Return to UberSmut Chapter Two


Author: SallyMcFine
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, and am not profiting from this story, except for spiritually, of course.

Three days later the girls hadn’t seen each other since Valentine's Day. They were both in their junior years of college, and their schedules were packed with requirements for their majors. They usually could make time to see each other, but this week had been particularly busy. Tara was looking forward to the weekend; she and Willow planned to spend the entire time together studying…and doing whatever else comes to mind.

As if on cue, the phone rang.

"Will you get that, Tara?" Anya called out from the bathroom, where she was putting the finishing touches on her makeup. Xander sat on the couch, waiting for her. He and Tara had been making small talk, although Tara's mind kept wandering.

"Sure!" she said, and picked up the phone.

“We got one, baby!” came Willow’s voice, a little crackly from her cell phone.

“Really, so fast? I can’t wait to read it. Xander's here too.”

“Ooh, is it date night? Thanks for the hint - I won't come barging in talking about the project. See you in about ten minutes, if traffic stays light.”

Soon after, Tara opened the door to reveal a beaming Willow holding her computer bag and a backpack. She stepped aside to allow the redhead to come in.

Willow dropped her bags and enveloped Tara in a hug and a warm, soft kiss. Tara felt herself melting into the embrace, losing track of time, of place, even of her own name.

A discreetly cleared throat brought her back to herself, though. "Whoops, sorry Xander," she said, having the good grace to blush.

Willow wasted no time with such niceties. "Don't apologize, only in his dreams does he ever get to see that. Hi Xan," she said to him, her grin belying her flippant tone.

"Hi Will," he replied with an answering grin. "So have you gotten any...submissions?" he asked in a stage whisper. "Anya's in the bathroom," he added.

"Yeah, one so far," Willow said.

"One what?" Anya asked, finally emerging from the bathroom in the middle of fastening an earring.

" code I cracked for my algorithms class," Willow improvised. "It was an encryption key that banks use to encode secure transactions."

"What?" Anya said in horror.

"Don't worry, Anya," Tara said. "Willow only uses her power for good, not evil."

"That bank encryption keys are susceptible to being cracked by a college junior is cause enough for concern," said Anya. "When I open up my own firm, I'm definitely hiring you to be chief of data security."

"I'll think about your generous offer," Willow said with a grin.

"Willow, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse, and you won't even have to think about it!" Anya said breezily. "Just like I did with Xander. Right, hon?"

"Right," he replied smartly, standing up and donning his coat. He moved to pick up Anya's coat and helped her into it. "I have no qualms about being a future kept man."

"What are you two up to tonight?" Willow asked.

"Dinner and a movie," Xander replied. "I picked the movie, Anya picked the restaurant."

"What are you seeing?"

"That new comedy, Date Movie. It seemed appropriately named."

"And then a party afterward at one of my friends' houses," Anya added.

"Stuffy banker types," said Xander.

"But I'll make it worth your while later on," Anya said.

Xander's cheery grin said it all. Tara, who had watched the byplay with amusement, said "You two have fun."

"A not-so-subtle hint!" said Anya. "Willow, I think Tara is about to make you an offer you can't refuse. But we're off, anyway. Don't wait up!"

With a round of good-byes, Anya and Xander left the apartment.

Willow grinned. “Good - we have the apartment to ourselves for a while.”

“Why, Willow - whatever did you have in mind?” Tara batted her eyes coquettishly.

Willow reached down and unzipped her laptop case, removing the computer. “Let’s read this story together. I wouldn't have risked it if they had been staying in tonight. Anya can be kind of nosy.”

Tara felt mildly disgruntled that Willow hadn’t noticed her flirting, but shook it off. They had all night and it was only 5:00 p.m.; she was sure that they would end up having sex sometime tonight. Ever since their Tuesday afternoon where she had taken the reins and told Willow exactly what she had wanted her to do, she had felt like she couldn’t wait until they could be together again. The experience had been immensely gratifying, in more ways than one. Not just the sex, which had been pleasurable beyond belief, but the feeling of being in control, of trusting Willow so much with her body, her desires, her emotions, the core of her being. It had been erotic and wild and completely safe, all at the same time.

Willow was booting up the computer and motioned to Tara to join her on the couch.

