees. Slowly, she crawled towards Xander. "It's not fair..." She sobbed as the dark haired male wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head lovingly, rubbing his cheek gently against her head.

"Shh... shh, it's gonna be alright. She'll remember."

Tara gazed out through the window, watching the interaction between the three Cougar hybrids, pressing her palm against the glass, listening to Xander's roar. The blonde Mistress giggled as she heard Anya, sitting on Joyce's desk, let out a dreamy sigh, placing her head on her hands, facing the same direction as Tara.

"Doesn't he sound divine?" Anya asked, "You should hear him when we are done having orgasms. He purrs up a damn storm -- AHH!" The bottled blonde shouted, having felt cold hands slid down her blouse, jumping off of the desk and clutched Tara tightly. Behind her were two brunettes laughing hysterically, clutching their sides. "HEY! Not fair, you two caught me off guard." Joyce let out a trill of anger that shot through the air, silencing the room for a moment before Dawn and Faith began to snort uncontrollably with laughter.

"Dawn? What did I tell you about doing pranks on Anya?" Joyce asked, her eyebrows raised in question. Dawn sobered up quickly and dropped her head.

"Nah, Joyce-mom, blame me." Faith started, wrapping her arm around Dawn's shoulders. "I just wanted to stop Anya from talking about her boy toy." Anya stuck out her tongue and the older brunette grinned mischievously in reply, wiggling her eyebrows. "Gonna use that thing?"

"Yeah... I've thought about it. You would be an efficient orgasm buddy, though I'm not a lesbian. And I've seen Xander watching you. I don't think he would mind if we engaged in a threesome. Would you like the top or bottom? Oooh, even better yet, the middle part of a sandwich." Anya smirked gleefully as she watched Faith turn slightly green. Dawn pulled away from the older brunette and went to the window where Tara was now leaning against.

"Too bad Faith really doesn't like guys, huh, Tara. 'Cause with Faith's libido, if Anya, Faith and Xander hooked up..." The young girl whispered into the blonde Mistress' ear. "We would have to shut down the whole West Wing." Tara's eyes widened.

"Dawn!" Tara exclaimed softly. The brunette grinned and held her hands up in surrender, backing away from the blonde.

"Kidding! But seriously --" The young brunette snickered, flittering away to dodge Tara's swat aimed for her arm.

"You've been hanging out with Faith too much." The blonde Mistress scolded, her blue eyes sparkling with amusement. Dawn giggled, returning her attention to the slightly green faced Faith and Anya who was still teasing her. Tara smiled at her family and turned around to observe it's newest member.

Willow mewled in hunger as she moved around cautiously, making sure to avoid getting dust on her new item of clothing and tugged futilely at her restraint. She scanned the meadow, allowing her eyes to shift bright yellow and spotted the shifted Cougar hybrids, the ones who had greeted her with familiarity, in the distance. The female had an soft lemon coat while the male had one of ashen grey that helped them to slightly disappear behind the fallen logs and branches. Light was becoming limited but Willow spotted two purebred deers, two males, only a few meters away from two prowling felines. She took a deep breath, catching the scent of testosterone and fear. The redhead stilled, her lanky body taut as she swallowed nervously as her stomach grumbled, her eyes never leaving the hunting predators.

The setting sun allowed the Cougar hybrids advantage as they slowly made their way closer. The younger of the prey snorted into air and stomped his feet as if to drive away the smell of the feline hybrids. It's hesitation was the cause of it's demise. Willow shivered in delight as she saw the buck go down under the sharp teeth of the large ash-coloured Cougar. She whined softly as she tried to figure out how to quell her hunger, as she lowered her head and bored her eyes into the ground.

Mistress didn't say hunt, mustn't hunt until She says so. and She didn't say eat either, so what am i going to do with deer meat? nope... i'ma good girl. Willow concluded as she kneeled, brushing the grass with her palms. Master didn't say Change either...

