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Author: SallyMcFine
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, and am not profiting from this story, except for spiritually, of course.

Willow leaned back in satisfaction as she clicked "Submit" on the last post of their thread. She turned toward Tara, sitting next to her at the computer desk that held her laptop, and grinned. Tara blushed, but grinned back. Encouraged, Willow tried out a lascivious leer she had been practicing in the bathroom mirror.

"You seem pretty confident that things are about to get smutty," Tara said with mock aloofness. "Do you think I'm that easy?"

Willow pretended to think about it. "Well..."

Tara leaned forward and rested her forearms on her thighs. Her upper arms framed her bosom, and she shifted to squeeze her breasts a little closer together. With the low-cut v-necked shirt she was wearing, the net effect was an ample exhibit of cleavage.

"I mean," Tara continued innocently, as Willow's eyes were drawn irresistibly to the display, "I can't have you thinking that I'm easy or else you won't appreciate me."

Willow licked her lips and nodded. "Uh-huh."

"In fact," Tara said, leaning even farther forward, "It makes me think that I've been a little too...accommodating lately." Her breasts strained against the neckline of her shirt, threatening to spill over.

Willow had a glazed look. "Accommodating, yeah..."

"You know," Tara continued, reaching out to grasp either side of the back of Willow's chair and scooting forward to straddle Willow in one smooth motion, her skirt hiking up slightly, "it almost makes me feel like we should take some time off from having sex." Her actions belied her words as she gyrated her hips slightly, rubbing her sex against Willow's thigh.

Her cleavage, less exaggerated but still inviting, was now level with Willow's face. Tara gazed down at her girlfriend, who was still staring at her breasts as if hypnotized.

"Time off..." Willow repeated, not seeming to comprehend.

"The only problem with that plan," Tara said, leaning forward to cup Willow's chin between her breasts, "is that I don't think I could control myself."

Willow closed her eyes as Tara arched her back, rubbing the redhead's cheeks with her cleavage. "Control..."

"That's right," Tara said, tugging the neckline of her shirt down with her left hand and deftly unclasping her bra, freeing her left breast from the confines of her undergarments. The breast seemed to utter a sigh of relief as it was freed from its restraints, or maybe that was Willow, who had opened her eyes again and was now breathing heavily, fixated on the heavenly sight in front of her.

"For example," Tara said, "Right now, I really, really want you to suck on my nipple."

Willow didn't reply, but simply leaned forward and closed her mouth around Tara's pert pink nipple. Tara inhaled sharply as she felt Willow's warm tongue circle her areola, and the answering response as the skin around her nipple quickly pebbled. She again ground her hips against Willow's thigh.

Willow completed the circle of Tara's areola, and closed her mouth and tongue around the nipple itself. She sucked gently, then eased off the pressure, and began to flick her tongue against the erect nub.

Tara grasped the sides of Willow's chair and uttered a low moan as her girlfriend alternated between the sucking and tongue-flicking. She felt a building warm sensation in her sex as wetness dampened her panties. Her skirt had hiked up even further on either side of her hips, so the only thing separating her from Willow's denim-clad thigh was the thin layer of her cotton panties. She thrust her hips forward again; the friction was delightful.

"Don't stop," Tara said, her breath coming faster. "And touch me...between my legs."

Willow complied, not letting Tara's nipple escape her lips as she reached under the girl's skirt with her left hand. She spread her legs slightly to create a space for her hand, and Tara shifted her hips to allow for better access. Willow trailed her fingers along the crotch of her panties, feeling the dampness there.

She stilled the motion of her lips, still enclosing Tara's nipple as she gently tugged at Tara's panties. Tara stood briefly to allow her to slip the panties off one leg, and then she kicked them across the room with her other foot. Resettling herself on Willow's lap, she let out a sigh as Willow's fingers touched her slippery warm folds, exploring all along the outside of her opening. She let out a cry as Willow briefly caressed her clitoris.

"Inside," she said, gripping Willow's chair.