“Who is it from?” Tara asked.

“It’s from gabbywhipped.”

“Oh, I love her stuff - yay!”

They settled down on the couch to read the story. Per the requirements of their challenge, the fic was short enough so it would be just one post on the message board, and it didn’t take them long. At first Tara had trouble reading because of the glare on the laptop’s monitor, but switching off the light and snuggling close to Willow solved that problem.

Tara soon forgot about laptop glare as she became absorbed in the story. The author had taken their required elements and had crafted an uber tale about Xena and Gabrielle being brought together by Aphrodite, the owner of a new age sex toy shop. What they did after Aphrodite brought them together was all the invention of the author, though. As her name implied, gabbywhipped had a penchant for including some more risque elements in her stories - definitely more edgy than the kind of smut either Tara or Willow wrote.

As she finished the last paragraph of Xena and Gabrielle’s carnal romp, Tara cleared her throat. If she had been turned on before Willow’s arrival, it was no comparison to how she was feeling now. Beside her, Willow shifted on the couch, crossed her legs, and then uncrossed them. She gave Tara a sidelong glance which turned into a look of open desire when she saw Tara’s lustful gaze.

“So,” Willow said. “Good story, huh?”

“Great story,” Tara replied.

“Um…want to go into your bedroom for a minute?”

Tara nodded vigorously. “I though you’d never ask.”

Tara closed the door of her bedroom and immediately enveloped Willow in her embrace. The redhead returned her kisses with equal fervor. The throb between her legs was insistent, and Tara felt almost like discarding any foreplay and going directly for the gusto. However, an idea occurred to her.

Willow opened her eyes when she felt Tara’s lips leave hers. “Baby, is everything okay?”

Tara nodded. “Just one minute…” She went into the bathroom and emerged holding a navy blue bandana and the belt of her terry-cloth robe.

“What’s that for?” Willow asked.

“Well,” Tara began, as she unfolded the bandana and began to roll it up along the diagonal, “I was thinking about the story we just read, and how we’ve never done a couple of the things that were in it, and that we might want to give it a try. Would you be interested?” Tara felt a thrill of nervousness as she made the suggestion. She and Willow had been very intimate in the past several months, but they hadn't ever brought accessories or other props into their lovemaking, and Tara wasn't sure how Willow would react.

Willow raised her eyebrows, intrigued - and turned on, as she considered what had gone on in the story from gabbywhipped. “Very interested.”

“Good,” Tara replied. “Do you trust me?”


Tara planted a soft kiss on Willow’s mouth and slipped the bandana over her eyes. She tied a firm knot in the back, then stepped back to survey her handiwork. “Can you see anything?”

“A little light around the edges, but not really.”

Tara smiled, relishing the feeling both of being in charge and of being trusted completely by her girlfriend. She felt a wave of tenderness wash over her, mixing with her arousal, and she gave Willow another soft kiss as she led her to stand on the rug beside the bed. Silently, she vowed to herself that she would do everything in her power to give Willow an unforgettable experience while never once giving her cause to feel unsafe.

She unbuttoned Willow’s shirt, taking her time with each button. As she exposed more and more of the redhead’s flesh, she planted kisses on her chest and belly. She undid the final button and slipped the shirt off Willow’s shoulders, letting it drop loosely to the floor.

Willow stood there in her bra and jeans with the bandana covering her eyes. A slight smile touched the edge of her mouth. Although she had read the same story Tara had, she didn’t know what was going to come next. Would Tara follow the narrative exactly, or mix up the elements, or just use the story as inspiration for something else? The feeling of being sightless and having her clothes removed bit by bit was proving to be a huge turn-on - she felt her nipples hardening and pushing against the silky nylon of her bra, and blood was rushing to the warm space between her legs.

Tara undid the button of Willow’s jeans and tugged gently on the zipper, moving it downward about an inch. Then she knelt on the floor and took the zipper tab between her teeth, completing the unzipping. She pulled the jeans down over Willow’s hips and gently tapped one calf, then the other to signal to Willow to step out of the jeans.

Still kneeling, Tara cupped Willow’s bottom in her hands and kissed the redhead’s stomach just above the waistband of her panties. She trailed a path of kisses from one side of the round curve of her stomach to the other, and then took the waistband between her teeth. She managed to tug the panties down with a little help from her hands, and the garment fell to the floor to join the jeans and shirt.