Lost in her musings, Willow jerked up in surprise as the smell of warm blood and liver enveloped her nose in front of her. The Cougars had brought back their kill and offering her some of their prey. The redhead paled slightly and her eyes shifted back to green as the blonde waved the meat in front of her. this is a test... Willow thought, trying to ignore the scent and warmth of the meat. only family offers food. only family... The redhead shook her head and moved further back on her hands and knees, providing room for the blonde woman to follow, the slab of raw meat in hand. Willow narrowed her eyes and hissed in warning, i thought i made it clear, i don't want a mate!

"Come on, Willow. You have to eat. Joyce said this is gonna be the last meal you can get straight from the prey for a while." Buffy cajoled, keeping her eyes on Willow's fangs as she shifted the organ from hand to hand. "Here... you prolly don't want to eat from my hands." She laid the slab down onto the ground, the smile on her face showed uncertainty. "Eat it before it gets too dusty. I know how much you hate dirt." Buffy moved back and went to her enjoy her kill. Willow blinked in confusion, giving the cooling piece of meat a forlorn look before crawling to settle a few feet away from it. She sat on her knees as a headache formed behind her eyes, making her close her eyes.

"Buf-fy! Xan-der!" Joyce called out as she walked towards the Cougars. Buffy and Xander, who had already finished eating, were in the trees with the rest of their meal. When the doctor called, they leaped out of the trees, leaving the remains of their prey locked in the branches, and ran towards her. Willow turned around and watched as they Changed back into their human forms, slowing their pace as they came to a stop in front of the blonde doctor. The redhead sat straight, flicking her tail in wait. "Hello you two. Lady Anya and Lady Faith are waiting for you inside." Buffy nodded and tugged at Xander's arm, pulling him towards the door. Joyce followed them.

Willow sulked, turning towards the organ that laid a few feet away from her, she batted it with her hand. A fly had already found it's way towards the liver. She frowned as the headache grew. With her right hand, she flipped the organ on the ground, applying a generous amount of dirt to it, and swatted at the fly with her free hand. Busy with her task and thoughts she didn't hear the soft foot falls coming from behind her.

"Why aren't you eating?" A soft voice asked her. Willow looked up to identify the speaker and lowered her head quickly as she noticed the blonde Mistress. Tara waved at the liver on the ground. "Don't you like deers?"

"yes, Mistress. cubby does." Willow agreed quietly, inwardly cursing herself for not sensing that her Master was near. Tara watched carefully as the redhead's shoulders shrink tighter towards herself, knowing that the Hybrid was reprimanding herself for not noticing her earlier.

"So, why aren't you eating?" The Master inquired, squatting down to catch the redhead's eyes.

"Master didn't say so..." Willow whispered, ducking her head. Tara blinked and shook her head, a scowl touching her lips. What Drusilla? Run out of ways to torture your property? First you teach her to only eat when you say then you don't even feed her. The redhead glanced up when she didn't hear her Mistress' voice acknowledging her comment and caught the blonde Master's scowl. Willow whimpered, lowering her head again. "cub-cubby sorry, Mistress. pl-please don't loc-lock her up. cub-cubby wil -- "

"No! It's alright, it's not your fault. I was just thinking." Tara explained quickly. "I'm here to take you inside. Is that still alright to eat?"

"yes Mistress..." Willow replied, nodding.

"Eat then. I will wait." The blonde Mistress leaned over and lifted the restraint into her hands, tugging it out of the ground. "Go on." The redhead glanced at her and patted the organ with her hands.

"m-may... may i Change, Master?" She whispered, her eyes widening in suprise as Tara nodded. Willow turned slightly and moved away from the blonde as she began to Change. Her body cracked softly as her bones began to shift, her back arching in pain. Willow grimaced as cinnamon coloured fur grew and her eyes turned dark yellow. The Cougar moved to face her Mistress and lowered her head, before lying down and showing off the white fur of her underbelly. Tara gasped in delight, not noticing the pain showing in the Hybrid's eyes.

"Eat." She ordered, her eyes raking over the girl's form. Willow batted the organ around, dusting it off before grabbing it with her teeth and swallowing it whole. "Good girl. Now Change back so we can go inside and give you a bath." The Cougar paused and slowly reverted, making small yelps as her bones shifted back. "Come on, now."

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