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Driving Sideways

Author: Suzy G
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon et. al. are the owners. I simply write non-profit work.

It wasn't until I heard Willow call out my name, that I was absolutely sure I had to do... something. I got up on my left elbow, Willow was still cradling my upper arm, and I leaned over her. She was so beautiful and unguarded when she was asleep. With my right hand I brushed some stray hairs off of her cheek. Looking at her this closely, her face looked like porcelain, pale and pristine. I let my fingertips trace her ear, then her eyebrows, nose, and jaw line, waiting patiently for her to wake up. She began to stir, and her eyes opened slowly when my thumb traced her bottom lip.

"Good morning," I whispered, she wouldn't have heard me had she not been so close.

"Am I dreaming?" she asked, her eyes still glazed with sleep. I just blushed and giggled.

"N-no Willow," suddenly I was losing my nerve, what was I doing? I quickly remembered when I caught sight of her lips, slightly swollen from sleep. When the lips, curved upward into a smile, my gaze moved to the brilliant green of her eyes. She was staring deeply into me, searching for something. I let my fingers graze her cheek again; she let out a ragged breath and chewed lightly on her bottom lip, which of course captured my attention. I leaned down and touched the tip of my nose to hers, gently nuzzling, all the while staring her in the eye. She giggled, and I kissed first her right then her left cheekbone. I felt her let out a breath against my neck, and my resolve grew. I pulled back again to look into her eyes, seeing if she was ok. Then finally I took the plunge; slowly I leaned down and took those captivating lips between mine. I was pleased when Willow responded immediately moving to pull my lower lip between hers. The kiss started slowly and softly, but there was nothing chaste about the passion we were both withholding.

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