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Speak Easy

Author: TazRaven (Sara)
Rating: PG-13 for language
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In the darkness, a hand closed around a phone and turned the dial.

One ring.



"Who's this?" a voice answered.

"A friend." The caller said. "I found them, those two you've been looking for."

"How do you know I've been looking for anyone?"

"Heard it on the wind."

"Smart wind."

"I heard you're offering a reward."

"Very smart wind."

"Yeah. How much for them?"

"Five-thousand a piece."

The caller breathed in. "Alright. I'll tell you where they are."


"An old farmhouse in Benson. Get someone up here with the cash and I'll tell you the rest. I'll meet you at the train station."

"Sounds like a deal."


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