Willow slid two fingers easily into Tara's opening, and at the same time, she resumed suckling her nipple, this time pulling the nub into her mouth and folding her lips over her teeth, gently applying pressure. Tara cried out at the juxtaposition of the two sensations, and braced her legs on the floor on either side of the chair, raising herself up slightly.

"You're so wet, baby," Willow murmured into her mouthful of breast.

"For you," Tara replied, with a slight whimper in her voice.

Willow knew what it was that she wanted, and withdrew her fingers, slick and glistening with Tara's lubrication, to the first knuckle. Tara tensed in anticipation, and Willow thrust her fingers deeply into Tara while she again gently used her lips and teeth to nibble Tara's nipple.

A deep sound of pleasure issued from Tara's throat as Willow settled into a rhythm with her fingers, moving in and out more deeply each time, until Willow was burying the entire length of her fingers into Tara's slick wetness. Copious lubrication coated Willow's fingers and the combination of friction and slickness was sending electrical tingles through Tara's clit every time it brushed against Willow's knuckles.

Tara grasped the hem of her shirt with both hands and removed it in one motion, tossing it carelessly to the side. She presented Willow with her right breast, and needing no instructions, Willow took that nipple into her mouth. Tara bit her lip as the sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

Her breath came in ragged gasps as she felt the pressure build. Willow stilled her thrusts and rested her hand on her thigh, supporting her wrist and allowing Tara to create her own rhythm. Tara tilted her hips back as she rode Willow's hand, seeking more friction on her clit. She hissed as she found the perfect angle, and plunged up and down on Willow's fingers, panting.

Willow felt Tara's flesh begin to contract, squeezing her fingers as she neared her release, and she flexed her fingers inside. This drew a harsh gasp of appreciation from Tara, and Willow did it again. Tara's legs began to tremble, and on her next down stroke, Willow moved the heel of her hand up slightly, giving more direct pressure to Tara's clitoris.

"Oh, God, Willow..." Tara cried. Her legs began to tremble as her orgasm built, and she leaned forward, burying her face into Willow's neck.

Willow's fingers were buried deep in Tara, and she gyrated the heel of her hand against her clit. Tara grasped Willow's chair so hard she feared the wood would break as she thrust her hips a final time and her orgasm finally released. She uttered a cry as the sensation broke over her, feeling her pulsating walls gripping Willow's fingers, and the spasms of her clitoris sending warmth and almost unbearable pleasure through every nerve her body possessed.

Willow held Tara close as the final spasm finally subsided, and Tara relaxed. Her legs would no longer support her and she sagged into Willow's body, trying to catch her breath.

Willow planted little kisses along Tara's neck as she held her. "You are some kind of beautiful, you know that?" she murmured into the girl's neck.

Tara made a sound of deep content. She pushed herself up and gazed into Willow's eyes. She seemed about to speak, but instead leaned forward and covered Willow's lips with her own in a soft kiss.

As the kiss ended, Tara arched her back to stretch it out. "Bed?" she asked.

Willow nodded, and Tara carefully stood up as Willow slid her fingers out. Willow beheld the sight of her girlfriend standing before her, flushed and topless, wearing only a knee-length skirt, looking decidedly rumpled.

"You look good enough to eat," Willow said.

Tara smiled and walked to the bed, falling backward onto it with a sigh of relief as her tired legs gave way. "Give me a few minutes before we try that, okay?" she replied with a laugh.

"Sure," Willow replied as she crawled onto the bed and snuggled up to Tara. She caressed the blonde's tummy in light, random motions that were meant to soothe rather than arouse.

"You really are a take-charge kind of woman," she observed after a few moments. "What's gotten into you?"

Tara smiled. "You," she replied. "Was it too much?"

"No, not at all," Willow said. "It was a huge turn-on."

"Really?" said Tara.


"A huge turn-on, you say?" Tara repeated. "Is there anything I can do for you?" she asked mischievously, running her fingertips lightly along Willow's neck.

Willow shivered with pleasure. "Well, now that you mention it..."

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