Willow’s breath came faster. It seemed to her that her senses were heightened by not being able to see what Tara was doing, or what was coming next. The effect was erotic beyond anything she had experienced before. When she felt Tara’s warm breath on her stomach, she had to fight to control a gasp as electric spiderwebs seemed to prickle out from the point of contact, triggering a release of wetness between her legs.

Tara stood up and covered Willow’s slightly parted lips with her own. She kissed her deeply, exploring her girlfriend’s mouth thoroughly with her tongue as she reached behind Willow and took the clasp of her bra between the fingers of her left hand.

The kiss lasted for several seconds as Tara fumbled with the clasp, finding it hard to summon the necessary concentration to fold the bra straps with one hand in such a way as to allow the hook to slide out of the loop. She stilled her mouth and tongue as she finally reached around with her other hand to undo the bra.

Willow giggled. “Having trouble, sweetie?”

Tara grinned back, but assumed a tone of mock severity as she discarded the undergarments. “Hush.”

Willow now stood completely naked by Tara’s bed, and Tara took a moment to enjoy the sight. Her nipples pointed out almost proudly, and had darkened slightly to a rosy deep pink. Her waist was slim and her narrow hips curved to the top of her thighs, framing a triangle of red.

Tara walked around behind her girlfriend and trailed her fingertips lightly over her stomach, moving upward inch by inch until she cupped Willow’s breasts. Being careful not to touch the nipples yet, she licked the back of Willow’s neck, and then blew softly. Then she kissed Willow’s neck at the soft place near the top of the shoulder, nipping the skin. At the same time, she moved her hands upward to brush the nipples with her fingertips.

Willow groaned as the sensations overwhelmed her. Tara moved her fingers lightly over her nipples, while she kissed and suckled her neck, eliciting some quiet moans and whimpers, to Tara's delight. Willow leaned backward into Tara’s body while she simultaneously tried to push her chest forward, further into Tara’s eager hands.

Tara gave Willow’s nipples the gentlest of squeezes and then caressed down her sides to the swell of her hips. She bent over and kissed the small of Willow’s back and ran her tongue slowly, slowly up her spine, pausing to kiss random vertebrae, until she stopped at the nape of the neck. She gave the nape another kiss and a gentle bite, and buried her nose in Willow’s red hair, inhaling the scent of her shampoo. She loved to smell Willow's hair and body - it never failed to remind her of the first night they had spent together at UberCon '05. They had both been somewhat shy - after all, they had just met for the first time in person - and hadn't done more than kiss that night, but the way Willow's hair smelled still triggered the memory with dramatic clarity, along with all the attendant excitement she had felt.

Willow, for her part, felt as if her mind had developed tunnel vision and wherever Tara’s hands or lips were, that part of her body was the only part that existed. Every caress, every kiss, every lick generated a wave of pleasure that radiated throughout her body and ultimately ended up between her legs, adding to the already considerable warmth and wetness there. She relished every sensation that resulted from Tara’s gentle hands and mouth, but also was becoming restless for Tara to touch her sex, which was beginning to call out louder and louder for some attention.

Tara seemed content to take her time, for all the world acting like she could stand there and do this all day, but she eventually did lead Willow to the bed. She turned the blindfolded girl around and helped her sit down, and then with gentle pressure of her hands, indicated that she should scoot over to the middle of the bed. She took Willow’s hands and led them to the headboard, wrapping them gently around the slats.

Willow lay on her back, taking measured breaths as she tried to listen to what Tara might be doing next. She heard Tara step around to the foot of the bed, and then back to her side. The bed dipped as Tara climbed up and knelt beside her. Warm lips covered her own, and then lightly kissed the tip of her nose and forehead. She felt Tara’s breath tickle her ear as the blonde whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Willow responded, squirming slightly from the tickling sensation, but mostly from her building desire. She felt Tara’s hands stroke her wrists, and then the slightly rougher feel of the terrycloth belt encircle her wrists and pull slightly as Tara tied a knot, securing them to the headboard.

“Is that too tight?” Tara asked.

Willow tested the knot, tugging slightly. “Nope,” she replied.

