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Summer of Love... 1969

Author: WillowTara Addict
Rating: R to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I don't own Willow and Tara, I am only taking them back to the future, the year of 1969... Joss, if you were a kid back then, they were always yours.

Tara blinked a few times trying to tell herself that she was just imagining things but the young man is still standing there in flesh, looking at her with obvious lust in his eyes.

"Charlie? What are you doing here?" Tara frowned, crossing her arms covering her breasts.

Back at NYU, Tara was standing with Charlie in the deserted quad. "Listen, I don't think it is gonna work out." Tara was trying to let him down easy, not trying to make a big scene out of it.

"Come on, Tara... give me one more chance. I can do better and I know I am better looking than everybody here on campus." Charlie pleaded.

"You know what you did last night and it was really embarrassing." Tara pointed out firmly.

Tara was partying with Ginger at one of their friends' house, she was having so much fun, just to get some stream off from studying too hard. As she was drinking a beer can which was her first can that night and before she could take another swig, it was taken out of her hand before she could blink.

"I don't want you to drink this!" Charlie said with hint of slur in his voice.

"Uh... what?" Tara asked, not believing what just happened.

"Tara, you are my girlfriend and I don't want you to be drinking and party." Charlie retorted.

That was a low blow, Tara felt her jaws tighten in humiliation and walked away in the opposite direction towards the basket full of ice and assorted beers. Grabbing an ice-cold glass bottled beer and mumbled to a young man who was playing with bottlecap popper to open it for her which he just did. Charlie followed her and was about to taunt her but was being jabbed by an angry Tara, "I... Am... Not... Your... Little... Girlfriend! I never was! Leave me alone and you are drunk."

With that, Tara left him with several people watching her go and turned back to Charlie which he was clearly trying to weasel himself out of unnecessary spotlight.

"I have given you a couple of chances and I know we are not going to work out. You have to accept that, if you don't then it's not my problem." Tara picked up her oversized purse and walked away without looking back.

Charlie has became obsessed with Tara that he began following Tara around. He began taking pictures of Tara and a couple of friends that were the type Charlie never thought she would hang out with on daily basis. He could see how close they were. The more he followed Tara around, he could see how clever Tara was being because he couldn't figure out what Tara was up to. Each time he would follow her in the car but there is always a car cutting him off that he couldn't see where Tara and her posse was going. It was always different cars each time.

"I can just scare Tara into telling me what she has been up to, after all I got her pictures. So maybe she can reconsider giving me another chance." Charlie told himself.

Meanwhile, at the popular diner just a couple blocks away from the campus, there sat Tara and Charlie in the opposite seats. Charlie was passing the manila containing the pictures of herself and her posse across the table to Tara. As Tara dragged the photos out and looked at them with expressionless look on her face.

"So... what have you all been up to?" Charlie asked smugly, sipping his coffee.

'I am never going to tell him. I will rather sacrifice everything I had for those women I have helped and will continue to help. Thank Goddess, I got the heads up from James and Dwayne.' Tara thought with hidden relief. "What do you think I am up to?" Tara questioned, challenging him.

"I don't know but my guesses are, communism, pro-choice movement or civil rights... even feminism." Charlie shrugged. "But I will tell the NYU administration what you are up to unless you give me another chance." He added, with a conceited smirk.

Tara glared at him with icy stare and calmly spoke, "Charlie, you got nothing but a bunch of pictures, I can say you are tad too obsessive. Bring it on." Tara got up and bent over and whispered, "You can keep them and get off on them but getting me to give you another chance, it's so jive of you!" With that, Charlie watched Tara walking down back to the campus, defeated.

Charlie wouldn't accept defeat that easily that he actually went straight to the administration and told of Tara's suspicious activities.

In the office of Dean Andrews, Tara was sitting in a leather chair waiting for the older man to finish reading her student file. Tara knew exactly why she was there and kept her cool.

"Well, Miss Maclay, from what I have read from your student file, you are on Dean's List for three years now and you got a lot of praising recommendations from your professors. However, something has came to light that we could not ignore is your supposedly involvement in something illegal. So I would like to see if you can confirm that you weren't involved in anything like that." The dean asked, meeting Tara's eyes.

Tara tilted her head, "I am not saying anything."

The older man sighed in disappointment. "Very well... I must warn you that you might or might not face expulsion from New York University and be stripped of your full scholarship if the board decided otherwise. You may go. You will receive a letter from us in a couple of months."

"Yes sir." Tara said, opening the door and disappeared.

"She is really remarkable but it's really sad she is blowing it for these crazy hippie causes." Dean said, shaking his head.

Back to the present...

Willow stopped dead in her tracks, watching the long haired brown hair young man who was slightly hovering over Tara. From the way Tara reacted, Willow figured she knew him from somewhere and she just stood there and waited.

"Is that how you greet your boyfriend?" Charlie said, looking up and down Tara's body.

'Boyfriend?!' Tara has a boyfriend?! Why didn't she tell me?!' Willow thought with agony. With that, she began to walk backward, trying to make herself unnoticeable. But Tara was indeed distracted by Charlie's presence but not enough to notice the redhead trying to leave.

"Willow! Don't you dare go anywhere!" Tara brushed past Charlie towards Willow and grabbed her hand.

Willow was about to yank her hand out of her hold, struggling to hold the tears at bay. Seeing that, Tara quickly said, "He is not even my boyfriend, never was. We only dated a few times but nothing was exclusive. He is just being so damn delusional." Tara tried and turned to Charlie, refusing to break her hold on Willow.

"Charlie, you might have gotten me expelled but you have no right going around telling everyone that you are my boyfriend when you know it's not even true. For your information, I am a dyke." Tara swiftly turned away to face Willow and cupped her head with both hands, dove in for a sweet kiss just to reassure Willow that she is not going anywhere.

"Tara... I can explain-" Charlie tried, moving towards Tara once again.

"Whoever you are, just stay the hell away from her!" Willow hissed, wrapping her left arm around Tara's waist possessively.

That didn't go unnoticed by Charlie and he scrunched his face in disgust, "Look Red..." Charlie challenged by making himself taller than Willow.

"Just shut up." Tara interrupted already anxious to be with Willow, alone.

"Hey!" He was jerked backward and turned around to face an angry Ginger.

The lovers began to walk away, glad that Ginger was there to distract him.

"You were fucking salty! What were you thinking?! You got Tara expelled because you decided to tell on her involvement just because you were a bad date. You think by getting her expelled from NYU would get her to like you or even notice you again. You really blew it. Now that she is with that cool chick, I will see to that you will never be near her or do anything that would ruin Tara's chance with her or you will wish you weren't born." Ginger threatened.

"Tara's a dyke?" Charlie asked, trying to absorb all that in.

"Have you heard anything I said? Oh fuck that, you are nothing but a jive snitch." Ginger retorted.

Finally the light bulb light up over his head, "Oh..."

"About the time you got that, idiot!" Ginger scoffed, walking away.

"I am really sorry, baby...He was never my boyfriend." Tara tried again.

"Shh... That's okay, love. I really thought he w-" Willow's lips were silenced by Tara's left fingers.

"Now that the night is about to fall, so where are you taking me?" Tara allowed a finger slide through the moistened valley between Willow small breasts and looked into Willow's twin green pools.

Willow was speechless at how bold Tara was being and didn't say anything but stare at her.

"Well?" Tara tried again, her eyebrows raised.

Willow immediately grabbed Tara's hand and began running towards her crash pad along with Tara easily keeping up with her.

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