“Good,” Tara said. She stood up and backed away from the bed, taking in the sight of Willow lying naked on her back, blindfolded, with her hands tied to the headboard. It was frankly erotic, and she pulled her own shirt off over her head as she gazed at her girlfriend.

Willow cocked her head, trying to assess what Tara was doing by the sound. “You’re not going to leave me here, are you, baby?”

“Oh, no,” Tara replied emphatically as she unzipped her pants and stepped out of them. Next came her underwear and then her bra. She stepped on the toe of her sock with her other heel, pulling the sock off her foot, and then repeated the process with the other one. Finally she, too, was completely naked.

“You have a job to do,” she said as she climbed back on the bed, straddling Willow and settling her sex down gently on Willow’s stomach. She leaned down and kissed her bound girlfriend hungrily. Willow returned the kiss with enthusiasm, lifting her head up off the pillow to take more of Tara’s tongue into her mouth.

Tara braced herself with her hands on either side of Willow’s upstretched arms and moved her torso up a little higher. Her breast hung down enticingly next to Willow’s cheek, and she maneuvered herself in a shimmying motion to stroke the redhead’s cheek with her breast.

“Mmmmm,” Willow said as she moved her face into the caress. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yes,” Tara murmured. “It’s my elbow.”

“You have the softest, most pliable elbow of anyone I’ve ever met,” Willow said as Tara moved her torso to run her nipple over Willow’s forehead, nose, chin, and her other cheek.

“Have you studied a lot of elbows?” Tara asked as she bumped her nipple up against Willow’s mouth.

Willow obliged by opening her mouth to take the nipple in, licking it languorously. “Well, not in person,” she said, pausing. “But I’ve read a lot about elbows.”

“Reading is good,” Tara said in a throaty voice. “And so is talking. But right now, less talking and more sucking.”

Willow obeyed, taking Tara’s nipple back into her mouth and suckling gently but deeply. Tara inhaled harshly as Willow’s tongue began a swirling motion around her nipple. She closed her eyes, appreciating the sensation, and then lifted herself up to give Willow access to her left nipple.

The pleasurable sensations rippled through her nipple and found their way to her sex, and she thrust her hips forward involuntarily. She always enjoyed the attention that Willow paid to her breasts, but watching her do it blindfolded seemed to multiply the effect. Right now, Willow’s sole purpose in life was to pleasure Tara, and she took to the task eagerly.

When her stimulated nipples could take no more and the throbbing between her legs was too strong to ignore, Tara straightened up and grasped the top of the headboard in her hands. She walked forward on her knees and gently lowered her sex on the redhead’s mouth.

Willow was able to tell from the shifting weight and the sounds what was coming, but she still found the experience heightened by the blindfold’s cutting off of her sight, and the belt of the robe rendering her arms immobile. She knew that Tara would never take advantage of her and that all she had to do was to say the word and Tara would free her, but she still found the sense of being bound and at Tara’s mercy a huge turn-on. Literally anything could happen next.

As Tara lowered her moist sex onto Willow’s mouth, Willow thrust upwards into Tara’s channel with her tongue. She strained to reach as deeply into Tara as she could, and exerted pressure along the walls. Tara’s moan let her know that her actions were both well-timed and very appreciated.

She continued thrusting with her tongue, and Tara answered by gently bucking her hips in time with Willow’s thrusts. Tara gripped the headboard, glad that her legs had had three days to recover from their chair-sex earlier - they had felt weak for the rest of the day, and sore the next.

Willow removed her tongue and licked slowly along Tara’s folds, coming tantalizingly close to her clit, but not actually touching it. Tara groaned in frustration as Willow continued her agonizingly slow tour, leaving no fold unexplored, no crevice unlicked. Finally, she sighed in rapture as Willow’s mouth closed gently around her clitoris.

Willow enclosed Tara’s throbbing nub in her lips, licking gently around the outside before increasing the pressure of the suction slightly. Tara’s breath was coming steadily and heavily as Willow established a rhythm, and she moved her hips gently in concert with Willow’s mouth.

Willow sensed that Tara was nearing the edge of her orgasm as she felt her girlfriend’s legs begin to tremble on either side of her head. She quickened the rhythm and suckled her clitoris with a little more force. Tara’s legs trembled and she gripped the edge of the bed as she focused her attention solely on Willow, Willow’s tongue, Willow’s lips, the pressure her mouth was creating that built up so deliciously in her belly.

Willow flicked her tongue rapidly against Tara’s clit, and that pushed Tara over the edge. With a cry, she thrust her sex down into Willow’s mouth, flexing her leg muscles to keep her quivering sex in contact with the heavenly friction as wave after wave broke over her body. As the last wave diminished, she stretched out her torso and with a shuddering sigh, raised her hips up from Willow’s mouth.

She laid herself down gently next to Willow, kissing the redhead deeply, tasting herself. She wiped Willow’s glistening mouth and chin with the back of her hand, and snuggled up, nestling her head on the redhead’s shoulder, sighing blissfully.

“I’d like to hold you, but my hands are tied,” said Willow with a hint of a grin.

Tara reached up and undid the knot. The redhead’s right arm went around her, while her left hand reached for the bandana that covered her eyes.

Tara’s hand covered Willow’s. “Uh-uh,” she said, kissing the redhead’s cheek. “I still have plans for you. I just need to rest for a moment.”

Willow smiled and gave up her attempts to free the bandana, and instead pulled Tara closer, stroking her hair. “I see how it is,” she said. “You keep me here in durance vile, then you pleasure yourself without a thought for my needs. And then, when it’s my turn, you make me wait.”

Tara planted a kiss on Willow’s collarbone. “Or maybe it’s all part of my nefarious plan to get you good and riled up so the payoff is that much better.”

“The ‘payoff’?” Willow said with a giggle. “Is that what you English majors call it?”

Tara nodded, also giggling. “Sometimes,” she said. “Because ‘climax’ is already taken, along with ‘rising action’ and ‘denouement’.”

“Well, ‘payoff’ is a very sensual term,” Willow said.

“I’ll show you sensual,” Tara replied, disengaging from their embrace.

“Oh, are you all rested up now?” Willow inquired innocently.

“Pipe down, Rosenberg,” said Tara. “I’m in charge here.” She lowered her lips to Willow’s left nipple, taking it into her mouth without preamble and sucking deeply.

Willow gasped at the unexpected sensation. “Yes, you are.”

Tara took her time suckling Willow’s nipple, relishing the moans she elicited. She moved a hand between Willow’s legs and cupped her mound, but didn’t move her fingers at all other than to apply gentle pressure to the whole of Willow’s center. This had the desired effect - Willow strained against Tara’s hand, impatient for her to pay more attention to the area.

Tara pressed her face down in the space between Willow’s breasts and gave her a loud, wet smooch. “Something you want, love?”

“Mmmm…yes…touch me.”

Tara wiggled her fingers a little. “But I am touching you.”

Willow writhed a bit, pushing her hips up into Tara’s hand. “Touch me more.”

Tara smiled at Willow’s impatience. “Maybe I will,” she said, “but not until you change your position.”

“My position on what?” Willow asked. “Gun control? Free trade? Nationalized health care? Because okay, I think I’m just about ready to have a coming of age anyway - my worldview is expanding all the time.”

“Not your political positions, honey,” Tara said mirthfully. “I want you to turn over.”

“Oh,” said Willow. She rolled over onto her stomach, a fleeting grin crossing her lips.

“I think,” said Tara, placing a hand under Willow’s stomach and urging her upward so that she was on all fours, “that you knew that, and you were just being sassy.” She got up from the bed and took a moment to savor the sight of her girlfriend’s lovely naked body perched on the bed, with her small and shapely breasts just visible underneath her torso, and her blindfolded face, a little gleeful about her joke.

“Possibly,” Willow replied.

“You know what I do to sassy naked women who are kneeling on my bed?” Tara asked, walking around to the foot of the bed and lying down so her head was underneath Willow’s spread legs.

“You take pictures and post them on your blog?”

Tara’s mouth was just inches away from Willow’s sex when the remark registered, and she dissolved into paroxysms of helpless laughter.

“Now I regret being such a card,” Willow said, “if I’m guessing right what you were about to do.”

After a few moments, Tara’s giggling tapered off as she regained control of herself. She cupped Willow’s cheeks in her hands and slowly guided her girlfriend’s sex down to her mouth.

As Tara’s tongue made an initial foray over Willow’s folds, the redhead moaned. Her prolonged time wearing the blindfold had doubled her anticipation, and pleasuring Tara had inflamed her own desires. But nothing compared to the contact of Tara’s tongue, which was both gentle and firm, and after seven months of their relationship, it knew her so well - the right amount of pressure, suction, friction, and the perfect tempo. She knew that her orgasm was not far off, after such a long buildup.

Tara could sense it too. Willow’s sex was wet and slick, coating Tara’s chin with lubrication as she licked and nuzzled her girlfriend’s clitoris. She reached up with her right hand and probed Willow’s opening with two fingers, enclosing the hard bundle of nerves with her lips as she did so.

Willow felt the pressure and rocked backward, encouraging Tara. Without further delay, Tara slid both fingers into Willow’s slick channel.

The effect was instantaneous. Willow felt as if the sensations, already almost unbearably pleasurable, had been magnified. Tara’s fingers and the pressure and friction they created provided a counterpoint to the electric feelings her tongue was creating. She felt filled by Tara, consumed. Her breath came harshly as she felt herself roaring toward the crescendo, the pinnacle, the confluence of all the physical feelings that Tara was creating in her. She had never known that she could have this depth of feeling, of love and wild abandon, that she felt when she was with Tara.

Tara could sense the exact moment that Willow went over the edge. She didn’t even need to hear the cry that tore from her throat - she could tell by the squeeze of Willow’s vaginal muscles on her fingers, the throbbing of her clitoris, and the change in her taste as she reached orgasm. She kept the pressure of her lips and tongue gently on Willow’s pulsing sex, and gradually broke the contact as she eased her fingers out. She helped Willow roll over onto her back, and tenderly removed the blindfold as she kissed the redhead’s forehead.

Willow opened her eyes, her pupils incredibly dilated. She captured Tara’s lips in hers, tasting herself, and pulled the blonde down beside her.

She only broke off kissing to say “I love you."

"I love you too, baby," Tara murmured back.

Willow snuggled more deeply into Tara's arms. "That was...indescribable." She hugged Tara closer.

"Was it okay?" Tara asked, cradling Willow in her arms.

"Oh, yes," Willow said. "More than okay. It's felt so wild, and unrestrained, and not knowing what was going to happen next felt so exciting. Does that make sense?"

"Yes," Tara replied, planting a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I think I know what you mean."

"I'd like to give you that experience sometime," Willow said shyly.

"You do, every day, baby," Tara replied.

"Well, yeah," Willow said, with a self-deprecating giggle. "I'm definitely on the wild and crazy side. You never know what's coming next. A new password for the IRC channel? New wallpaper for your computer? Maybe even a new e-mail address? I mean, buckle up."

Tara smiled. "You're a goof," she said. "What I meant was, being in love with you feels so exciting, and I feel like I can be unrestrained and wild with you. You see me for who I am, and you love me, and I don't have to hide or pretend to be someone else around you. You just love me for me - and that's so amazing. Every minute that I'm with you, I feel like I'm flying." She felt herself choke up a bit at this - it was so true And it made her life before Willow stand out in sharp relief as being lonely, feeling cautious and self-conscious so much of the time. She was so lucky to have found Willow, and she felt amazed every day that Willow loved her the way she did.

Willow was overcome. Tara's statement was so tender, so honest - she could tell that her girlfriend was speaking from her soul. And the thought that she, Willow Rosenberg, erstwhile shy lesbian computer hacker, could be responsible for making someone so wonderful as Tara feel that way - well, it was almost too much happiness to bear. She gave Tara a fierce hug, unable to put her thoughts into words but trusting that her body could convey what her voice couldn't.

Concurrent with the hug, her stomach growled - a loud sound in the otherwise quiet apartment. It helped to break the intensity of the moment, and both girls started giggling.

"Dinner, sweetie?" Tara asked.

"I guess we should eat," Willow said.

"I thought we just did that," Tara said devilishly as she pulled the covers back and went to her pile of clothes on the floor.

Willow smirked and got out of bed as well. One thing was certain, she mused to herself as she donned her own clothes. She was definitely looking forward to the rest of the UberSmut stories.

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